Thor: Love and Thunder

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Thor: Love and Thunder
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On a planet far away, Gorr and his daughter Love  are wandering through a barren desert. They are   the last of their people and have nowhere else  to go. Starvation is keeping them on the brink   of death and Gorr prays to his god Rapu for help,  but nothing happens. Love eventually dies in her   father’s arms and after Gorr buries her, he starts  hearing a whispering voice calling for him. Gorr   follows the voice until he finds an oasis filled  with fresh water, but he also accidentally trips   and cuts his hand on a sword. Then he sees a bunch  of fruit and immediately begins eating desperately   until he’s scolded by his god Rapu, who is just  hanging around. Gorr tells him that the land has   been destroyed but his belief never wavered, so he  expects the promised eternal reward. However Rapu   laughs at him, saying there was never a reward  for the underdogs. He’s currently celebrating   killing the latest wielder of the Necrosword, a  cursed blade capable of killing gods. Rapu doesn’t   care about all the followers who died for him,  saying suffering for him is their purpose and that   he can get more later. Furious, Gorr renounces  his god, causing Rapu to begin strangling him.   Suddenly the Necrosword raises into Gorr’s hand  and shows him the steps to acquire great power,   insisting he must kill all the gods. Gorr lets  the curse take over his body and kills Rapu,   swearing he’ll kill the rest of the gods too. On  planet Indigarr, Korg tells a group of aliens the   story of Thor, the god of thunder. He was raised  as a warrior since he was a baby and became a   legendary hero, saving the world many times and  having countless lovers through the years. His   true love was a woman from Earth called Jane, who  broke up with him years ago. Afterward Thor lost   his whole family, his mighty hammer Mjolnir, and  even his homeland Asgard. Depression hit him hard   and he lost his god physique, but after gaining a  new weapon called Stormbreaker, he joined a group   of heroes known as the Guardians of the Galaxy and  started to travel with them around the universe to   go on wacky adventures together. He also went back  into shape with lots of hard work but was still   hiding a lot of pain inside his gorgeous body.  Now he’s given up on finding love and only comes   along when he’s needed in battle. Nearby, the  Guardians are engaging in a vicious fight against   bird-like invaders and not doing very well. Soon  Thor finally arrives and the local king informs   him things were peaceful around here until their  gods were murdered. With Stormbreaker in hand,   Thor jumps right into the battle, easily  defeating enemies all over the battlefield   by hitting them or shooting lightning at them.  When two enemies attack him at the same time,   Thor simply opens his legs to stop them before  jumping to make them crash. After kicking a big   vehicle, Thor breaks into the temple and  goes up the tower to hit the enemy leader,   finally putting an end to the invasion but also  destroying the temple in the process. On Earth,   Jane is at the hospital for treatment because  she’s been diagnosed with stage four cancer,   something she’s only shared with two close  friends. Since she’s a scientist she’s been   doing some research of her own and so has  her professor friend, but they aren’t able   to find anything that could help her and her  chances aren’t good. Desperate for a solution,   Jane decides to start looking into Asgardian  magic and learns that Mjolnir might be of help.   Meanwhile the people of Asgard have started their  new home on Earth with Valkyrie as their queen.   She took over after Thor left but she hates  the job because it consists of lots of politics   and boring meetings and she’s supposed to be a  warrior. There are tours that allow foreigners   to look around New Asgard including a visit to  the remaining pieces of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir,   which lies inside a special display. When Jane  goes to see it, the sky suddenly turns dark and   the pieces start to glow. Back to Thor, the king  gifts him two huge screaming goats as a reward   for the help, and when the group leaves the goats  cause total chaos inside their spaceship. Then the   team checks the system for distress signals and is  shocked to