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Year One
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At the start of the movie, two primitive  men venture deep into the forest until   they come across a magical tree,  with several glowing fruits on it.   One of them becomes curious and takes  a bite out of a fruit. Surprisingly,   this causes an avalanche of changes, starting  with a giant snake that lands on their feet. Then,   they are taken to another civilization where  humans have become much more modern. The man   who ate the fruit earlier actually ends up  seducing the beautiful queen of this kingdom. Following this, the movie flashes back to where  it all started. We are taken to the biblical times   of early civilizations where humankind is still  very primitive. A group of hunters have ventured   deep into the forest, looking for food. They  chase after a boar and when the lead hunter,   Marlak gets ready to attack, one of  his comrades is impaled by a spear.  Suddenly, another hunter named Zed  shows up and boasts about his aim, thinking he has killed the boar. After  realizing that he hasn't, Zed apologizes   but faintly whispers that the hunter had blocked  his shot. Marlak hears his snarky remarks and   so the hunters grab Zed and bully him. They then  return to their village where we see a guy named   Oh picking strawberries. As Marlak walks past him,  he belittles Oh by tossing away his fruit basket. It turns out Oh and Zed have been good friends  ever since they were born. As they chat,   Zed spots his crush, Maya and starts to flirt with  her. However, she politely rejects him, saying   that she wants a man who can protect and provide  for her. To make matters worse, Marlak offers   Maya a boar's head as a token of love and makes  romantic advancements towards her. Meanwhile,   Oh is also attracted to Zed's sister: Eema but  he is too shy to go and talk with her. Just then,   one of the villagers takes a dump behind  Zed’s sleeping quarters, making him furious. So, he and Oh decide to take a stroll  into the woods where Zed goes on a   rant about how he is always looked  down upon and treated like garbage.   They then reach a tree bearing some  glowing fruits. It turns out eating   this fruit is forbidden and no one  has even dared to come close to it. However, Zed insists on eating  it as he contemplates on why it   is actually forbidden. Oh tries  his best to stop him, but Zed,   who believes that he will become intelligent and  maybe get a chance with Maya, bites it anyway. Immediately, Zed claims that he has  gained superior knowledge but he fails   to answer even the basic of questions  regarding science. At the same time,   a giant snake wraps around Oh’s feet,  making him panic. He frantically asks what   they should do but Zed’s replies are futile  and so he eats more of the forbidden fruit. Later that night, the villagers have a dance  festival. Oh tries to impress Eema and does   the awkward ‘Fertility Dance’ with her. She also  gets up and dances with Oh but for some reason,   he hits her in the head with a stick,  thinking she will like it. Unfortunately,   she angrily hits him back  before storming away from there. Meanwhile, it turns out that someone from the  village had spotted Zed eating the forbidden   fruit and so he rats him out. An angry Marlak  confronts him about this and as a result,   Zed is banished from the village. However things  worsen for Zed as he accidentally burns down the   village with the fire stick in his hand,  prompting the hunters to chase him down. He runs for his life and shortly  after, Marlak finds him hiding   below the bushes. Zed is inches away  from being killed when all of a sudden,   Oh comes to the rescue and hits Marlak on  the head, knocking him out. Following this,   the two make a run for it as the whole village  descends into chaos. Oh believes that the world   is flat and once they reach the mountains  they will fall off but Zed thinks otherwise. The next day, Oh’s beliefs are proven wrong as  they discover land beyond the mountains. He then   assumes that Zed knew this beforehand since he  ate the forbidden fruit. After a bit of walking,   they come across a herd of cows grazing in  a field and Zed decides to kill one of them   for food. He lunges towards the cow but  is immediately kicked off. Shortly after,   two brothers, Cain and Abel show up and  reveal that they are farmers and that   the cows are theirs. As they explain  their work, they have a disagreement,   which results in a brutal fight. In the  end, Cain ends up killing Abel with a stone. As Oh and Zed are witnesses to his crime, he  invites them over to his house for supper.   Fearing that Caine will murder them too if  they don't oblige, they reluctantly agree to   go. The same evening, Zed and Oh have dinner  with Cain’s family. The eldest member: Adam,   inquires about Abel’s whereabouts and the  trio lie that they haven’t seen him all day. Later, Adam instructs Zed to sleep with  a beautiful girl while Oh is forced to   spend the night with a filthy guy. Zed is  ecstatic, thinking that he will finally   get laid but to his misfortune, the girl is  only interested in other girls. Meanwhile,   Oh has difficulty sleeping as the filthy guy  repeatedly farts and creates a nuisance.  The next morning, Adam and some farmers go out  to the fields in search of his lost son. They   eventually find Abel’s corpse and deduce that  Cain is the culprit. However, by this time, the   trio has already escaped the village. Currently,  they are at a market, where they surprisingly spot   Marlak, Maya and Eema in a tied up state.  Zed and  Oh slowly approach the girls and learn that after   they burnt down the village, other attackers  invaded the place and kidnapped all of the   villagers to be sold as slaves. Determined to free  them, Zed tries to buy the girls but is unable to   do so due to lack of cash. Cain then intervenes  and claims that he can help release all of them.   