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the movie begins on a cold February night in the back Streets of London where two thugs are terrorizing homeless people inside one of the cardboard boxes a woman named Isabelle warns Joseph not to fight back with the thugs it's revealed that Joseph is an ex-special forces veteran who went AWOL meaning absent without leave from his unit in Afghanistan he now lives as a homeless drunk in London meanwhile Isabelle attempts to hide the drugs by putting them in her mouth however the thugs eventually catch wind of this and take it away one of them even tries to unzip Isabelle's jacket and this is when Joseph loses it he punishes some of them allowing Isabel enough time to escape however soon he's overpowered and beaten to a pulp after being seriously injured Joseph climbs up a building breaks into an apartment and discovers the owner is not home so he spends the night there the following morning one of the thugs finds Isabelle and pulls a knife on her in the meantime Joseph showers shaves his head changes into some clothes found in the apartment and looks more decent than he has been lately suddenly the phone rings and and when it goes to voicemail Joseph learns that the owner of the apartment Damon is in New York and won't be back until October 1st which is months away from now hence Joseph makes himself at home and searches through the entire place in the mailbox he finds a newly issued debit card with a pin mentioned there so he heads to an ATM withdraws cash and gets wasted he begins to assume the life of the owner Damon calling himself Joey Jones later that night as he walks through the Streets of London Joseph recalls the time he served in Afghanistan he stumbles into a homeless shelter where Christina a nun runs a soup kitchen he asks her for Isabelle with whom he got separated the other day however instead of replying to his question Christina inquires where he got the nice clothes Joseph doesn't say anything about the new apartment but he does give her 500 pounds to buy something nice for herself later Christina discusses Joseph's generous donation with the Mother Superior of the Covenant who suggests she allocate the money to one of their funds Christina asks if she can buy something she has been wanting to buy for a long time the Mother Superior agrees so she goes to the theater to buy a ticket to the ballet however the ticket salesman informs her that all the tickets are sold out except for one a box ticket for a farewell show on the 1st of October which is for 500 pounds in the meantime Joseph wakes up from a nightmare and realizes he's hallucinating when he sees hummingbirds flying around the apartment and a man being hung from a ceiling feeling restless he goes to Christina's for some medicine and she tells him to go to the hospital Joseph responds that he cannot do so since he's been running away from the court martial since he went AWOL from Special Forces he also tells her that he has two broken ribs due to the beating from the thugs the other night and an infection that will kill him if it spreads worried the caring nun gives him antibiotics and painkillers she also tells him that she's asked around for Isabelle apparently nobody has seen Isabelle around since the fight and she also hasn't come back for the food which she always got from the nun in the next scene Joseph returns to the apartment and finds the keys to Damon's black Mercedes he then drives it around the city putting up posters with Damon's number to find the missing Isabel later that evening he gets a voicemail from Isabelle telling him not to look for her anymore and that she's apparently safe she explains that she's decided to work for the thugs for a few weeks until she has enough money to sustain herself later a man wearing a nice suit sporting a scar above his eye meets up with a thug that pulled a knife on Isabelle earlier the two then go to a parcel delivery Store where the men in the suit observes three blonde women one of them being Isabelle it is revealed that she is currently working as a call girl in an underground brothel run by the thug meanwhile someone buzzes at the door while Joseph is making some healthy breakfast for himself he had just arrived from grocery shopping when he doesn't answer the door a woman's voice says that she saw someone walk inside the apartment and threatens to call the police Joseph reluctantly opens the door and lies to the woman that he's one of Damon's boyfriends he was told to stay at the apartment for the summer until he can get his life back together to his relief the woman believes him and leaves him alone all this while Joseph continues his old job as a waiter in a Chinese restaurant where he also works as an unpaid bouncer when trouble arises one night the owner of the restaurant has a hard time dealing with a group of boys who are getting rowdy when Joseph escorts the boys outside one of them gets angry and attacks him as an ex-military Joseph takes care of the boys without breaking a sweat the owner of the restaurant watches him as he demonstrates his fighting ability later the owner introduces Joseph to Mr Choi who does dirty work for him Joseph is then hired by Mr Choi as a driver slash Thug collecting extortion payments and delivering drugs from that day onwards Joseph starts earning a lot of cash helping Mr Choi establish a good business in the neighborhood he also begins to do charitable work ordering pizzas for the homeless who regularly line up for food in Christina's soup kitchen because of this act of kindness the homeless began calling him crazy Joe fast forward to three months later in July Joseph bumps into Dawn his ex-girlfriend she gets agitated as he looks rich and well established while she and their daughter are fending for themselves with little money however Joseph calms her down the best way he can by giving her a stash of money he then tells her that there's a lot more from where the money came from later in the evening the nun Christina finds boxes of clothes outside a Convent with a note inviting her out she goes to the specified location where Joseph is waiting for her the two then have a wonderful time enjoying some barbecue later Christina mentions that she has some news and shows him a police photo of Isabelle dead apparently her corpse