Gods of Egypt

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Gods of Egypt
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In Ancient Egypt, gods live among mortals and rule  the land. They're easily distinguishable because they're much taller than the average person,  they have gold blood, and they can transform into all manner of frightening beasts. Osiris  is the king of all the land made bountiful by the Nile while his brother Set rules the barren  desert, and this isolation has made him bitter. Eventually, Osiris decides to pass the throne to  his son Horus, who is in a relationship with the goddess Hathor. He cares about Hathor so much that  he's gifted one of Egypt's greatest treasures, the Bracelet of 42 stars, which can keep demons  away. On the day of the coronation, everyone comes to the celebration, including every god but also  every mortal in the city. This includes Zaya and her boyfriend Bek, a thief that doesn't hesitate  to steal fancy things to make his girlfriend happy and perhaps run away together someday.  After all the gods have given their regards and mortals have left their offerings, Osiris gives a  speech and gets ready to put the crown on Horus. However they're interrupted by the arrival of Set,  who pretends to be here with a gift but soon he fills the place with his own army. Then, he hands  Osiris the staff their father had gifted him, asking for a fight because he thinks it's  his turn to rule. Osiris refuses to fight his own brother, so Set kills him on the spot  and declares himself the new king of Egypt. His first new rule is that not everyone will  get to easily go to the afterlife, from now on mankind will have to pay in riches. Horus won't  stand for this and he immediately begins fighting Set to take revenge on his father. They're both  very good warriors with a similar level of skill, so they end up transforming into their metal  beast forms to continue the fight in the sky. To help their master, Set's tropes come through  and reflect the sun on their shields to blind Horus, giving Set the chance to claim victory and  take Horus' eyes. Set is about to kill Horus too, but Hathor comes through and offers herself to  him in exchange for Horus' life, thus Horus is exiled instead. One year later, most of Egypt  has been slaved by Set and now they lack the money to get an afterlife. Some gods have tried to  defeat him to save the kingdom, but they all died, while Hathor keeps playing the part of caring  lover to survive. Zaya is a slave to Set's chief architect Urshu, who is in the process of  building the tallest obelisk Egypt has ever seen. Bek has been sent to do manual labor, but whenever  he has the chance, he sneaks into Urshu's office to visit Zaya. One afternoon, Zaya shows Bek that  Set's army is coming back with spoils of wars, meaning his vault will be unlocked in the evening  and this is the perfect chance for Bek to sneak in and retrieve Horus' eyes. To help him, Zaya steals  the pyramid plans from Urshu, replacing them with blank parchments. When night falls, Bek jumps  from a roof into the carriage carrying the gold, which is soon thrown into the vault. There,  Bek uses the plans the avoid most traps, but he accidentally activates one anyway, and there's  a third bridge that isn't on the plans at all. Fortunately, Bek is quick and nimble, so he  dodges every attack and reaches the statue guarding one of Horus' eyes. When he grabs the  eye, he falls into a pit full of scorpions, but thankfully the light of the eye keeps them  away. In the morning, Bek goes to see Zaya again, but Urshu has discovered the switcharoo and  is waiting for him with a bunch of guards. Bek uses the eye to blind them all and escapes  with his girlfriend, but as they run away in a carriage, Urshu shoots his bow from the balcony  and kills Zaya. Moments later, they arrive at the temple where Horus hides, and Bek gets attacked by  Horus with the staff when he doesn't immediately give him the eye back. Bek promises to do it if  Horus revives Zaya, and Horus accepts to try, but his efforts are pointless: she's not hurt,  she's already dead, and he can't cure mortality. Horus summons Anubis, the god of death, who  takes Zaya's soul to the underworld to be judged. Bek is worried because she won't be  able to pay the fee to the afterlife, so after Horus takes back his eye, Bek offers a  deal: if Horus comes up with a way to save Zaya, Bek will show him the way into the pyramid to get  the other eye. Horus accepts after explaining he may get some extra benefits if he becomes king  again, and they take off after hiding Zaya in the temple. Meanwhile, Set's sending his army to  attack another goddess' stronghold when he learns about the missing eye. By the time Set goes  to Horus' temple, his nephew is already gone, but he does find Zaya's body and takes her  necklace after sending his men to find Horus. Back to Horus and Bek, they're currently climbing  a mountain because Horus can't transform without both eyes and he needs help to defeat Set.  