The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
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The year is 1899, but on this alternate Earth,  the great nations of Europe are on the brink   of war as new weapons are being developed. In  London, a group of cops is shocked when they   see the first tank crash into the Bank of  England, destroying everything in the rooms   while being unaffected by bullets. The tank uses  its cannon to shoot the vault door open before   the terrorists come out with their leader the  Fantom. There are lots of treasures in the vault,   but what the Fantom wants are the blueprints of  Venice’s foundation. Britain accuses Germany of   the robbery, but soon afterward, the Fantom and  his men show up in Berlin, where they kidnap a   bunch of scientists and blow up all the zeppelins.  Countries begin pointing fingers at each other   and war is imminent. Sometime later in Kenya,  Reed is looking for Allan, the famous hero from   “King Solomon's Mines”. An old man calling himself  Allan starts sharing some old adventure stories,   but when Reed mentions he works for the British  government and they need help, the real Allan   reveals himself. It turns out he often uses a  friend to protect his identity. Reed explains   he’s trying to prevent the next world war, but  Allan refuses to help because he doesn’t fight   anymore since he lost his family. At that moment,  a group of strange men come in and ask for Allan,   only to shoot the old man thinking he’s the real  one. Allan immediately opens fire and a gunfight   ensues, but it’s hard to kill these guys because  they’re wearing armor and using the latest model   of guns, which are automatic. After a few very  precise shots to make the men fail, Allan comes   out to fight them hand to hand, dodging bullets  and knives to defeat the bad guys using furniture   and even a horn on the wall. One of the henchmen  manages to run away so Allan goes after him, not   noticing the suitcase they left behind. Since he’s  an expert sharpshooter, Allan stops the guy by   shooting from afar, but before he can interrogate,  the guy self-deletes with poison. Suddenly the   tavern explodes, and since the war is threatening  the peace he achieved in Africa, Allan accepts to   help Reed. Later in England, Reed introduces Allan  to his boss M, who explains he’s forming a team   known as the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”  to stop the Fantom. Allan also meets Captain Nemo   from “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas”,  whose ship will take them to Venice in four days   because clues indicate the Fantom will attack  there next. Suddenly a voice talks from an empty   chair and some papers start moving: it turns out  the other team member is Skinner, a thief who made   a serum to become invisible but hasn’t found  a cure yet. To be less annoying, Skinner puts   on a jacket and face paint so the others can see  him. At that moment, another team member arrives:   her name is Mina and she’s an expert chemist,  but Allan isn’t happy about having a woman on   the team. The group gets going and Nemo impresses  everyone with the latest automobile technology.   The driver is his first mate Ishmael, from “Moby  Dick”. On their way out, they don’t notice they’re   being followed. Eventually they make it to  the docks to recruit the infamous Dorian Gray,   who only lets them in because Mina is his ex.  After noticing that Dorian is missing a painting   on the wall, Allan shares that a witch doctor once  blessed him for saving the village, so it’s said   Africa will never let him die. He also remembers  meeting Dorian when he was a child, yet Dorian   hasn’t aged a day. Dorian avoids all explanations  because he isn’t interested in joining the team,   but the conversation is interrupted when a bunch  of armed men come out of the shadows together   with the Fantom, who asks the league to join him.  While the Fantom talks, Allan notices one of the   henchmen looks different: he’s the stalker from  earlier, who immediately opens fire against the   enemy. Chaos ensues in the room as everyone begins  to fight and reveals their skills in the process:   Dorian is immortal, so he just walks into the  bullets to kill the men with his sword and lets   his body heal himself. Nemo uses a sword and  martial arts while Allan uses his own firearm   and so does the stalker, who turns out to be an  American secret service agent called Tom Sawyer.   Skinner takes off his jacket and paint to hit bad  guys with things like books. The Fantom runs away   and Allan tries to stop him, but he’s intercepted  by a henchman. While they fight, Tom tries to   chase after the Fantom, who manages to escape  by jumping through the window into the river.   The guys think the fight is over, but there’s one  last man hiding and he takes Mina hostage. However   Mina’s eyes suddenly turn red and she bites the  guy to kill him by drinking his blood. It turns   out she’s the widow of Jonathan Harker, who was  part of the team that killed Dracula. Then Dorian   accepts to join the team because he took this  attack personally, and Allan lets Tom join too.   