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The opening scene begins in 1989 with the  introduction of Hank Pym, a popular physicist   and entomologist. He works for the best research  facility in the world; SHIELD. Currently, he has   discovered magical particles that are capable of  either shrinking or enlarging someone. Hank has   even created a suit using these particles, which  he believes will help the nation fight against   terrorists. However, the superiors at SHIELD want  the technology for their own benefit. They want to   create superhumans, but Hank is totally against  it. So, to keep the technology from falling into   the wrong hands, Hank resigns from SHIELD. Several years later, he establishes his own   organization; Pym Technologies, which he runs with  his daughter; Hope, and a guy named Darren. Hank   continues his research but he hides the suit  and its technology even from his employees.   Unfortunately, one day, Darren gets to know about  it, so he starts plotting to overthrow Hank out   of his own company. After a lot of planning, he  finally prevails; Hank is forced to resign and   Darren is made the new CEO of Pym Technologies. In the present day, Darren calls the old man to   his office and unveils a new suit he has recently  designed. He calls it ‘yellow jacket’. Apparently,   this suit has all the attributes like the one  Hank had designed back in 1989. Darren is now   looking to test it on some live subjects, and  if it works, he will start mass producing it.   This frightens the old man, as he believes  that the suit could cause destruction if   the bad guys get a hold of it. However, Darren  could care less; he just wants to make money.  Elsewhere, a convict named Scott Lang is being  released from prison after 3 years in captivity.   He ended up in jail after infamously burglarizing  his own employer. Scott is picked up by his old   accomplice; Luis, and on the way, the latter  reveals that he has a new heist for him. However,   Scott refuses to be a part of it, saying that he  does not want to disappoint his daughter anymore.  The following day, Scott applies to several  jobs, but everywhere he is rejected due to his   criminal history. This sends him spiraling into  a state of depression. The only ray of light in   Scott’s life is his daughter; Cassie, so he goes  to visit her. Unfortunately, his ex-wife; Maggie,   and her new cop husband; Paxton, immediately  ask him to leave. Maggie warns Scott that if he   wants to see their daughter, he will have to get  a decent job and make the child support payments.  Dejected, Scott storms out of the house and  later calculates how much money is required   for child support. When he learns that it  is a lot, he reluctantly decides to join   hands with Luis and take part in the heist. In the next scene, Luis briefs Scott about   his mission, in which he will have to rob an old  scientist’s house. Apparently, there are a lot   of valuables and high end gadgets there, which  would sell for millions in the black market.   That scientist is none other than Hank Pym. Scott, who is a professional at such robberies,   immediately accepts. That night, he climbs  the fence, removes the window sensors,   and then proceeds to the basement by opening  a window. After unlocking the basement door,   he finds a second door which is  fingerprint-coated. Fortunately,   Scott is prepared for such situations. He cleverly  lifts the fingerprints using some of his tricks   and finally manages to open the door. Because  of the intense security, Scott assumes that   something very valuable is kept inside. But  to his dismay, all he finds is a strange red   suit. He is unaware that he has broken into Hank  Pym's house, who has been watching him all along.  Back at Pym Technology, Darren  is attempting to shrink a sheep   to a microscopic size. Unfortunately, in the  process, he ends up killing the poor animal.   The experiment is deemed a failure but Darren  is determined to carry on with the tests.  Elsewhere, Scott returns home with the suit  and tries it on inside the bathroom. He then   presses a red button on his hand, and as soon  as he does so, he suddenly shrinks to the size   of an insect. To make matters worse, Luis  enters the bathroom and turns on the tap,   creating a tsunami for the little guy.  Scott desperately tries to press the   button on his other hand, hoping that it  will revert him back to his original form,   but to no avail. So, he simply makes a run  for it and ends up falling through a crack.  Scott lands on the lower floor, where hundreds  of people are enjoying a party. He somehow   avoids getting trampled, but once again falls  through a crack and reaches another room. There,   he is sucked inside a vacuum cleaner, chased by  a rat, and launched by a mouse trap. At last,   he smashes through the window and lands  on top of a car. The impact finally   reverts him back to his original size. Confused and scared by the incident,   later that night, Scott decides to go back inside  the compound to return the suit. But just as he   jumps inside, he is surrounded by cops. Scott is  arrested and taken to jail, where Paxton tells him   that he has once again disappointed his daughter. Shortly after, another cop arrives and informs   Scott that his lawyer has arrived. This surprises  the latter as he never contacted any lawyer.   When he goes to check who it is, he finds the  scientist; Hank, waiting for him. The old man   reveals that he has been monitoring Scott ever  since he got out of jail. He purposely spread   the rumor that his house contained valuables  so that Luis would be lured to it. In fact,   he wanted Scott to steal the suit and try it  on. Saying this, Hank gives Scott 2 options;   he can either waste his years in prison, or  he can embrace the suit and work for him.  As Scott returns to his cell, confused,  an army of ants suddenly arrive with the   suit. He doesn’t think twice and puts it on,  and the next second, he shrinks in size like   earlier. Scott then escapes the prison,  and outside, a flying ant is waiting for   him. He immediately mounts it and tries to  ride it through the streets, but because of   the high speed, he feels nauseous and passes out. The next morning, Scott wakes up at Hank's house,   with Hope and a bunch of ants looking over him.  Later, the old man summons him to the dining   room and reveals that he was chosen because  of his unique skill of sneaking into places,   undetected. Hank then tells Scott everything about  the history of the suit and even explains how he   plans to stop Darren with it. But for that, he  wants Scott to go to Pym Technology and steal the   Yellow Jacket. While he's there, Scott will have  to erase all the records of the research so that   Darren can never replicate the technology again. Elsewhere, at Pym Technologies, Darren finally   manages to shrink a sheep to the size of an  insect. Hope witnesses this and becomes worried,   so she immediately informs her dad about it.  