Don’t Look Up

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Don’t Look Up
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Young Astronomy PhD student Kate Dibiasky is   working with the Subaru Telescope in Michigan  when she discovers a comet passing by near Earth.   Her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, congratulates  her on her findings and after naming the comet   after her, they calculate its trajectory,  coming to the conclusion that the comet   will hit Earth in six months and, because of its  huge size, it will cause planet-wide extinction.   On the edge of panic, they call NASA to inform  them of this discovery, and the head of Planetary   Defense Coordination Office, Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe  tells them to come to D.C. so they can have a   meeting with the president about this issue, which  is now considered classified information. They go   to the White House early in the morning and are  left waiting the whole day without hearing a word   from the president, who is prioritizing taking  care of a scandal involving one of her candidates.   Kate and Randall are sent to spend a night in  a hotel, where they call their loved ones and   try to find comfort in their voices without  being able to tell them what is going on.   Randall calls his wife June and his sons to check  on them, and Kate talks to her boyfriend Phillip,   who works as a journalist for an important  newspaper. The following day, Kate, Randall,   and Teddy finally get to see President Janie  Orlean and the Chief of Staff Jason Orlean,   who also happens to be the president's son.  They do not take their warnings seriously,   saying they are warned about the end of the world  every month with excuses like economic collapse   and loose nukes, so for now, she wants them  to sit and asses until the midterms are over.   Seeing as the White House will do nothing, Teddy  wants them to leak the information to the press,   which could get them in trouble since talking  about classified information is illegal, but it   is still better than dying to a comet. While Sir  Peter Isherwell, tech billionaire CEO of BASH,   also learns of the incoming comet thanks to some  astronomer friends of his; Phillip gets Kate and   Randall an interview with the New York Herald.  They accept to publish their story, especially   when they confirm the data with other scientists  and hear the White House denies ever meeting them,   but first, they want them to appear on  the morning talk show "The Daily Rip",   hosted by Brie Evantee and Jack Bremmer. They  are not taken seriously by the hosts either,   who think they must keep bad news light, and Kate  snaps, getting angry on camera and pointing out   how terrifying the situation is before storming  off. Randall does stay to finish the interview,   and after they are done, Brie invites  him to have drinks with her later.   Afterward, The New York Herald's marketing team  shows them the results of their presentation. The   singer that appeared before them talking about her  break-up had more mentions on social media, Kate   has become a meme as an angry lady, and Randall  is seen as extremely handsome for a scientist,   but nobody cares about what they had to say.  The newspaper decides to cancel their support,   claiming Nasa said the data is not good enough,  but they quickly realize the head of NASA, who   is not even an actual astronomer, is one of the  president's donors and working under her agenda.   To make matters worse, Phillip takes advantage of  Kate going viral and writes an article about how   he used to sleep with her, which she accepts as a  break-up; and Randall can not keep himself out of   social media, arguing with anybody that questions  his scientific knowledge and conspiracy theorists.   When the president finds herself as part of a  bigger scandal involving some intimate pictures   of her private parts, she sends the FBI to bring  Kate, Randall, and Teddy to her office again and   apologizes for having ignored them. Kate quickly  picks up on the fact they are doing this just   because they are afraid to lose the midterms, but  accepts to help anyway because getting to stop   the comet is the most important priority at the  moment. The president makes a national broadcast,   announcing the comet is real and that they have a  plan to destroy it: they will launch a spacecraft   that can strike the comet using nuclear weapons.  Despite Randall's opinion that this should be a   mission guided by remote technology, Janie chooses  General Benedict Drask to pilot the spacecraft,   because she thinks having a hero as the image of  their plan will help people cope with the news.   Janie and Randall begin appearing in all kinds  of tv shows and magazine covers as the event   goes viral on the internet, finally getting the  attention it deserves. After appearing on "The   Daily Rip" again, Randall and Brie end up sleeping  together while Teddy and Kate argue with comet   deniers on a conservative show. The day of the  launch comes, and the event is broadcast globally.   The spacecraft successfully takes off, but General  Drask's microphone is quickly muted because he   keeps saying incredibly bigoted things on camera.  Everyone is ready to celebrate the fact the comet   will be gone soon, but when Isherwell arrives  and talks privately to the president, they are   shocked to discover the spacecraft is coming back:  Janie has canceled the mission. Some hours later,   while the world is still trying to understand  what happened, Randall is assigned as Chief   Science Advisor to the White House and brought to  an emergency cabinet meeting while Teddy and Kate   are left behind. It turns out the reasons why they  canceled the mission is because Isherwell, who is   also one of the president's donors, has discovered  that the comet is composed of trillions of dollars   worth of rare-earth minerals that technology  manufacturers use in objects like phones, and   they have been running short of them because China  owns most of the mines. The plan is to send some   drones to fragment the comet and let those smaller  fragments fall into the ocean to be mined later.   