Dragon Wars: D-War

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Dragon Wars: D-War
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In modern times in Los Angeles, a group of cops  is investigating a mysterious trail that appeared   overnight and looks like a large creature made  it. Reporter Ethan arrives to cover the news,   but nobody wants to answer his questions, although  he gets to see a clue: in the middle of the field   there's an object that looks like a huge scale. He  takes a picture and takes it to his office because   he's sure he's seen this before, and as Ethan  glances at a medallion that he always wears,   he remembers what happened fifteen years ago. When  he was a little kid, Ethan went with his dad to   an antique store. While his dad tried to sell an  old blade to Jack, Ethan looked around and found   a mysterious box, which unlocked itself after  sensing his presence and revealed a huge scale   that glowed brightly. Jack could sense what was  going on and pretended to have a heart attack,   so while Ethan's father rushed to find help, Jack  approached Ethan to share a story. Legends spoke   of giant snakes called Imoogis and every five  hundred years, one snake would be turned into   a celestial dragon to reward it for its good  deeds. For that to happen, an object known   as Yuh Yi Joo was needed, which the evil snake  Buraki tried to steal for itself. To stop this   from happening, the rulers of Heaven hid the Yuh  Yi Joo in Korea and when the local lord had a   daughter named Narin, she was destined to carry  the Yuh Yi Joo on the dragon birthmark on her   shoulder. Unfortunately Buraki also learned this  information and was waiting to reappear on Narin's   twentieth birthday, when Yuh Yi Joo would finish  forming inside her. The Heavens also chose two   warriors to protect the Yuh Yi Joo: Haram and his  master Bochun. Haram learned from his master all   about the good Imoogi and visited it at its cave,  Bochun also gave him a medallion sent by Heaven   that would protect him from any danger. Haram's  duty was to make sure that Yuh Yi Joo would reach   a good Imoogi and not Buraki when the time came,  and Narin had to be sacrificed for it. However   Haram still spent a lot of time with Narin and  they two became a couple. Eventually Buraki sent   his Atrox army to attack the village, which  couldn't defend itself against the Atrox's   mighty beasts and magical attacks. The soldiers  began checking the shoulders of every woman,   causing a citizen to tell them about Narin in  exchange for being left alone. At Narin's house,   the soldiers killed her father to make her come  out of hiding and immediately took her away when   they saw the mark on her shoulder. Moments later,  Bochun and Haram attacked the soldiers to rescue   Narim. While Bochin continued to fight, Haram took  Narim to the Imoogi cave, and seeing her in pain,   he decided to quit his duty as a guardian. After  dropping the medallion for Bochin to find later,   Haram ran away with Narim instead of sacrificing  her to the good Imoogi, however Buraki found them   and chased after them. Then the creature cornered  them on a cliff, and the couple decided to end   things rather than be used for evil. After the  story was over, Jack gave Ethan the medallion   and explained the boy was the reincarnation of  Haram while he was the reincarnation of Bochun.   This was their second chance to fulfill their  duty, so Ethan had to find a girl named Sarah,   who was the reincarnation of Narin and also was  born with the dragon mark. Once he's remembered   the whole story, Ethan asks his friend Bruce to  help him find Sarah with his computer skills.   However Bruce explains it'll take him a while  because there are hundreds of girls named Sarah   with shoulder tattoos. Meanwhile the FBI gets the  lab results from the scale and now knows there's a   strange giant creature loose in the city. At the  local gym, Sarah is watching the news on the tv   with her best friend Brandy. When the camera shows  the scale that was found on the mysterious trails,   Sarah is overwhelmed with a feeling of dread  and runs home to find an old book of talismans,   which she proceeds to hang on the wall to  protect herself. Later, Brandy comes to check   on her and doesn't believe her when Sarah  says something horrible is about to happen,   but she does convince her to go out so she can  forget about her paranoia. At the bar, Sarah   tries to distract herself, but she can't get rid  of her fear and decides to leave. On the street,   a group of men tries to harass Sarah, only for a  weird hobo to suddenly show up and beat the guys   up before leaving without saying a word. At the  local zoo, caretaker Belafonte hears some weird   noises, and when he goes to check, he discovers an  elephant has been killed by Buraki. Belafonte runs   away in fear and soon Buraki leaves as well, so by  the time an Atrox general comes looking for clues,   he finds nothing. Later at the police station,  Sarah is trying to tell the cops what happened   to her, but nobody believes a random hobo could  beat three guys up. A journalist does think her   story is interesting though, and he takes  a picture of her. The next morning, Ethan   goes looking for Jack at the store, but he isn't  there. The Atrox general finds him and wonders   why Ethan isn't looking for the Yuh Yi Joo, but  at that moment, Ethan wakes up at his office.   