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No matter how many times scientists warned  humanity about climate change, nobody listened,   and by 2019 a series of hurricanes, tornadoes,  floods, and droughts caused destruction all over   the planet. After losing several cities,  world leaders came together led by the   U.S. and they found a way to neutralize the  storms with a net of thousands of satellites,   each deploying countermeasures designed to  impact the basic elements of weather. This   net of satellites was known as "Dutch Boy" and  was designed by chief architect Jake. For now it   was a US-owned operation, but in three years the  Dutch Boy would be transferred to an international   council. One day, Jake is called to a disciplinary  hearing with a US Senate sub-committee because he   punched a federal inspector and brought Dutch Boy  online without authorization. Jake doesn't accept   the scolding and meets their words with sass,  ignoring the texts from his brother Max asking   him to stop. Jake explains he punched the officer  because he wouldn't stop touching machine parts   that almost killed him, and that he activated  the Dutch Boy to stop a series of storms that   would've killed thousands of people. The Senate  doesn't care, they just want Jake to be obedient,   so they decide they'll send new staff to the  station to keep an eye on things and that Jake   will have to fire some of the old team members.  After the meeting is over, Jake bumps into Max,   who works under the US Secretary of State. Max's  been chosen to be in charge of Dutch Boy, and he's   decided to fire Jake because he thinks that's the  best thing for the project. Jake is devastated to   learn his brother can do this to his family and  doesn't speak to him again. Three years later,   a UN team stationed in Afghanistan gets some weird  readings on their scanners and goes to check a   village nearby. To their shock, the entire place  is frozen and the people are dead. A recording of   this finding is sent to US President Palma and  his team, agreeing it must be kept secret for   now. There's evidence this was caused by Dutch  Boy, but the politicians don't want to shut it   down because the press will immediately jump on it  to find the cause. Max proposes to send someone to   check on the malfunction and Secretary of State  Dekkom tells him to hire Jake for the job because   no matter how much Max dislikes his brother, Jake  is still the one that knows the station the best.   Meanwhile in the Dutch Boy, the satellite  responsible for Afghanistan comes back to   be checked on. Engineer Habib finds some strange  date in its hard drive and decides to make a copy   that he hides in his locker. Afterward he tries to  go back to work, but when he steps into an empty   room, suddenly the doors lock themselves around  him and the windows break. Habib is expelled into   space and dies instantly. The next day, Max visits  Jake, who is living in Florida after his divorce   and gets his daughter Hannah two weekends a month.  Jake doesn't want to see Max and tries to send him   away, but Max tells him about Afghanistan and  the airlock accident, asking him to rejoin the   project. When Jake turns him down, Max changes his  mind by pointing out that his invention is killing   people. Later in the Hong Kong offices of the  Pacific Climate Council, Long logs in the system   and notices something weird about the incident in  Afghanistan, so he tries to call Max to warn him   only to be met by voicemail. Afterward he goes  to the market to get some groceries, noticing   how hot it is. In fact the heat is so bad that a  cat is trying to stay inside the market fridge,   and when Long accidentally drops his eggs, they  fry on the pavement. Suddenly the ground starts   shaking and Long notices fire whirls destroying  the streets. He immediately escapes in his car,   driving around all the panicking people and the  constant crumbling of the buildings. Long doesn't   stop until he reaches the road outside the city  and the temperature lowering indicates he's out of   reach, but when he turns around he discovers Hong  Kong is now in ruins. When it's time for Jake to   leave, Hannah cries because she thinks Jake won't  return and he's always been hard to rely on, but   Jake promises he'll be back. Moments later, Jake  is boarding a shuttle and flying to the Dutch Boy,   feeling at home again in space. He meets Commander  Fassbinder, the chief scientist of the station   and she introduces him to her main team, which  includes security officer Dussette and system   analyst Duncan. They think the incident in Hong  Kong was a gas explosion because that's what the   news said, but Jake is sure it was caused  by the same thing that froze the village.   