Bullet Train

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Bullet Train
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In modern-day Tokyo, father Yuichi spends his time  by his comatose son's side after an incident where   someone pushed the boy off a roof. Yuichi's  father the Elder comes to visit as well, but   he's harsh instead of supportive as wonders where  he was when his son needed him. Sometime later,   Yuichi retrieves his gun, deciding it's time to  get revenge. Meanwhile a very unlucky American   mercenary walks the city streets while talking  on the phone to his handler Maria, who gives   him the codename "Ladybug" as a pun for his bad  luck. The mission is simple: he must board the   bullet train and steal a mysterious briefcase that  has a sticker on the handle. This assignment was   supposed to go to another mercenary called Carver,  but he couldn't make it because he was sick. Once   he reaches the station, Ladybug accidentally  bumps against Yuichi, which causes him to drop   his locker key and ticket without noticing.  Fortunately, Ladybug knows how to pick locks   and manages to open the locker anyway, earning him  access to the sleeping powder he had requested but   refusing to take the gun. Ladybug has to convince  the conductor to let him in with just the receipt,   but Yuichi boards with no issues and follows the  instructions on a note sent to him by the person   that tried to kill his son. However who he finds  on the seat is a young, adorable girl, and Yuichi   thinks he did something wrong until the girl tases  him. This is Prince, a young woman that uses the   innocent girl act to commit crimes. Following  Maria's instructions through an earpiece, Ladybug   finds the briefcase in the luggage rack at the  end of the carriage, not knowing it belongs to a   pair of assassin brothers codenamed Tangerine and  Lemon, who are aboard as well. The sticker on the   briefcase comes from Lemon, who is obsessed with  Thomas the Tank Engine metaphors and even carries   a sheet of Thomas stickers with him. The siblings  aren't here only to protect the briefcase though,   they've also kidnapped the Son of White Death, the  most dangerous mafia boss. He hired the brothers   to keep his son out of trouble and take him back  to his father together with the briefcase full   of the ransom money some enemies of White Death  owed him. Tangerine gets regular calls from their   handler to check everything is fine, but when  Lemon double-checks the rack, he discovers the   briefcase is gone. Lemon isn't worrying because  he thinks delivering the Son alive is the most   important part of the mission, so Tangerine has  to tell him the whole story of White Death to   make him understand. The Japanese underworld  used to be ruled by a man named Minegishi;   who was known for his brutality but also for  his loyalty. One day, a former member of the   Russian mafia joined Minegishi's clan and worked  his way up the ranks until he became an advisor.   The other advisors didn't trust him and tried to  warn Minegishi, but he didn't listen and such a   decision became his downfall. The Russian  man, who became known as the White Death,   made his own gang and killed Minegishi and all  his men in one single night. Now he's known as a   soulless psychotic killer in charge of the largest  criminal organization on the planet, although he   hasn't left his compound since his wife died in a  car accident. This is the reason why he hired the   brothers instead of coming for his son himself,  he wanted the pros that worked on the infamous   Bolivia job. They need to recover the briefcase  immediately, yet when they go back to the Son   to explain the change of plans, the siblings find  out things have gotten way worse: the Son is dead,   and whatever killed him left him bleeding from  his eyes. Back to Yuichi, he finally wakes up   and discovers Prince has rigged his gun. She also  has a henchman in the hospital, so if Yuichi kills   her, his son dies as well. Prince knows Yuichi  works for the White Death and he delivered a   briefcase two days ago to one of White Death's  associates; that's when she saw her opportunity:   if she followed the briefcase, she could find the  White Death. The reason why Yuichi is here is that   Prince wants him to kill White Death for her.  Meanwhile Ladybug has fled to another carriage   and is getting ready to get off the train at the  next station, but he finds the door blocked by   the Wolf, a mercenary who worked for a dangerous  Mexican gang. Weeks ago on the day of his wedding,   he accidentally spilled his glass of wine, and  this delay in drinking saved his life: his wife   and all the guests died of whatever poisoned  their drinks, left with their eyes bleeding.   