Alita: Battle Angel

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Alita: Battle Angel
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The year is 2563, three centuries after a  devastating war known as "The Fall". A doctor   named Ido visits the scrapyard to pick up any good  pieces he can use for his repairs and comes across   a destroyed cyborg girl. He confirms her brain is  still functioning and takes her home to give her a   new body with the help of his assistant nurse. The  next morning, the cyborg wakes up in a girl's room   and is amazed by her new body. After admiring her  new self in the mirror, she puts on clothes and   goes downstairs, where Ido is taking care of other  cyborg patients. Ido is glad to see her awake and   offers some breakfast, where the girl reveals she  can't remember how to eat a simple fruit. It turns   out she has no memories from her previous life,  and Ido hasn't found any records of her either.   Afterward the girl goes outside to see Iron City  for the first time. It's a lower-class kind of   place, and above them she notices Zalem, the last  of the great sky cities where the elite lives.   After the war, survivors came to live on Earth  and all the work that is done here is for Zalem,   but nobody is allowed to go up there. Ido gives  the girl the name Alita and invites her to stay   with him. Ido goes out to do some chores and  takes Alita with him, giving her the chance   to see a Motorball match on a big screen and  make friends with a street dog. Alita also   finds a wanted sign looking with a bounty for a  criminal that killed six women. At that moment,   a huge robot appears in the middle of the street  and Alita instinctively gets in a defensive   position. A young man named Hugo immediately  pushes her out of the way, but Alita goes back   to save the dog. Hugo's impressed but still  explains she shouldn't mess with Centurions,   who guard the city. The two youngsters hit it  off but Ido interrupts them and brings Alita   back home. Late at night, a woman tries to return  to her apartment only to suddenly be attacked by   the wanted murderer. Meanwhile Alita wakes up  when she hears a noise and discovers Ido coming   home too late, carrying a huge suitcase and  a bloodstain on his hand. The next day, Alita   begins helping Ido with the patients and learns  that a man had his cyborg limbs stolen by Jackers,   who sell them in the black market that supports  Motorball games. She also hears another woman   got killed last night, and she can't help getting  suspicious of Ido and his wrist wound. After work,   Alita goes out and bumps into Chiren, a mysterious  woman with a mark on her forehead. Chiren grabs   Alita's hand, freaking her out and causing her  to run. Then Chiren meets with Ido, revealing   that they used to be married and that Ido used the  cyborg body they had made for their dead daughter   to repair Alita. Chiren wants to work with Ido  again to build a Motorball champion that could   buy her a way to Zalem, but Ido refuses to build  monsters. Then Chiren leaves, and Ido notices her   getting in a car with Vector, the man behind the  factory. Meanwhile Alita meets with Hugo, who is   playing Motorball with Tanji and other friends.  He accepts to teach her how to play and lends   her a pair of roller skates, so Alita has to get  used to moving in them. After falling a few times,   she gets the hang of it and manages to score a  good amount of points. After the match is over,   Hugo takes Alita to try chocolate for the first  time and they notice Zapan passing by. He's a   Hunter-Warrior that carries a sword around because  guns are forbidden down here. The following days,   Alita continues to work with Ido in the morning  and hang out with Hugo in the afternoon. Hugo   takes Alita to a very high building to have a  great look at Zalem, and he confesses his dream is   to get up there someday. He also points out that  the scrapyard is full of trash thrown by Zalem,   so if Ido found Alita there, then she originally  comes from the sky city. In the evening, Alita   pretends to go to bed and waits for Ido to leave  to follow him. She finds him stalking a woman   named Nyssiana into a dark alley and getting a  scythe-shaped weapon out of his suitcase. Thinking   he's about to kill Nyssiana, Alita tries to stop  him and gives away their location. It turns out   that Ido is a Hunter-Warrior that goes after bad  guys for their bounties, and this is a trap set by   Grewishka. Nyssiana and Romo are his subordinates,  and the three of them are cyborgs with very   advanced