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The movie begins as we are introduced to the  protagonist named Chev. Chev is a skilled   assassin who specializes in killing elite  and powerful people. He works for Carlito,   an authoritative ringleader of an enormous  Mexican cartel. At Carlito’s request,   Chev had assassinated Kim, a Chinese competitor  of his employee, which earned him many angry foes. One morning, Chev gets out of bed and immediately  starts to experience some severe symptoms. His   vision is blurred, and he can barely walk  as he staggers to his living room. There,   he finds a video disc and plays it on his  TV. On the tape, Ricky, a fellow hitman,   delivers a message to Chev. Ricky reveals that he  injected the assassin with a toxin in his sleep,   and discloses that the poison  would kill him within an hour. Chev is outraged at hearing the news, and destroys  the TV in frustration. He immediately races to   his car and speeds to a nearby club to look  for Ricky. On his way there, he calls Kaylo,   his street informant, and asks him to find the  missing hitman, to aid him enact his revenge. While on the steering wheel, Chev’s heartbeat  gradually slows down as he struggles to keep   his eyes open. Luckily, he manages to  reach the club and barges past the door.   Chev immediately seizes the club’s owner,  and holds him at gunpoint. The assassin   asks about Ricky’s current location, but the  owner calmly explains that he doesn’t know. Chev is disappointed at his answer and returns  to his car as he speeds off. A few minutes later,   he calls his doctor named Miles. Chev explains  his situation to him and details the symptoms he’s   experiencing. After some thought, Miles reveals  that Chev was injected with a poison known as the   “Chinese Cocktail.” The toxin is extremely fatal  and shuts down adrenaline production in the body. Miles advises Chev to keep moving to  increase his body’s adrenaline production,   as failure to do so would result in immediate  death. The doctor also tells him that he traveled   out of town but would return in a few hours.  Chev thanks him for his advice and cuts the call. Right then, Chev hears a loudspeaker asking  him to pull over and spots multiple police   vehicles behind him. Seeing this, he  uses this as an opportunity to pump   up his adrenaline. Instead of pulling  over, he ignores their commands   and drives his car into a mall, as the  officers chase after him in hot pursuit.   He eventually crashes the car on an escalator  and escapes the cops through a back door. Chev bursts out the street and races to a  nearby taxi. He forcefully pulls out the   passenger and enters as he shouts at the driver  to speed off. Inside the cab, Chev follows the   doctor’s instructions and keeps moving as he  aggressively bops his head from side to side.   After a short drive, the cab pulls over at a  nearby supermarket, and Chev quickly enters it. He pulls the cashier across the  counter and threatens him with a gun.   Chev goes around the store and collects  a bunch of energy drinks. Afterwhich,   he returns to the cab and  heads to Carlito’s house. There, he joins Carlito in his pool  and converses with the cartel lord.   Chev discovers that Carlito is aware of his  predicament and even ordered it. It turns   out that the cartel was getting attacked by  the vengeful Chinese gang, following Kim’s   assassination. Hence, Carlito decided to have  Chev killed to make peace with the rival gang. Chev is furious to hear this and leaves  the house as he returns to his waiting cab.   He throws the cab driver to the floor and steals  his car as he races off with it. A few minutes   later, he receives a call from Miles, who offers  him more tips to combat the poison. The doctor   tells him to get some shots of epinephrine, a  synthetic version of adrenaline, from a hospital. Chev thanks the doctor for his help and  cuts the line as a call from Kaylo comes in.   