Wolf was told that the person responsible for  those deaths is on the train and has come to get   his revenge. A fierce fight starts between both  mercenaries that takes them to the train's bar,   where Wolf manages to stab Ladybug only for his  phone to take the hit. After exchanging a few   more hits, Wolf throws his knife at Ladybug,  but since he uses the briefcase as a shield,   the knife bounces and stabs Wolf instead. The  train is about to approach another stop, so the   brothers clean up the Son and cover his face with  some funny glasses before getting ready to get   the briefcase back. Lemon guards a door to check  every passenger getting off, and Ladybug sees him   when he's about to leave, remembering Lemon as  the man that tried to kill him during a mission   a few years ago. Since he can't use this exit,  Ladybug runs through the other carriages and bumps   against the train's mascot, who tries to take the  briefcase from him. After punching its adorable   face, Ladybug runs to the next exit, but it's too  late: the doors are closed and the train takes off   again. Then, Ladybug returns to the bar, hides the  briefcase, and takes Wolf's phone to call Maria,   who confirms the story: the objective of the  wedding assassination had been to get Wolf's boss,   and everyone else fell too just for being  associated with him. Ladybug had infiltrated   that wedding too as a waiter and had been the  one that accidentally made Wolf spill his glass,   but he hadn't been the one behind the deaths.  While trying to think of what to do next, Ladybug   notices Tangerine looking for the briefcase and  decides to hide in the luggage rack. Tangerine   sees him anyway, but luckily, he doesn't recognize  him from that old mission and keeps on walking.   Next, Tangerine bumps into Prince and Yuichi, and  when he asks if they've seen the briefcase, Prince   tells him Ladybug's description, since she saw him  run by earlier. In the meantime, Lemon returns to   his seat while receiving a text from his brother  with the description just in time for Ladybug to   sit across from him. Ladybug doesn't want to mess  with dangerous people and offers a deal: he'll   give them the briefcase back if they don't kill  him. Lemon would love to accept but he doesn't   want to play nice after Ladybug already killed  someone - he's referring to the Son, but Ladybug   thinks he's talking about Wolf. Still stuck on the  train metaphors, Lemon calls Ladybug "his Diesel"   and begins fighting him, but Ladybug manages to  knock Lemon out before he can use his gun. Then,   he fills Lemon's water bottle with sleeping  powder, hides the gun in the luggage rack, and   discovers Son's body, which has the same bleeding  eyes as the people in Wolf's wedding. Meanwhile,   Tangerine also makes his way back to the carriage,  Ladybug steals Lemon's phone and gets out of there   as he calls Maria to inform her someone else  on the train besides he and the siblings are   doing a job since it can't be a coincidence  that Wolf's family and the Son were killed   in the same way. While talking, Ladybug tries  to block the door between carries with luggage,   which causes him to accidentally open a cage with  a snake that was stolen from the zoo a few days   ago. The poison of this snake is what causes the  bleeding effects shown by the Son. After finding   Lemon unconscious on his seat, Tangerine continues  his search for Ladybug, who is now trying to hide   from the conductor because he should've already  gotten off. Knowing Tangerine is after him,   Ladybug approaches the Passenger and pays him  some money to exchange clothes. By the time   Tangerine gets there, he approaches the Passenger  by mistake, giving Ladybug the chance to escape.   Meanwhile, Prince and Yuichi go to the bar to find  the briefcase. Then, they hide in the bathroom,   where Yuichi gets a call from the Elder that  Prince makes him put on speaker. The Elder wants   to know why Yuichi left the hospital, and Prince  orders him to be honest, so Yuichi explains he's   here to get revenge. This is disappointing for  the Elder to hear, but before Yuichi can reply,   Prince makes him hang up. Now Yuichi will stay in  the bathroom trying out all possible combinations   until he opens the briefcase while Prince stays  outside keeping up the innocent girl act. She   also throws Yuichi's phone away to avoid any more  distractions. Back to Tangerine, he returns to his   brother's side and wakes Lemon up, who is starting  to think Ladybug didn't kill the Son. Their chat   is interrupted by a call informing them that  instead of going to Kyoto, the brothers must   get off with the son and the briefcase at the next  stop. There's a group of yakuza gangsters waiting   for them, but the siblings already suspect it's a  trap and think of a plan. Tangerine gets off alone   and tells the henchmen that he's a professional  that doesn't fall for cheap tricks, therefore   Lemon is still inside guarding the briefcase and  the Son, who is now waving through the window   as Lemon guides his movements like a puppet.  Thankfully they buy it and Tangerine gets to go   back in one piece, so now the brothers must split  and search both ends of the train for Ladybug.   Before leaving, Tangerine gives Lemon his gun for  extra protection. After they're gone, Prince comes   to check on the Son, spitting on his face when  she notices he's dead. Then she goes back to the   bathroom, where Yuichi has finally managed to open  the briefcase. However Prince isn't interested in   the money, she just wants to plant a bomb inside  so it can kill White Death when he opens it. It's   the same mechanism she's rigged Yuichi's gun  with, inspired by the fact every time someone   tried to kill White Death, he killed them in  return with their own weapons. In the meantime,   Ladybug's hiding in a different bathroom while  Maria explains a famous surgeon that operated on   gangsters was killed in the middle of a procedure  by the same eye-bleeding poison. The assassin's   name is Hornet and Ladybug needs to find them to  hand them to the siblings to secure his own life.   