The Old Guard

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The Old Guard
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In a dark room, four mercenaries drop dead to the  floor, causing Andy to think about all the times   she died and wonder if this is her last time.  It all begins a day before in Morocco, when Andy   meets with Booker to chat about a possible new job  for them. Andy hesitates because she doesn't want   to fight anymore, but Booker convinces her to at  least come back to the hotel and see the others.   On their way there, Andy notices some girls taking  a picture that accidentally includes her, so she   makes up an excuse to borrow the phone and deletes  every evidence of their presence. At the hotel,   they reunite with couple Nicky and Joe after a  long time. All the guys want to take the job but   Andy is still hesitant because she doesn’t trust  Copley and they have a rule to never work with the   same employer twice. In the end, they convince  her to go with Booker to have a meeting with   Copley just to see what he has to say. Sometime  later, Andy and Booker sit outside at a cafe while   Nicky and Joe watch from the hotel window just  in case. Copley arrives and explains everything:   he decided to take a break from the CIA  when his wife got sick, but when she died,   he couldn’t bring himself to go back. Nowadays  he pays himself for these kinds of jobs and   wants their team to do this one. The mission  would be saving some hostages in South Sudan   and when Copley says how they could help make a  big difference, Andy finally accepts. Afterward,   the team flies to South Sudan and waits  for night to fall to strike. They silently   kill all the guards outside one by one and  then sneak through the fence to kill a few   more. The building’s door is destroyed with a  small explosive, but when they make it inside,   they’re shocked to discover that there actually  are no hostages. Andy realizes they’ve been set   up right before a bunch of soldiers enter the room  and open fire, causing the team to fall to the   ground with blood spreading around them. Thinking  the team is dead, the soldiers turn their backs,   but soon the team’s bodies start to heal rapidly  and even expel all the bullets. The four of them   soon get up from the ground and kill all the  soldiers with a variety of fighting techniques,   not caring if they get hurt in the process. All  this is seen by Copley through security cameras,   which Andy notices and destroys. The next morning,  the team buries their bloody clothes in the sand   and discusses their options. Andy says that they  have to find Copley and kill him because they   know their secret: they’re centuries-old warriors  with regenerative healing abilities who work to   help people as mercenaries. But after they find  Copley, she’s decided she'll be done fighting   for the world. Meanwhile in Afghanistan,  soldier Nile of the American forces is on   a mission to check on a group of women that might  be held hostage by an enemy. When she finds them,   they silently send her in the direction of the  man, and Nile enters the building with her team,   quickly shooting the guy in the chest. Then Nile  moves to check on the body, but the man slices her   throat. A teammate rushes to cover Nile’s wound  but she still dies. At that moment, the team is   sleeping on a train and they begin having dreams  of Nile being killed while in the medic tent,   Nile is alive and dreaming of the team in return.  The team wakes up and realizes that these dreams   mean that there’s another one of them, which  frustrates Andy because she wants to get this   done quickly. The guys have to convince her this  is a sign and they need to find Nile, so Andy   says she’ll go do it herself while they work on  tracking down Copley. They agree to meet in France   later. Back to Nile, she realizes her friends are  all wary of her now because she doesn’t even have   a scar from the injury. The incident is reported  and the higher-ups decide to send Nile to Germany   for some testing. An upset Nile returns to her  tent and her mood gets worse when she discovers   that her friends have already packed her things.  