The Titan

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The Titan
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In 2048, our planet is overpopulated and has  lost access to almost all natural resources. The   government begins a program that will genetically  modify fourteen soldiers to go to Saturn's moon   Titan to start a new civilization there. These  fourteen volunteers and their families are moved   to their very own neighborhood and given luxurious  technologically advanced houses. Former pilot   Rick is one of these volunteers and he brings  with him his wife Abigail, who is a doctor,   and their child Lucas. The head of the program  Doctor Collingwood has lots of hope for Rick's   development because when he was in the air  force, he was shot down and had to cross the   Syrian desert injured and alone without food or  water for three days, which proves he's a tough   survivor. Both Rick and Abigail are doing this for  their son because they want him to have a future,   but Abigail admits to Collingwood she's a little  worried that Rick will get very sick. Collingwood   confirms this may happen, but she doesn't  need to worry because all Rick will need is   proper aftercare. Once all the volunteers have  finished moving, they have their first meeting   with Collingwood to start the treatment. First he  does a presentation about the program, explaining   how we've destroyed the planet and that Titan is  the place to go next because it's the only other   place in our solar system with an atmosphere and  primordial ecosystem. However it also has liquid   methane raining into huge oceans and lakes they  can't swim in and an atmosphere rich in nitrogen   that they can't breathe, it's simply too cold  to live in. This is why instead of terraforming,   they've decided the genetically modify humans  to adapt to Titan's natural characteristics.   One of the volunteers doesn't understand  how the bodies won't reject the treatment,   and while Collingwood explains the clinical  trials were successful, he also admits there's   no guarantee everyone will survive. The volunteer  continues to question the program, but Rick shuts   him up and tells him to leave if he doesn't like  it. The volunteers come from all over the world   and they were chosen because they all survived  extreme circumstances. After the meeting is over,   they are given cardkeys to have full access to the  base and taken to the lab for their first shot out   of 300 that they'll be getting for the next few  weeks. Doctor Freya tries to explain what each   shot is for, but Rick only understands half of it.  Rick's family starts a new routine from then on,   but it's nothing out of the ordinary. Lucas goes  to school, Abigail takes care of the house, and   when she's allowed to, she sits with Rick through  the different treatments. All the volunteers   become fast friends and they start to hang out  together outside the base, being neighbors allows   them to throw dinner parties and barbecues all  the time. Sometimes the conversations during   these parties turn a little dark, like when  one of the volunteers admits he's afraid that   after the two years on Titan they agreed on,  they won't be allowed to come back. One day,   their barbecue party has extra amounts of drinking  because this is the last time the volunteers   are allowed to consume alcohol. In the evening,  Abigail feels dizzy because of how much she drank,   so Rick helps her go upstairs. However he's the  one that ends up falling as he begins to cough a   lot, feeling like he can't breathe. Abigail  checks on him and notices he's burning with   fever and immediately drags him to the bedroom,  where she gives him medicine and tucks him in bed,   keeping him company for the rest of the night.  Sometime later, Collingwood is very pleased with   how the volunteers' DNA samples are progressing,  meaning it's time for a big test. The group is   asked to spend a long time underwater without  an oxygen tank, and after the half-hour mark,   only Rick and Tally are left, making a little  competition out of it. In the end Tally makes   it to 39 minutes, but Rick manages to stay down  there - in fact he's so comfortable that he   begins swimming in the pool. This shocks everyone  because Rick isn't swimming like a normal human,   he's going at a high speed while moving like a  dolphin. In the evening, Rick shows off this new   move to his son in the garden pool. Afterward,  he tucks Lucas in, and the kid surprises him by   bringing up his dead grandfather, who he's sure  would've loved all this. Then he joins his wife   at the pool to get frisky in the water, but  Abigail pauses things when she notices some   black veins on Rick's body. Rick wonders what's  wrong, but just like that the blackness is gone,   and Abigail decides to ignore it for now. Some  days later, the volunteers go through their first   surgery. One of the wives named Rayenne visits  Abigail to let their kids play together, and she   shares some of her worries. She confesses that  she's terribly scared and that she doesn't think   her husband belongs here, so Abigail comforts her  by reminding her the volunteers will save humanity   and most importantly, their kids. Rick comes out  of the surgery in great health and returns home to   continue spending time with his family. Abigail  is happy to see him well, but she also worries   about the potential side effects she reads about  in the manual they gave them. Later that night,   Abigail wakes up to find the bed empty. Rick  turns out to be in the kitchen, putting some   ice on his skin because he feels very hot. Abigail  prepares a bigger bucket of cold water for him,   and Rick challenges her to a little game.  