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By the year 2267, Earth has become  uninhabitable because of ecological collapse,   and humans now live in overcrowded space stations  in Earth's orbit. Those with enough money escape   to the planet Rhea, where they can start a new  life. Laura wants to join her sister on Rhea,   thus she has taken a job on the cargo  ship Kassandra as the crew doctor for   the money. The trip to Station #42 will take  four years to arrive and four more to get back,   so the crew will go into cryosleep and take turns  staying awake one person at a time for eight   months to keep an eye on things. Before leaving,  Laura sends her sister one last video message,   which will take a few years to get to Rhea. When  she boards the Kassandra, Laura meets the crew:   Captain Lacroix, first officer Lindbergh, system  administrator Yoshida, Prokoff, and Vespucci.   There's also Decker, a sky marshal sent by the  government because lately ships have been under   attack by the radical Neo-Luddite group "Machine  Strikers", who are against living inside machines.   Their leader Bruckner is still on the loose after  he bombed a few stations so they have to keep an   eye out for him. The crew enters cryosleep  and things go peacefully for three years.   When it is Laura's turn to wake up, she finds a  message from her sister Arianne waiting for her,   where she expresses her worries over the terrorist  attacks. Laura sends her a message back and then   concentrates on establishing a routine to keep  herself sane, which includes reading, exercising,   and keeping an eye on the ship's performance. One  day, Laura begins hearing noises inside the ship.   She follows them to the cargo bay, where she  suddenly finds something banging at the door.   Terrified, Laura runs away and is shocked to bump  into Decker, who explains he was automatically   woken up when the system detected someone entering  the cargo bay, which is forbidden. Laura tells him   what happened and rushes to wake up Lacroix, since  the rules say the captain must be around during   unexpected incidents. Once Lacroix wakes up, the  three of them investigate the cargo bay and find   the astronaut suits thrown on the floor. Lacroix  wants to believe the air pressure tossed them,   but then he checks the system logs and discovers  multiple illegal accesses during Laura's shift.   Afterward, the trio suits up and enters the  containment area, leaving a metal plate at   the gate to keep it open. They split to look  for clues and Laura climbs to the upper area,   which consists of dangerous narrow bridges to  walk on. Suddenly Laura notices something falling:   it is Lacroix. Decker and Laura rush to check  on him and find him unconscious. At that moment,   the gate starts closing because it's bending  the plate, so Decker picks up Lacroix and   runs with Laura to get out before they get  locked inside. By the time they make it out,   Lacroix is dead and no CPR will bring him back.  Since this is an emergency now, the whole crew   must be woken up. Following protocol, Lindbergh  becomes captain and she immediately assigns tasks:   Yoshida must inspect the logs for suspicious  activity, Laura must do an autopsy on Lacroix,   and Prokoff and Vespucci must fix the gate. During  the autopsy, Laura confirms Lacroix died when he   fell, she also discovers one of his eyes is an  implant. She and Decker connect the eye to the   computer and check the recording of Lacroix's last  moments. To their shock, Lacroix finds an open   containment unit with a biohazard warning on it,  which doesn't make sense because they are supposed   to be transporting construction materials. While  Prokoff and Vespucci discover the gate's gears   somehow broke, Laura and Decker return to the  cargo bay and use Lacroix's badge to investigate   the containers from the video. They go deeper  inside and find all units connected by thick   pipes. A closer look reveals a huge surprise:  there are sleeping humans inside all of them. They   call Prokoff and Vespucci to help them move a unit  with a kid out of the bay, which raises an alert   in the system and all the units start moving. The  men move quickly enough but Laura almost falls and   has to grab onto the stairs until Decker comes  to help her. Moments later, they bring the unit   to the medical bay. Lindbergh isn't happy about  this because they aren't supposed to mess with   the cargo, but now the rest of the crew wonders  if Lacroix was murdered for seeing something he   shouldn't have. Someone clearly set the