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In the mountains of Costa Rica, a helicopter drops  a team of scientists led by Doctor Morbius at the   entrance of a cave. Morbius suffers from a rare  blood disease and needs canes to walk, so he asks   his team to set up the trap they’ve brought. Then  he comes forward and raises his bleeding hand to   lure all the bats in the cave into the trap. The  team and the pilot run in fear, but Morbius just   waits. This all started twenty-five years ago  in Greece. Young Morbius lives in the hospital,   where Doctor Nicholas introduces him to a boy  that Morbius nicknames Milo. Both kids suffer   from the same rare blood disease and immediately  hit it off, sharing the same wish to be normal.   While they’re chatting, Milo’s machine suddenly  malfunctions and he passes out. Morbius takes a   spring from his pen to quickly fix the machine  and Milo immediately wakes up. Nicholas is very   impressed by Morbius’ intelligence and decides  to send him to an exclusive school in New York,   but Morbius only accepts after Nicholas promises  to take care of Milo. Before leaving Morbius   writes a letter to Milo, promising he’ll find a  cure for their disease. The letter accidentally   falls from Milo’s hands and he goes to find it,  only to discover some mean kids from the school   nearby are reading it and making fun of him for  it. The group begins beating Milo up for fun,   but thankfully Nicholas arrives and scares  them away before they can cause serious damage,   and he has to stop Milo from trying to get revenge  too. Morbius manages to get his doctoral degree   when he turns nineteen and eventually develops  an artificial blood that saves millions of lives.   The King of Sweden wants to give him the Nobel  Prize but he turns it down because he discovered   the artificial blood by accident while trying to  find a cure for his illness. Back to the present,   Morbius returns to his job at the hospital, where  he’s approached by his coworker Doctor Martine   to have a private talk. While running some tests  on him, she asks about Morbius’ crazy project to   remix human DNA with bat DNA, which is being  funded by Milo. Morbius pretends he doesn’t   know what she’s talking about, but Martine  reveals Morbius’ tank full of Colombian bats,   so he shares the truth. These bats are the only  mammals on Earth that feed exclusively on blood,   so Morbius thinks their special saliva may be the  solution to cure his illness. Martine is skeptical   of the idea and worries about the morals behind  such an experiment, but Morbius goes ahead and   tests his new serum on a lab rat. Unfortunately  the poor rat dies. At that moment one of Morbius’   patients starts having a seizure, so they rush to  her room and have no choice but to induce a coma   to save her from a possible stroke. When Martine  checks the lab again, she’s surprised to see the   rat moving, meaning the serum does work. Sometime  later, Morbius meets with Milo to tell him about   his breakthrough and ask for more money. Since  this experiment isn’t legal, he needs to do it on   international waters, and Milo gladly will pay for  everything if it means finding a cure. A few days   later, Morbius takes Martine with him on the trip  to international waters. Morbius manages to make   a new, more advanced serum and Martine injects  it into Morbius’ spine. She also buckles him up   as his body starts shaking. At that moment, a crew  member comes to the lab to check on them and while   Martine argues with him, Morbius manages to break  free. Martine and the guard enter the isolation   room and are shocked to discover Morbius crawling  on the ceiling with a monstrous face. The guard   tries to shoot him, but Morbius moves incredibly  fast and jumps on him to feed while ignoring   Martine’s pleas to stop. Suddenly the ship’s alarm  begins ringing, and Morbius’ sensitive ears hurt   so much that he starts to panic and damage the  insolation room. The rest of the security crew   arrives and Martine tries to stop them, but they  push her away, knocking her out. At that moment   Morbius manages to finish breaking the glass and  jumps out of the room to show off his new vampiric   powers, which allow him to dodge bullets and move  quickly to kill the guards without mercy. A few   survivors run away and lock the door, however  Morbius is also incredibly strong now and   easily breaks it down. Then Morbius crawls on the  ceiling again, taking his sweet time to capture   the guards one by one and kill them all. Once the  whole crew is dead and Morbius has fed enough,   his body transforms back into its human shape,  so he rushes to check himself in the mirror.   