Meanwhile on Earth, Max is spending time with his  girlfriend Sarah, who is part of the president's   secret service. They're interrupted by a call  from Long, who informs Max of the heat he felt   before the incident happened, meaning it wasn't  a gas pipe. He's tried to check on the Dutch Boy   to confirm his theory, but his account has been  blocked, and Max discovers so has his. Someone   in the government is covering up a system defect  and this has the potential to cause a geostorm,   which consists of simultaneous catastrophic  weather events triggered all over the globe. Max   promises to look into it and after hanging up, he  learns Sarah has been called to work because the   president has decided to do a last-minute press  briefing, which sounds rather sudden. At the   office, Long continues to try to log in when the  power goes out. He hears some voices coming from   the corridor and rushes to hide, this allows Long  to watch how US agents take away his computer and   all his paperwork. In the Dutch Boy, Jake learns  that the Afghanistan logs were wiped clean by the   malfunction, so he orders the team to check  the logs of the other satellites to track any   signs of corruption. The next day, Max visits  his friend Dana, a cybersecurity expert that   works for the government IT department. He asks  her to look into the blocking of the accounts,   and Dana confirms someone programmed this to  make it look as if it was part of a glitch,   but it was definitely intentional. In the  Dutch Boy, Jake has a video-meeting with Max,   who informs him that there may be some foul play  involved in the incidents. Jake is glad to hear   this because he knew the Dutch Boy had been built  well, and Max authorizes him to retrieve the Hong   Kong satellite. This causes an argument because  Jake doesn't think he needs Max's permission to   do anything, and Max reminds him that he had to  clean up after Jake's dumb mistakes all the time   after their parents died. He's tired of being  responsible for his brother, so if Jake doesn't   behave, he'll be fired again. The Hong Kong  satellite arrives at the station but suddenly,   the robot arm that grabs it goes crazy and begins  shaking around, damaging part of the hangar before   dropping the satellite. The fall absolutely  destroys the satellite and the team has to   salvage the few parts that survived. Unfortunately  the accident created an electrical short and fried   all the drives, so Jake thinks they don't have any  proof of corruption to analyze. However Dussette   informs him he's been looking at the video of  Habib's death and he's discovered something:   the panels that exploded had drives in them,  and one of them got stuck in the communication   tower. Jake and Fassbinder go on a spacewalk to  retrieve the panel, but out of a sudden Jake's   suit begins malfunctioning and he loses control  of his movements. The shaking causes him to drop   the panel and get hit against the station, so  he ejects his jetpack and manages to hold onto   a wire to avoid floating away. Moments later,  Fassbinder brings him back inside, and Jake   reveals he took the drive from the panel before  he let go of it. When the team checks on them,   Jake doesn't tell them about the drive because  he's sure his suit was sabotaged by one of them.   Afterward, he and Fassbinder investigate the drive  and discover there are no signs of corruption,   which confirms someone has been causing  the so-called accidents on purpose. Jake   tries to find the login information behind this  programming, but he's locked out. In the meantime,   Long arrives in DC and agrees to meet with Max  and Sarah at a café. However when Long is about   to cross the street, he's pushed in front of a  car and hit badly. The mysterious man escapes in   his own car and Sarah tries to go after him, but  she isn't fast enough. Max runs to Long's side   and hears him say the word "Zeus" before he dies.  A few hours later, Max gets a call from Jake and   takes it because he says it's an emergency.  However Jake only wants to apologize for his   behavior and reminds Max there's an unspoken code  between brothers before telling the whole story   of the day they went fishing with their dad. Max  catches on to his intentions and rushes to see   Dana to show her a recording of Jake's anecdote.  Dana doesn't understand how it's an emergency and   Max explains they never went fishing as kids,  meaning Jake is trying to pass a message in   code because he thinks he's being spied on. Max  gives Dana the code they used as kids, and Dana   puts together different minutes from the video  to create the real message: "proof of sabotage   at the highest level of government, trust no one".  