containers  in motion to kill them too, but Lindbergh insists   it was just the system putting the units in order  and that they should take the kid back. Decker   reminds her this is a murder investigation and  Laura gets to do a full inspection of the kid. The   scan confirms the child is under cryosleep, but  she can't learn anything else because the tank is   blocking her machines. Laura asks Decker for help  and he uses a special program that will open the   unit's digital lock in a few minutes. While they  wait, Laura tells him about her sister in Rhea,   and Decker kisses her. Meanwhile Lindbergh  asks Yoshida to investigate Decker, thinking   there's something wrong with him. At the cargo  bay, Prokoff and Vespucci begin hearing weird   noises coming from the inside. Once the container  is finally unlocked, Laura takes a closer look at   the kid and discovers there is a perfected virtual  reality connector embedded in the girl's spine,   something Laura never saw before. Decker wants to  disconnect her, but Laura refuses because it could   cause irreparable neural damage. Reluctantly  Decker understands and asks Laura to keep   this secret for now. Afterward Laura sends another  message to Arianne, telling her about her findings   and complaining about how long messages take to  arrive. In the meantime, Yoshida tries to access   Decker's file only to get blocked out. Twenty  minutes later, Laura is surprised to get a message   from Arianne back so soon. Confused about what's  going on, she confronts Decker and asks him why he   wants to keep secrets and why he knows how to open  the units. Instead of replying, Decker kisses her,   and the two of them end up getting frisky. A few  hours later, Lindbergh calls everyone to the deck   and informs them that Yoshida discovered someone  manipulated the cryo-chambers logs. It turns out   Decker had been woken on regular basis, but Decker  just says it is part of his duty to check on the   ship periodically. Lindbergh suspects him to  be Lacroix's killer and tries to arrest him,   causing Decker to try to defend himself.  Yoshida and Vespucci manage to overpower him,   but in the struggle Decker gets hurt, and Laura  asks them to bring him into the medical bay to   avoid blood contamination. Laura takes care of  Decker's wound while ignoring Decker's attempts   at chitchat, and before she leaves, Decker  confesses they aren't going to Station #42,   they're actually going to Rhea. Afterward, Decker  is put back into cryosleep. In private, Laura   asks Yoshida to check the ship's destination.  Yoshida confirms they aren't going to Station #42,   and since it's impossible to change coordinates  after the flight already began, it means this   was planned from the beginning. When Laura brings  up her messages arriving quickly to Rhea, Yoshida   points out Lindbergh is lying to them since she  should know the coordinates. Afterward Yoshida   goes back to her computer to see if she can find  out more. While Laura has a drink with the guys,   she notices the power fluctuating and worries  about Yoshida, so she goes to check on her.   Unfortunately Yoshida is already dead. Upon  hearing this, the crew immediately goes to check   on Decker and discovers he's escaped the cryopod.  The logs indicate someone left him out. The crew   gets armed and goes looking for Decker. Laura  and Vespucci go to the lower deck and find an   open duct, which makes them think Decker escaped  through there. Vespucci goes to the other side   of the vent while Laura climbs this end, and  she ends up finding a secret chamber full of   trash. Suddenly she's attacked by a man and in  the struggle, Laura shoots him. A closer look   reveals this guy is the terrorist Bruckner, and  there's a box with his belongings nearby. Laura   finds pictures of the Machine Strikers working to  develop natural resources and discovers Decker is   part of the organization. There's also a tablet  with a video showing that the Machine Strikers   are growing food on Earth thanks to greenhouses  and are purifying their own water, so there's no   need to leave the planet, they just need to make  an effort to clean it. Then Laura is startled by   Vespucci, who informs her they've found Decker.  Everyone returns to the deck and Lindbergh orders   the guys to hit Decker to make him talk. Decker  explains Rhea is just a simulation and the people   in the containers are being used as neural units.  