Ant-Man and the Wasp

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Ant-Man and the Wasp
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The movie kicks off with renowned physicist  Hank Pym and his wife Janet. Several years ago,   while working for SHIELD, he discovered  the magic particles through which one   could shrink in size or become excessively  large. Hank and his wife made suits for   themselves using these particles and  fought against the bad guys. In 1987,   during one of their missions, they had to  stop a Soviet nuclear missile from detonating.   They landed on the missile and shrinked into  the size of insects, but even that was not   enough to gain entry inside it. So, with time  running out, Janet decided to risk her life. She   reduced herself even further until she reached  subatomic size. Then, she successfully entered   the missile and destroyed it from within, hence  saving the country from catastrophe. However,   in the process, Janet got stuck in the Quantum  Realm, a dimension which consists of nothing   but endless void. She tried her best to regain her  original size and get back to the original world,   but failed. As a result, Hank believed that  she passed away and moved on with his life. However, several years later, when the  ant-man; Scott Lang, manages to get out   of the Quantum Realm, Hank gets renewed hope  that his wife is still alive and that there   is a way to get her back. His daughter; Hope,  is also ready to help him in any way possible. Meanwhile, after the events of Captain America;  Civil War, the Avengers, including Scott,   are under house arrest because they violated the  Sokovia Accords in Leipzig. Scott spends most of   his day playing with his daughter; Cassie. With  the help of his best friend; Luis, he has set up   a mini playground throughout the house. However,  one day, when he accidentally breaks the fence   with his feet, the FBI arrives to check on him.  Detective Wu warns him to stay out of trouble,   saying he has only 3 days of house arrest left.  After that, he is free to go wherever he wants. Overjoyed by the revelation, Scott tries his  best to pass the time. He plays the drums,   practices magic and does all sorts of stuff  which he never imagined he’d do. But one day,   when he gets into the tub to take a bath, he  suddenly starts dreaming of playing hide and   seek with Janet and a young Hope. Startled,  he wakes up and immediately calls Hank. It   is revealed that the two have not been in  contact since his house arrest. Scott tells   him that he had a strange vision about Janet  but Hank thinks he is joking and ends the call. A few moments later, Scott notices  something flying around the house,   but before he can investigate, it sedates him,  causing him to pass out. When he wakes up,   he finds himself being driven somewhere by Hope.  It turns out she was the insect that was flying   around his house earlier. She wants him to meet  her dad and help him get Janet back. Scott agrees,   but just then, he realizes that he  is on house arrest. He yells at Hope   for taking him away when he was only 1  day away from being released. However,   she calms him down and explains that she took  off his ankle bracelet and put it on a giant   ant she found in his apartment. Now, the FBI  will have no clue that he is out of the house. In the next scene, they arrive at the lab,  where Hank seems to have created a tunnel to   the Quantum Realm. Scott takes a brief look  at it, and then starts explaining about his   dream in detail. Hearing this, Hank and Hope  are stunned, because Janet loved to play hide   and seek. They deduce that Scott has somehow  connected to her after spending some time in   the quantum realm. This might also mean that  Janet is trying to communicate through him,   possibly to give away her exact coordinates.  Meanwhile, Hank reveals that although the tunnel   is almost ready, they are missing a key electronic  component. So, they are going to meet someone who   can provide it to them. Before they leave, Hank  shrinks the lab to the size of a briefcase and   takes it with him. Surprisingly, a transparent  figure is eavesdropping on them from nearby. The three arrive outside a restaurant, but only  Hope gets in, while the guys stay inside the van   and monitor the situation. Hope meets a black  market dealer named Sonny Burch and asks if he   has the component she is looking for. The latter  says ‘yes’, but he wants a substantially large   sum for it. When Hope tries to negotiate, Burch  refuses, saying he has other clients who can give   him better deals. Upset, Hope pretends to leave,  but the very next second, she changes into her   Wasp suit and starts fighting with Burch’s  goons. She has blasters and other hi-tech   gadgets on her suit, with the help of which she  easily defeats them. Hope then approaches Burch   and snatches the component from him, but as she's  walking away, the transparent figure from earlier   attacks her. It is able to pass through any  solid, which makes Hope's attacks useless.  