Hot Tub Time Machine

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Hot Tub Time Machine
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The opening scene features a veterinarian named  Nick, who is examining a client's dog. He suddenly   receives a call from his old friend, Lou, but  chooses to ignore it. Meanwhile, the client   recognizes Nick as a band singer from the early  80s, so he makes a sarcastic remark about his   current profession. In response, Nick throws away  the dog's waste, causing the client to feel sick. On the other hand, we are introduced to another  one of Nick and Lou's friends named Adam. Upon   returning home from work, Adam discovers that  his girlfriend has taken several belongings from   his house before leaving him. His nephew:  Jacob, who is obsessed with video games,   resides in his basement. Adam suggests  that Jacob move in with his mother,   but the teenager reveals that she has already  fled the country with her new partner. Elsewhere, Lou carelessly drives his car into  a garage while singing loudly and air drumming.   He then steps on the accelerator,  causing smoke to fill the garage. In the next scene, Lou is rushed to  the hospital due to carbon monoxide   poisoning. Since he has no family to care for  him, the hospital administration contacts Nick   and Adam. Although the doctor suspects that Lou  attempted to commit the unthinkable, he denies it. Afterwards, Nick and Adam visit the hospital  room and find Lou sleeping. In a hush voice,   they whisper to each other about the possible  reasons for their friend’s tragic attempt. Lou,   who is awake this whole time, throws a pillow at  them and mentions that he ended up in this state   because they didn’t answer his calls. In an effort  to lift his spirits, Nick and Adam invite Lou to   the Kodiak Valley Ski Resort, a place which  they used to visit frequently in the past.   They also promise to cover his expenses,  knowing that he is severely debt-ridden. The following day, the three friends along with  Jacob embark on a journey to the Kodiak Valley   Ski Resort. After several hours of driving,  they finally arrive at the destination,   but they find that the place is just a mere  reflection of the town they used to know. Upon   checking in at the hotel, they are greeted by  an irate bellman with one cut arm named Phil,   who pulls their luggage. Later,  Jacob draws their attention to   a hot tub outside their room, but  they find a dead raccoon inside it. Nick reminisces about how they had a great night  in this same room in the past. As they talk,   the balcony door suddenly opens, and the  hot tub illuminates. It has miraculously   become clean and tidy. The four of them  jump into the tub with excitement and   enjoy the night to the fullest.  In the midst of their fun though,   they inadvertently spill an illegal Russian energy  drink named Chernobyl on the hot tub controls. The next day, they wake up in the hot tub, and Lou  immediately vomits on a squirrel. After this, they   go skiing and try to reenact their college days,  but Lou accidentally collides with the other two,   causing them to tumble off a cliff. Thankfully,  they all survive the fall without any injuries. However, the group soon starts to notice that  something is amiss in their current surroundings.   They begin to realize that the restaurant they are  in is filled with pop culture items from the 80s   and all the people are dressed in retro clothing.  Perplexed, the group returns to their room to try   and make sense of the situation. However, their  confusion is compounded when they encounter Phil,   who has both his arms intact. They then head back  to the hot tub, and after a bit of staring, Jacob   deduces that they must have been transported back  in time via some kind of hot tub time machine. In the bathroom, they are shocked to see their  younger selves in the mirror. They wonder how   Jacob is present when he shouldn't be born yet.  While the group argue about their situation,   a mysterious repairman appears and warns them  not to change anything as it may alter history. As the group comes to terms with the drastic  change, they realize some unpleasant events   from their past. Adam went through a painful  breakup with his first girlfriend and was   stabbed in the eye with a fork. His sister:  Kelly, had Jacob with an unknown father. Lou   was beaten by the ski patrol bully named Blaine,  and none of his friends came to his aid. Finally,   Nick's band's performance ended  disastrously at an open mic contest. The four are deeply concerned about the  potential ramifications of altering the   past in any way. To minimize the  risk of the butterfly effect,   they come up with a plan to recreate  their past experiences. Specifically,   Adam needs to go through the painful breakup  with his girlfriend Jenny and get stabbed   in the eye with a fork, Lou has to pick a  fight with the ski patrol bully, Nick must   perform with his band at an open microphone  event, and also make out with a fan-girl. Later, as they are getting ready to carry out  their plans, they run into Kelly, who is Adam's   sister and Jacob's mother. She explains that  she is looking forward to making out with a   random guy tonight. This creeps out her future  son, so the group quickly departs. After this,   they continue with their plan. Adam goes to  Jenny's room to break up with her, but she   seems interested in rekindling their relationship.  