Once they reach the top, Horus prays to his grandfather, the God of the Sun, for a blessing  that temporarily allows him to transform again and fly with Bek towards the solar divine vessel  where Ra lives. Here, Ra's duty is to fight the shadow beast Apophis every day and keep it away  from Egypt. Ra refuses to get involved in Set's conflict because he believes in staying neutral  where his sons are concerned, not willing to play favorites. However, he does allow Horus to fill  a flask with the waters that surround the vessel. Back in Egypt, the last standing rebel  gods have retreated behind their walls, so Set takes the chance to visit his ex-wife  Nephthys and takes her wings from her. At the solar vessel, Ra temporarily grants  Horus some power so he can fly back with Bek, but he loses it as soon as they get closer to  the ground and have a rather unelegant landing. Next, they need to use the flask of water to  kill the desert, which would weaken Set greatly, but first Horus sends Bek to gather some  regular water to drink. Near the waterfall, Bek is ambushed by Set's minotaur army led  by Mnevis. Fortunately, Horus quickly comes to his rescue and easily defeats them all,  but Mnevis is only pretending to be dead. He waits for the right moment to push Horus  and Bek off the waterfall before fleeing, and the only reason the pair survives is thanks  to Horus' staff. Mnevis reports back to Set, who kills him for having failed and sends his  mighty hunters after Horus. Then, Set asks Hathor to take him to the underworld, since she has  access there because she used to be counselor to the dead. Hathor pretends she'll think about  it and when she has a free moment, she uses her powers on the sand to make it show her how Horus  is doing. When Set finds her, he finally realizes Hathor still loves Horus and she's been lying  all this time so he tries to kill her, but Hathor escapes by opening a portal with her bracelet. At  Osiris' tomb, Bek and Horus are pausing their walk back to the city to take a rest. Suddenly,  Set's hunters show up riding giant snakes, and it's dangerous for Horus to fight them because  he can't stand their venom in his current state. Bek quickly comes up with a plan: he'll run off to  serve as bait while Horus hides among the walls, so when the serpent comes closer, he can sneak  attack. The plan works and Horus manages to stab the snake, but it doesn't hit its weak spot  and now the staff is stuck in the beast's mouth. On their second try, Bek runs for longer and  Horus jumps on top of the snake to kill the rider, causing the snake to keep going  without direction and fall off a cliff. There's still the other snake to take care  of, but at that moment, Hathor shows up and uses her commanding powers to retrieve the  staff and make the snake light itself on fire. The trio escapes safely but Horus isn't happy to  see Hathor because he thinks she's nothing but a traitor, not understanding she had to act not to  be killed. Bek explains they're planning to get the other eye because he's seen the pyramid plans,  but Hathor informs them there's something they don't know about: a sphinx guards the pyramid and  it will kill anyone that can't answer its riddle. Horus decides to ask the God of Wisdom for help,  and on their way there, he won't stop arguing with Hathor about her choices. Tired of being taken for  granted, Hathor decides to chat with Bek instead and is shocked to hear about Horus' promise.  It shouldn't be possible to bring Zaya back, but for now, Hathor doesn't comment on it. Moments  later, the trio makes it to Thoth's temple, which is full of copies of the god because he  only trusts himself. Thoth refuses to go with them and tells them to bring the riddle to him  instead, but that would get one of them killed. Bek changes his mind by playing his ego and  saying he'd tell the sphinx that Thoth had been afraid of getting the answer wrong. The four of  them start making their way towards the pyramid, and Hathor takes the chance to scold Horus  for promising Bek things he can't achieve. Horus doesn't feel bad though, because this lie  is for the sake of the greater good. When they make it to the pyramid grounds, Horus decides  to wait until night falls to pass undetected. While Thoth reminds Horus that Hathor became  Set's lover just so Set would spare his life, Zaya uses her magic on the sand to show to Bek  an image of Zaya waiting in line to be judged. Because Hathor used to guide souls too, she has  the ability to speak to the dead, and she allows Bek to send Zaya a message of his fight to bring  her back, which is cut short by Anubis. In the evening, the party approaches the pyramid to find  it in constant movement. Bek chooses a door at random and jumps inside, where he parkours his way  through a moving bridge that allows him to reach the wheel that makes it all stop. Now the whole  group can enter and approach the sphinx together, however Thoth gets the answer to the riddle  wrong and the sphinx begins attacking them. Bek and Hathor