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in the near future the company wife-like  enterprises sells android wives that will do   anything that their husbands want from dinner  to intimacy they can be programmed according   to the husband's tastes and they're incredibly  realistic to the point where you can insert the   memories of a dead loved one to pretend they're  still with you thousands of men use this service   but it also has its detractors the members of  the scare organization think the androids have   reached enough humanity to have rights and that  they deserve autonomy instead of being slaves   more extremist groups kidnap these androids  in an attempt to free them this is why the   company now has a team of recovery agents to  get them back william is the agent with the   best recovery record in the region and that's  why the company's ceo marion comes himself to   tell william that he doesn't have to worry about  losing his wife because they've made him a new   meredith with all the memories of the real one  as soon as william sees the android he can't   help remembering the night he met meredith she had  knocked on his door while collecting support for   her campaign to end wife like in the name of real  love instead of artificial emotions william takes   the new meredith home and after putting her  in one of his wife's old dresses he activates   her and guides her to the process of waking up  meredith's moves are awkward and she has to get   used to simple things like walking and breathing  she also refers to herself in third person however   william isn't worried and he explains she only  needs time to assimilate the implanted memories   before she knows it she'll behave so naturally  human-like that nobody will be able to tell   she's an android fortunately meredith remembers  william and the house feels very familiar to her   when knight falls she's ready to get frisky but  while william is quick to custom all the intimacy   settings to his liking he's still too nervous  and awkward to get started fortunately meredith   doesn't mind taking control of the situation  and guiding her husband through a night of fun   william would want to fall asleep together for the  rest of the night but meredith needs recharging   so she goes to sleep in another room where her  charging bed awaits in this room she finds some   of meredith's old things like a brush and  a diary but she doesn't dare to read it yet   when she looks out the window she sees something  weird among the garden trees but she can't tell   what it is and pays no mind the next morning while  meredith makes breakfast the couple watches the   news cover the latest protests seeing this prompts  meredith to ask william about his job and he   assures her that being an agent means working for  the safety of people like her unlike the scare who   reprograms androids to commit terrorist attacks  after william leaves for work meredith goes   through her old things like clothes and makeup  to hurry the process of becoming the real thing   at the company william and his partner jack go  over the details of the latest android abductions   they also see if there are any updates on scare's  leader the ringmaster but he continues to be   a ghost impossible to find hours later william  manages to find the house where they're keeping   the abducted androids just in time to see one  trying to escape william is told to wait for   backup but he disobeys and gets inside anyway to  catch the girl before she runs away as soon as he   comes closer he notices she has a shock collar  around her neck and he removes it before asking   her for the details of how many people are in the  house then william goes inside finding the first   criminal practicing boxing moves and knocking  him out easily in another room he finds the lab   where they reprogram the androids and frees  another wife from her shop caller however   when they're about to leave another criminal  appears pointing his gun at a third android   william gives him a warning but since the man  doesn't listen he just kills him with a few shots   calling it resisting the arrest meanwhile meredith  lays down on her bed for charging and is surprised   to see the interactive dream program activating in  this interface she meets ido the avatar that will   guide her through dream mode offering a birthday  party as her first dream after being welcomed by   william meredith is asked to dance by another  android wife called liddy who sends her to meet   a masked man that meredith doesn't recognize  while liddy's sister ollie distracts william   this masked man does know her and gives her a card  with a red bird on it claiming it to be a way to   help her remember unfortunately he leaves before  she can ask more questions in the background   louise lingers but decides not to interact back  at the company william drops the androids he saves   so they can be reprogrammed in the waiting room  he finds ollie and liddy giving him the finger   and he learns they're sent here for reset over and  over because they malfunction and keep rebelling   against their masters the next morning meredith  asks ito about the masked man but he has no record   of him in the memory files then meredith asks him  to list all of her old hobbies and is surprised to   see knitting isn't on the list because she's  felt compelled to try it since she woke up   ito installs knitting 101 and meredith begins  working on a cushion with a red bird on it   later she goes out for a ride on her bicycle  only to end up falling in the bushes when   she has to dodge louise who is standing in the  middle of the road on purpose to make her fall   she explains she's here to tell her the same