In England, pharmaceutical executive Merrick gives   a presentation about stem cell research, telling  a wealthy public that he has the technology to   end human disease and prolong our lifespan, all he  needs is investment. Afterward, Merrick meets with   Copley, who shows him the footage of Andy’s team  coming back to life. However Merrick is unhappy,   explaining that he needs hard evidence because  people will just think the video was edited. He   needs Copley to capture them and bring them to  him. While Nile waits for a helicopter to pick   her up, Andy cuts in and knocks all the guards out  before doing the same to Nile. Moments later Nile   wakes up in the trunk of an army vehicle driven  by Andy and immediately tries to escape by kicking   out the back. Nile falls to the ground and Andy  quickly stops driving to go after her, so Nile   tries to run away but Andy stops her by shooting  the back of her head. Then Andy waits for Nile   to come back to life and Nile responds by stabbing  her on the shoulder. Andy isn’t bothered and tells   her that if she wants answers, she’ll have to  come with her. Afterward, Andy and Nile take a   plane to France that is currently participating  in a trafficking operation. Andy calls the team   to inform them she’s got the girl, but they don’t  have info on Copley yet. Before they leave, Andy   destroys her phone. Then she tells Nile about her  team and the fact they have no idea why they’re   immortal, but Nile doesn’t find these vague  answers very satisfying. After Andy falls asleep,   Nile binds her to her chair and holds a gun to the  pilot's head to make him fly back. When Andy wakes   up, she talks to the pilot in Russian, telling  him to play dead so she can distract Nile. Andy   pretends to shoot the pilot and the plane starts  falling, so when Andy says she knows how to pilot,   Nile releases her. Then the pilot regains control  of the plane and corrects their course back to   France while Nile and Andy get in a fight. With  way more years of experience, Andy easily wins and   gives Nile some serious wounds to calm her down.  As the girl watches her injuries heal on their   own, Andy finally convinces her to collaborate.  Later in France, they meet with the rest of the   team in an old abandoned church, where they have  dinner and Nile gets to learn more about the team.   Booker became immortal in the 18th century, Nicky  and Joe were enemies at the Crusades, and Andy   says that she is the oldest but doesn’t remember  her actual age. The team also tells Nile that it   is possible for them to die, but it is very rare.  After an immortal has been alive for long enough,   their wounds just stop healing, indicating it’s  their time. Afterward they all go to sleep except   for Andy, who stays on a chair in the living room.  In the middle of the night, Nile has a nightmare   that wakes everyone up. She explains that she saw  a woman in a coffin drowning in the sea and the   team tells her that was Quynh, another immortal  that used to fight alongside Andy. Back then they   had been attempting to free women accused of  witchcraft, but they were caught and accused   of witchcraft themselves. Soon the town realized  they couldn’t die so they made a special plan:   they separated the women and locked Quynh in an  iron coffin, which was thrown into the ocean.   Since then, Quynh has been drowning over and  over, reviving and dying again forever. Upset by   this story, Nile rushes outside and Andy follows  her to tell her they’re all she’s got. Suddenly,   they hear Copley’s soldiers arrive. As Copley  watches everything from a surveillance van,   the women go back inside and discover that Joe  and Nicky are nowhere to be found and Booker has   been blown up by a grenade, which takes a while  to heal. Then Nile waits with Booker while Andy   goes after the soldiers. Once again, she jumps  into the fight without caring about getting hurt   and defeats everyone in seconds, which causes  Copley to go away in fear. Once it’s over,   the group packs their things and goes looking for  another hideout. Meanwhile Joe and Nicky wake up   in a van surrounded by soldiers, who make fun of  them for being a couple and keep them apart when   they try to kiss. Soon the van takes them to  an airport, but when the doors are opened it’s   revealed that Joe and Nicky have killed everyone  while still being handcuffed. Copley puts them on   a plane to England and takes them to see Merrick,  who stabs them for fun as he explains that he’ll   put them through experiments until he figures  out how to make the human lifespan longer. Next   Nicky and Joe are sedated and sent to a lab while  Merrick demands that Copley bring him the others   too. Back to Andy, she, Booker, and Nile take  shelter in an abandoned mine, where Nile is   shocked to find all the old treasure and original  art they hid there. While Booker tells Nile about   his dead kids and the pain of living forever  while their loved ones die, Andy realizes that   her wounds aren’t healing. She leaves the mine  to drive to a pharmacy in town, where she buys   medical supplies and is surprised when the cashier  offers to help dress her wounds in the back room.   