A Thousand Words

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A Thousand Words
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The opening scene shows us a frantic man in a  house that is trashed. He's watering a tree in his   backyard that's almost completely dead, except for  a single branch with a few green leaves hanging on   for dear life. As the camera zooms into his face,  the man turns around and we see his mouth has been   tapped. If he speaks a single more sentence, he  will die. But how did he end up in this situation?   The scene shifts back a few weeks ago. Jack McCall  is a literary agent whose job is to find talented   writers and sell their books to publications.  Jack is an amazing businessman and an even more   talented talker. He is known among his colleagues  for being able to talk anyone into doing anything. Jack also has a beautiful wife Caroline  and a one year old son who he loves dearly   but he often neglects his family for work.  Caroline is used to taking care of the baby   on her own and is tired of her husband’s  nonchalance towards his family duties. One morning in his office, Jack finds out that a  famous spiritual guru Dr. Sinja is in the city. A   book written by him would definitely be a superhit  and bring in a lot of money, which piques Jack’s   interest. He pitches the idea to his team who are  skeptical if a spiritual leader will sign a deal   with them but Jack reminds them how amazing  his persuading skills are. The very next day,   he books a meditation session with Dr.  Sinja in hopes of meeting him. However,   when it comes to the actual meditation, he is  unserious and distracted. Just when the session   is about to end, Jack pretends to be overwhelmed  and is taken aside by Dr. Sinja himself. As they chat, Jack cleverly tells him that  he wishes to spread the doctor’s work to the   world in the form of a book. Dr. Sinja realizes  Jack’s intentions and walks into his backyard,   uninterested in his offer. The backyard has a  sacred Bodhi tree which gives Jack a splinter   when he tries to touch it. The men dismiss  the tiny wound and continue talking about   Jack’s offer. After he explains how much  he respects Dr. Sinja and his teachings,   the guru finally agrees to work with him. A thrilled Jack cancels his schedule for the  rest of day to visit his mother and tell her   about his recent success. She lives in an old  age home and has dementia which causes her   to frequently misname her son. Jack had never  had a good relationship with his late father,   Raymond. Hence, when his mother calls him  by his father’s name, he is visibly upset. The day gets even worse for him in the  evening when he and Caroline get into   an argument. Caroline wants to move into a  family-friendly neighborhood so their son   can grow up in a better environment but Jack  doesn’t want to leave the bachelor pad they   live in. He instead suggests they paint the  studio room to turn it into a kid’s nursery.   In the middle of the argument, the couple  feels the ground shaking. Within seconds,   the entire house starts moving and a Bodhi tree  grows out of nowhere in the backyard. Jack looks   at the magnificent tree, dumfounded, and  realizes that it looks identical to the   tree that gave him a splinter. It even  has the red mark that the original tree   had. He eventually comes to the conclusion  that Dr. Sinja sent it to him as a gift. The following morning, Jack is thrilled  to receive Dr. Sinja’s book that he thinks   will make him millions. However, his plan  goes in vain when he finds out the book is   only five pages long. Assuming that Dr. Sinja is  playing a joke on him, Jack goes to his ashram,   only to find out that the spiritual leader wants  to keep the book short. He argues that this is a   breach of contract but Dr. Sinja remains adamant  in his decision. As they chat, Jack brings up   the tree in his backyard which piques Dr. Sinja’s  interest. They go to his house to check it and see   that a branch has no leaves while the rest of the  tree is green. After inspecting it for a while,   Dr. Sinja comes to a shocking revelation; Jack’s  life is now tied to the tree. Every word he speaks   will cause a leaf to shed which means when there  are no leaves left, his life will end as well. Jack freaks out and tries to ax the tree  down but ends up hurting himself. This is   when it is revealed that if the tree  is harmed, Jack will suffer with it;   he has no way to save himself other than to  stop speaking entirely. Dr. Sinja promises to   help him after consulting his colleagues in  Bolivia, but even that will take three days. The next morning, Jack wakes up from a nightmare  and tries to leave a note for his wife. It doesn’t   take him long to find out that every word he  writes will also make a leaf fall. In fact, if he   tries to communicate with anyone in any way, the  tree will reciprocate. In the following scene, he   hopelessly goes to work and comes across several  hurdles in the way because of his new disability.   The barista gives him wrong orders of coffee and  he causes an accident trying to save a blind man. However, the day only gets worse for him at  work when he is introduced to an important   investor who he cannot talk to. As he tries to  get through the conversation, two squirrels start   climbing up the tree at home. As a result,  Jack feels ticklish and starts laughing,   making a fool out of himself. Later that day,  he brings his assistant Arron to a meeting,   hoping that he can communicate with the  investors. In the middle of it, Jack sweats   profusely because of the tree being watered at  home. The investors try to ignore the elephant   in the room but the meeting ends in a disaster  because of Arron’s lack of communication skills. After a long day, when Jack finally reaches home,   Caroline tries to talk to him about their  relationship. She takes his silence as anger,   causing a bigger argument and walking out with the  baby. Within only a day of living with the curse,   Jack has lost his biggest investors and his  family is hanging by a thread. The reality   of it all hits him like a storm, making  him feel helpless. He tries calling Dr.   