At the same time, he recalls how Jenny stabbed him   after breaking up with her. Afraid of the outcome,  he urges her to go to the concert instead. Meanwhile, Lou gets into a fight with Blaine,  but ends up getting beaten up and having his bag   stolen. As he sits nursing his wounds, a woman  approaches him and offers to take care of him.   Lou agrees but Jacob tries to send her away as  it's not part of their original plan. Elsewhere,   Nick rejoins his band and makes  out with a fan girl reluctantly. At the concert, Jenny joins the crowd while Adam  stays behind at the bar. A woman named April,   who is a journalist covering the event,  approaches him and starts a conversation. Elsewhere, we see Jacob and Lou in the same  woman's room, where she starts making out with   Lou. Jacob decides to leave but the woman insists  that she wants both of them. However, before   anything can happen, she receives a call from her  mother and while she's away, Jacob angrily leaves.   The woman returns shortly after, but she refuses  to continue as the younger boy has already left. Meanwhile, Jacob goes to the concert and learns  that Adam has not broken up with Jenny yet. When   asked about it, Adam claims that maybe breaking up  with her was a mistake and now, the universe has   given him a chance to correct it. The group later  gathers in a living room, and Adam is scolded for   not finishing his task. Lou is the angriest one,  but Jacob exposes him too by revealing that he   tried to sleep with a woman he wasn't supposed  to. Enraged, Lou declares that if Adam can change   the past, he can too. The statement makes Jacob  flicker in and out of existence, so he warns his   group that if they continue to change the past,  he may be permanently erased from existence. Scared that he will lose his nephew, Adam  immediately visits a bar in an attempt to   break up with Jenny. However, before he  has a chance to speak, she hands him a   break up note herself. This enrages Adam as he  realizes that Jenny stabbed him in the past,   when she wanted the same thing as  well. He then reveals how she will   get pregnant with several men in the future.  Unfortunately, Jenny takes this as an offense,   so she stabs him with a cocktail fork,  repeating the same event from their past. On the other hand, Blaine discovers some strange   items in Lou's bag and suspects  him of being a Russian spy. In the next scene, Lou and Nick are at a  bar where a lot of people are watching a   sports game. This gives Lou an idea;  because he knows the future events,   he places large bets on the matches  and wins a lot of money. After a while,   a man challenges him to a high-stakes  bet, and Lou confidently agrees. However,   just as his prediction is about to come true,  the squirrel that he had previously vomited   on intervenes, causing him to lose the game  as well as all his money. This proves that   even the slightest alteration of the  past can lead to severe consequences. In their room, Jacob discovers Adam drinking  and writing break-up poems. Out of nowhere,   the mysterious repair man appears and informs  them that the hot tub needs more repairs. Jacob   tries to gather more information, but when  he turns around, the man vanishes once again. After a while, Jacob leaves to search for  the other friends, while asking his uncle   to stay in the room. However, Adam also heads  outside and starts gazing at the stars. Soon,   the journalist from earlier: April, joins him,  and they have a romantic conversation. She then   takes him to a house that she claims is of her  friend. There, they enjoy some drinks and Adam   shares about his father’s tragic death due to E.  coli. April advises him not to let the incident   ruin his life. As they lean in for a kiss,  the homeowner arrives, prompting them to flee. Back at the bar, Lou writes down a list of  things he wants to change for the future,   while Nick is lost in his own thoughts.  He confesses that his wife, Courtney,   cheated on him despite the fact that he  dedicated his life to her. As a result,   he has now lost his friends and passion for music.  