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Glass Onion
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Miles Bron, co-founder of  tech conglomerate; Alpha,   is an eccentric billionaire who likes showing off  his wealth. He has an annual tradition where he   invites his best friends to extravagant  locations and throws parties for them. Even this time, he has sent an invitation in the  form of a mystery box. The first one to receive   it is Lionel Toussaint, the chief scientist at  Alpha. He is regarded as one of the smartest tech   aficionado’s in town. Following this, the Governor  of Connecticut; Claire Debella, and a fashion   designer; Birdie Jay, also receive the same boxes.  The final friend from the group is Duke Cody,   a YouTuber with millions of followers. His channel  focuses on the importance of men’s rights. The   four discuss the mystery box in a group call and  eventually find the invitation from Miles inside. Later we get to know that 2 more people have  been invited. The first one is a depressed   looking woman, whose name is unknown,  while the second one is a middle aged man;   Benoit Blanc. Google says that he  is the best detective in the world. In the next scene, the entire group arrives at a  port in Greece as per their invitations. The four   friends are happy to meet each other, but  when they see the depressed woman show up,   their expressions change. The  woman is revealed to be Andi Brand,   the other co-founder of Alpha. She and Miles  started the company and took it to new levels,   but for some reason, she had to abruptly leave.  On the other hand, the detective; Benoit,   has never met any of the members; even Miles.  He actually doesn’t know why he was invited. Meanwhile, a private yacht arrives to  escort them. Benoit is taken aback by   the luxuries around him. He strikes up a  conversation with the tech genius; Lionel,   and learns that Miles has invited  them to play a murder mystery game. After a while, they finally arrive at  their destination. It is a huge island,   which Miles has rented for himself. He  is seen playing guitar on the shore,   singing a popular Beatles song. When the  group approaches him, Miles wastes no time   in showing off his wealth. He mentions that the  guitar was gifted to him by none other than the   lead singer of the Beatles; Paul MCcartney.  Miles greets all his friends one by one,   but as expected, he is taken aback to see Andi.  He is also confused to see the detective there. Nonetheless, he introduces the island to  everyone, revealing that it’s just him and   them. There are no helpers or maids, and the  entire work is carried out by android robots.   The upper part of the villa is made up of  glass, and it looks like an onion. Miles   mentions that he has kept his favorite sports  car up there. After the briefing session,   he sends everyone to their respective rooms, and  asks them to arrive by the pool in the evening. Later, he takes detective Benoit to the glass  onion and suddenly asks ‘What are you doing   here?’ Perplexed, the latter replies ‘you sent  me an invitation.’ Miles asserts that he didn’t,   so Benoit takes out the invitation card he  found inside the mystery box. Seeing this,   it finally dawns on Miles that someone  from the group sent their invitation card   to Benoit. They probably wanted to have the  best detective in the world for the murder   mystery game. Miles also likes the idea, so  he officially invites Benoit to his place. In the next scene, everyone arrives at  the pool to hang out. The outcast, Andi,   is also there but everyone keeps mocking her about  something that she did in the past. Meanwhile,   the youtuber; Cody, reveals that he has a gun  on him. When the others ask why he brought it,   Cody simply replies ‘Why not?’ As all this is  happening, Benoit can be seen eavesdropping on   everyone’s conversation. He also manages to snoop  around the large villa when no one is watching. Later, Miles gathers everyone and once again  starts bragging about himself. He points to   each one of his friends and reveals how he has  elevated their careers. Miles made Lionel the   head scientist of Alpha, he campaigned  for Claire and won her the election,   he promoted Cody’s YouTube channel to make it  go viral, and finally, he introduced Birdie to   the fashion industry. While he says all this,  the 4 friends look annoyed. This makes it clear   that they just pretend to like Miles, because  without his influence and money, they are nothing. Meanwhile, Andi gets up and starts giving  a lecture. She is especially angry with her   former business partner; Miles, who unfairly  ousted her and became the sole owner of Alpha.   She then turns on the rest, calling them ‘greedy  liars’. However, the four quickly retaliate and   say meaner things to her. This deeply affects  Andy, so she storms away from the place. That night, the real party finally begins.  Everyone is dressed in their fancy clothes,   and Miles shows them around  the place. Surprisingly,   he has the iconic Mona Lisa painting hung  on his wall. Benoit thinks it’s a fake one,   as the real painting is in the  Louvre Museum in Paris. However,   Miles reveals that he bought it for an amount  that not even the French Government could refuse. Then, he whips out a small crystal-like  substance, which he calls ‘Klear’. Apparently,   this tiny substance has the ability  to power enormous appliances,   without the emission of any harmful gasses.  Miles mentions that Klear is manufactured   using only seawater. Benoit asks if he can take  a look at it, so Miles tosses it towards him.   He calls it ‘the future’, which will help  solve the global energy crisis problem. While everyone looks in astonishment, Lionel  appears to be angry. He confronts Miles and   asks for more time to test the substance, before  it can go commercial. However, to his dismay, the   wealthy billionaire reveals that he has already  tested it. In fact, the very island that they   are on is powered by a single gram of ‘Klear’.  