But in the end, he simply betrays his friends by  selling them as slaves in exchange for a horse. Later, Zed, Oh, Maya, Eema and the  other slaves are locked in a cage,   ready to be delivered to someone. But  along the way, a third party tribe   suddenly arrives on horses and ambushes  the slave masters. During the attack,   Zed and Oh break free and luckily escape while  Maya and Eema are captured. The two try to save   the girls and spy on the attackers from afar but  they fall asleep soon after. When they wake up,   they find that the attackers are gone, much to  their dismay. Afterwards, Zed and Oh make their   way to a city called Sodom as they had overheard  the attackers talking about the place earlier. The movie then cuts to a man named  Abraham about to sacrifice his son,   Issac due to ‘orders’ from God. All of a  sudden, he is interrupted by Zed and Oh,   who happen to be passing by. To prevent Abraham  from killing the boy, they claim that God has   sent them to stop him. Hearing this, Abraham drops  his knife and thanks God before escorting them to   his village, thinking that they are the holy  messengers. However, to prove their loyalty,   Abraham states that both of them would  need to circumcise their genital parts.  Afraid, the two run away from the village and  make their way to the infamous city of Sodom.   But they soon find out that Abraham’s son Issac  has been following them. He accompanies the two   into the city, saying that he and his friends  always sneak into Sodom to have fun. They   soon make it to the gates when suddenly  several guards attempt to catch them. So,   Issac runs away while the two are captured  and readied for punishment. But fortunately,   Cain, who happens to be working as a guard  there, vouches for them and saves their lives. In the next scene, the trio takes a walk  through the city while Cain explains the   perks of being a guard inside the palace. So, the  next day, Zed and Oh also get enlisted as guards,   despite having no skills whatsoever. After  that, the three of them explore the market   when suddenly, the city’s princess: Inanna passes  by in her carriage. Zed is immediately attracted   to her but Cain reminds him that he has no  chance with the princess as she is royalty.   They then head to the palace where they find  out that a virgin woman is being sacrificed.   This is because the people believe that a  sacrifice can please God, and in return,   they will be showered with rain, food and shelter.  After the woman is thrown into a pit of fire,   one of the slaves approaches the three and reveals  that Princess Inanna has summoned Zed and Oh. Oh is taken someplace else by an old male while  the slave escorts Zed inside the palace. He then   finds himself in an intimate gathering  and it's revealed that the slave who led   him inside is actually Maya. After a while,  Zed spots Oh covered in gold paint posing as   a statue. The two then see Eema in the crowd  who also turns out to be a slave. Currently,   she is being harassed by one of the guards so,  Zed pretends to scold her and sends her off.  Following this, he goes to visit the princess  while the High Priest shows Oh the “Holy Room”   and explains that whosoever has entered,  has never returned out alive. However,   it is rumored that only the special ones will  be unharmed, as God favors the righteous ones.   Meanwhile, Zed claims that he himself is the  “Chosen One” and so the princess takes him to   the holy room. She manages to convince him  to go inside and speak to God to end all of   the people’s suffering. When Zed enters the  room, nothing happens and he instead finds   Oh hiding from the High Priest as the latter  was forcing him to do inappropriate things.  Zed then kneels down before the big stone in the  middle of the room and prays to God. However,   after his prayers, he gets into an argument with  Oh about God’s existence. They eventually make up   and as they leave the room together, they  are met with the High Priest and numerous   guards who put them into jail as entering the  room is against the rules. The following day,   the two are taken outside where they are sentenced  to be stoned to death in front of the public.  But before the procedure can begin,  Zed confronts the king and claims he   is the chosen one as he is unscathed even  after entering the holy room. As a result,   the entire crowd starts chanting for Zed.  The king also believes in the theory and so,   he dismisses their death sentence. But instead of  freeing them, he decides to keep them as slaves.   Later in the afternoon, another virgin woman is  to be sacrificed to God. Surprisingly, the king   chooses his own daughter: princess Inanna,  as he is fed up with her constant grouching. It turns out that Eema and Maya are also next  in line to be sacrificed and when Zed finds   out about this, he makes a dramatic entry and  destroys a construction site in the process.   At the same time, Abraham, Issac and their  troops reveal themselves and a full on riot   occurs. The public also starts to retaliate  while some of the guards betray the king,   killing him and taking his crown. Meanwhile,  Oh rescues Eema and he finally confesses his   feelings for her, which leads to the two having  intercourse amidst the chaos. Zed fights through   many guards and eventually saves Maya from the  High Priest, who falls into the pit of fire. After a while, the fighting stops and  the crowd all cheer for Zed as they   think that he is the chosen one. It also starts  raining, making them even more excited. However,   he finally comes clean and tells everyone that he  is just a normal man trying to save his friends.   He further mentions that anyone can be chosen  and can make their own destiny if they persevere   through the tough times. Hearing his inspirational  speech, the crowd is sent into a state of frenzy. In the final scene, Princess Inanna becomes  the queen of Sodom while Zed and Oh prepare   to go on different paths. Oh intends on  returning back to his village to help   rebuild and develop it while Zed wants to  travel the world with Maya. The movie ends   with the two having an emotional but awkward  goodbye before leaving the city of Sodom.
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