The informant tells him that he spotted Ricky’s  brother, Alex, in a nearby eatery and asks Chev   to come to the location. Chev is delighted by  the news and instantly heads to the restaurant. He patiently waits outside the premises for  Alex and immediately attacks him as the man   steps outside. Chev amputates Alex’s hand  with a butcher knife and knocks him to the   ground. The assassin grabs Alex by the collar  and asks him about Ricky. Despite his injuries,   Alex refuses to snitch on his brother  and instead, tackles Chev to the ground. Kaylo comes to Chev’s rescue and hits Alex  on the head with a wooden stick. Alex is   distracted by the informant, and Chev seizes  the opportunity to shoot him from behind. A few minutes later, Chev enters a  hospital and disguises himself as a   patient. He walks calmly down a hallway,  but spots a pair of officers in a ward   and immediately sprints off. The officers  closely tail him. However, Chev manages to   stay ahead of them as he dodges some obstructing  patients and races down a flight of stairs. He sights a group of medics carrying a  patient on a stroller and rushes after   them. He seizes a nurse and holds him at  gunpoint as he asks for an epinephrine shot.   The nurse is frightened and frantically  searches the stroller cart for the drug.   Luckily, he finds the vial and hands  it to the hitman, who snatches it. Chev feels his heart rate gradually slowing down,  and devises a crazy plan to get it pumping. Chev   asks the nurse to shock him with a defibrillator,  but the medic is hesitant to do it. However,   when Chev points a gun at him, he succumbs to  his demands and blasts him with the device.   The shock is immense and throws Chev  backward as he falls into an elevator. The officers approach the elevator door to  arrest Chev but the hitman shoots at them,   as they retreat and hide behind a wall.  Chev throws a patient out of the elevator,   and shuts the doors as he heads  downstairs to finalize his escape. While the elevator goes down, he uses a syringe  to draw from the vial and injects himself. Sadly,   he takes an overdose of the drug and immediately  goes into overdrive, as he runs around the city   hyperactively. He eventually stops when  he sees a crowd watching TV on the street,   and discovers that the police have  launched a city-wide search for him. Meanwhile, Ricky gets word of his brother’s death  as his men deliver Alex’s decapitated hand to him.   Ricky is livid to discover  that Chev is responsible,   and decides to find and permanently kill him. In the other end of the city, Chev is concerned  about his girlfriend, Eve, and calls to check   on her. He is relieved to hear her voice,  and tells her he’d be at her house shortly.   An unsuspecting Eve doesn’t think much of it  and kisses him goodbye as she cuts the call. A minute later, Chev spots a policeman on a bike   and grabs his gun as he threatens the officer  to back away. Chev steals the bike and taunts   the cop by driving around in circles  before ultimately speeding to Eve’s house. There, he urges her to get dressed, and  the couple heads out of the apartment.   Outside, he spots one of Ricky’s men  and trips Eve’s bag to distract her.   While she picks it up, Chev attacks the thug  and snaps his neck, before dumping him in   a nearby pool. Chev returns to Eve, and the  couple goes downtown to a local restaurant. While they wait for their meal, Chev reveals  to Eve that he is a professional assassin.   He explains his current situation to her, and  informs her that she is in grave danger. Eve is   startled to hear this and believes Chev made the  story up to indirectly break up with her. Livid,   she storms out of the restaurant  while Chev closely follows her. He grabs her hand but immediately feels his  heartbeat slowing down as he drops to the floor.   To kickstart his heart, Chev asks Eve to pump his  adrenaline by doing “an activity” in the middle of   the street. Eve initially refuses and calls him  crazy, but gets turned on when he kisses her.   Eventually, the couple passionately do “that  activity” while the staring crowd cheers them on. Right then, Chev receives a call from Kaylo, who  informs him that Ricky is at a nearby warehouse.   Hearing this, Chev pulls his pants  back on and kisses Eve goodbye   before heading off to the revealed  location. Eve also puts on her   clothes as the spectators disperse and  continue with their respective lives. When Chev reaches the warehouse, he  finds Carlito’s men waiting for him,   and discovers that Kaylo is dead.  