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In the middle of the sky, an unconscious man is  falling at a very fast speed. His name is Royce   and he wakes up just in time to open his parachute  right before he falls through the trees of a thick   jungle and hits the ground, which knocks him out.  Seconds later, he wakes up again to discover he   doesn’t know where he is or how he got there, but  at least he still has his mercenary weapons and   clothes. At that moment another man falls next to  him. Cuchillo, who is part of a Mexican cartel,   aims his weapons at Royce, but before they  can react a third man falls between them.   His parachute didn’t open, so he died on impact.  Suddenly someone opens fire on them, and Royce   moves quickly to dodge the bullets and appear  behind the shooter. Nikolai is a Russian commando,   and the last thing he remembers is being at  war. Royce and Cuchillo had the same experience,   they were going through their days when a light  shined and knocked them out, then they appeared   in the sky. When they turn around, they find  Isabelle, a sniper from the Israel Defense Forces,   aiming her weapon at them. She explains she’s been  to many jungles but she can’t recognize this one,   and that she saw more people falling. They  agree to leave together to look for the others,   unaware that nearby, Yakuza member Hanzo is  watching them. He tries to follow them, but when   his shoes touch the mud, Hanzo decides to take  them off. The group goes deeper into the jungle   and finds two men in the middle of a fight: death  row inmate Stans and Mombasa, a rebel from a South   African organization. The men end their fight when  they see the others and agree to stick together   because there’s strength in numbers, then Stans  mentions some guy on a tree. This is Doctor Edwin,   whose parachute got stuck in a branch. Royce  rescues him by shooting the branch and making   him fall into a lake, then Edwin shares the same  story as everyone else with no idea of where they   are or what’s going on. As the group keeps moving,  Isabelle has to ignore Stans’ creepy and dirty   comments. Eventually they find Hanzo in the mud,  but he isn’t stuck, he’s frozen because he’s found   a strange totem with lots of bones underneath.  Mombasa comments that some hunter must be taking   trophies and that in his culture, the warrior with  the best trophies gets the most respect. Nikolai   thinks this is some kind of test but Isabelle  disagrees because not all of them are military.   Cuchillo thinks it’s a ransom, Stans says it’s an  experiment, and then suddenly they’re wondering   if they’re dead and this is hell. Royce shuts  them all up and says the reason doesn’t matter,   what they need is to find a way to escape. The  group follows Royce and as they cross the jungle,   Nikolai wants to touch a pretty flower. However  Edwin stops him, explaining it’s poisonous and   would cause total paralysis. Nikolai is grateful  and promises to protect Edwin in the future.   After advancing some more, Isabelle asks Royce to  slow down and shows him something: she makes an   improvised compass and puts it on the water, but  it won’t stop going in circles. In return, Royce   points out that the sun hasn’t moved since they  arrived, so moving around will be hard. He also   tells Isabelle that since they’re all dangerous  fighters plus a doctor, his theory is that they   were carefully chosen. Isabelle guesses Royce used  to be a soldier before he became a mercenary, but   he refuses to say more. After more walking, the  group comes across a cage and carefully removes   the sheet that covers it, only to find it empty.  It seems the cage was dropped just like them, and   the blood stains indicate some kind of creature  was in it. When they look up, they find a bunch of   fallen cages stuck on the trees, meaning they’ll  be having lots of company. Then the group keeps   going and suddenly Mombasa trips on a branch,  accidentally triggering a trap. Soon a bunch of   things are trying to kill them: a huge swinging  tree trunk, a bunch of falling wood stakes,   and even a huge bear trap, but they dodge them  all. Isabelle runs and falls into a hole, managing   to survive by holding onto the edge. Royce runs  to her and saves her right before she falls,   then Isabelle uses the scope on her weapon to find  the person behind the traps, only to discover he’s   already dead. Judging the decomposition, Edwin  mentions the guy has been dead for two weeks,   and Nikolai checks the pockets to discover he used  to be a USA Special Forces soldier. Royce realizes   the traps weren’t