It’s clear to see he’s finally cured. Afterward,  Morbius makes sure Martine is alright and checks   the surveillance cameras. He’s so disturbed  to see what he’s done that he throws up,   but then he makes a mayday call, takes the  serums, and jumps into the sea. The next morning,   two FBI agents arrive at the ship to investigate  the crime scene, but unfortunately Morbius has   deleted all the security recordings and Martine  is still unconscious. The case soon appears on   the news, which is seen by Nicholas and Milo.  Sometime later, Morbius returns to the hospital,   and after checking on his patients, he goes to  his lab to leave the serums. His body soon starts   failing again, so he rushes into the fridge to  drink the artificial blood he’s created, that   way he can feed without having to kill anyone.  Next he starts testing his abilities: he is fast,   athletic, can climb anything and jump all over  the place. When he enters the tank with the bats,   they fly around him respectfully, and Morbius  feels a kinship with them He also discovers that   he’s developed echolocation just like a bat, so  he tests it by throwing a ball around the room and   catching it with his eyes closed. Unfortunately  these powers only last as long as he feeds. The   artificial blood keeps him stable for six hours,  but the timing is growing shorter and he knows   he’ll need real blood soon. To test this further,  he locks himself up in an isolated room. A few   hours later, Milo comes to visit and finds him in  an extremely weak state. Morbius asks for blood   by writing it on the glass with his own, so Milo  brings him a few bags from the freezer. As soon   as he feeds, Morbius recovers and is strong again,  and Milo is amazed by this cure. However when Milo   asks to be injected too, Morbius tells him he’s  made a mistake and that this cure is a curse. Milo   keeps insisting, so Morbius gets aggressive and  kicks him out. Meanwhile Martine finally wakes up   and is visited by the FBI agents, who show her  disturbing pictures of the bodies on the ship.   However Martine pretends she doesn’t remember what  happened that night. Later in the evening, a nurse   is working late and notices the lights behaving  strangely. She begins running away in fear,   but she’s still caught by a vampiric creature that  kills her. When the body is found in the morning,   Morbius is as surprised as his coworkers and  thinks he may’ve done it. Questioning his own   sanity, Morbius runs to the lab and takes a few  fake blood bags before leaving. On his way out,   he’s confronted by the FBI agents, who ask  questions about the experiments and decide to   arrest him. Morbius immediately defends himself  and knocks them down with just a few moves,   then he escapes by climbing the stairs as  he dodges bullets from a cop. He makes it   to the hospital roof and is shocked to feel the  air from the A.C. unit stronger than usual, but   before he can test what it means, he’s arrested  by the agents. At the Manhattan detention center,   Morbius is allowed to keep his notes and he makes  the math to discover his feeding time went from   every six hours to four hours twenty-two minutes.  When he’s taken to the interrogation room,   he’s handcuffed to the table, and the agents come  in with holy water just in case. They blame him   for the deaths on the ship and also the nurse, but  Morbius is starting to lose control and begs for   his bags of fake blood. The agents don’t take him  seriously and send him back to his cell. Later on,   Morbius is visited by Milo, who offers his support  and gives him a pack of artificial blood before he   leaves. However Morbius notices Milo has forgotten  his cane and discovers the truth: Milo stole the   serum and injected himself with it, in fact he was  the one who killed the nurse. Once his way out,   Milo stops pretending he’s disabled and walks away  with perfect reflexes. Furious, Morbius drinks the   blood and transforms into his vampiric form to  escape the cell through the window. Then he jumps   all over the city and uses his echolocation to  hear Milo attack the owner of a newspaper stand.   Morbius immediately rushes to confront Milo  on the street, calling him a monster. However   Milo thinks this power is amazing and they finally  can do whatever they want, so he attacks Morbius   to get him off his back. A fierce fight ensues  and as the vampires move to attack each other,   they end up crashing into the subway station,  causing citizens to run in panic. After exchanging   a few more hits, Milo celebrates the fact they’ve  evolved, but Morbius promises to find a way to fix   this. At that moment the police show up to arrest  them both, however Milo moves fast and kills them   all in seconds before doing a little victory  dance. Next, Milo attacks Morbius again as the   train comes closer. Morbius can feel the fast  air caused by the train and jumps in front of   it