Using Lemon's phone proves to be a bad idea  when Tangerine manages to find Ladybug in the   bathroom thanks to the tracking app. Another fight  starts and both assassins exchange plenty of hits,   only stopping when Tangerine needs to pick up a  call from White Death's henchman. This time, he's   told to get off with the briefcase at the next  station or everyone on the train dies. Tangerine   doesn't know what to do, but Ladybug comes up with  a plan: since the gangsters don't know what Lemon   looks like, Ladybug will pretend to be him. The  guys get off at the next station with a random   briefcase they stole, but their plan goes sour  when the briefcase accidentally opens and reveals   it's not the one with the money. Fortunately,  before White Death's henchmen can catch them,   Ladybug and Tangerine run back inside right before  the train takes off again. Speaking of Lemon,   he's still looking for Ladybug while drinking  his water, and he comes across Yuichi and Prince,   who plays the innocent girl card again when  asked about a suspicious man with a case.   However Lemon doesn't believe her because she  specifically mentions not seeing a briefcase, and   he never used that word, which means she is his  diesel. To make them talk, Lemon shoots Yuichi,   then he and Prince hide the body in the bathroom.  Lemon turns onto Prince next, but at that moment,   the sleeping powder kicks in and he passes out, so  Prince steals his gun and shoots him before hiding   him in the bathroom too. Before leaving, she ties  the doorknob up to prevent anyone from escaping.   At the next stop, Ladybug tells Tangerine where  he hid the briefcase and tries to get off,   but Tangerine doesn't let him because he still  needs a fall guy. Seeing he has no other choice,   Ladybug kicks Tangerine off the train right  before it takes off again, but this isn't enough:   Tangerine runs after the train and jumps on its  tail to then get back inside by breaking a window.   Meanwhile, Ladybug is changing carriages and finds  Yuichi's phone when it rings. The Elder is trying   to check on his son, but Ladybug hangs up on him  after telling him to use the tracking app. Then,   he makes it back to the bar, and after finding the  rigged briefcase right where he left it, he checks   Wolf's body again to look for clues. It turns out  he's come to kill the Hornet, who has been hiding   inside the mascot costume all this time and she  was the one to kill the Son; she also sneaked   into the wedding by pretending to be the chef.  Hornet finds Ladybug first though, approaching   him after stealing the uniform from a trolley  employee. A new fight begins as Horney explains   she was promised the money from the briefcase  before stabbing Ladybug with a needle full of   poison. Thinking quickly, Ladybug grabs the needle  and stabs her in return, prompting Hornet to take   out the antidote with the intention of curing  herself. However Ladybug steals it for himself and   leaves her to die. Back to Tangerine, he finds the  bathroom with the tied doorknob and opens it to   find the body of his brother. Grieving, he takes  off his necklace and puts it around Lemon's neck   before taking the gun from Yuichi's hand, ready  to get revenge. Next, he calls White Death to tell   him to meet him at the end of the line of Kyoto  because he should stop being a coward. He isn't   afraid of the train blowing up because he can't  kill all the passengers, but White Death reveals   he knows only the mercenaries are left inside and  all the civilians have already gotten off because   he bought all the tickets himself. After White  Death hangs up, Tangerine comes across Prince,   who pretends to be an innocent girl again and  cries as she makes up some story up. At first,   Tangerine believes her, but when Prince turns  around, Tangerine notices a sticker of the   character Diesel that was put on her back by Lemon  before he was shot. Tangerine realizes Prince has   been the bad guy all along and tries to shoot her,  but Ladybug shows up then and believes Prince's   crocodile tears, so he jumps on Tangerine to stop  him. In the struggle, the gun is accidentally   fired and kills Tangerine. The train is about to  stop at the next station, and Ladybug promises to   protect the girl. Since Prince needs to reach the  end of the line, she pretends her bag is stuck and   begs Ladybug not to leave her alone because she's  scared, thus once again Ladybug misses his chance   to escape. Ladybug may've left but someone did  get in: the Elder, who followed the advice of the   tracker app. As soon as he walks by, he recognizes  Prince's voice from when she interrupted his call   with Yuichi and sits across them. Ladybug tries  to grab the gun that Prince claimed she found   laying around only to end up bitten by the snake.  