They both put their hands inside the bucket,   and while Abigail has to take them out after a  few minutes because she can't stand the cold,   Rick keeps them there, confirming he can't feel  the cold anymore. The next morning, they go for   a run together, and they stop to admire a special  spot by the road that has the most beautiful view   of the area. Rick laments not being able to save  the planet. The different experiments continue,   which include running with masks that simulate  Titan's atmosphere and swimming for long periods   of time in freezing water. Sometimes a volunteer  can't take it and must leave for the day,   but in the case of Tally, she's stubborn and  wants to stay in the water even when she can   barely tolerate the cold. To help her, Rick  teaches her to meditate underwater. One afternoon   after the testing is done, the volunteers are in  the showers, and Rick notices he's losing hair.   Tally confirms it's happened to her as well.  Suddenly they hear screaming and discover one   of the women is having a seizure while throwing up  blood. The doctors rush to help her, but nothing   they can do can save her and the volunteers meet  the first death in the group. Later that day,   the volunteers have a meeting to discuss what  happened. Some of them are worried about dying   too, but the others remind them that they always  knew the risk. Although they shouldn't drink, they   decide to do it anyway to help them cope. While  Rayenne comforts her husband Zane outside, Tally's   husband Andrew helps Abigail in the kitchen. He  shares the story of how they met and how he fought   to get together with Tally until the end, then  Tally joins them to point out that now Andrew is   desperate to start a family. When Andrew leaves  to put the dishes on the table, Tally confesses   Andrew thinks she'll leave for two years to get  it out of her system and become a good wife,   but she wants more than that. Moments later over  dinner, Abigail notices all the volunteers have   their veins occasionally getting black. Suddenly  they hear screaming coming from the garden:   Zane is having a breakdown and attacking Rayenne.  The other guys immediately rush outside and hold   Zane down until he calms down while Abigail takes  Rayenne away. The next day, Freya comes to the   neighborhood to give the volunteers extra medicine  that will stop them from having the same problems   that the dead woman and Zane did. Abigail notices  some of those doses are pretty high and asks to   talk to Collingwood, but he isn't available. Later  in the evening, Rick finds himself throwing up   with blood included. Abigail tells him to rest  while she cleans, and once Rick isn't watching,   she takes a sample of his blood. Afterward when  she moves around the house to lock all the doors,   she finally notices there are cameras hidden  in the house so that the people at the program   can watch them 24/7. The next time Rick uses the  pool, he begins to notice his skin is peeling off,   but he doesn't seem too worried. When they go  to bed, Abigail notices the state of Rick's skin   and the fact he's losing hair, making her worry  worse. The next day, Abigail looks at Rick's blood   in a microscope and discovers it's turning black.  Sometime later the volunteers go through the next   big procedure, which consists of making their eyes  similar to a cat's so they can see in the dark.   The surgery goes well, but Rick has to keep his  eyes bandaged for a while and his family has to   help him around the house. One night, Abigail  hears Rick groaning in pain as his eyes begin   to bleed. They take him to the lab for another  surgery, and Abigail approaches Collingwood to   ask what's going on, pointing out that something  is alive inside of Rick and that she knows about   the cameras. Collingwood explains that he didn't  want the cameras, but they were an order from the   Pentagon for security, and that Collingwood  being blind is part of the process, he'll be   fine in a few days. Abigail thinks there's more  he isn't telling her, but Collingwood sends her   home. Abigail goes to her house and begins packing  some clothes for Rick when she suddenly hears some   sirens. When she comes out, she discovers the army  is surrounding Zane's home. She isn't allowed to   come closer, but she still sees the terrifying  sight that happens next: a mutated Zane throws   Rayenne through the window, instantly killing her.  The soldiers break into the house and shoot at   Zane, killing him too. Later at the base, Abigail  is watching over Rick and hears more soldiers   arrive. Since Collingwood will be busy dealing  with this mess, Abigail takes the chance to take   Rick's cardkey and goes snooping. After hiding  at strategic spots to avoid security, she enters   Collingwood's office and finds all the files  indicating that the volunteers are having their   DNA infused with animal DNA to reach the next  evolutionary step, which Collingwood has called   "Homo titaniens". Meanwhile Collingwood is having  a meeting with Colonel Solano and the people from   NASA, who want to shut down the program and call  it "unproven science". The volunteers are becoming   violent and this is entering a criminal area  instead of being about space, the last people   who tried something of the sort were the Nazis.  Colonel Solano wants this experiment out of his   base, but Collingwood and his advisor point out  that the Ministers of Defence have the last word,   so they aren't leaving unless they say so. After  the meeting, Freya also tries to tell Collingwood   that they should stop, but he dismisses her.  