Next, Max asks Dana to look into "Project Zeus",   and Dana finds a file that is double encrypted  in a White House security network, which isn't   hackable. She needs the right credentials to break  it. Moments later, Sarah returns home and sees   signs someone has broken in. She takes out her gun  only to discover it's Max and Dana, who don't want   anyone to know they're there. Max asks Sarah  for her credentials to steal the information,   and at first Sarah refuses because it would be  breaking her oath, but she changes her mind when   Max points out that if he's asking for something  so serious it's because it's extremely important.   Back to the Dutch Boy, Jake and Fassbinder  check the security cameras and discover Habib   hid something in his locker. However when they  check it out, they find the locker empty. Suddenly   Dussette appears pointing his gun at them,  and since he doesn't immediately kill them,   Jake understands Dussette wants to find out who  killed Habib too. After confirming they're all on   the same side, Dussette confesses Habib's things  are in a different locker. He explains he saw the   security cameras too and said nothing because he  thought the criminal would reveal themselves by   coming to destroy the items. The trio opens the  right locker and finds the copy of the drive,   which reveals someone has put a virus in the  station's system. Meanwhile Sarah gives Dana her   log-in information, allowing her to find the files  on Project Zeus. She finds a series of simulations   that end with geostorms, and Max realizes someone  used those simulations to make the storms happen   for real. Afterward Max has a videocall with Jake  to inform him someone is weaponizing the Dutch Boy   to attack specific cities, and Jake confirms  they're doing it through the virus. He wants   to shut down the Dutch Boy temporarily, that way a  reboot can flush out the virus. Max authorizes it,   but there's a slight problem: the only one that  has the kill codes is the president, and Jake   doesn't trust Palma. Only someone with power can  block their accounts, and it's no coincidence that   in three weeks the US must hand control of Dutch  Boy to the international council. Max asks Jake   to keep an eye on the satellites while he finds a  way to obtain the kill codes. A few hours later,   President Palma is heading to Orlando for a  national convention. Max approaches Sarah in   secret and convinces her the conspiracy is real,  so she must help him steal the codes. To get on   the plane too, Max tells his bosses he's going to  see his dad who lives in Florida. At that moment,   the Dutch Boy receives warning messages  indicating 200 satellites are malfunctioning,   most of them nearing critical. The consequences  are soon seen on Earth: a massive hailstorm begins   hitting Tokyo, and an offshore cold snap takes out  half of Rio de Janeiro. Since he still can't shut   down the station, Jake decides to launch the spare  satellites to replace the ones causing destruction   all over the world. They manage to replace the  one in Rio of Janeiro before the rest of the   city comes down too, but at that moment another  alert comes in: a geostorm is starting. On Earth,   Max sees the news of the disaster and gets the  alert on his tablet too, discovering the storm   is coming to Florida next. Dekkom approaches  him to point out he knows Max's dad is dead   and demands to know the truth. Max tells him  the president is behind an incoming geostorm,   but Dekkom has bad news: they can't get the  codes from Palma because the president himself   is the code. They need his fingerprints  and his eyes to activate the shutdown,   so they have no choice but to try to reason  with him. At that moment, the Dutch Boy crew   is shocked to discover the station has initiated  the self-destruct sequence on its own. They try   to override the command but they're locked out  by the system, and Jake realizes the only one   with the knowledge to do this is Duncan. As the  station begins exploding one area at a time,   Jake tells the crew to evacuate before going  to confront Duncan. He finds him still on the   computers and begins beating him up, but Duncan  has a gun hidden under his desk and uses it to   get Jake off him. Then Duncan admits he did put  the virus in the system, and that he accepted the   corrupt payment from the government because his  software engineer salary is laughable. He also   confesses he wants to watch the world burn. Jake  moves quickly to disarm Duncan and beat him up   again, but Duncan retrieves the gun and in the  struggle, he accidentally shoots at a window.   