Panicking, he runs to the bathroom to throw the   snake in the toilet, and thankfully he doesn't die  because the antidote is still working. Meanwhile,   the Elder grabs Prince's bag and realizes she's  the one that pushed his grandson off the roof,   so Prince explains she needed Yuichi to help  her kill the White Death and that had been the   only way to get him on the train. She tries  to imply both Yuichi and his son are dead,   but the Elder isn't scared of her tricks: he left  a bodyguard at the hospital, and she's already   killed Prince's henchman. Finding herself without  the upper hand, Prince runs to another carriage   while Ladybug comes back to sit with the Elder,  who decides to share his story. When he was a   young man, the Elder made a promise to provide  for his family no matter the cost, that was why   he became an important member of Minegishi's  crime family. He had been one of the advisors   that warned Minegishi about the White Death and  got ignored, and he survived only because fate   wanted him to. When he returned home, the Elder  found his wife dead and the house destroyed,   the only survivor being Yuichi. Afterward, he went  into hiding and concentrated on finding a way to   get revenge without putting his son in danger,  but White Death always stayed out of reach. Now   though, the Elder thinks fate has put White Death  in his path by guiding him to the train. The men   agree to work together and go to the bathroom,  where they find out Yuichi is alright because the   bullet didn't hit any organs, and Lemon is also  fine because his bulletproof vest caught Prince's   shots. However his mood tanks when he finds the  necklace around his neck. After saying goodbye   to Tangerine's body, Lemon comes after Ladybug and  Yuichi, hungry for revenge. The Elder stops him,   reminding him they must work together if they  want to survive the White Death. Moments later   the train makes it to Kyoto, where the White Death  is waiting for them with his army of assassins.   Ladybug comes out with the briefcase, intending to  buy the team some time, and the henchmen capture   him before they begin arguing over who gets to  open the briefcase to check its contents. In the   meantime, the White Death gets on the train and  comes across Prince, who is revealed to be the   White Death's daughter. He always wanted a boy  and that's why she got that nickname, which she   resented. She also hated her younger brother for  getting all their father's attention for being the   heir even when he was a good-for-nothing loser.  Prince has built her career as a mercenary based   on nothing and now she's here to make her father  see her for whom she really is. As she expected,   White Death takes the rigged gun from her, yet  he doesn't kill her, claiming he's always seen   her but she's never been part of his plan. While  Lemon goes to the control room and tries to figure   out how it works, White Death goes to check on  the state of the briefcase and confirms Ladybug's   theory: all the assassins that were on the train  had been hired by him, expecting them to kill each   other. It was all part of White Death's plan  to take revenge for what happened to his wife:   the siblings' Bolivia mission had consisted  of killing a huge group of White Death's crew,   so he had to travel there to take care of it and  left his wife alone. It should've been him in the   car that night, since it hadn't been an accident,  it had been an assassination attempt against him.   She could've survived if the gang's surgeon had  been available, but Hornet had already killed him.   The Son went down because he had gotten in trouble  again and his wife had gotten in the car to help   him, and Ladybug was brought here by mistake:  White Death had wanted Carver because he had been   the mercenary that killed his wife. Before Ladybug  can explain the confusion, the henchmen finally   open the briefcase and the bomb goes off. Yuichi  and the Elder begin fighting the gangsters that   were looking for the bodies, and Lemon finally  manages to start the train again. The explosion   knocks Ladybug, White Death, and more of his crew  into the train before it takes off, and now they   join the fight as well. The Elder goes hand  to hand with the White Death and almost loses,   but Yuichi comes to his rescue and knocks White  Death back by tossing a water bottle at his face.   This gives the Elder the chance to finish him with  his sword. Meanwhile Ladybug reaches the control   room and tries to help Lemon find the brakes  while fighting the henchmen coming after them,   but Lemon sacrifices himself to push the last  gangster off the train, falling to the water   with him. Ladybug tries to force the brakes by  cutting some wires, causing the train to get off   rails and crash into downtown Kyoto. The Elder and  Yuichi save themselves by holding onto a seat, and   Ladybug survives thanks to his landing against the  soft mascot costume. Once they get off the train,   they discover White Death is still alive, but  he falls for the Prince's rigged gun and ends   up dying anyway. The trio thinks they're safe  to leave now, but Prince shows up next ready to   claim the name of White Death, only to suddenly  be run over by a truck filled with tangerines.   It turns out that moments ago, Lemon safely swam  out of the river and, while running down the road,   he saw the tangerine truck and considered a  signal. After stealing the truck, he used it   to kill Prince as revenge. After Yuichi and  the Elder leave, Ladybug sees a fancy car   arrive and is shocked to discover Maria has come  to pick him up. Unfortunately, she immediately   falls victim to Ladybug's bad luck, and her  car ends up destroyed by a falling light post.
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