When the situation gets out of hand,  Ant-man also joins in on the fight. However,   even with all his expertise, the transparent  figure manages to get away with the component.   To make matters worse, it also gets inside  Hank’s van and steals his briefcase. The old   man is furious and devastated, as the lab  was his only hope of getting Janet back. After a while, Scott brings the father-daughter  duo to his friend; Luis’ office, because he   believes that home is not safe anymore. The three  then start thinking of ideas to get the briefcase   back. Scott asks Hank if he knows someone who can  help them in this situation, and the latter brings   up his former friend Bill Foster. It is revealed  that they were very close in the past, but because   of an incident, they stopped talking. Nonetheless,  Hank decides to pay him a visit and ask for help. Elsewhere, the transparent entity takes off its  mask, and reveals itself to be a girl. Her name is   Ava Starr. She keeps on phasing in and out, and by  the look on her face, it is evident that she is in   a lot of pain. Ava then steps inside a special  chamber to control her powers and recharge.  Meanwhile, Scott and the gang arrive at the  university where Bill works. He is teaching   his students, but as soon as he sees Hank, he  sends everyone away. The two are still bitter   over their past and almost get into a fight. But  right then, Scott spots detective Wu outside and   stresses that they have to leave. Before going  though, Bill explains that they can locate the   lab by modifying one of the suit’s regulators.  Hank mentions that they can’t use the new ant-man   suit because it is still in its trial phase, so  Scott proposes that they use the old one. The   only problem is that he gave it to his daughter,  and she has taken it to school in a trophy case. Later, Scott and Hope sneak into Cassie’s school,  disguised as insects. Everything goes according   to plan for a while, but then, Scott’s suit  malfunctions, forcing him to hide inside a   room. As he tries to fix his suit, he grows to the  size of a child. Fortunately, before anyone can   spot them, they get to Cassie’s classroom and  retrieve the old suit out of her trophy case. Using the method Bill described,  the trio then locates Ava's home,   and finds the lab. They see her resting  inside the chamber and try to sneak out   without waking her up, but fail. Ava quickly  knocks them out and ties them to separate   chairs. In a shocking turn of events, it  is revealed that her mentor is none other   than Bill. He adopted Ava after her parents  tragically passed away when she was a child. Following this, the movie goes into a  flashback. Several years ago, when Hank   was working for SHIELD, he had an assistant  named Elihas. He was very good at his work,   but when Hank found out that he sold their ideas  into the black market, he immediately fired him. However, this didn’t stop Elihas from  conducting experiments. His main goal   was to reach the quantum realm, and for  that, he made a tunnel. Unfortunately,   one day, in the midst of an experiment,  the tunnel became unstable. His wife tried   to escape with their young daughter; who is  revealed to be none other than Ava. However,   the little girl ran back for her father. Soon,  the tunnel exploded, killing her parents and   leaving her with destabilized molecules,  resulting in her uncontrolled phasing.  Now, Ava, along with Bill, wants to use  Janet’s quantum energy to treat her disease   and bring her back to normalcy. She knows  that the procedure may result in her death,   but it is a risk she is willing to take. As Hank  listens to all this, he suddenly holds his chest   and fakes having a heart attack. He orders Bill  to quickly retrieve his meds from a small box,   and when the latter obliges, a swarm  of trained ants are unleashed. They   grow to a large size and free the trio,  allowing them to escape with the lab. In the next scene, they arrive at a forest and  enlarge the lab. Hank tries his best to work   the device but has trouble doing so. Just then,  Scott starts acting like Janet and enters some   coordinates on the computer. It turns out she  has once again started communicating through   his body. Janet reveals that they had been  entering the wrong coordinates all this time,   and that’s why they couldn’t even find a trace of  her. She is positive that they will meet again,   but she also warns them that they only have  2 hours to make things work. After that, the   quantum realm will become so unstable