King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
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For centuries, humans and mages coexisted in  peace. However the leader of the mages Mordred   decides he wants more and sends his army to attack  the kingdom of Camelot. Hundreds of mages together   with giant war beasts launch a very aggressive  attack, and no matter how hard they fight,   Camelot's defenses aren't strong enough.  Prince Vortigern, who seems to feel dizzy for   being close to magic, tells his brother King  Uther that they should surrender, but Uther   refuses. With his legendary sword Excalibur  in hand, he meets face-to-face with Mordred,   and the power of the sword is enough for Uther  to defeat his enemy. Later, Uther and his council   have a meeting about what they should do with the  mages. Sir Bedivere and Sir William remind Uther   that the mages aren't bad people, Mordred had only  been a bad leader and now he's gone. After all,   it was mage Merlin who gave Uther the sword, and  Vortigern himself studied with the mages a few   years ago. Uther sees their point and agrees to  drop all kinds of aggression against the mages,   which Vortigern doesn't approve of. In the middle  of the night, Vortigern tells his men to get ready   and takes his wife to a secret underground room  in the castle to sacrifice her to the moat hags   in exchange for power. As Vortigern's soldiers  begin taking over the castle, Uther rushes to   wake up his wife and his son Arthur in order to  escape through the docks. However a demon knight   finds them and kills the couple while the baby  escapes on a boat that the river takes all the way   to Londinium. The boat is found by Lucy and her  fellow call girls, so little Arthur grows up in   a bawdy house thinking he's the bastard son of one  of the working ladies while Vortigern takes over   the throne. Arthur is bullied by the other kids  in the neighborhood, thus he asks kung fu master   George to teach him how to fight. Arthur begins  developing his street smarts and defends the call   girls from aggressive customers while getting  involved with the local crime scene and saving   the money he makes in a secret spot on the wall.  By the time he becomes an adult, Arthur is the   neighborhood's crime boss, yet he still suffers  from nightmares that show him the demon knight and   the dying woman on the docks. Meanwhile, Vortigern  rules over the kingdom cruelly and puts most of   his resources into building a giant tower. One  morning, he discovers all the water surrounding   the castle has receded and this has revealed the  location of Excalibur, which is stuck on a rock.   The soldiers are fighting over it, but nobody  seems to be able to take it out. Worried about   the implications, Vortigern visits the moat hags  again to remind them he sacrificed a loved one to   get power and that there shouldn't be obstacles.  The hags explain that balance is inevitable:   if one side of power grows, so must the other. If  he wants to stop the sword, he must find Arthur   and finish him. Back to Arthur, he surprises Lucy  with some money he took from the last man that hit   her. Lucy's impressed because that man had been a  viking, and his people can be quite dangerous. At   that moment, Jack and a bunch of royal guards  show up at the bawdy house looking for a rebel   that attacked the king's barge. Arthur isn't a  fan of the king but he doesn't want to put his   beloved ladies in danger, so when he finds William  hiding in the bawdy house, he hands him over to   the guards. Then Jack asks for a private meeting  with Arthur and his childhood friends Tristan and   Back Lack wanting to know what's going on. Arthur  explains he took money from the vikings because   they messed with Lucy and George, and he pretends  his team didn't actually use violence. Jack also   asks about the graffiti the neighborhood kids have  been painting all over town announcing the return   of the born king, but Back Lack promises he's  already told his son Blue he must stop. Obviously   Jack doesn't believe a single word and asks Arthur  to be more careful because the vikings are under   the protection of the king. A few days later,  Vortigern checks on his guard Mercia about the   sword, but unfortunately nobody in the royal army  has been able to retrieve it. Mercia is worried   because every day the rebels get stronger and the  people dislike Vortigern more and more. Vortigern   asks Maggie, a lady of the king's court, about the  opinion of his people, not knowing Maggie secretly   works with the resistance and lies when she tells  him the people love their king. Satisfied by this   answer, Vortigern orders Mercia