see a huge amount of them begging for   help. It turns out Gorr has been killing gods on  thousands of planets and has earned the nickname   “God Butcher”. One of these distress calls comes  from Lady Sif, an Asgardian warrior who used to   be in Thor’s team. Desperate to help her, Thor  decides to leave the Guardians behind so he can   go back to his people. After the Guardians leave  with the ship, Thor uses Stormbreaker to teleport   with Gorr and the goats to Sif’s location. They  end up on an icy land where they find the skeleton   of a huge creature whom Thor calls the nicest God  ever. Nearby Sif is wounded and missing an arm,   but she’s well enough to share that she followed  Gorr here only to fall for his trap and barely got   to escape. Gorr’s objective is to kill every god  in the universe and his next stop is New Asgard.   On Earth, Gorr arrives at New Asgard and uses  the Necrosword to control the shadows and summon   a bunch of monsters. In just a few seconds, chaos  takes over the city and flames begin to spread, so   Valkyrie shows up in her pegasus to start fighting  the monsters off with her sword. Soon Thor appears   as well and while Korg takes Sif to safety,  Thor joins the fight. He and Valkyrie are taking   down a bunch of monsters when suddenly a ball of  lightning lands in the middle of the battlefield,   moving at great speed to hit the monsters too.  Thor realizes it’s Mjolnir and calls for it,   but after going through another monster, the  hammer ignores Thor and goes to its new owner.   This woman is wearing Thor’s clothes and handling  Mjolnir like a pro, making it split into pieces to   attack multiple monsters at once before it regains  its form. When the woman takes off her helmet,   Thor is shocked to see it’s Jane A flashback  shows how their relationship used to be. At   first they got along nicely and shared lots of  happy moments together, sharing what looked like   a perfect relationship. One drunk night, Thor even  asked Mjolnir to promise it’d always protect Jane,   and the hammer glowed to agree. However with time  they became more distant because Thor was always   busy with his missions and Jane had a lot of work  to do as a famous scientist. Eventually Jane got   tired of the walls they were putting between them  and broke up with Thor by leaving him a note. Back   in the present, Thor wants to talk, but Jane wants  to concentrate on fighting the monsters. At that   moment Thor sees Gorr, who begins fighting Thor  with the Necrosword. After exchanging a few hits,   Gorr pins Thor against a car, and when Thor  tries to defend himself, Gorr just hits him   against the car and makes a monster hold him  down. Then Gorr tries to take Stormbreaker,   but Thor gets angry and activates his lightning  powers, freeing himself from the monster before   pushing Gorr off. Thor throws lightning at him as  Jane and Valkyrie appear to support him, so Gorr   sees the disadvantage and decides to disappear.  However the shadows are still around and they   release a bunch of monsters inside children’s  rooms to kidnap them. Soon every Asgardian kid   is inside a cage-like monster and when Thor and  Jane try to go after it, Gorr teleports the cage   away. Afterward Valkyrie holds a meeting with  all the Asgardians to decide how to proceed. Thor   can’t stop staring at Mjolnir and tries to call  it again, but Stormbreaker comes to him instead.   An argument ensues among the citizens so Thor  comes forward and tells them to calm down while   he tries something. When he raises Stormbreaker,  his powers fail and he makes a hole in the ceiling   before destroying a monument outside. He returns  to the room and a new argument starts only to   be suddenly interrupted by a floating head. This  is Axl, one of the kidnapped kids that has magic   eyes. This power allows him to bring an illusion  of Thor into the cage so he can take a look around   and discover where they are. When the illusion  ends, Thor goes back and informs the others   that the kids are in the Shadow Realm, where Gorr  will be the most powerful. Before they go there,   they need to get reinforcements. The group decides  they need to travel to Omnipotence City, where   all of Earth’s gods gather. Since Stormbreaker  isn’t working well, they’ll use a ship pulled   by the goats to sail through the axe’s power.  