The government is lying because if people knew   parts of Earth are habitable again, the system  would crumble. Decker admits Bruckner cracked up   and killed Lacroix, but not Yoshida. Vespucci  and Prokoff take Decker away while Lindbergh   asks Laura to finish with the kid in order to  send her back to the cargo hold. Lindbergh also   wants Laura to go back to cryosleep, promising  to take over her shift. Getting suspicious,   Laura takes out her gun but Lindbergh beats  her to it and ties her up. Lindbergh explains   that settlement on Rhea actually failed, and  the simulation is only temporary until they   manage to find a new planet to terraform. This  simulation allows people to stay alive with hope,   and Lindbergh won't allow anyone to get in the  way, so she'll kill Laura and Decker with the   excuse they killed the captain. Meanwhile Vespucci  and Prokoff take Decker to a random corridor and   demand to know everything. When they hear  Lindbergh knew all along, they go back to   capture her and put her into cryosleep. Vespucci  tells Prokoff they should connect themselves to   Rhea because a simulation is still better than  this crappy life they have. In the medical bay,   Laura manages to start safely waking the kid from  the unit. Decker apologizes for lying and asks for   her help, Laura accepts as long as he rescues her  sister from the simulation. Afterward, the crew   makes a plan. They'll finish their trip to Station  #42 because that's where the simulation is kept,   so Decker will connect Laura to the system in  order to send a message with the truth to Earth.   Then they'll blow up the antenna. For the next few  days, Decker and Laura spend their private time   together, and Decker tells Laura how nature has  reclaimed every spot on Earth. When they finally   arrive at Station #42, they delay the delivery of  the cargo, which gets them thirty minutes to pull   off the plan. Laura discovers the child is awake  and wandering, so she has to quickly take her back   to her room to keep her safe. Prokoff and Vespucci  secretly work against the plan because they want   to connect themselves to Rhea, and to do that  they'll need Lindbergh's badge. Vespucci burns   his hand with cryoliquid to retrieve it from the  tank while Prokoff reprograms the unloading of the   cargo to ten minutes instead of thirty. Next they  use the badge to access the units and disconnect   two people to take their places in the simulation.  As the system gets ready for delivery protocol,   it wakes Lindbergh up. Meanwhile Decker goes  on a spacewalk to put the explosives on the   station's antenna before he goes looking for  Arianne's container, luckily finding it quickly.   Laura decides to join him, but her suit begins  malfunctioning and Decker has to catch her before   she drifts away. Decker explains to Laura that the  units can't be just unplugged without killing the   people inside, so Laura asks to be connected to  the simulation in order to meet her sister and   send the message. At that moment, the ship begins  delivering the cargo automatically, meaning they   only have a few minutes left before the ship  begins the trip back. Decker connects Laura to   Rhea and Laura is shocked to appear in the most  beautiful forest she's ever seen. In a house   nearby, Laura reunites with Arianne and her kids  and cries over having to destroy their happiness.   She runs away into the woods and records a message  for Earth explaining the truth behind Rhea,   finishing right before Decker wakes her up with  bad news. Since the cell unit of Laura's jetpack   is broken, Decker gave her his, meaning only  she can back into the ship. Laura doesn't want   to leave without him, but Decker reminds her  she must protect the kid since she's the only   proof they have. Suddenly the ship's thrusters are  turned on, pushing the duo away from the station.   Decker uses this push to let go of Laura and  drift away into space. Grieving but determined,   Laura uses the jetpack to enter the ship safely  right before the station antenna explodes. As   the ship goes into autopilot mode to start the  flight back, Laura goes looking for the girl and   bumps into Lindbergh. A fight ensues between  both women, and when Lindbergh grabs an axe,   she accidentally breaks a gas tank. Laura uses it  to push Lindbergh into an airlock, trapping her   there. Then the airlock exit opens and Lindbergh  is ejected into space. Afterward, Laura looks for   the kid and finds her calmly having a meal. The  two of them begin a new routine for the trip back   while Laura's message arrives at the stations  around Earth, letting people know the truth.
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