to concentrate on  finishing the tower. In the middle of the night,   Arthur is woken up by his friends, who warn him  the royal guards are coming for him. Arthur tries   to escape, but the guards capture him on the  streets and take him back to Camelot. At the   harbor, there's a huge line for the test, so  Arthur cuts in to avoid more waiting. As soon   as Arthur grabs the sword with both hands, the  entire kingdom begins shaking and the runes on   the sword glow. To everyone's surprise, Arthur  takes the sword out of the rock, but the power   overwhelms him so much that he passes out. Later,  Arthur wakes up in a cell with Vortigern. The king   explains that the sword proves Arthur is Uther's  son, but Arthur denies it, saying he's just a   call girl's bastard that doesn't want anything.  However Vortigern has already sent his men to   investigate the bawdy house and found Arthur's  hidden money, which means he does have ambition   and he's a threat to Vortigern's throne. Meanwhile  in the rebels' hideout, Rubio brings a mage to see   Bedivere. This mage has been sent by Merlin to be  Arthur's guide, but she needs Bedivere's help to   get to the castle. Moments later, all the people  in Camelot gather around the castle to see the   born king. Vortigern wants to use this chance to  get their respect through fear, and Arthur must   play along. If he doesn't surrender the power  to Vortigern, then his guards will kill Lucy.   When they appear in front of the public, Arthur  is given the chance to grab Excalibur and defend   himself, but Arthur turns it down to protect  his working girls. Arthur's called a disruptor   of piece and he shall die for the sake of the  kingdom. When the guards are about to kill Arthur,   the mage sends an eagle to stop the guards and  makes all the horses and dogs go crazy. The crowd   begins running away and the guards concentrate  on protecting the king, giving Bedivere and the   rebels the chance to rescue Arthur and retrieve  Excalibur. As the working girls take the chance to   escape, Arthur runs away with the rebels and the  mage while fighting the guards in the middle of   the chaos. Two rebels are killed in the process,  but this allows the group to get away safely   by jumping into a river. Eventually they reach  the rebels' hideout, where Arthur is surprised   William escaped arrest and is here too. Bedivere  and William explain that Arthur's neighborhood   has been torched and he can't go back, they also  want to see what he can do with the sword. Arthur   pretends he doesn't want to fight before he begins  to easily beat some rebels up. When it's William's   turn, Arthur grabs Excalibur with both hands and  his mind fills with visions, causing him to pass   out again. Hours later, Arthur is woken up by  the usual nightmares because the mage is doing   a ritual to understand the sword. This time  the nightmare shows his younger self handing   the sword to Uther, which explains the scars he's  always had on his hands. The mage tells him he's   resisting the sword and Arthur denies it, saying  he isn't the legendary king they want. However he   accepts to give this a chance when the mage points  out she can get rid of the nightmares. Afterward,   the mage asks Bedivere to take Arthur to the  Darklands. Arthur is dropped at an island,   where the mage tells him he must reach the tower  and touch the altar stone with the sword. Arthur   isn't too worried because he thinks it'll be  just like camping, but after he's left alone   he learns that the island is full of terrifying  creatures. This forces him to use the sword more   to defend himself, killing any monster that gets  in his way. After a few days of raw survival,   Arthur reaches the top of an old tower  and puts the sword on the altar stone,   which immediately glows and scares all beasts  away. The magic takes over Arthur's mind and   shows him the full memory of the night his family  died: the demon knight killed the queen, so Uther   went after the knight with Excalibur. During the  fight, Uther dropped his sword and little Arthur   handed it back before his father told him to run.  