However, Lou tells him that it is never too late   to rediscover oneself. Nick is energized by the  statement so he decides to perform his gig. He   finally gets on the stage at the Kodiak  Club and delivers a stellar performance. Meanwhile, Jacob returns to the  hotel room to find the repairman   there. The latter reveals that the key  to their time travel is the Chernobyl,   because it has special chemicals which  assist in the time travel process. On the other hand, Blaine thinks Lou is a  Russian spy and shares his theories with his   friends. One of them suggests calling the cops  but Blaine insists on handling it themselves. Eventually, Adam, April, and Jacob meet up with  Nick at the club where he's performing. Outside,   Lou is left alone to confront Blaine and his  friends. Nick's performance is well received,   and Adam congratulates him. But just then, Jacob  interrupts, reminding them of the importance of   finding Chernobyl and returning to the hot  tub. When he asks for Lou, they realize that   they're late to defend him against Blaine  and the bullies. Worried, they rush outside,   and eventually find him drinking on the roof.  Lou accuses his friends of cutting him out,   and as he continues to rant, he slips off the  roof. The others manage to get a hold of him,   but due to the slippery surface, even  they are on the verge of falling.   Fortunately, Phil arrives just in time to save  them. After the incident, Lou reveals that   Blaine has his bag containing Chernobyl and  as a result, the group sets out to find him. On their way, Adam runs into April who is now  leaving. She invites him to come with her, but   Adam feels obligated to help his friends. Before  departing, April hugs him and whispers that maybe   the universe will bring them back together in  the future. Phil then drives the group to the Ski   Patrol lodge where Nick and Adam go straight to  Blaine's room and begin searching for Chernobyl.   However, Nick becomes distracted by a photo of his  wife, Courtney. Unable to control his emotions,   he calls Courtney, who is only nine years old, and  yells at her about the evils of adultery. Luckily,   before he could reveal anything more, Adam and  Jacob manage to take the phone away from him. In the meantime, as Lou is checking another  room, he is approached by Kelly. They engage   in a sarcastic conversation, which surprisingly  turns her on. Soon after, the other group members   enter the room in search of Lou, only to find him  in bed with Kelly. The sight infuriates Jacob,   and he jumps to stop the intercourse, but soon,  he disappears. This finally reveals that Jacob’s   father is none other than Lou. Since the teenager  interrupted the coetus, he was never born and   that’s why he disappeared. Realizing all this,  Adam reluctantly allows his friend to continue   doing his sister. When Lou finally finishes,  Jacob reappears, hence proving their theory. Later, as they exit the room, Blaine confronts  them holding the precious Chernobyl. He boldly   challenges Lou to try and take it from him,  and this time, he finds the courage to tackle   Blaine and beat him up. In the midst of the  commotion, the other members quickly retrieve   the Chernobyl and they all rush back to the hot  tub time machine. Before departing, Phil bids   them farewell, but as he waves his hand, a snow  plower passes by him, slicing off his right arm. The group then reaches the hot tub and activates  the vortex. Jacob and Nick are the first to step   inside, but Lou suddenly decides to stay behind  because he believes he can make positive changes   in his life. Adam tries to convince him to  come along, but Lou confesses that his carbon   monoxide poisoning was actually deliberate, and  he's afraid he might try it again if he returns   to the present. Lou intends to use his knowledge  of the future to make profitable investments and   build a better relationship with Kelly and  Jacob. After hearing this, Adam says that   he wants to stay too, but Lou pushes him into the  hot tub, just as it blasts the group back to 2010. After their wild time travel adventure,  the group returns to their hotel room and   discovers a DVD player. They curiously  watch a video and are amazed to see Lou   on a luxurious yacht, revealing that he has  used his future knowledge to become wealthy,   and has married Kelly. They are also surprised  to see that Phil's arms are still intact. He   explains that Blaine and his crew were able  to save his severed arm by quickly icing   it and taking him to a nearby hospital for  reattachment. Furthermore, they learn that   Lou has become a renowned rock star and has also  founded an Internet search engine called Lougle. Later on, Adam enters his new home where  he is greeted by his loving wife, April.   Nick is now a thriving music producer  who is happily married to Courtney,   a faithful and supportive partner. Courtney shares  with Nick that when she was only nine years old,   she received a wrong number phone call  that made her vow to never cheat on anyone. In the end, Adam, Nick, Lou, and  Jacob reunite at Lou's mansion,   surrounded by their happy families  and content with their new lives.
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