Immediately Jake runs into another room and locks  the door while Duncan is ejected into space.   Back in Florida, Dekkom takes Max into a special  room saying they'll talk to the president there,   but it's all a trap. It turns out Dekkom is the  actual bad guy and the president knows nothing,   so he tries to shoot Max for knowing too much.  Max manages to escape through a back door and   meets with Sarah, letting her know that a storm  will kill everyone here, meaning Dekkom will get   rid of all the presidential candidates in one go.  He gave Max control of the Dutch Boy and told him   to hire Jake on purpose, thinking the brothers'  constant fighting would stop them from seeing   the truth. Their only solution is to kidnap the  president, so Max goes to get a car ready while   Sarah shoots in the air, pretending she saw  someone in the public about to shoot Palma.   Emergency protocols are put into place while Sarah  and another bodyguard escort the president, but as   soon as they're alone in a corridor, Sarah knocks  out the bodyguard and makes Palma come with her   to a self-driving car Max hijacked. While everyone  in the station evacuates, the geostorm hits Earth.   Tornadoes appear in Mumbai, a major heatwave  strikes Moscow, and a megatsunami slams into   Dubai. A lightning storm hits Florida, and Max  and Sarah manage to get the president out right   before the stadium is destroyed. Dekkom escapes  just in time too and sends his men after Palma,   who is being told the whole truth by Max. Sarah  has to drive like crazy to dodge the lightning,   the destroyed roads, and the shots coming from  Dekkom's men. There isn't much time left, so   Sarah decides to drive backward to shoot at most  of the men, then hits their car with hers. The car   flips and explodes when it's hit by lightning.  Nearby Dekkom gives his bodyguard a rocket   launcher to shoot at the car with the president.  The rocket hits its target and the car explodes,   but suddenly Sarah appears behind Dekkom and  captures him. She used the self-driving system to   make the car move and set up the trap for Dekkom,  now the police are coming to arrest him. Dekkom   tries to tell Palma he did it to get rid of their  enemies and that he doesn't see it as genocide,   because science is just playing god anyway, and he  thinks Jake would agree since he invented such a   powerful machine in the first place. Hearing  his brother getting insulted causes Max to   punch Dekkom. The news begins covering all the  natural disasters and the lack of response from   the Dutch Boy, which worries Hannah. While the  last shuttle leaves, Jake decides to stay in the   station because the reboot must be done manually.  Fassbinder tries to stay too, but Jake sends her   away. Meanwhile Palma is taken to the Kennedy  Space Center and he immediately activates the   kill codes. However the self-destruct sequence  can't be reversed, so the brothers have to say   goodbye in tears. They reconcile after all these  years, and Max promises to take care of Hannah. As   the station continues to self-destruct, Jake runs  to put on his astronaut suit and tries to reach   the computer, but the door won't take his code.  Fortunately he's surprised to discover Fassbinder   did stay behind and she knows an alternate way  to leave. Together they reach the computer and   manually do the rebooting - Fassbinder flushes out  the virus while Jake shuts down the satellites,   successfully stopping the geostorm. At that moment  the room explodes, and Jake and Fassbinder are   left floating outside. Jake watches his creation  die and discovers there's a satellite left,   so they let the explosion wave push them  toward it. The duo manages to get inside,   but then the station finishes destroying itself  and NASA loses contact with them, thus they can't   control the satellite to bring it back. A light  suddenly appears on the screen forming a mayday   pattern - it turns out the satellite was pushed  away by the explosion, meaning Jack and Fassbinder   are fine. One of the evacuation shuttles goes  back to pick them up, and a few hours later,   everyone is safely back on Earth. Max reunites  with Jake and they have their first hug in years.   Six months later, Jake, Max, and Hannah go fishing  and find it boring, finally understanding why the   siblings' dad never took them in the first place.  Jake will return to space in a week to build a new   station and wants a last happy moment with  his family, but he promises he'll be back.
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