to fly through the tunnels and escape. The next  day, Martine feels like someone is following her   through the city, so she enters a shop to escape  through the back door. The one following her is an   agent, who now has lost her in the crowd. Martine  takes the bus and sees in the newspaper that   Morbius is a wanted man, only for him to suddenly  appear behind her. She believes him when he says   Milo took the serum and is the actual killer, then  they get off the bus to stop at a café. While they   chat, Morbius overhears two criminals mentioning  a lab, so he asks Martine for a few things before   following them. After taking the artificial  blood Martine got for him, Morbius finds the   thugs inside a lab where they counterfeit money.  When he nicely asks them to give him their lab, a   thug tries attacking him with a knife, but Morbius  breaks his hand and scares them all away as he   calls himself Venom. While Morbius uses the pieces  of the printing machines to make the devices he   needs to work on a cure for vampirism, Milo is  getting ready for a night out. After dancing   around the apartment while getting dressed, he  goes to a nightclub and flirts with a beautiful   woman, but a guy says he saw her first and pushes  him away. Milo manages to keep his powers under   control and leaves, however he waits outside and  when the guy comes out with his friends, he kills   them all. Moments later, Martine goes to Morbius’  hospital lab to grab a few things and finds Milo   there asking for his friend. Martine swears she  doesn’t know where Morbius is and makes him leave   without a fuzz. Meanwhile the FBI agents break  into Martine’s place, but neither she nor her   cat are there. It’s then revealed that Martine is  hiding with Morbius at the new lab and she brought   her cat with her. While trying to feed it, she  accidentally cuts her finger, and Morbius has to   make an extra effort not to react to the smell of  her blood. Afterward, they share a moment on the   roof and kiss, unaware that Milo watches them from  afar. The next morning, the FBI agents find the   dead guys outside the bar and check the security  cameras to discover Milo is the actual murderer.   Nicholas sees the update on the news and goes to  see Milo, asking him to stop killing people. Milo   is tired of the doctor’s pity and after pointing  out Morbius always was the favorite, he attacks   Nicholas, leaving him seriously wounded. Meanwhile  Morbius manages to develop an antibody that will   harm only a vampiric body. He makes two bottles,  one for Milo and one for Martine to use on himself   when the time comes. At that moment, he gets a  call from Nicholas asking for help and he rushes   to Milo’s apartment. Unfortunately Nicholas only  manages to beg Morbius to stop Milo before dying.   At the same time, Milo kidnaps Martine and makes  her say Morbius’ name until he hears it with his   power. After finding their location with his  echolocation, Morbius flies through the city   and finds Martine on a roof, bleeding from an  injury by Milo. She wants Morbius to feed on   her so she can die being useful, but Morbius  kisses her instead, causing a drop of his own   blood to fall in her mouth. At that moment Martine  dies, so Morbius gives in to his fury and feeds on   her. Then Milo appears on the roof too, so Morbius  jumps on him and both fall off the edge. On their   way down, the vampires continue to attack each  other and crash through a building a few times   before they begin falling again. Milo hits Morbius  extra hard and causes him to land on a platform,   where he grabs him by the leg and throws him  against a glowing sign. When Morbius falls   one more time, Milo jumps on him and drags him  against a building before they hit the street,   only to go through the pavement and land on a  tunnel. While Milo laughs like a maniac, Morbius   sends a powerful echolocation wave through the  tunnel with his voice and then through the water   with his hand. Suddenly an army of bats shows  up to help Morbius up, and when Milo tries to   kill him with a metal rod, Morbius sends the bats  after him. As the little beasts hold Milo down,   Morbius comes through and injects him with the  antibody, causing Milo to turn human and apologize   before dying. At that moment the FBI agents arrive  with the police, so Morbius hides among the bats   to fly out of the tunnel safely. Meanwhile on the  roof, Martine wakes up and reveals she’s a vampire   too. Sometime later, a mysterious spell drops  Spider-man’s enemy Vulture in the local prison.   Since he came from another universe, nobody knows  who he is here and the police immediately release   him. Soon Vulture manages to remake his villain  costume and approaches Morbius to team up.
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