His coworker shows up with the story from the  police station, and as soon as Ethan sees the   picture, he can sense this is the right Sarah.  Ethan decides to stay late in the office to look   for her address. Meanwhile Belafonte is trying  to tell the cops about the snake, but they don't   believe him either. Sarah is trying to leave the  station in her car, but as soon as she touches it,   scales appear on its surface. Terrified, she steps  back and bumps into a cop, who suddenly reveals a   magic sword and tries to kill her. At that moment  Sarah wakes up in her bed and begins feeling   unbearable pain, so she calls 911 and they take  her to a hospital. Moments later, Brandy tries to   visit her friend, but the hospital receptionist  won't let her because she isn't family. Brandy   and her boyfriend decide to go to Sarah's  home and at least get some clothes to bring   during visitation hours. Suddenly the whole house  begins shaking, and when they go outside to check,   they find Buraki roaring at them. The couple tries  to run away, but they find their way blocked by   the general. This gives Buraki the chance to bite  Brandy, but it throws her body in the pool when   it realizes this isn't Sarah. The next morning  when Sarah tries to leave her hospital room,   only to discover the door is locked and there's  a guard outside. When she begins screaming,   security and nurses have to come to calm her  down by force. Meanwhile Ethan finally finds   Sarah's profile, but he's suddenly interrupted  by a phone call telling him to cover a murder.   When Ethan realizes the address is the same as  Sarah's, he rushes there and is relieved to see   the dead girl isn't Sarah. Then he overhears  a neighbor saying she saw a giant snake and   that the house owner is at the hospital, so Ethan  goes there next. The hospital receptionist tells   Ethan that Sarah has been quarantined because  the mark on her shoulder may be infectious,   which sounds very suspicious. Meanwhile Belaford  is sent to see a psychiatrist, who decides he's   crazy. At that moment, Buraki appears at the  window and Belaford tries to prove his story, but   the snake leaves before the doctor can see it, and  Buraki is sent to the mental ward. Back to Ethan,   he wonders what to do when he suddenly bumps into  a doctor who recognizes him from his stories,   saying he's a big fan. The doctor agrees to help  him see Sarah and takes him to her room, where he   finds her in a shy and scared state because nobody  believes her when she says something dangerous is   coming. Ethan explains it's already happening, but  before he can say more, Buraki begins attacking   the hospital. The doctor comes to warn the  couple and sends them out through a back exit,   right after they're gone the doctor reveals to  be Jack using an illusion again, implying he had   also been the hobo. Ethan and Sarah find Bruce  waiting in his car and immediately take off.   Buraki tries chasing after them, but the car is  faster and leaves it behind. A few miles later,   Bruce accidentally hits someone with the car,  and Ethan recognizes him as the Atrox general   from his dream. The general wants to capture  Sarah, so Bruce tries shooting him and Ethan   hits him with a piece of wood, but neither can  hurt him. Next Bruce steals the general's sword,   but the sword sheath itself because Bruce isn't  its master, and the general hits Bruce with a   shock of magic. Then he tries to go after Sarah  again, only to be suddenly hit by a random car.   Ethan quickly drags Sarah into the new car and  asks the driver to take them away. Afterward,   Buraki decides to summon the rest of his Atrox  army as backup. Meanwhile the FBI starts a meeting   to discuss what's going on. Some higher-ups don't  want to believe it, but there's enough evidence to   indicate there's a mythical monster on the loose,  and all the clues lead back to Sarah. Therefore   the agents get an order to capture the girl and  terminate her if necessary. They also send a group   of soldiers to go after the snake, finding  it hiding in a cave. The soldiers open fire,   but the bullets do nothing and Buraki chases them  out of the cave, where the soldiers are quickly   defeated by the general's magic. Moments later,  the driver leaves Ethan and Sarah by the beach,   asking them to leave town. After they're gone,  the driver reveals she was also Jack. Ethan and   Sarah go for a walk to discuss the visions they've  had and they share a kiss while Ethan thinks about   the fact Sarah may have to die for the Yuh Yi Joo.  