for them but for whatever killed  the guy, which he believes to be much bigger than   them because of the traps’ position. As they start  moving again, Mombasa thinks there’s something   among the trees but decides to ignore it. However  he isn’t wrong: someone is watching them with   infrared technology and repeating anything they  say. Moments later, they manage to reach the   edge of the jungle and look up at the sky, only to  receive a huge shock: a bunch of weird planets and   stars indicate that they’re not on Earth. Royce  decides they must find who put them here to ask   them to send them back. The group re-enters the  jungle and suddenly, a drone quickly flies near   the heads, freaking Stans out. He complains about  his lack of guns and threatens Mombasa for one,   but before they can start another fight, they hear  growling coming from the jungle. At that moment,   a horrible beast appears running toward them,  and the group immediately opens fire. The beast   is quickly killed, but there’s a bunch more  of its kind coming. Since they have no guns,   Edwin and Stans begin running away. A  monster comes after Edwin as he trips,   but Isabelle kills it with a perfect shot. While  Nikolai and Hanzo shoot down another beast, Royce   kills one by using just his knife. Stans is jumped  on by a monster too and tries his best to defend   himself with a knife, luckily Mombasa arrives and  kills the creature with a few shots. Edwin climbs   a tree while Isabelle is cornered by a beast and  she considers self-deleting, but at that moment,   a whistle can be heard deep in the jungle and all  the beasts suddenly run away. Afterward, the group   reunites and reaches a simple conclusion: they’re  being hunted. Those creatures were hunting dogs   testing the enemy, and the whistle called them  back. The planet is a huge hunting ground and   all the beings that are brought in the cages serve  as the prey. Suddenly Mombasa notices someone is   missing and they hear Cuchillo’s voice calling for  help among the trees. The group follows the noise   and finds Cuchillo on his knees because of severe  injuries, so Isabelle tries to come closer to help   him. However Royce stops her and says it’s a trap,  proving it by throwing a stone. Stans points out   there’s nothing they can do for him and the other  guys agree, ignoring Isabelle’s protests. As the   men leave, Isabelle decides to end Cuchillo’s  suffering and shoots him, however she can hear him   asking for help again. Isabelle runs away as it’s  revealed that Cuchillo had been dead all along and   the voice had been a recording used by the hunter  in the shadows, who is watching now too. The group   keeps walking for a while and Royce analyzes the  few clues he has to guess how the enemy behaves:   this hunter wants them to run, so Royce thinks  they should follow the dog tracks and get to the   hunter first. Moments later, the group finds  a camp and is disgusted by the creepy sight:   the bodies of various different races are  hanging on stakes and the ground is covered   with the remains of various creatures, confirming  that not only humans are brought to this planet   as prey. At the back of the camp, they’re  shocked to find a huge ugly creature tied to   a stake known as a Predator. While Royce notices  that Isabelle is having a weird reaction to it,   Nikolai comes closer and pokes the alien with  his weapon, only for the creature to roar at   them because it’s actually alive. Isabelle says  they should leave immediately, but Edwin notices   Royce is gone. Suddenly a bunch of spears pop out  and kill Mombasa, causing Royce to rush out from   the shadows and start firing wildly. The other  guys help him and such a huge wave of bullets   reveals that the hunter is also a Predator using a  cloaking device. The group begins running away as   the Predator shoots at them with lasers, causing  explosions and flames all over the place. As they   escape, the group ends up rolling down a hill  and falling off a cliff into a river. They start   swimming to safety, unaware that a drone detects  their location and takes it back to the camp,   where it’s revealed that there are a total of  three hunting Predators. Once the group is safe   in a cave, Isabelle hits Royce for using them  as bait. However Royce doesn’t regret it because   now they finally know who is after them and some  details about their strength and hunting methods.   