When Rick is sent home, Collingwood comes along   to explain his sight will return in 24hs. They  had miscalculated the brain's ability to process   enhanced senses and Zane's mind simply overloaded,  but a new surgery could fix things. Abigail   finally snaps and demands to know the truth,  thus Collingwood finally admits they're injecting   animal DNA into the volunteers. He can't guarantee  that it'll work so he understands Abigail's worry,   but he also points out they've always known there  would be risks. Rick needs to go through this   new procedure to survive; Abigail hates hearing  this and stays distant for a while. A day later,   Rick removes the bandages and confirms his sight  is fine, he also shaves his head to avoid having   bald spots. When night falls, he discovers he  can see every detail in the darkness and he's   so impressed that he calls Collingwood to confirm  he'll do the procedure. While the families stay   home, all the volunteers are put through surgery,  but there are lots of complications and most of   them die. In the end, only Rick and Tally are  left alive and healthy. The next day, Andrew,   Abigail, and Lucas visit Rick and Tally, and they  are shocked to discover they've become some kind   of mutated creatures that only communicate  through tactile contact and a low-frequency   that humans can't hear. Rick puts his hand against  the glass that separates them, making Abigail cry,   and her tears get worse when Collingwood gives her  Rick's wedding ring. In a few days, Tally and Rick   will be leaving for Titan, but meanwhile they're  allowed to stay home. Rick has trouble putting   on human clothes and when Abigail tries to help  him, Rick accidentally hits her. He tries to check   on her, but now Abigail's so scared of him that  she can't help moving away from his touch. Rick   spends most of his time in the pool, feeling  more comfortable there than in the house. One   night after putting Lucas to bed, Abigail looks  outside and discovers Tally entering the garden   with her hand covered in blood. Rick doesn't  look bothered by this and approaches Tally so   they can communicate through some weird tentacles  that come out from their fingers. At that moment,   the army arrives in the neighborhood and finds  Andrew dead in the shower. They begin approaching   Abigail's house too, causing her to run upstairs  to hide with Lucas. The soldiers shoot Tally with   tranquilizer darts, and it takes quite a few  of them to knock her down. However when they   come closer, Tally reveals she's awake and uses  the tentacles to kill one of them. The others   immediately respond by opening fire to kill her.  Next the soldiers try to come after Rick, but he   easily knocks them out with his new strength. Rick  tries to drown the last soldier in the pool, but   Abigail hears the commotion and comes out to stop  him. Unfortunately it's too late, and realizing   what he's done, Rick runs away. Colonel Solano  calls his entire team to begin looking for Rick,   ignoring Collingwood when he asks him not to kill  him because he's expensive research. Abigail and   Lucas are taken to the base for safety reasons,  but Abigail leaves when she realizes where Rick   went. After making sure she isn't followed,  Abigail runs to their special spot and finds   Rick there. Abigail offers her hand to prove she  isn't scared anymore, and once Rick's tentacles   have grabbed her wrist, she kisses him. It's at  that moment that the army helicopters find them   and knock them out. Abigail wakes up later at the  base with Collingwood by her side, explaining they   had to hurt her for her own good. The Pentagon is  shutting down the program soon, meaning they need   to send Rick to Titan immediately, because Tally  proved the Earth's atmosphere will either drive   them crazy or just kill these new bodies. However  they can't force him to do it either because that   may kill him too, so Abigail needs to convince  Rick to go. Afterward she's taken to see Rick,   who is being kept inside a glass cage. Collingwood  wants Abigail to give Rick a shot of quetiapine,   which works as a chemical lobotomy and will erase  all his memories. Abigail doesn't like this,   but Collingwood explains it's the only way to make  him leave. A soldier gives her the injection with   the quetiapine from a drawer, which Abigail drops  just to make him pick it up. Then Abigail enters   the cage, and after exchanging a meaningful  look with Rick, she gives him the injection,   which knocks him out. When Abigail comes out,  she asks Freya to come with her while a soldier   approaches Rick to get him ready for the trip.  However Rick's only pretending to be unconscious   and kills the man, it's then that Collingwood  realizes Abigail grabbed saline from the drawer   when the soldier wasn't looking and that's what  she gave to Rick. The soldiers open fire, but Rick   just runs away and hides in dark rooms where he  has sight advantage. Abigail goes to pick Lucas   up and Freya guides them to an alternate exit,  where they reunite with a heavily wounded Rick.   Lucas and Abigail hug him to prove again they  aren't scared, and Freya looks for some medicine,   but suddenly all the soldiers show up. Collingwood  asks the women to get away or the soldiers will   shoot everyone, but Abigail refuses. Furious,  Collingwood asks the soldiers to open fire,   but Solano stands up to him and tells him he won't  shoot two unarmed women and an innocent kid. Then   he aims his own gun at Collingwood, and all the  other soldiers follow his example. As Collingwood   gets arrested, Abigail rushes to Rick's side, and  her hug allows him to reinforce his most precious   memories. Sometime later, Abigail together with  Freya become researchers on the Titan II project,   using more ethical methods to save the  world. Meanwhile Rick is sent to Titan,   where he reveals his new body has  wings and can fly around his new home.
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