Next, they go to visit a psychology professor who   specializes in extracting repressed memories.  The professor hypnotizes Sarah and she begins   seeing memories of the day her father died,  but then she keeps going back and sees Narin   and Haram's story. Suddenly Sarah starts glowing  and floating, meaning the Yuh Yi Joo has finally   finished forming. This awakening has been sensed  by Buraki, who shows up to start destroying the   house. Ethan and Sarah escape in a car, and Ethan  calls Bruce to ask for a favor. Moments later,   the couple meets Bruce at a café, and Bruce  confirms he's pulled some strings to get a   helicopter for them. He also gives Ethan a  gun even if Ethan hates weapons. Afterward,   Jack shows up and reminds Ethan he can't change  Sarah's fate, so the right thing is to take her to   the Imoogi cave. Ethan ignores him and drags Sarah  out of the building right before Buraki arrives to   attack again. Bruce picks the couple in his car,  only for Buraki to throw another car at them to   make them crash. Ethan and Sarah try to run again  and find themselves cornered by Buraki, but at   that moment the police open fire on the snake and  give the couple the chance to escape. As Buraki   chases after them through the city and causes lots  of destruction, Ethan and Sarah climb to the top   of the Liberty Building, where the helicopter is  waiting for them. The moment it tries to take off,   Buraki grabs it with its mouth, so Ethan  makes Sarah jump with him back to the roof   before the snake crashes the helicopter on the  ground. The sky begins darkening as Buraki gets   ready to devour Sarah, but the army helicopters  arrive and begin shooting at it. Buraki fights   the helicopters, making many of them crash but  eventually becoming overpowered by their attack.   At that moment, the general and his beasts arrive  as backup, and they destroy everything on their   path no matter if it's helicopters, tanks, or  buildings. Sarah and Ethan leave the building and   are found by two FBI agents, who take them away  in their car. When they reach a safe warehouse to   hide in, the agents revealed they've researched  the legend and they know about Sarah's destiny.   One of the agents tries to shoot Sarah, but Ethan  jumps between them to save her and the bullet only   wounds his arm. When the agent tries again, his  partner shoots first because he's realized killing   two young innocent people isn't the answer. Then  the agent gives them his car keys and asks them   to do the right thing. Moments later when the  couple is on the road, the general's beasts   show up and begin shooting fireballs at them. One  hits the car and makes it flip, causing the crash   to knock the couple out. When Ethan wakes up, he  finds himself tied to a pole in Buraki's lair.   Sarah is dragged to the altar to be sacrificed to  the snake, but right before she can be devoured,   Ethan's desperation to save her finally activates  the pendant. A bright light from Heaven hits the   pendant and the whole Atrox army, instantly  knocking out Buraki and killing everyone else   except for the general. The burning pendant breaks  the rope and Ethan runs towards the altar to fight   the general, only to get easily overpowered.  When the general tries to land his final strike,   he accidentally hits the pendant and gets killed  by the magic. Buraki wakes up and throws Ethan   away before going after Sarah. However at that  moment the good Imoogi finally shows up and   begins fighting Buraki. As the monsters engage in  a furious battle, Ethan wants to take the chance   to escape, but Sarah sees that the good Imoogi  is losing and finally accepts her destiny. She   summons the Yuh Yi Jooh and sends it to the good  Imoogi, who instantly wakes up and transforms   into a legendary dragon. With this new power, the  dragon easily defeats Buraki and kills it for good   with a fireball. Afterward, the dragon comes to  check on Ethan, who is holding Sarah's unconscious   body. The dragon expels the Yuh Ji Jooh for a few  seconds to transform Sarah's body into her pure   essence, and she gets to appear before Ethan to  tell him she loves him and that they'll see each   other again someday. Then Sarah becomes part of  the Yuh Ji Jooh and the dragon picks it up to   go to heaven with Sarah's tears in its own eyes.  Ethan watches them with sadness, and when he turns   around he sees Jack's spirit disappearing too as  he congratulates him for doing the right thing.
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