That’s how powerful it is. Despite the revelation,   Lionel is skeptical about the plan, as he believes  that the crystal is dangerous and inflammable. After a while, Miles finally starts his mystery  murder game. At first, he explains all the rules   like how he will be fictionally murdered by  someone and how there are clues scattered   all across the house. Miles also reveals that he  hired James Cameron to prepare the entire game,   which he believes is extremely difficult.  But before he can even finish, Benoit,   using his god-like detective skills, solves  the case. He points to a bunch of clues and   concludes that Birdy is going to commit the  murder. Everyone in the room is shocked,   and looking at Miles’ expression, it  is confirmed that Benoit is correct. Now that the game is over, everyone  resorts to drinking and dancing. Meanwhile,   Miles takes Benoit to the glass onion  and asks ‘Why did you have to ruin the   party’? The latter replies that being a  detective, he couldn’t help it. Just then,   he notices a small note framed on the wall.  On enquiring, Miles reveals that it was the   first blueprint of his company; Alpha, which he  had written on a napkin. He showed it to Andi,   and she immediately liked the plan. Then,  together, they built Alpha and made it successful. Saying all this, Miles mentions  that he misses those times when   he and his friends used to hang out  in bars. Although he was not rich,   he had friends who genuinely cared and loved him.  But now, they are only after his fame and money. Meanwhile downstairs, the group has  again started with Andi. They tell   her to go back home and never show  herself again. Cody even mentions ‘I   don’t regret anything’. Hearing this, Andi  becomes enraged and walks away from there. Soon, Miles arrives and encourages everyone  to continue with the party. He promises to   have other games set up the next day. Just then,  Cody gets a notification on his phone and calls   Miles to check it out. When the latter sees  it, he appears to be concerned. Nonetheless,   he maintains his happy face and  starts dancing with the others. Shortly after, Cody, who is having a drink,  suddenly starts choking and drops to the floor.   Everyone surrounds him to check if he’s fine,  but Benoit reveals that he has died. This sends   everyone into a state of panic, and they decide  to leave immediately. However, being a detective,   Benoit tells them to stay right where they are. He  suspects that Cody didn’t die of natural causes,   but he was murdered. The whiskey he  was sipping on was probably poisoned. As Benoit is explaining his theory, Miles  suddenly notices his initials on the glass   Cody was drinking in. This reveals that  the killer wanted to poison him, but Cody   accidentally switched glasses and drank from it.  Realizing that the killer is still on the loose,   Miles goes into a state of panic. To make matters  worse, the group finds out that Cody’s gun is   also missing. Miles pleads with Benoit for  protection, but just then, the lights go out. It turns out that Miles had scheduled the lights  to go out at this time, hoping that the game would   become more interesting. The darkness causes  chaos among the group, and they start running   here and there. Most of them suspect Andi to  be the killer, as she is the only one having   an agenda against them. So, they start looking  for her collectively, hoping to finish her off. Fortunately, Benoit gets to her first and  briefs her about the recent turn of events.   He also tells her that they are very close to  finding out the truth. This finally reveals   that the two have been working together.  But before Andi can reach a safe location,   someone shoots from a nearby room. Benoit is  left speechless, and right before his eyes,   she passes away. Soon after, the others also  arrive and see the lifeless body of Andi. Following this, the movie goes into a flashback.  Andi arrives at Benoit’s place with her invitation   card, and hands it to him. She is wearing  normal clothes, which is very unlikely of her.   In a foreign accent, she then introduces  herself as Andi’s sister; Helena. She has   come here all the way from Alabama to avenge her  sister’s death. Helena explains that 4 days ago,   Andi was found dead inside her garage, and all the  signs pointed at her committing the unthinkable.   However, given her history with Miles and the  others, Helena knows that she was murdered. To prove her theory, she brings out Andi’s  phone and displays the last email she had sent   before her death. In it, she had attached  a picture of her holding a red envelope,   and the message read ‘I’ve finally found  it, I’m giving you all once last chance to   confess’. Andi had sent the email to Miles and the  4 friends, but none of them ever replied to her. However, when Helena searched the entire house  after her sister’s death, she couldn't find the   envelope. This means that whatever was inside  it was very important, and someone had to kill   her to take it away. Helena knows that one of the  five committed the murder, but she can’t say who. Now, she has come to Benoit to ask for help, as  according to Google, he is the best detective in   the world. Prior to her death, Andi had already  got the invitation, so she wants Miles to go   to the private party in Greece and look for the  murderer. The latter thinks for a while and asks   Helena if the public knows about her sister’s  murder. When she says ‘no’ Miles asks her to   come along with him, disguised as Andi, as no one,  apart from the murderer, knows about her truth. If   she plays along, it will be easier to identify  the culprit. Helena is initially skeptical about   the plan, but when Benoit asserts that  it’s for her late sister, she agrees. The next night, before boarding a ship to  Greece, the two meet at the seaside and plot   their next step. Helen has had a complete  makeover, and she looks exactly like her   sister. She has also been reading Andi’s  journal to learn her mannerisms. Curious,   Benoit asks Helen to read some parts of the  journal, and the movie goes further into the past. It is revealed that a few years ago, Andi and the  four were good friends. They used to hang out at   a bar and be happy at the smallest of things. Life  was simple, but difficult at the same time. Then,   one day, Andi introduced her friend, Miles, to  all of them. He was a curious guy who had a lot   of ideas and opinions. Slowly, he became close to  everyone, and they accepted him into their group. One evening, Andi had a remarkable idea.  