Little Arthur jumped on the boat and let the river   guide him as he closed his eyes not to witness  his father's death. Excalibur fell on the back   of Uther's body, transforming him into the stone  that took the sword down into the water. The demon   knight took off his magical veil and revealed his  identity to be Vortigern, who planned this whole   thing on purpose. After the vision, Arthur passes  out and he must be rescued by Bedivere and the   mage. Arthur realizes that the island tower is the  same as the one Vortigern is building in Camelot,   and the mage explains Vortigern will become  as powerful as Mordred when he finishes it,   that's why the sword showed up now. Bedivere  points out it was Vortigern who started the war   against the mages in the first place: he made  a deal that he would share power with Mordred   if he killed Uther. Mordred accepted, killed  the mage king, and took the royal staff to the   tower to unlock the dark forces. However Merlin  stole the staff later and made Excalibur with it,   using it to destroy the tower. Then he  gave Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake, who   bound it to Uther's bloodline. When they return to  the hideout, Arthur's friends are waiting for him,   and they confirm their neighborhood has been  burned down by Jack and Mercia while looking   for him. They managed to rescue the working girls  and a few friends, but most people ran away. This   makes Arthur furious and he decides he'll kill  Vortigern as revenge. Afterward, Arthur introduces   his friends to the rebels and they begin making a  plan. William wants to meet with the barons from   the most important families in the kingdom to ask  for their support, but Arthur refuses. He points   out those posh lords would never accept him as  a leader for being a poor guy with no education,   and it's important for the rebels to be the  ones in charge. Instead Arthur proposes to lure   Vortigern out of the castle and make him come to  Londinium by hurting what he cares about the most:   the tower. They begin by sinking the barges  carrying the supply of stone and blocking up   the river. Then they use William's information  on the king's transportation routes to rescue   all the kids that are being used as slaves. One  of the working ladies knows the man that supplies   brandy to Vortigern's favorite palace, so they  use it to blow up the premises. All this forces   Vortigern to make a deal with the vikings, even  if means accepting shady terms. Before leaving,   the vikings show worry over Vortigern losing  his power because they also heard rumors about   the born king. Desperate to regain control,  Vortigern calls for a meeting with all the   barons in Londinium, then he goes to the power to  begin increasing his powers. Moments later, Maggie   arrives at the hideout and tells everyone about  Vortigern's incoming meeting, inspiring the rebels   to make a plan to assassinate Vortigern when he  visits Londinium. They need a safe building to   shoot from, so William proves he can kill anyone  with his bow from 175 yards. When the day comes,   Arthur watches the king arrive in a carriage and  he can't help thinking this is too easy. It turns   out this is all a trap and Vortigern is hiding  with Maggie in a boat because he knows she is   spying on him and used her to set this up. Arthur  can tell the king on the street is an actor,   but William decides to shoot anyway in order to  kill Mercia. The guards immediately raise the   alarm and begin searching the town for the rebels.  Arthur's group tries to hide in the crowd, but   the guards find them and a fierce battle begins,  during which Back Lack gets hurt. He tells them   to go ahead without him, and the group continues  to fight through the streets, causing Rubio to get   hurt as well. Rubio stays behind too to distract  the guards while the group sneaks into George's   school because he has a secret tunnel they can  use to escape. However everyone here refuses to be   running cowards and they stay to fight. The guards  burst in and a huge battle begins during which the   mage tries to help by commanding her birds. Her  plan doesn't work and she gets captured, which   makes Arthur so angry that he grabs Excalibur with  both hands and defeats the entire army in a matter   of seconds. This demonstration of power is seen  by the neighbors through their windows. Afterward   the rebels hide in a safehouse and decide to wait  until dark for Back Lack and Blue. On the streets,   people are starting to riot because the story of  Arthur's powers is spreading, yet Arthur still   doesn't want to lead. Hours later, Blue brings  Back Lack to the safehouse, but Back Lack knows   he's dying and tells Arthur to leave without him.  