While Valkyrie gets a ship from an exhibition,   Jane goes to the bathroom and reveals that  when she lets go of the transformation,   her body shows how sick she is. Her reflection  makes her remember how her own mother died in   the hospital too and it makes her so angry that  she uses Mjolnir to destroy the sink. Meanwhile   Axl tries to tell the other kids stories of Thor  so they won’t be afraid. Gorr interrupts them to   scare them by killing a small monster, and when  Axl says Thor will save them, Gorr reveals that’s   exactly what he wants. Sometime later, the team  makes it to Omnipotence City and puts on some   disguises to blend in with the crowd. There are  lots of amazing gods around, but the one making   a grand entrance is Zeus, whom Thor calls his  inspiration. After doing some fancy tricks with   his Thunderbolt, Zeus proves to be a jerk because  instead of discussing important matters, he wants   to plan naughty parties and see which god got the  most sacrifices from their people. It doesn’t seem   like they can trust him so the team begins arguing  over how to proceed, but Zeus hears them and calls   Thor to the central stage. Thor informs everyone  about Gorr and asks for help, but Zeus doesn’t   care about the death of some minor gods and chains  Thor down before disrobing him. Finally noticing   who he is, Zeus reminds him that each god must  watch over their own people, so he has no interest   in helping Thor rescue a bunch of Asgardians or  lending him his Thunderbolt, which he uses to show   off some tricks again. Then Zeus tells the crowd  not to worry because Gorr will never be able to   reach Eternity, a very powerful being that lives  in the center of the universe and can grant a wish   to the person that summons it. This means Gorr  may want to use his wish to get rid of all the   gods at once. Omnipotence City is supposed to be a  secret place but now that Thor has come, Gorr may   use him to reach them, so Zeus orders his guards  to keep Thor here. The rest of the group jumps   in to fight the guards and Thor breaks the chains  to use them as weapons. They fight fantastically   as a team by combining their different fighting  styles, and soon the guards are defeated. Furious,   Zeus strikes Korg with his Thunderbolt, causing  him to become a bunch of rubble. Next Zeus tries   to strike Thor, but he catches the Thunderbolt  and throws it back, making it pierce through Zeus’   chest. Afterward Thor checks on Korg and discovers  he’s still alive on just his face. More guards are   coming, so Valkyrie ties Korg’s face to her hair  to keep him safe while he whistles to summon the   goats, who break through the window bringing  the ship. Valkyrie steals Zeus’ Thunderbolt   and then the team finally escapes. On their way  to the Shadow Realm, Thor shows Jane the space   dolphins that are flying near the ship. Making use  of the romantic moment, Thor admits he still loves   her and that he wants to get back together. Jane  has no choice but to tell him about her cancer,   but Thor shows his support and promises to tackle  everything together, then they share a kiss. When   they finally reach the Shadow Realm everything  turns black and white, including themselves.   Stormbreaker’s rainbow bridge disappears, so the  ship just lands on the desolated planet with a   thump. The cage is nearby but empty, so they enter  a building and Jane finds some papers with Gorr’s   plans. It turns out he wanted to bring Thor here  to steal Stormbreaker and use its power to open   a bridge into Eternity. Janes rushes to tell the  others that it’s a trap and throws Stormbreaker   into space to keep it safe. At that moment Gorr  shows up and Jane throws Mjolnir at him, but Gorr   dodges it and controls the shadows to capture the  heroes. He asks Thor to call Stormbreaker and when   he refuses, he makes the shadows start hurting  Jane and Valkyrie. Desperate to help them, Thor   summons Stormbreaker, and all that sudden power  shakes the entire planet and frees them from the   shadows. Then Gorr uses the Necrosword to bring  out a bunch of shadow monsters and another battle   begins. While Jane and Valkyrie fight the beasts,  Thor’s Stormbreaker meets Gorr’s Necrosword, and   the goats have to take Korg’s face away from the  violence. After exchanging a few hits with Gorr,   Thor is distracted by a beast, so Valkyrie fights  him with the Thunderbolt. She manages to hit him   a few times, but it doesn’t do enough and Gorr  stabs her with her own weapon. When Thor tries to   run to her, the shadows try to hold him down, but  he quickly frees himself and shoots some lightning   at Gorr, who shields himself with the Necrosword.  