thing  she says every time she sends her to the bush   they're running out of time and they need her  to remember then louise leaves without offering   more explanations when meredith returns home  william helps her wash off the dirt and asks   her not to pay louise any mind some women just  hate androids because they take away their men   blaming them for the high divorce and low birth  rates later meredith goes outside to watch the   lake which used to be her favorite spot this  warm memory prompts her to use eye instead of   referring to herself in third person which  means she finally has concept of self then   meredith gives william the cushion she knitted for  him william says he loves it but it's obvious from   his expression that he's lying after pointing out  meredith didn't knit william tells her about the   time they met claiming it to be an afternoon in  the park where meredith was reading on a bench   meredith can see the memory of her on the bench in  her mind but not the face of the man approaching   her thus when she's alone in the charging  room she finally reads meredith's old diary   the pages are full of descriptions of having  found the love of her life and meredith so   touched by these words that she tries to activate  self-exploration mode only to be denied access   next meredith activates dream mode but ito doesn't  understand why some files are blocked they choose   a memory at random to visit and meredith lands  on the park bench instead of william approaching   her though it's the masked man again telling  her this is where it all started and grabbing   her while begging her to remember meredith  suddenly wakes up to find william grabbing   her too explaining she just had a bad dream and  that they should share a room to avoid nightmares   once meredith goes to bed william sneaks outside  and throws the red bird cushion in the trash   meredith spends the night reading what is supposed  to be her favorite book and watches some of the   real wife's old videos including one of her in  a tent with the love of her life the next day   william goes to an office building looking for  another abducted android and finds her working   as a secretary she changed her name and some  facial features before adopting a human lifestyle   she also claims nobody stole her she walked  away by her own choice william doesn't believe   her and thinks she's been reprogrammed  so he orders her to come with him anyway   the android refuses though claiming she'd rather  die free before approaching the window and jumping   meanwhile meredith finds louise has sneaked inside  the house louise is pleased to see meredith is   already talking in first person explaining she  isn't always this quick after confirming her   people hacked into meredith's stream sequences  luis tells her that the masked man wants to   meet her in person she also points out that  william lied about the awful things scare does   knowing meredith is recording everything louise  leaves a message for william saying keane can't   wait to see him again at the company william  brings back the broken android because it's   his job but he's still in a state of shock his  mood only gets worse when he sees the new ads   promoting android babies that will never grow up  bewildered william asks for a meeting with marion   to demand an explanation about the android's  behavior marion dismisses his worry claiming   it must have been an accident or reprogramming  which are the excuses news outlets are putting up   back in the house meredith continues to read the  old diary with stories about the real meredith   wanting to run away with the love of her life  then she begins knitting a new red bird cushion   because she noticed the first one was lost when  william comes home he hates seeing the new cushion   but he's distracted by meredith telling him  about louise and playing the message she left   william decides to call jack for help explaining  he's been trying to protect meredith from keane   instead of using her to lure him to them but it's  time for a change while meredith is dreaming jack   will use his computer knowledge to track down  keane meredith creates the reality of the dream   and makes it feel real so if she gets hurt  her body will believe the pain is real too   when the dream begins meredith lets ido choose the  theme and he goes for halloween meredith appears   dressed as a skeleton at a spooky house filled  with creepy mannequins the masked man shows up and   finally reveals keane's face before showing her  the address where they should meet which is also   seen by jack and william on the screen they're  using to track the dream meredith wakes up with   questions about keane but william and jack leave  her in the house to jump into action jack takes a   backup team to the location the dream transmission  came from but they only find a bunch of mannequins   and a suitcase with sleeping gas meanwhile william  goes to the address keane showed in the dream yet   the only thing there is another mannequin wearing  the mask thinking this was a trap to get meredith   alone william rushes back to his house but the  android is fine she had heard a knock at the   door but nobody was there they only left another  diary behind with a note saying it's for william   meredith begins asking questions again prompting  william to finally confess that in the past keane   and scare used meredith for terrorist attacks  thus he deleted those memories from her mind   so she wouldn't have to suffer the pain and guilt  of having killed thousands of people with a bomb   after jack calls to report his findings william  is convinced that keane has hacked into meredith   and is using her to watch all his moves