It was about starting a tech company,   with the most advanced, yet cheapest products.  She even wrote down her idea on a piece of napkin,   which Miles approved immediately. The two  then became partners and established Alpha,   which went on to become one of the largest tech  corporations in the world. But like every other   establishment, this one was not short of  problems. Miles wanted to use a new element   aka Klear to power up factories, but Andi was  against it. She even threatened to leave the   company and take half the shares, if it was the  only way to stop him from investing in Klear. Soon, the matter went to court. Both sides gave  their statements and it all boiled down to who was   the real owner of Alpha. Andi, being the rightful  owner, said that she first came up with the idea,   and even wrote it down on a piece of napkin. The  judge asked her to show proof, but unfortunately,   Andi had lost the note. So, she asked her friends;  Claire, Birdy, Cody, and Lionel, to vouch for her.   However, to her astonishment, they lied and  took Miles’ side. The latter had even managed   to create a fake note, which eventually won  the case in his favor. In this way, Andi was   kicked out of her own company and deceived  by her own friends. Desperate for revenge,   she searched her entire house and finally found  the note. Then, she put it inside an envelope,   clicked a picture with it,  and sent it to her ex-friends. Following this, the movie fast forwards to the  time Helen and Benoit arrived on the island.   On the day when Andi, aka Helen stormed  off after having an argument at the pool,   she was followed by Claire and Cody. Helen  asked why they didn’t reply to her email,   to which Claire revealed that she couldn’t  because she is a politician. One wrong move   would end her career. However, she, along  with the others, had come to her house and   banged on the door for hours. When no one  responded, they left. Cody then revealed   that he was the first one to come, and on  the way, he almost got into an accident. Next, the movie forwards to the scene where the  party had just started. Helen once again argues   with the group and goes out, but her real plan  was to check their rooms for the red envelope.   She spent hours and turned every room upside down,  but could’t find it. Suddenly the lights went out,   and when she rushed outside, she met Benoit. This  is when she was shot dead by an unknown assailant. But surprisingly, after a few seconds, she  miraculously woke up. It turns out the journal   she was carrying saved her from the bullet.  Benoit was relieved to see her alive, but he   also had an idea in mind. He wanted her to keep  playing dead so that she could get enough time to   find the envelope. Helen obliged, and to make the  scene more convincing, Benoit applied some ketchup   on her face. Once everyone left, she quickly  rushed to the one place she hadn’t searched;   the glass onion. Luckily, her guess turned out to  be true, and she found the envelope behind a wall. Back in the present, Benoit gathers everyone  and explains that he finally knows who the   real killer is. It is none other than the  billionaire; Miles. Just some hours ago,   the police found Andi’s dead body and the news  quickly circulated. Cody, being a YouTuber, got   to know of this, so he started blackmailing Miles.  It turns out when Cody was on his way to Andi’s   house some days ago, he had come across Miles and  almost crashed into his car. This means that the   cunning billionaire had already killed Andi, and  taken the envelope before any of them arrived. Unfortunately, before Cody could make use of  this information, Miles poisoned him to death.   He even switched their glasses to divert  the attention from him. Following this,   Miles took his gun and killed Helen, as she was  getting dangerously close to finding out the   truth. He had known that she was an imposter  all along, but decided to remain silent. Just then, Helen also arrives with the  note in her hand, shocking everyone. She   then confronts Miles and taunts him that  he’ll soon be behind bars, but just then,   the latter puts fire on her note and burns it  down. WIth this, the final piece of evidence of   their whole mission is erased. Helen asks the  rest of the group if they will vouch for her,   but no one agrees. After all that has  happened, they still support Miles. Distraught, Benoit leaves the room, but not  before handing the ‘Klear’ crystal to Helen.   Surprisingly, this reinvigorates her, and  she starts smashing everything in the room.   Miles assumes that she is simply angry, so he  doesn’t try to stop her. But to his horror,   Helena lights fire on the place. She  then throws the Klear crystal inside it,   causing the glass onion to explode. Sadly,  the iconic Mona Lisa painting also burns down. As a result, the group finally realizes  that what Miles is doing is wrong. He is   a terrorist who only cares about himself and  his fame, and not the safety of others. Hence,   they agree to support Helena, and put Miles  behind bars. The billionaire is enraged,   and he tries to persuade his ‘friends’ by offering  them money, but this time, they don’t listen. In the final scene, a victorious Helena approaches  Beniot and thanks him for everything. Then,   as they look at each other, a boat can be seen in  the dead of the night, probably to pick them up.
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