Jane reaches Valkyrie to rescue her and brings her   to Thor, who uses Stormbreaker to open the bridge.  However Gorr and his shadows use that moment to   grab onto the axe and steal it from Thor while he  and the others are teleported away. The team lands   on Earth and Jane drops Mjolnir, revealing her  body is incredibly weak right now. Thor takes his   friends to the hospital and the doctor shares bad  news: using Mjolnir has been killing Jane faster.   She wants to keep on fighting, but Thor confesses  he wants to have more time with her and convinces   her to stay. On his way out, Valkyrie gives  him the Thunderbolt, which Thor uses to reach   Eternity. Meanwhile Gorr has finally reached  Eternity and has brought the kids with him.   He puts Stormbreaker down to start the process  of opening the door and the whole place shakes,   causing a piece of a huge statue to fall. It  almost crushes the children, but Thor arrives   just in time to catch it and throw it away. As  soon as Gorr sees him, he uses the Necrosword   to start summoning monsters, so Thor gathers the  children and tells them to grab any object they   can find to use as a weapon. Then using the  Thunderbolt, he shares his power with all the   kids so they can help him fight. A fierce battle  begins as the kids clash against the monsters,   fighting with all their might to prove they are  worthy Asgardians. As monsters fall all over   the place and the children keep them busy, Thor  goes after Gorr, keeping up with him until Gorr   takes the Thunderbolt to throw it away. Thor must  continue fighting hand-to-hand and Mjolnir senses   this on Earth, so it appears in front of Jane.  Soon Gorr overpowers Thor and almost stabs him,   so Thor has to stop Necrosword with his hands.  At that moment Jane arrives on Valkyrie’s pegasus   and throws Mjolnir at Gorr to get him off her  boyfriend. Thor uses the chance to retrieve the   Thunderbolt, and now he and Jane can fight Gorr  together. However Jane notices that the door   is about to open, so she sends Thor to retrieve  Stormbreaker while she fights Gorr and the kids   continue to destroy the monsters. The shadows are  holding onto Stormbreaker pretty tightly, so Thor   has to start hitting them with the Thunderbolt.  At first Gorr seems to be overpowering Jane,   but she makes a jump to attack with Mjolnir  and create some cracks in the Necrosword. At   that moment Thor finally frees Stormbreaker and  throws it at Axl so that all the kids can return   home. Afterward Thor uses the Thunderbolt as two  daggers, trapping the Necrosword between them so   Jane can throw Mjolnir at it, finally breaking  it. Gorr manages to catch the hilt and tries to   rebuild it, but Jane catches the other pieces  with Mjolnir and summons some lightning that   turns every sword piece into ash. While Jane falls  to her knees, Gorr sees that the gate to Eternity   has been opened and crosses it, teleporting all  three of them. Before Gorr can make his wish,   Thor looks at a dying Jane and tells Gorr he isn’t  looking for revenge or death, he’s looking for   love. Then Thor goes to Jane’s side to spend her  last moments together. Seeing this reminds Gorr of   his own daughter, but he doesn’t want to wish for  her because he’s dying from the corruption of the   Necrosword. Thor and Jane promise Love won’t be  alone, so Gorr makes his wish and Love comes back,   saying goodbye to his father before he dies.  Jane also says goodbye and shares a kiss with   Thor before her body disappears into glowing  dust. Sometime later, Jane becomes a legend   in New Asgard and they make a statue for her.  Valkyrie goes back to being queen and Sif helps   train the children in self-defense. Korg gets his  body back and finds a boyfriend from his species.   Thor is raising Gorr’s daughter as his own and  they share simple family things like breakfast,   but he also has to teach her how to control her  Eternity powers. They often go adventuring with   Thor using Mjolnir and Love using Stormbreaker so  they can fight together and help people in need.   As they travel the universe together, they become  known as “Love and Thunder”. Meanwhile Jane’s   spirit arrives at Valhalla, the Asgardian heaven,  and she’s invited to join the hall of the gods.
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