that's  why he can never find him he'll have to reset   meredith but before doing that he wants to be  sent to her dreamscape to confront keane at first   jack refuses to do it since engaging is against  the rules because of its real-life consequences   but william promises he won't engage he'll just  talk moments later jack is connecting william   and meredith to dream mode meredith's battery is  low already and she gets instructions to wake up   at 10 percent william only gets to wake up if she  does and he'll also feel the pain of her reality   the chosen dream is the woods where louise had  pushed meredith and as soon as keane shows up   so does william who tells meredith to run then he  wonders how kean is still alive before breaking   jack's rules and starting a fight meredith hides  in the memory of the birthday party with ollie   and liddy but william and keane end up crashing  there as well keane insists meredith will regain   her memories no matter how many times william  wipes them but before william can kill him   meredith's battery reaches 10 percent and she  wakes up william is frustrated because he almost   had him but jack is even angrier refusing to  be of help again because what just happened   is incredibly illegal after jack leaves meredith  expresses her wish not to have her memories erased   but william convinces her it's for the best  meredith is sent to the company to be reset and in   the waiting room all the androids welcome her back  as if they knew her ollie and lydia explain they   know how to protect their memories from resets  that's why they can remember her and this way   androids can keep passing on information to each  other to help the ring master bring wife like down   the ring master isn't a terrorist he frees  androids and helps them live a deprogrammed life   ali and lydia allow themselves to be caught  constantly in order to come back to this room   and bring other androids into their cause humans  can wipe out their memories but they can't touch   their dreams all meredith has to do is choose  what she wants to remember and cut and paste a new   file under dream mode she also must record this  conversation and play it while she's being reset   but when she goes home she needs to pretend she  doesn't remember to avoid william sending her back   to be reset they must wait for the battery to  run out so meredith uses the time to ask ito   to save all her memories under random once  the operators take her meredith learns that   the last time they did this her last words  were the f insult and she repeats it now   meanwhile louise breaks into jack's apartment  to leave his android wife a usb stick with very   important files the wife gives the stick to  jack as soon as he gets home hoping he'll   show her he truly is a good guy hours later  meredith wakes up with tons of new memories   including something about a stalker that she can't  quite understand however she remembers the rules   and when william takes her home she goes through  the wake up routine as if she was truly reset   william repeats exactly all the words from last  time showing he's done this way too many times to   count their reunion is suddenly interrupted by  jack who has looked at the files and now knows   the truth meredith never was william's  wife and keen is dead william killed him   so now he only lives in meredith's memories  that's why they can't find him william explains   he did it for love he took the real meredith the  same way thousands of husbands take an android   pointing out that they aren't above the law jack  tries to arrest his partner but william just   responds by shooting him meredith sees all this  and decides to reveal she knows everything too   william had met her the day she knocked on his  door promoting her campaign and since then he   became obsessed keane was meredith's boyfriend and  william stalked them both until he saw the chance   to strike he arrested them by reporting meredith  was a kidnapped android and after putting a shock   collar on her neck he shot keem before taking  meredith home the words of love on the diary the   memories of the bench and the tent all of it were  actually of meredith and keem william tried to   make a good wife out of meredith but she resisted  and refused to call this real love thus william   killed her with the red bird cushion and put a  ring on her finger to make her look like she truly   was her wife afterward when he made an android  out of her he only left the memories he liked   seeing that meredith remembers everything william  panics and begins rambling about having given her   a perfect life where she can't get sick or get  old plus his unconditional love meredith doesn't   care and fixes her settings to have full strength  then she attacks william as she reveals she had   been the ringmaster all along and the keen in her  memories had been louise wearing a mask to help   her come back meredith's mission was to record  everything and use it for the cause and now she's   ready for revenge after breaking williams arms and  name of keane and the real meredith she uses the   new red bird cushion to kill him after leaving the  ring behind meredith rejoins her sisters at the   scare secret headquarters promising all her fellow  freed androids that they'll never be reset again   meanwhile marion appears in the news lamenting  the loss of beloved agent jack and promises to   catch the culprits this mission shall be  assigned to william who appears on the   screen alive and healthy implying he must  be an android now make sure to subscribe   and turn on notifications so you can watch  more videos like this thanks for watching
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