parts. Ido attacks Romo and gets his arm,  but Romo teams up with Nyssiana and overpowers   him. Desperate to help, Alita jumps in and begins  beating Romo up incredibly easily, almost as if   she had been built for it. While Grewishka keeps  Ido from joining, Alita goes after Nyssiana next   and easily kills her too. Grewishka can't believe  what he's seeing and fights Alita as well. As   Alita pulls a special kick to attack, a flashback  comes to her mind and she suddenly sees herself   wearing special armor on the Moon. She's in the  middle of a fierce battle and a woman named Gelda   calls her "99". Back in the present, Alita uses  the kick to get Grewishka's arm off, then tries   attacking him with Ido's scythe, causing Grewishka  to escape through a hole in the ground. Afterward,   Ido stops by the Hunter-Warrior's headquarters  to hand in Nyssiana and get the reward, which   allows him to keep the clinic up and help people.  Alita tells Ido about her memory and demands to   know more, so Ido takes her home and explains  he had made that body for his daughter Alita,   who had been wheelchair-bound. One day, an  addicted patient entered the clinic looking   for the medicine he could use as an upper before  a Motorball match and when he found nothing,   he killed Alita. Chiren couldn't deal with the  death of her daughter and left. Ido wanted revenge   and went looking for the guy to kill him, which  made him realize he was good at this and caused   him to become a Hunter-Warrior. Ido gave Alita  the body he built, but her brain and her core are   the original ones, and the core is powered by an  anti-matter micro-reactor, meaning she could power   the whole city on her own. This technology hasn't  been made since before the Fall, which makes Alita   over 300 years old. Meanwhile Grewishka goes back  to Chiren and tells her about Alita's skills.   Chiren accepts to repair him and Vector comes for  an interrogation, but Grewishka suddenly changes   personality: it turns out that Zalem's overlord  Nova can communicate with people on Earth through   any cyborg he decides to hack into. Nova explains  Alita knows the fighting techniques of panzer   kunst, so he orders Chiren to rebuild Grewishka  and send him to kill Alita. Then Nova takes over   Vector and offers Chiren to send her to Zalem if  she accepts to work for him. Later, Ido searches   the list of bounties and discovers Grewishka isn't  there, which means someone is protecting him.   Alita wants to become a Hunter-Warrior too, but  Ido forbids it. Furious, Alita runs away and meets   with Hugo, who takes her to a Motorball match.  After watching all the players fight fiercely,   Hugo uses his contacts to show Alita behind the  scenes, explaining that a Motorball champion gets   to go to Zalem as a prize. Alita notices Chiren  and Vector are around since they build cyborgs   specifically for Motorball. The guy currently  winning isn't one of theirs and Chiren asks Vector   to get her his parts. Moments later, the winner  is celebrating his victory when he's suddenly   attacked by a group of Jackers that capture him  in a ring of fire. Then they put him in the back   of a van and take his arms, which Vector comes to  buy for Chiren. At that moment it's revealed that   the Jackers are Hugo and his friends, who do this  for the money. Vector asks them to deliver the   arms while he kills what's left of the winner. The  next day, Hugo and his friends take Alita to see   the beautiful natural view outside the city. In  a lake, there's a ship that fell during the war.   Some scrappers took various parts but it was  mostly left alone because it's technology made   by the enemy, the United Republics of Mars. Hugo  thinks this may help Alita recover her memories,   so she doesn't hesitate to get into the lake,  where she has no trouble breathing. By walking   underwater, she manages to enter the ship where  she opens a strange door that takes her to a   mysterious force field. Somehow recognizing all  this, Alita summons the control panel and shuts   down the shield, revealing an advanced armored  body that Alita takes with her. When she gets   home, Alita asks Ido to give her this body  because she feels a special connection to it,   but Ido refuses. He explains this body is known  as a Berserker, a weaponized cyborg that knew the   techniques of Panzer Kunst. The ship reacted to  Alita's core because she was created as a weapon,   and Ido doesn't want her to be a weapon again, he  thinks it's better for her to have a chance at a   normal life. Ignoring Ido's worries, Alita goes to  the headquarters to register as a Hunter-Warrior.   