When Andy asks why the woman is helping a stranger  without asking any questions, the woman says that   she expects Andy to pass on the act of kindness to  someone else tomorrow, which leaves Andy thinking   about the people she’s lost. In Merrick’s lab,  Joe and Nicky are kept strapped down to chairs   while the doctors keep taking samples. Copley  points out that Merrick has all the samples he   could ever need so they don’t need to hold the  duo hostage anymore, but Merrick says he’ll do   whatever he wants and he won’t stop until he  has results. Nicky tries telling the doctor   that people have done the same experiments on them  in the past and it's never worked, but the doctor   ignores him. Sometime later in the middle of the  night, Nile wakes up from a bad dream and decides   to go outside for fresh air. She finds Andy going  through her phone and Nile shares some stories   about her family, but Andy sadly doesn’t remember  hers. Soon Booker meets with them to say that he’s   found Copley’s location and they immediately  head off. When they arrive at the address,   Booker leaves to scout the area while Andy gives  Nile a weapon. However Nile announces she doesn’t   want to help, saying she wants to spend as much  time with her family as she can before it's too   late. Andy decides to let her take the car, only  asking her to get rid of the rest of the weapons   on the way. Once she’s far enough, Nile opens the  trunk and realizes Andy took the wrong bullets   for her weapon. At the facility, Andy and Booker  sneak inside and go upstairs to find Copley. They   immediately hold him at gunpoint, but suddenly  Booker shocks Andy by shooting her in the side   and restraining her. He explains that he set them  up on purpose because he wants Merrick to figure   out some way to kill them so they don’t have  to suffer anymore, and Copley wants the cure   that could’ve saved his wife. However when Booker  realizes Andy isn’t healing, he starts to panic.   Soon a bunch of guards come in and restrain  Andy and Booker so Copley protests, pointing   out that he doesn’t think Andy will survive  any tests. However Merrick doesn’t care and   orders the guards to take Andy and Booker to the  same testing room where Joe and Nicky are kept,   demanding results. Meanwhile Copley is suddenly  cornered by Nile, who demonstrates her powers   so Copley will explain what’s going on. He tells  her he’s spent years doing research on the team   and learned about all the good they’ve done for  humanity. Copley also says he had thought that by   bringing the team in for this testing he would be  helping the world, but he’s realized that he was   wrong. Then Nile convinces Copley to take her to  the team. Moments later, they arrive at Merrick’s   building and Copley grants Nile access. She makes  it to the upper floors and is immediately shot,   but she quickly recovers and starts making her  way through all the guards, killing them until   she finds the right room. Nile frees her friends  and tells Andy she’s seen all her work, confirming   she definitely has something to fight for. Nicky  and Joe are furious with Booker for his betrayal,   but Andy points out that now isn’t the time to  argue about this. Afterward the team moves through   the building fighting guards as they try their  best to cover Andy, but she quickly proves that   she’s still just an amazing warrior even if she’s  no longer immortal. After they’re hit by a bomb,   Andy beats up a guy until he confesses Merrick’s  location. However when they arrive at Merrick’s   office it is empty, and they notice that the  elevator is going down. The guys go to chase after   Merrick while Nile stays with Andy. Unfortunately  the elevator going down had been a trap, and   Merrick suddenly shows up with an axe. Copying the  trick from the plane, Nile pretends to shoot Andy,   who quickly jumps on a distracted Merrick to  steal his axe and hit him before Nile tackles him.   They break through the window and land on a car,  which kills them both. Soon the guys come to help   Nile out, and once Andy joins them, they leave  together before the cops arrive. Sometime later,   Booker waits outside while the team has lunch  and discusses what Booker’s punishment will be   for his betrayal. Nile keeps him company and says  they’ve been making arrangements to fake her death   and give her family closure, so Booker tells her  she will make a great addition to the team. Later   Andy talks with Booker and informs him that his  punishment will be spending one hundred years   by himself. Since Andy is mortal now, this  means they’ll never see each other again, and   they say goodbye with a hug. Afterward the group  confronts Copley to tell him that his punishment   will be working for them by getting them jobs  and deleting all evidence of their existence.   Six months later in France, Booker returns to  his apartment and is shocked to find Quynh there.
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