Arthur drags Blue away right before Vortigern   arrives with his guards, who found the safehouse  when they followed the kid around. Back Lack   pretends to know nothing, but the interrogation  is interrupted by Blue, who has come back because   he refuses to abandon his father. Sensing the  danger, Blue pretends he's just the cleaner and   that he doesn't know Back Lack. Vortigern doesn't  believe him and cuts Back Lack's ear as a test,   causing Blue to start screaming. Arthur  comes back and grabs a guard as a threat,   so Vortigern responds by killing Back Lack. This  distraction allows Arthur to grab Blue and run   to the boats, now the rebels can finally escape  safely. Afterward Vortigern orders his guards to   capture or kill any person that is trying to rebel  on the streets. When they return to the hideout,   Arthur thinks about all the lives that were lost  just for him, so he decides to throw the sword   into the lake and run away. The sword is found  by the Lady of the Lake and when Arthur falls   in the mud, the Lady grabs him to bring him into  her lair and show him what Vortigern will do if   he isn't stopped. Arthur watches a vision of  Camelot completely in ruins under Vortigern's   cruelty and finally accepts the sword. Before  letting go, the Lady reminds him that Vortigern   must be fought in the tower and that Arthur must  trust the mage. When the rebels find Arthur,   he's roaring with the power of the glowing sword.  Meanwhile Vortigern captures Rubio and hurts him   until he gives up information. Moments later,  Arthur learns that riots are spreading all over   the country in his name. Arthur announces he's  ready to just barge in and take over the castle,   so the rebels return to the hideout to get ready.  Sadly they find a massacre waiting for them and a   royal guard with a message from Vortigern: Arthur  must go to the castle before dark, or they'll   kill Blue and the mage. The one that goes to the  castle is Bedivere because he wants to check it's   true the hostages are alive. Vortigern accepts to  exchange Excalibur for the mage and to wait for   Arthur until morning. Once the mage reunites with  the rebels, she decides it's time to awaken what   it's inside Arthur. She summons a snake that bites  Arthur's neck and its poison makes him able to see   all the magical creatures that hide in nature,  the mage also promises this poison will protect   him later. A few hours later, Arthur arrives at  the castle while the mage makes her eagle drop a   snake inside. Arthur is taken to see the king,  but when Vortigern's about to kill his nephew,   he notices the snake on a pillar. Vortigern kills  the snake and accidentally gets the sword stuck   in the stone, so now he can't take it out. At  that moment, the mage sends a giant snake into   the castle, and the beast kills all the guards  while Arthur retrieves Excalibur. In the streets,   the rebels rescue all the prisoners to inspire  them to restart the riots. Vortigern wants more   power, and the hags remind him there's a price  for it. Seeing no other choice, Vortigern looks   for his daughter and kills her as he cries in  agony. Then he takes the body to the hags and   becomes the demon knight again. Outside, Arthur  battles any guard that gets in his way and easily   defeats them thanks to the power of his sword.  The guards are so scared that they drop their   weapons to let him pass. While the rebels arrive  to take over the castle, Arthur enters the tower,   and Excalibur reacts to the magic there. Arthur is  teleported to the top of the tower where Vortigern   is waiting, and a fierce battle begins. Thanks  to his sacrifice, Vortigern is extremely powerful   and beats Arthur up in minutes. When Vortigern  announces the sword is his now, the poison kicks   in and makes Arthur have one last vision. This  time Arthur doesn't close his eyes when Uther   dies and grabs the sword before it sinks into his  father's body. Uther tells Arthur the sword is   his now and Arthur wakes up, finding Excalibur  glowing with power. Arthur immediately grabs   it and fights Vortigern again with much better  control of the sword's powers. Vortigern is hit   over and over and Arthur finally manages to kill  him as he points out he became who he is thanks to   Vortigern sending him to the streets in the first  place. To make his point more ironic, Arthur even   kisses Vortigern's hand. Then he activates  Excalibur's magic to make the entire tower   crumble. The next day, the kingdom says goodbye  to all the lives lost during the war. Afterward,   Arthur shows his team the round table he's chosen  for their meetings and asks Bedivere to knight his   friends. Lastly, William himself knights Arthur,  making him the official king. Sometime later,   the vikings show up to ask for their part of the  deal, threatening with war if they don't get what   they want. Arthur isn't intimidated and reminds  them of his power, causing the vikings to kneel   and accept him as the new King of England and  an ally. At the end of the day, Bedivere crowns   Arthur in front of a huge crowd, and Arthur raises  his sword as he swears to protect his people.
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