Sinja in Bolivia for an update and wastes  several leaves, but doesn’t get an answer. The next day, Caroline makes a final attempt to  salvage their marriage by calling Jack to a hotel   room for a steamy night. He sees her waiting  for him in lingerie and excitedly enters the   room. But things start going downhill soon  when Caroline asks him if he loves her. All   Jack can say is the word “yes” which pushes  Caroline to leave him for good. Right after,   Jack has to go to yet another meeting with the  investors who he blew yesterday. This is the final   chance he has to impress them and apologize for  the previously failed meeting. Although nervous,   Jack does his best to fit in, but luck just  doesn’t seem to be working on his side. At home,   the gardener sprays pesticides on the Bodhi tree. This causes Jack to cough uncontrollably.  Nonetheless his boss tries to keep the meeting   going before Jack gets high on the chemical  and stuffs her nose with a stick. This acts   as the last straw for the investors who no longer  want to associate with someone so childish. After   the meeting, Jack’s boss fires him, making  sure he is blacklisted from the industry. At the end of the day, he frustratedly goes  home and calls his assistant Arron over. Using   a picture, he tries explaining  the situation to a poor Arron,   who finally gets it after several hours.  When he refuses to believe the curse exists,   Jack has to waste more words to prove himself. After that, he keeps Arron incharge of observing  the tree and goes around the city doing random   acts of kindness. He feeds the poor, donates to  a church, and helps a cat stuck on a tree, all   while on the phone with Arron, but nothing breaks  the curse. Eventually, Aaron has to go back to the   office and Jack is left alone again. He helplessly  sits in front of the tree and meditates. When relaxed, Jack imagines his  childhood. He remembers how he   had a happy family until his father left his  mother and abandoned him. Even years later,   he has not been able to forgive his father for his  deeds and it has always bothered him. Suddenly,   Jack wakes up from the relaxed state and  finds out Dr. Sinja is back in the town. With eyes full of hope, he  rushes to meet the guru,   only to be told that nothing can be  done about the situation. Dr. Sinja   has asked every enlightened guru he knows  but no one has an answer. At this point,   all he can say is that Jack has to make peace  with something within him to break the curse. Losing all will to live, Jack returns home and  resorts to drinking. Aaron comes to his rescue   and tries helping him but Jack has decided  to end his life by singing to a song. The   tree loses most of its leaves before Aaron  knocks Jack out and sticks a duct tape over   his mouth. As the camera pans towards the tree,  we see that only one branch of leaves are left. The next morning, Jack wakes up knowing that  it is his last day on earth. He listens to his   heart and knows exactly what he wants to do with  the last few words he has left to speak. First,   he goes to Caroline and tells her he loves her.  He then helps a struggling writer who he has   been ignoring for months by buying his work  for ten thousand dollars. Next, he goes for   a walk on the beach and observes people living  their life. An old couple talking about their   love life reminds him of his childhood. Finally,  when it starts to get dark, he goes to his mother. She mistakes him for his father again,  but this time, Jack goes along with it.   He listens as she happily reveals how successful  her son is and how proud she is of him. However,   there is one thing she doesn’t like about  Jack; he has too much hatred in his heart   and he refuses to let go of it. She knows that  he is suffering because of the grudge he holds   against his father and believes it is time for  him to let it go. Although Jack cannot speak,   he is left speechless. He finally understands  that no matter the amount of success he achieves   he will never be happy until he forgives his  father. Determined to do the right thing,   Jack tells his mother that he loves her,  leaving only the last three leaves on the tree. In the following scene, Jack goes to his  father’s grave and in a moment of epiphany,   tells him that he forgives him. With his last  words spent, there are no leaves left on the   tree. Consequently, a sharp pain hits his chest  and he falls to the ground. A few seconds later,   his phone starts ringing and he picks it up with  all this strength. On the other end, Aaron tells   Jack he won’t believe what just happened. The tree  is magically green again and the curse is broken. The scene changes to a few months later.  Dr. Sinja calls Jack to his ashram,   to congratulate him on writing a book. It  is called “A Thousand Words” and is about   Jack’s story and his relationship with his father.  After the curse was broken, he has turned into a   different person. He is now a family man who is  genuinely happy with his life. In the meantime,   Aaron has taken Jack’s place in the office and is  as arrogant as his boss was. He is soon about to   learn his own lesson which he will get from the  Bodhi tree that magically appears in his office. Somewhere else, Jack surprises Caroline by  getting her the house she really wanted in   an area where their child can have a good life. He  has planted a Bodhi tree in the yard to remember   the lessons he has learned. The movie ends as the  couple plays with their child in their new house.
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