Randall does not agree with this, especially  when he realizes that the technology Isherwell   is going to use has not undergone scholarly  peer review and every scientist that tried   to speak against it has been silenced,  but the matter is out of his control now.   After the meeting, he gets together with Kate and  Teddy in a bar and tells them all about Isherwell.   Some of the people overhear them and Kate decides  they deserve to know the truth, so she announces   loudly for everyone to hear that the president  will allow the comet to hit the planet so rich   people can get even richer. This incites a series  of riots around the city, so the FBI arrests   Kate and charges her with sharing classified  information and damage of private property,   but they agree to let her go if she signs a deal  where she agrees not to talk about the subject in   public or media anymore and to get off the grid,  which Kate obviously accepts and returns to her   little hometown in Illinois. Getting her old life  back is not easy, since her parents will not take   her back because they support the government  and do not want any traitors in their house.   She begins working as a cashier at a  supermarket where he meets Yule and his friends,   who admire her and invite her to hang out with  them. After discovering they have been stealing   from the market and letting them go anyway  because she does not care anymore considering   the end of the world is coming, Kate accepts to  join them, beginning a relationship with Yule.   Meanwhile, Randall continues to work for the  president, thinking that is the only thing he   can do to help the planet in some way, and  has an ongoing affair with Brie. This blows   up on his face when one evening, the two of them  return to their hotel room and find June there,   waiting to surprise her husband. Randall does  not even apologize, just tries to make up some   excuses, so June throws his pill bottles at  him before leaving for good. After having an   argument with Isherwell about his faulty science  and being told algorithms say he will die alone,   Randall appears on "The Daily Rip" and finally  loses control. Furious, he yells on national   television and calls everyone out for not being  more worried about the comet, which people had   started to believe is not real; he also points out  how Isherwell is shutting up all scientists that   do not agree with him, that the president lied and  that the whole administration has lost its mind.   The FBI catches him after this and offers him the  same deal they gave Kate, so Brie breaks up with   him. Sometime later, Randall is driving back to  Michigan and Kate is hanging out with Yule when   they both look at the sky and see the same thing:  the comet is finally close enough to be visible by   the naked eye. The two of them record themselves  with it and ask the world to see it, starting a   movement called "Look Up" that millions of people  around the world join and make posts about on   the internet. Randall even starts appearing on tv  again, calling the government out for their awful   plans, and even gaining the support of two famous  singers that write a special "Just Look Up" song.   This causes Janie to retaliate with her  own movement called "Don't Look Up",   which is supported by millions of conservative  voters and conspiracy freaks that believe her when   she says Randall only wants them to be afraid and  lose their freedom. Riots and protests take over   the streets while Russia, India, and China work  together to send their own spacecraft to stop the   comet, but their launch fails and the spacecraft  explodes. As the comet gets even closer and the   deniers finally start catching on the lies,  Randall takes Kate and Yule grocery shopping   then drives them back to his hometown so they can  spend their last day together as a family. Under   these extreme circumstances, June decides to take  him back after admitting she cheated on him back   in college as well, and Teddy joins them shortly  after as well. All of them have dinner together,   sharing anecdotes and sending one last prayer to  god while waiting for the comet to strike. The   night of the launch, while waiting to get started,  Janie asks Isherwell what the algorithms say her   death will be like, and he responds she will  be killed by a bronteroc, whatever that may be.   The spacecraft takes off and they lose some of  the drones, but Isherwell anticipated there was   a margin for error and claims everything is fine.  However, he is incredibly wrong, and the rest of   drones explode as soon as they make contact with  the comet. Knowing they will be dead for sure now,   Isherwell and Janie leave the premises to join  other millionaires on a secret spaceship designed   to keep its passengers alive cryogenically  so they can flee Earth before doom strikes.   Completely forgetting about her son, Janie  calls Randall and offers him a place for him   and his wife, but he turns it down, wanting to  stay with them until the end. People around the   world cling to their loved ones as the comet  hits Earth and destroys life as we know it.   The only survivor to come out from under the  ruins is Jason, who immediately celebrates   his life by taking a selfie. Twenty-two  thousand seventy hundred forty years later,   the ship with millionaires finally finds a planet  with an atmosphere similar enough to Earth's   for them to live in. Men and women are woken up  from their cryogenic sleep and explore the area,   and when Janie sees a beautiful new  animal and tries to approach it,   she is attacked by it, effectively getting killed  by a bronteroc as predicted by the algorithms.
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