Then she asks Hugo to take her to the bar where  Hunter-Warriors hang out. The dog from the other   day sees them and decides to come along. In the  bar, Zapan teases Alita for being a little girl   and introduces her to the power of the other  warriors, like McTeague and his cyborg hounds.   Alita ignores his taunting and talks to everyone  in the bar, asking them to team up so they can   hunt Grewishka together and overpower whoever is  protecting him. Everyone finds the idea laughable,   and Zapan makes fun of Alita for it. Alita  insults him back and causes Zapan to attack her,   but Alita easily beats him up. Afterward, Alita  calls everyone pathetic and offers a deal:   if she defeats them, then they must agree to team  up. A bar fight immediately ensues, and an amused   McTeague watches how Alita kicks everyone's butts  without trouble, although Hugo helps as well. Ido   arrives and makes everyone stop by threatening  them with charging for his repairs. As Ido scolds   Alita for her choices, Grewishka shows up and  kills a man to show off his upgrades. Grewishka   asks for Alita and the dog comes to her defense,  but Grewishka kills it. Furious, Alita paints   warrior marks on her face with the dog's blood  and begins fighting Grewishka. Ido wants to help,   but Hugo quickly pushes him away. Grewishka makes  a hole in the ground to fight Alita in the ruins   of the old world. Alita continues to fight  spectacularly, although this time Grewishka's   upgrades allow him to wound her leg. Grewishka  tells her that she was made by Nova just like him,   putting Alita in a bad emotional state. The next  time Grewishka attacks, Alita fails to dodge it   and loses most of her body. This triggers a memory  of Gelda teaching Alita how to fight. She reminded   her to never give up because they needed to defeat  Nova soon. Encouraged by Gelda's words, Alita uses   her remaining arm to make her body bounce and  punch Grewishka through his eye socket. Then   she falls on the ground just in time for Ido and  Hugo to arrive and attack Grewishka too. McTeague   comes as well and sends his cyborg hounds to get  revenge for the dead dog, scaring Grewishka into   running away. Ido takes what is left of Alita home  and repairs her by giving her the Berserker body,   which immediately adjusts to its new host. The  next morning, Alita is feeling stronger than   ever and discovers her fingers can make plasma.  Afterward, Alita meets with Hugo and tells him   this nanotech makes her texture sensors a lot more  touch sensitive. Hugo touches Alita's arms and   face so she can experience actual human contact,  then the two of them kiss. Meanwhile Grewishka's   throwing a tantrum over his loss, so Nova takes  over Vector's body to scold Grewishka and remind   him of his mission. Once Nova is gone, Vector  decides he can't trust Grewishka with such an   important mission and decides to meet with Hugo to  get her to talk about Alita by getting him drunk.   The next day, Alita finds Hugo in his apartment  suffering from a hangover. They talk about Hugo's   dream of reaching Zalem and Alita offers to give  him the money she gets bounties to buy a ticket   from Vector. Hugo doesn't want her to get in  danger again, and Alita explains she'd do anything   for him, including giving him her heart. In fact  she removes it from her chest to prove her point,   but Hugo turns it down and informs her that Vector  wants to see Alita play Motorball. Alita accepts   if Hugo becomes her coach, that way they could  go to Zalem together if she wins. All this is   seen by Zapan from afar. The night of Alita's  first big game, Ido gives her extra potrection   and custom-made skate-feet. Alita chooses the  number 99 in honor of her memories while Vector   contacts the other players to offer a huge reward  to whoever kills Alita during the match. On the   streets, Hugo finds Tanji and the others getting  parts from a cyborg. He announces he wants to quit   this business, which triggers a fight between him  and Tanji. They're suddenly interrupted by Zapan,   who kills the jacked cyborg to make it look  like the Jackers did it, then he attacks Hugo   and wounds his shoulder. Tanji tries to rescue  his friend, but Zapan easily kills him with his   sword. Hugo takes the chance to distract  Zapan with a molotov bomb and runs away,   only for Zapan to chase after him. At the stadium,  Vector tells Chiren that he made Hugo bring Alita   to them by promising to take him to Zalem. Ido  realizes Alita's opponents aren't normal