step away, and Horus holds back the  sphinx while Thoth keeps offering possible answers until he gets it right. The correct answer  destroys the sphinx and the group is free to approach the center of the pyramid where they need  to drop the water, but a trap is waiting for them. Hathor and Horus get caught in a cage while  Set suddenly shows up and steals Thoth's brain. Bek grabs the flask, intending to proceed  with the plan, but Set gets him to stop by showing him Zaya's necklace and explaining  Horus lied. Bek isn't sure who to believe, but that short moment of hesitation is enough for  Set to steal the flask from him and destroy it. Then Set leaves, hoping the pyramid crumbling down  will kill them, but Horus manages to open the cage and escapes with his friends by using the wheel  as protection. Outside the pyramid, Bek calls Horus out for his lies and comes to the conclusion  gods don't care about their people. Hathor feels they need to compensate Bek for all the lying and  summons Anubis to offer herself in exchange for Anubis granting Bek passage to the underworld.  Anubis accepts, and Hathor kisses Horus before she's taken away, leaving her bracelet behind  so Bek can protect himself against the demons. Bek reaches the underworld safely thanks to  the bracelet and begins looking for Zaya at the queue in front of the gate where the rich can  pay for the afterlife and the poor are dissolved. Meanwhile, Set is making his beast transformation  more powerful by adding Thoth's brain, Osiris' heart, Horus's eye, and  Nephthys' wings to his magic armor. Then, he flies to the solar vessel to take revenge  on his father for having exiled him to the desert. Ra explains he's wrong and that he never played  favorites, all this has always been a test. He gave Osiris the crown and when the time  came, he knew he had to give that power away, so he passed his test. Set was given the desert  as a test of patience because Ra wants his son to take over the vessel one day. This enrages  Set because he doesn't want to be stuck here, spending his eternity fighting a space worm, and  he proceeds to attack his father. Ra retaliates with his solar beam that no god should survive,  but Set has the power of multiple gods now and manages to defeat Ra before letting Apophis roam  free. In the underworld, Bek finds Zaya and wants to give her the bracelet so she can pay her fee  to the afterlife, but they're interrupted by Apophis' attack, which forces Anubis to close the  gates for now. Zaya convinces Bek to give Horus a second chance, and Bek uses the bracelet to  come back to Egypt, teaming up with Horus again. A carriage sent by Nephthys takes the duo back to  the city, where Set shows up with Ra's spear and while standing on top of the obelisk, he commands  Apophis to attack the Nile, which is the source of all life. Horus and Bek kidnap Urshu to make the  architect get them inside the obelisk. While Horus makes his way up climbing, Horus and Urshu take  the elevator and end up fighting. Their struggle knocks over a torch and the elevator catches on  fire, so Bek ties his rope to the wall and jumps off before the elevator is taken over by the fire,  falling down as it takes Urshu with it. At the top of the obelisk, Horus finds Set and begins another  fight. Set thinks he's winning this, but Horus is just the bait while Bek shows up for a sneak  attack. Putting on his armor, Set attacks Bek, who removes the eye from the helmet before Set pushes  him away. Bek throws the eye at Horus, but the god decides to do the right thing and save Bek instead  of the eye. Horus apologizes to Bek for everything before finally transforming into his beast form  again, because it's good deeds and not greed that decide your worth. After leaving Bek safely on the  ground, Horus goes back to fighting Set inside the obelisk, and by hitting the walls he manages to  make the building crumble and hit Set as well. Once Set hits the ground, Horus kills it with Ra's  spear. Afterward, Horus flies to the solar vessel and gives Ra his spear back, which instantly  heals him with power. Ra wastes no time in fighting Apophis and sending it back the way it  came, allowing Anubis to open the gates again. Horus returns to Egypt and receives his other  eye from a child that picked it off the ground. Then, Horus checks on Bek, only to discover Set's  push had wounded him and the boy dies in front of him. Overwhelmed with grief, Horus takes Bek's  body to his temple so he can be next to Zaya. At that moment, Ra shows up and revives the young  couple as a thank you to Horus for helping him. A few days later, Egypt is bright with life  again. All the people have been freed and Horus is finally crowned king officially by Thoth. The  first thing he does is correct the rules of the afterlife: good deeds will decide if you pass or  not, not your riches. Bek is named Chief Advisor to the king, and he gives Horus back the bracelet  so he can go to the underworld and rescue Hathor.
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