Then Royce confronts Isabelle about her reaction  to the Predator, saying she must’ve seen one   before. Isabelle admits she’s heard a story saying  that aliens that looked like these ones were seen   in 1987 in Guatemala, which is a reference  to the first movie. Royce wants to set up a   defensive perimeter and force the Predators into  a choke point, and the others accept to help. They   take their positions in the jungle and Isabelle  notices movement among the trees with her scope,   but the enemy isn’t attacking them so Royce  thinks they may know about the traps. They   change the plan and use Edwin as bait, so he runs  through the jungle until the enemy begins chasing   them. Isabelle uses her sniper skills to shoot  the hunter down, then the group approaches the   body to discover it isn’t a Predator but actually  another victim from the cages. However this isn’t   the creature she killed because she missed and  her shot is on a tree. Suddenly they start hearing   a voice and someone appears behind Royce using a  cloaking device. The hunter takes off his mask and   reveals he isn’t a Predator, he’s actually another  human called Noland, who tells them to be less   loud to avoid being heard by the hunters. Noland  has heard the group since they arrived and after   pointing out a storm is coming, he brings them  all back to his hideout, which is in an old broken   ship. Noland also used to be in the military  and was dropped here in a box ten seasons ago,   becoming the only survivor from that batch.  Since then he’s stayed hidden and survived by   scavenging from the Predators and their victims.  Being here has obviously taken a toll on him   because sometimes he talks to an imaginary friend.  Noland also knows a few things about the Predators   since he’s killed two or three: it’s important to  hide humans’ heat signature not to be detected,   it also seems that big Predators and small  Predators don’t get along, which explains   the one they saw tied up. Every season new  victims are brought over and three Predators   would come with new technology and tactis to  hunt because they’re constantly evolving. Royce   realizes that if Predators keep coming back each  season, then they must have a ship around, but   Noland points out they wouldn’t be able to pilot  it. Afterward, Noland goes to bed, and the group   chats for a while. Nikolai shows Edwin a picture  of his kids and Stans shows them a creepy tattoo   he has of his sister. Hanzo finds a samurai sword  and compliments it, making Edwin realize he does   speak English. He wonders why Hanzo hadn’t said  a word until now, and Hanzo reveals he’s missing   fingers because he was punished for saying too  much. Isabelle shares with Royce her theory that   they were chosen because on Earth they were the  Predators and therefore monsters too, but Royce   is obsessed with finding the ship, and he thinks  he could convince the captured Predator in the   camp to fly it because the enemy of the enemy is  a friend. Suddenly smoke begins filling the room   and they discover Noland is gone. The door is also  blocked, so Edwing thinks Noland must be trying   to kill them to steal all their things. While  Noland is shown outside fanning the fire, Royce   blasts a bomb against the wall that sends Noland  running but doesn’t even crack the wall. However   Royce wasn’t trying to break it, he made noise on  purpose to get the attention of a nearby Predator.   The plan works and soon Noland finds the hallway  blocked by a Predator, who immediately blows up   Noland using lasers. Then the alien hits a panel  on the wall to create a small access into the   group’s room, but it doesn’t do anything else just  to toy with them. Royce carefully comes closer   and puts his gun into the hole to shoot a flare,  confirming the Predator is nowhere to be seen. The   group finishes pushing the panel off and finally  escapes, now they must find their way out through   some very dark corridors. On their way out, Edwin  accidentally ends up separated from the group and   begins yelling for help as he lits up another  flare, which gets the attention of the Predator.   