players:   they're all bounty-markers or Hunter-Warriors,  which means this is a trap. He calls Alita   through the communicator on her system to  warn her, but Alita stays to fight. These   guys are tough and manage to land a few hits on  her, but Alita is still far superior and easily   beats them all up. Suddenly, Alita gets a call  from Hugo, who tells her he needs help to defeat   Zapan. Alita wastes no time and jumps through  the stadium's big screen to leave the building,   and the other players follow her. With more room  to move, Alita has no trouble beating them all up   and goes to find Hugo, who is about to be killed  by Zapan. Alita immediately pushes Zapan away, but   at that moment, the bounty screens show that Hugo  is wanted for murder. Hugo admits he was a Jacker,   but also explains he only took the parts without  killing. Zapan reminds Alita of the hunter's code,   but since Alita can't bring herself to kill the  man she loves, Zapan stabs Hugo first. A centurion   shows up to ask for Hugo's body, so Alita picks  him up and runs away with him. In a secret spot,   Hugo swears he didn't kill anyone and that he  quit his job for Alita; the two of them kiss   and confess their love for each other. Chiren  watches all this from afar and she's so touched   by their relationship that when Vector calls  her, she tells him she lost track of Alita and   Hugo. Then she offers her help to them to help the  boy survive. Moments later, Alita comes out with   Hugo's head in her arms. The Centurion accepts  this as Alita having finished the bounty, but   Zapan takes a closer look and discovers Chiren has  connected Hugo's brain to Alita's core. Furious,   Zapan tries to attack Alita, but fighting  other hunters is a violation code and the   Centurion classifies Zapan as a criminal now. This  allows Alita to destroy Zapan's face and take his   sword. Hours later, Ido has finished giving Hugo  a new body, even if it's rather rudimentary. Ido   explains to Alita that Vector's promises were  fake, and the only way to go to Zalem is by   becoming champion. He knows because he and Chiren  are from Zalem, they were forced to come here by   Nova when he saw their daughter was imperfect. Ido  removed the mark from his forehead to leave that   life behind. Meanwhile Vector confronts Chiren for  letting Alita go. Chiren explains Alita reminded   her of her duties as a doctor and a mother, so she  wants to quit because she doesn't care about Zalem   anymore. Vector has no choice but to send a guard  after her. Determined to get revenge for Hugo,   Alita goes to the Hunter-Warriors' headquarters,  which is located in the cyborg factory building.   Using Zapan's sword, Alita destroys all  the Centurions and the bounty system before   bursting into Vector's office, where she discovers  Vector's taken Chiren's body parts to sell them   later. She's so distracted that she doesn't hear  Grewishka arrive and she gets hurt on her hip,   which triggers another flashback. During the war,  Alita, Gelda, and their team tried to reach Zalem   by climbing the cargo tubes. A serrated defense  ring appeared on the tub and killed the army,   leaving only Alita and Gelda behind before it  broke the tube in two. Alita barely managed to   hang on the edge and Gelda helped her back up  as she reminded her the mission was to destroy   Zalem. With Gelda's words as inspiration, Alita  reminds her body it can heal herself, then she   kills Grewishka with just a couple of moves.  Afterward Alita demands to speak to Nova, and   the overlord takes over Vector's body to respond.  He reminds Alita that he can see everything and   threatens with killing Ido and Hugo, causing a  furious Alita to kill Vector to shut him up. At   that moment, Ido calls Alita to inform her Hugo  had to run away because Centurions are after him.   Alita searches for her boyfriend and finds him  climbing the tube to reach his dream. No matter   how much Alita explains that Nova is using him to  get to her, Hugo doesn't listen, and Nova takes   the chance to drop a serrated ring on them. Alita  manages to dodge it, but Hugo is hit and he loses   most of his body. With a quick jump, Alita grabs  Hugo's hand to stop him from falling, but Hugo's   arm is slowly coming apart. The couple shares  their love one last time before the arm breaks and   Hugo falls to his death. Months later, Alita has  become a Motorball superstar. During a match, she   raises her sword to point at Zalem as a promise to  become champion and find Nova to get her revenge.
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