that they  won’t be able to reach her for the next 100 years. Elsewhere, the black market dealer; Burch and  his goons swarm Luis’ office and ask him where   Scott is. As expected, Luis refuses to betray  his friend, but he eventually speaks up when   Burch injects him with a truth serum. Just then,  Ava appears out of nowhere, threatens the goons   to stay away from Scott, and flees. It turns out  she was secretly overhearing their conversation,   and now, she also knows where the secret lab  is based. Meanwhile, Burch calls the FBI and   informs them that Scott is currently out,  violating his house arrest. Fortunately,   right after they leave, Luis calls his  best buddy and warns him to return home   as soon as possible. Scott, using his special  suit, manages to do that in the nick of time. In the forest, Hope and Hank shrink their  lab and are about to leave when suddenly,   the FBI surrounds them. One of the cops tries  taking the lab away, but Ava arrives there,   knocks him out, and takes the lab for  herself. When Scott gets wind of this,   he immediately breaks the father-daughter  duo out of the FBI headquarters using his   trained ants. Luis also arrives  there and decides to join them. Following this, they track the lab to a building,  where Bill has already started his experiments.   However, he doesn’t make much progress as  the giant ants quickly surround him. Then,   Hank uses his old suit and gets inside  the Quantum Realm to find Janet.  After the lab is shrunken again, Ava suddenly  arrives and starts attacking Scott, who has now   transformed into Ant-Man. In the meantime, Luis  and Hope escape in a vehicle. After a while,   Scott tricks Ava and joins his friends  in the car, but they are soon chased by   Burch and his men. In the midst of all  the chaos, Scott turns into Giant man,   Hope turns into the wasp, and Ava once again  arrives. As they are fighting all over the city,   Burch takes the lab and flees to the docks where  he boards a ship to get away. Scott follows him,   and this time, he turns into the largest version  of Giant Man. He easily retrieves the lab,   but when he is about to return to the shore,  he has difficulty in breathing due to his   large size. Soon, he falls unconscious and drowns  inside the water, but luckily, Hope rescues him. On the other hand, Hank navigates through the  quantum realm using the coordinates Janet gave   him, until he finally locates her. After  all these years of research and hard work,   he has succeeded, and the couple  reunites with an emotional kiss. Meanwhile, the lab returns to its original  size in the middle of the city. Ava and Bill   arrive there and start extracting Janet's quantum  energy in hopes of saving Ava. This causes Janet,   who is inside the realm, to suddenly lose energy.  But luckily, before things get out of hand,   Scott and Hope arrive and disable the machine,  giving Hank and Janet enough time to get out   of the Quantum Realm. When Hope sees her  mom for the first time in over 2 decades,   she cannot contain her tears and  immediately goes to embrace her. After the emotional reunion, Janet notices Ava’s  condition, so she approaches her and touches   her face. Surprisingly, the girl stops phasing.  After staying in the Quantum Realm for so long,   Janet has gained powers to do so but Ava still  needs a lot of energy to be fully fixed. As the   group heads out, Burch and his goons are waiting  for them. But this time, Luis incapacitates them   with the help of his friends. Soon, the police  arrive at the scene and arrest the bad guys. Meanwhile, after the videos of Ant Man  emerge on the news, Detective Wu believes   that Scott has violated his house arrest. He  quickly goes to check, but to his surprise,   Scott is there. Impressed by his sincerity, Wu  declares that his house arrest is finally over. In the final scene, the movie appears to  end on a happy note. Hank and Janet start   living happily near a beach, Luis finds a wealthy  client, and Hope and Scott start a relationship. In the post credits scene, however,   things go south. The scientist couple and Hope  set up the Quantum Tunnel and have Scott enter   it to bring back some quantum energy for  Ava. However, when he is about to return,   Thanos snaps his fingers and wipes out half of  the earth’s population. Unfortunately for Scott,   Hank, Janet and Hope are all gone. He is left  clueless about what happened, as the radio   suddenly goes silent. Scott is now trapped in  the Quantum Realm, with no way of escaping it. The movie ends as we are shown a  small montage of the deserted city   of San Francisco. Half of the population  has vanished, but inside Scott’s home,   the large ant is still alive and  enjoying himself on the drumset.
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