Edwin hears a growl in the darkness and runs away  until he finally finds the group again. He begs   for help, but the group chooses to leave without  him. At that moment, the Predator appears in front   of Edwin but before it can attack, Nikolai shows  up to help. Edwin runs while Nikolai fights the   alien, but he doesn’t last long. The Predator  stabs Nikolai and picks him up with its blade,   so Nikolai takes the chance to spit on the alien’s  face before activating a detonator. The resulting   explosion kills them both and a shockwave sweeps  through the ship, but the group manages to get out   just in time. Outside the ship, Stans begins  celebrating the fact they killed an alien,   only to be suddenly knocked down by a Predator  that is now turning off its invisibility. The   beast is about to kill Royce but Stans jumps on it  and starts stabbing the Predator while telling the   others to run. Furious over losing its prey, the  Predator throws Stans on the ground and rips out   his spine. Then it roars and gets the attention  of the third Predator, who starts following the   tracks left by the running group. At that moment,  Hanzo hears they’re being followed and tells the   others to leave while he stays behind to buy  them time. After the remaining trio leaves,   Hanzo takes off his jacket and unsheathes his  katana just in time to be found by the Predator,   who takes out its blade as well. A fierce  swordfight begins and although Hanzo is   pushed away by the alien’s strength a few times,  he still manages to cut its stomach. After they   exchange a few more blows, they attack each other  at the same time and both fall to the ground,   dying at the same time as well. Meanwhile Edwin  accidentally steps on a trap and can’t walk.   Royce points out the trap wasn’t meant to kill  but to hold the enemy, and Edwin is now dead   weight. As Royce says they should either leave  Edwin behind or booby-trap him, Edwin shows them   Nikolai’s family picture, pretending it’s his own  kids. Isabelle refuses to abandon or hurt Edwin,   so Royce leaves alone. Moments later, Royce makes  it to the camp and talks to the captured Predator,   offering freedom in exchange for leaving this  planet. When the alien confirms it can understand   him, Royce cuts the chains to release him, and  the Predator responds by grabbing him by the   neck. After a close look, the beast lets go of  Royce and picks up its mask to put it back on,   activating its equipment. On its arm brace, the  Predator pulls up a star map of the universe and   stops on planet Earth, sealing the deal before  calling its spaceship. In the meantime, Isabelle   is helping Edwin walk, but they end up stepping  on a trap and getting caught in a net. The third   Predator is waiting for them and immediately  begins dragging them back to camp, where it throws   the humans in a pit before noticing that its  alien prey is now free. Both Predators immediately   start fighting and Royce uses the chance to run  toward the ship. As the spacecraft takes off, the   Predators keep on fighting and after exchanging  a few hits and shots, the alien that has been   chasing them overpowers the owner of the ship and  cuts off its head. After celebrating its victory,   the Predator blows up the ship before it can go  far. In the pit, Isabelle says she doesn’t regret   staying to help Edwin, who surprises her from  behind and attacks her with his poison-covered   scalpel. It turns out Edwin is a psychopathic  murderer and he feels at home with other monsters,   so he wants to stay on this planet. He’s about to  kill Isabelle when suddenly Royce shows up because   he never got to the ship in the end. Royce helps  the duo get out of the pit and Isabelle wants to   tell him about Edwin, but the paralysis caused  by the poison doesn’t let her speak. After moving   away from the pit, Royce checks on Isabelle and  Edwin tries to surprise him from behind, but Royce   reacts fast and grabs him by the neck to hurt him  with his own poison. Next, Royce booby-traps Edwin   and leaves him for the Predator to find. When the  alien comes closer and touches Edwin, it activates   a bunch of grenades that kill the doctor, start  a fire, and send the Predator flying. Once the   creature recovers, it finds Royce waiting for him,  but Royce feeds the flames and hides among them to   mess with the alien’s infrared sensor, which is  the only way it can see. Then Royce grabs an ax   and begins running around, hitting the Predator  and running into the flames to then repeat the   process. After getting hit a bunch of times, the  Predator concentrates on finding Royce’s heartbeat   and shoots the tree Royce is hiding behind,  hurting him. Then the alien begins throwing   Royce around, but before it can kill him, Isabelle  drags her body to reach her weapon and shoots. The   alien is hurt but still alive and shoots back a  dagger at Isabelle’s shoulder, so Royce uses the   distraction to retrieve his axe and repeatedly hit  the Predator. Then he finally finishes the fight   by cutting the alien’s head off. Afterward, Royce  reunites with Isabelle, and together they watch   how more cages start falling from the sky. Royce  announces they must find a way to leave soon.
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