Tom was sent by the American government because  they're worried the war will reach the Americas   too. The team’s next stop is Paris, so Nemo  introduces the team to his ship Nautilus, which   can also work as a submarine. When they finally  arrive at the city, Allan and Tom chase after a   huge monster known as Mister Hyde, who has been  terrorizing the locals lately. With calculated   shots, Allan lures Hyde into a very specific spot  while teaching Tom how to waste fewer bullets,   calling his crazy shooting “American Style”. Hyde  eventually stops on a rooftop and Allan shoots to   make him fall right into a net they prepared  earlier. Once they make it back to Nautilus,   it requires lots of crew members to chain Hyde  down, and yet the monster still manages to push   some of them away. While they try to calm him  down, Skinner falls and Dorian helps him, only to   scratch him in the process. Allan manages to make  Hyde stop by offering a deal: if he helps them,   he’ll get a pardon from the Queen and he can go  back to London. Hyde accepts and at that moment,   the effects of the elixir he took to transform  finally end and he painfully transforms into his   real form: the very shy Doctor Jekyll. Now the  team is complete, the ship enters submarine mode   and starts making its way to Venice using a copy  of the blueprints the Fantom stole. Now the team   has to learn to live with each other: Allan is  soon annoyed by Skinner because he doesn’t wear   his coat to make his presence known, and Mina is  disturbed to learn that Nemo worships the Goddess   of Death. However Allan is more scared of her  than some religious statue. One afternoon after   the Nautilus enters ship mode again, Allan tries  to teach Tom how to waste fewer bullets and shoot   more accurately, but when Tom asks him about his  dead son, Allan leaves. Meanwhile Nemo and Ishmael   are surprised to find powder in the control room  right before a book closes on its own behind them.   They give the powder to Mina, who analyses it and  discovers that it’s the powder photographers use   to create flash. Dorian visits her and shares  his secret: the missing portrait at his home is   magical, and it ages instead of him. He can’t look  at it or he’ll lose his powers. Dorian also flirts   with Mina and shares a drink, but when the glass  breaks, it cuts her finger. The smell of blood   gets Mina excited and they end up kissing, which  makes Jekyll jealous while he watches from afar.   His inner Hyde reminds him he could be noticed  by women if he drank the elixir again and he even   gets aggressive, but before he can lose control,  Nemo interrupts him. The captain says he doesn’t   want a monster loose in his ship, and Jekyll  reminds him that he has a dark past as a pirate so   he can’t talk. Then Jekyll returns to his room and  is shocked to discover one of his elixir bottles   is missing. He immediately lets Allan know and  accuses Skinner of stealing it since none of them   have heard from him in a while. When they finally  arrive at Venice, there’s a carnival going on,   and by looking at the blueprints the team guesses  the Fantom will be blowing up the city. The league   gets ready to start searching for the explosives,  but as soon as they touch land, the bombs go off   and the buildings start crumbling in a domino  effect. They must destroy a particular building   to stop it, so Tom takes Nemo’s automobile  and leaves with Allan, Dorian, and Mina,   but Jekyll refuses to go because he’s afraid of  releasing Hyde. As soon as the team drives down   the streets, the Fantom’s men surround them and  open fire. Dorian thinks Skinner let them know   they were coming and runs away. Allan and Tom try  to shoot back but there are too many men, so Mina   jumps out of the car and climbs the wall with her  powers to quickly feed on all the bad guys without   mercy. While buildings continue to collapse and  start damaging the ship, Allan sees the Fantom   nearby and he jumps out as well to go after him.  Tom is left driving alone and after dodging lots   of falling debris, he finally finds the right  building and shoots a flare, so Nemo fires   a rocket that destroys that building and finally  puts an end to the domino effect. As the explosion   goes off, the car flips and Tom gets caught under  it. On the ship, Dorian reveals he’s the actual   spy and shoots Ishmael. Meanwhile, Allan follows  the Fantom to a cemetery and they exchange a few   hits. The Fantom stabs Allan on the shoulder and  Allan hits him in return, which causes the mask   to fall and shows his identity. He’s actually M,  which stands for Moriarty, the legendary enemy of   Sherlock Holmes. The Fantom runs away and Allan  throws the knife back at him, but it isn’t enough   to stop him. Afterward, the team returns to the  ship and finds a dying Ishmael, who uses his last   breath to tell them about Dorian. At that moment,  the ship’s exploration pod comes out and shows   Dorian going away to meet with the Fantom. The  league immediately starts following him with the   ship, and during the trip, they find a recording  left by Dorian. The Fantom's voice starts playing,   explaining that Reed works for him too and  he sent him to put together the league on   purpose so Dorian could get a sample of their  abilities. Dorian stole Jekyll’s elixir bottle,   took Mina’s blood with the broken glass, took  Skinner’s skin when he scratched him, and took   pictures of Nemo’s technology. Allan was recruited  because he was the only one capable of capturing   Hyde. With these samples, he’ll able to build  super soldiers to sell during wartimes. As he   listens, Jekyll notices his inner Hyde is in pain  because of a weird frequency in the recording,   and at that moment the Fantom announces the  ship will explode when the recording ends.   