was found near a river Christina adds that the police came looking for her as they needed someone to identify the body enraged Joseph Burns the picture and sits down to eat dinner Christina then says that the police think Isabelle was killed by one of her clients and they also found drugs in her immune system when an autopsy was carried out hearing all this Joseph throws off his food in a fit of rage while Christina calls him a hypocrite as he's the one dealing with the drugs when he settles down Christina encourages him to start an honest life she also confides in him that she spent some of the money given by him and Returns the rest later Joseph follows the Thugs who beat him earlier and asks them if they remember him one of them pulls out a knife but Joseph beats them smoothly interrogating them about Isabelle's murder the thug with a knife thinks a 30-something guy with a scar above his eye killed Isabelle learning this information Joseph leaves the thug but only after punishing him a bit more the next day Joseph meets Christina at an art gallery where she's wearing a beautiful dress gifted by him he is stunned to see her but she explains she wore the dress because it's the only one she has Christina then explains that she's there to get information on Isabelle's killer when a customer at the gallery starts asking them questions about who they are the two leave the premises as soon as they can in order to hide their real identity while walking on the street Christina gets a bit tipsy as she had been drinking at the gallery earlier she learns that the owner of the apartment Damon is returning on October 1st the same day as her ballet concert she says it must be fate and they share a kiss before parting ways the next morning Joseph is stopped by one of Damon's neighbors who asks him how things are going lately they chat for a while and Joseph continues to lie to the neighbor about his real identity posing as Joey Jones meanwhile the police learn of Joey or Joseph's activities and begin questioning Christina they have been after him after learning about his dirty work with Mr Choi later Joseph finds Christina and gets to know that the cops are after him he is shocked and enraged with the fact that he is a much more wanted criminal than the person who murdered Isabel Joseph then drives Christina to the convent and on the way she asks him what happened when she got drunk the other night Joseph teasingly explains that they kissed and hearing this Christina becomes a bit shy then they begin sharing their life stories Christina reveals that she was assaulted by her gymnastics instructor several times and it all began when she was just 10 years old one day she couldn't take it any longer and hence brutally killed the man Christina was then sent to the convent instead of being jailed as she was very young confides in Joseph that she has never told her life story to anyone before the ex-military also shares that he just ran out of Afghanistan while he was on duty Christina later meets the Mother Superior at the convent and asks her to be transferred to a mission in Sierra Leone she reasons that there are too many distractions in London and that Africa has always been a place to serve in her life plan she adds that she is ready to leave after the 1st of October in the meantime Joey continues his search for Isabelle's killer trading services with Mr choi's Boss the boss Madame Jenny tells him that she knows the description of the killer but she will only disclose it in exchange for a favor Joseph is then given the keys to a truck with boxes containing refugees slash slaves to be delivered meanwhile Isabelle's killer the man with a scar above his eye is beating a hooker another hooker hears the commotion and approaches the room where she sees the man's coat hanging outside it she checks the coat and finds his invitation to a rooftop cocktail party which is on October 1st elsewhere Joseph delivers the truck containing the refugees to a warehouse under the instruction of Madame Jenny he's then paid with cash along with the information on Isabelle's killer Joseph later gets the invitation card that the other hooker had found on the Killer's coat it turns out that the hooker also works for Madame Jenny so she was able to get the information on the killer for Joseph fast forward to October 1st Joey meets Christina in a park and asks her to take photos of him for his daughter he wants his daughter to see him as a good man when she gets older Joseph hints that he won't be the same for long as Damon is returning soon Christina also tells him she's leaving for Africa and that she wants to be with him before she leaves they end up in Damon's apartment and get intimate after they're done they hear someone knock at the door it's none other than Damon the pair hurriedly escaped through the back door and land on the streets before they part ways Joseph says that he has enough money to start over somewhere and that Christina should come with him however she stops him and says that he must be a good man if he wants to do something in his life she then kisses him passionately and tells him to meet her at the ballet at seven that evening after this Joseph visits his ex's house and his daughter answers the door he delivers the photos that he clicked earlier and also a bag full of cash for them later that evening Christina waits for Joseph but he goes to the cocktail party instead at the party he finds Isabelle's murderer the guy with a scar who goes by the name Max Forrester he pretends to start a conversation with Max before throwing him off the roof meanwhile Christina leaves the ballet still looking for Joseph she finds him drunk and sleeping in the street he's remorseful and tells her why he left his unit he is a bad person who does violent things when he's healthy and sober he was sick of the war and having to do dirty things for the military as he explains all this he starts crying so Christina Comforts him the next day as Christina is about to leave for Africa she receives a note from Joseph which mentions that he paid his debts with Damon and is homeless again he did this by giving up all the money he earned from Mr Choi the movie ends as we see Joseph walking on the streets while some cops track him from nearby
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