Chev realizes that his boss, Carlito   ordered his assassination, as the thugs  tortured Kaylo to lure him to the warehouse. An agitated Chev shoots and kills two of the  men as a gunfight ensues. A few moments later,   Chev spots Eve in the building’s elevator  and is astonished to see her. He immediately   races to the elevator while using Kaylo’s  corpse as a shield from the thugs’ shots.   However, just as Chev jumps into the  elevator, a bullet hits him in the leg. The couple takes the lift to the ground floor,  where a group of tailors are sewing clothes.   Chev ambushes one of the thugs and  shoves his hand in a sewing machine.   The man screams in agony, while Chev and Eve leave  the building as they drive away in a stolen car. Carlito’s men also enter their cars,  and pursue the couple in a fiery chase.   Chev speeds away in a quest to lose  his foes, but the thugs are resilient,   and shoot at Chev to stop him. Luckily,  the shots only hit the car’s back window,   and Chev quickly returns fire. His shots hit the  men, and ultimately cause their cars to crash. After they complete their getaway, Chev receives a  call from Miles, who tells him he’s back in town.   Chev is relieved to hear this and immediately  heads to the doctor’s residence. There,   Miles gives him an epinephrine infusion  to further stall the poison’s progression.   However, the physician clearly explains to  him that there is no antidote for the toxin,   and he’s sure to die in a couple hours.  Miles offers to give him a painless poison   to help him die easier, but Chev refuses, citing  that he still has a score to settle with Ricky. A few minutes later, Chev calls Ricky  and asks to meet in a nearby hotel.   Ricky accepts the offer and agrees to meet  him. Afterwhich, Chev cuts the call. The   hitman kisses Eve goodbye and promises to  return as he heads for the meeting venue. Chev loads his gun in the hotel’s  bathroom, and hides it under his coat   before entering an elevator. He goes  to the top floor and is welcomed by two   of Ricky’s men. The duo aggressively  collects his gun and ushers him to Ricky. Chev finds Carlito and Ricky sitting side by  side on a couch. After exchanging pleasantries,   Carlito pulls out a syringe containing  the “Chinese Cocktail” from his briefcase.   Carlito asks his men to hold Chev down, as he  prepares to inject the hitman with another dose   of the poison. Thus, killing him for good. However, before the thugs can make a move,  one of them is shot in the head. Carlito’s   gang is shocked to see this, but soon realizes  that a rival gang standing behind Chev took   the shot. When Carlito looks at the gang, he is  astonished to discover that they are led by Kim. In a flashback scene, we see that Chev spared  Kim’s life and asked the gang leader to get   out of town for a few days. Kim obliged, and  word spread to the streets that he was dead.   However, he has been alive and in hiding, the  entire time. Hence, to show his appreciation,   Kim brought along his gang to  save Chev from his cunny employer. The Chinese mafia opens  fire on Carlito and his men,   as the gang scatters to dodge the oncoming shots.  Ricky holds his gun to shoot the rival gang,   but Chev throws a wine bottle at  him, which chops off his fingers. Meanwhile, Carlito hides behind a wall and  calls his pilot to land a helicopter on the   roof. A few seconds later, Chev spots Carlito as  he leaves the area and goes up a flight of stairs.   Chev closely follows the gang leader and  stops him just as he enters the helicopter. Right then, Ricky sneaks behind Chev  and injects him with the second dose   of the poison. Carlito screams at Ricky  for ghosting him during the shootout,   prompting the angered hitman to  shoot the ringleader in the chest.   Ricky throws Carlito’s body out of the chopper  and tells the pilot to start the aircraft. As the chopper takes flight, Chev grabs the  door and attacks Ricky. The two men have a   fist fight high up the sky, and eventually  fall from the aircraft. While in the air,   Chev grabs Ricky’s neck and sharply snaps it.  Thus, finally completing his revenge mission.   Shortly after, Chev lands on a car and  bounces off it, as he drops to the floor. The movie ends as Chev stares wide-eyed  at the camera and blinks. Hence,   signifying that he is still alive.
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