That’s exactly what happens, and the entire ship  shakes as water starts to flood the engine room   and drags down some crew members. Nemo can’t  make the Nautilus resurface because of this,   so he orders his men to seal the engine room  with the men inside for the greater good. Hyde   convinces Jekyll they can help, so he runs into  the room before it’s sealed and takes the elixir   to transform underwater. Then he swims down to the  bottom and using his strength, he pulls the levers   and opens the valves, which immediately drains the  ship and allows it to resurface. While everyone   tries to organize things, they get a message in  Morse code from Skinner, who sneaked into the pod   with Dorian and now sends the team directions  to follow. Eventually they make it to Northern   Mongolia, where they discover the Fantom’s secret  fortress. They hide in a cave to wait for Skinner,   who arrives with a disturbing report: the fortress  is huge and the kidnapped scientists are working   in factories 24/7 to make supersoldiers and copy  Nemo’s inventions. While the team makes a plan,   Dorian asks the Fantom for his painting, revealing  that the Fantom stole it just to make him work for   him. Now that he has it back, Dorian refuses  to fight again. Soon the league arrives at the   fortress and they knock down the guards outside  with their powers. They sneak inside and Skinner   begins placing explosives around the factory while  Hyde, Nemo, and his crew free the families of the   scientists, but unfortunately they’re found by  a whole army of guards. A gunfight soon ensues,   but Nemo’s weapons don’t do anything because the  enemy is wearing full body armor. Hyde uses a   huge metal door to deflect the bullets, giving  Nemo the chance to fight the guards at the lab   with his sword and release the scientists  too. Meanwhile, Mina finds Dorian in his   room and they begin a fight with blades, but  no matter how much they slash at each other,   their wounds keep regenerating. Suddenly Mina is  distracted when she notices the magical painting,   so Dorian uses the chance to nail her to the bed  with his sword. However he fails to get her heart,   so Mina surprises him from behind and impals  him on the wall with his own sword. Then she   forces him to look at his painting, which  breaks the spell and Dorian regains all   the years the picture took from him until he  dies. Allan and Tom go looking for the Fantom,   who is currently overseeing the box with all  the league’s samples. They manage to corner him,   but unfortunately a guard catches them from  behind and they have to dodge an attack,   which allows the Fantom to escape with the  box. The duo immediately goes after him,   and in one of the corridors they bump into an  invisible man who suddenly attacks them because he   isn’t Skinner. While Allan continues to chase the  Fantom, Tom stays to fight this new invisible man,   but he continues to waste too many bullets.  At that moment an armored soldier arrives   and uses a flamethrower to start burning  everything in the room, but this time,   the real Skinner distracts him and ends up on fire  too. Tom quickly uses the chance to hit the guy   with a torch, causing the gas tank to blow up and  kill him. Afterward Tom checks on a burnt Skinner,   only to be caught by the other invisible man. At  the same time, Allan finds the Fantom in a dark   room and they begin to fight, exchanging a bunch  of hits until Fantom falls and Allan grabs an axe,   ready to end it all. Back to Nemo, he manages to  get all the scientists out while Hyde protects   them, but one of the guards steals some elixir  from the lab and drinks more than he should.   He transforms into such a powerful monster that  Hyde and Nemo have trouble fighting against him   even while teaming up. At that moment Hyde changes  back into Jekyll, so he and Nemo have to run. The   monster and Allan are about to make their kills  at the same time but suddenly Skinner’s explosives   go off and the building starts to crumble. Hyde  and Nemo run outside while the monster is killed   by the falling debris, meanwhile the Fantom  uses the distraction to dodge Allan’s attack.   When Allan tries to stop him again, the Fantom  shows him that his invisible man has caught Tom,   so Allan turns to save his protegee and the Fantom  stabs him in the back before jumping out of the   building. Since Allan’s glasses are now broken,  Tom takes Allan’s rifle and using his teachings,   he manages to kill the Fantom from a distance.  While the box with the samples is lost in the   water, Allan tells Tom that the new century  belongs to the new generation, and then he dies   too. Sometime later, the league buries Allan with  his family in Africa, and Tom leaves the rifle on   the grave. The group decides to keep being a team  and leave to start a new adventure. Once they’re   gone, the witch doctor from Allan’s story comes  to start his ritual, which makes the grave shake.
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