Meanwhile, Scott believes that the mission is   too dangerous, so he advises the old man  to seek help from the Avengers. However,   the latter refuses, saying that he doesn’t want  the technology to fall into the hands of Tony   Stark. He mentions that he is doing this for the  sake of mankind, and this finally convinces Scott.  So, he starts training himself for the mission by  practicing martial arts and learning the ability   to control ants. He also works on his timing by  shrinking and growing back multiple times. In   one instance, he tries to become even smaller by  altering his suit, but Hank stops him. The old man   claims that if he shrinks any more, he will reach  sub atomic size and enter the quantum realm, where   reality and the notions of time and space are  irrelevant. Once he reaches this realm, there is   no coming out of it. Hank knows all this because  in the year 1987, his wife; Janet, also made the   same mistake. During a mission, she shrunk her  size more than she should have, and to this day,   she has been trapped inside the quantum realm. For the first mission, Scott is asked to retrieve   a piece of equipment that he will require in the  mission. The only problem is that this equipment   is guarded inside the Avengers Headquarters.  Despite this, Scott heads to the location,   where he encounters the Falcon; Sam Wilson. At  first, he politely asks for the equipment, but   when the Falcon refuses, they get into a fight.  It goes on for several minutes, but in the end,   Scott shrinks in size, enters the Falcon’s suit,  and destroys it from the inside. After this,   he retrieves the equipment and makes a run for it. Later, as Hank and Scott are discussing their next   move, Darren arrives there. He informs the old  man that he has successfully tested his suit,   and is going to sell it to a buyer. The  transaction is going to be held in a high   security building, where even the vents will be  sealed with microscopic mesh. Before leaving,   the cocky Darren invites Hank to  witness the sale. Hearing all this,   Scott realizes that the mission is going to be  tougher than expected, so he calls Luis for help.  In the next scene, the group carries out  the necessary arrangements and gets ready   to steal the yellow jacket. Luis disguises  as a security officer and reduces the water   pressure inside the water pipes. Using this  opportunity, Scott manages to sneak inside   the building along with his ant friends. On the other hand, the buyer arrives,   and he is revealed to be an executive from  HYDRA, a notorious underworld corporation.   If the yellow jacked falls into their  hands, humanity will be at a serious risk.  Meanwhile, Scott enters the server room to plant  a bomb in the system. At first, he directs his   ant friends to damage the building’s security  system and burn all backup data. Once that is   done, Scott heads to the transaction room and  prepares to steal the yellow jacket. However,   when he lunges at it, Darren arrives in the  nick of time and traps him inside a glass cage.  It turns out he was well aware of their plan and  had been tracking Scott for some time. Darren then   brings out a gun and prepares to finish off Hank,  but right then, Scott breaks free and unleashes a   brutal punishment on the HYDRA agents. While this  is happening, Darren shoots Hank in the chest,   and then aims for Scott, but the resilient ants  show up and prevent him from pressing the trigger.   Realizing that he is going to be defeated, Darren  somehow retreats with the bag carrying the yellow   jacket. After a while, Scott also incapacitates  all the HYDRA agents and goes after him.  Meanwhile, the bomb that was planted in the server  room is about to explode. So Hank gives his tank   keychain to Hope and asks her to enlarge its size.  As soon as she does so, the father-daughter duo   escapes the building, right before it caves in. Elsewhere, Darren escapes the place in a   helicopter but soon, he notices an army of ants  approaching him. It turns out that Scott was also   able to board the helicopter. Panicked, Darren  brings out his gun and begins shooting at him,   but due to Scott’s tiny size, none of his  bullets connect. Hence, with no options left,   Darren puts on the yellow jacket  and shrinks to the size of Scott.  With this, the two tiny humans start battling  it out for supremacy. Soon, they fall off the   helicopter and land in a pool, but the fighting  doesn’t stop. Scott somehow manages to throw   Darren into a lightbulb and electrocute him. But  just when he is about to finish the bad guy off,   Paxton arrives there and arrests him. After they  are gone, Darren wakes up and decides to exact   vengeance on Scott by going after his family. Meanwhile, as Paxton is leading Scott to the   police station, he is informed that someone  has broken into his house. Wasting no time,   the two head there and discover Darren holding  little Cassie hostage. This enrages Scott so he   once again shrinks in size and starts fighting  the bad guy. But no matter how hard he tries,   Darren keeps repelling his attacks.  This is when Scott realizes that in   order to defeat the yellow jacket, he  will have to get inside it by shrinking   himself further. He knows that there  is no coming back, but for the sake of   his daughter’s safety, he proceeds with it. The plan works, and as soon as Scott enter’s   the suit, he destroys it from inside, causing  Darren to vanish in thin air. But with this,   Scott also gets trapped into the quantum realm.  There is nothing but an endless vacuum around   him. He tries using the button on his hand, but  it doesn’t work. Right then, he hears his daughter   crying and this gives him the motivation to get  out of the place. He recalls the equipment that   he had stolen from the Avengers base, and uses  it to rewire his suit. Surprisingly, this works,   and he is able to return to the normal world.  Scott immediately embraces his daughter, and   at the same time, the cops also arrive. However,  seeing his bravery, Paxton covers for him, giving   him ample time to shrink in size and escape. In the final scene, Hank and Scott are having   a conversation about the events that  transpired last night. The old man is   still in shock as to how Scott was able to  escape the quantum realm. However, he is now   hopeful that his wife can also be brought back. The movie ends as Luis catches up with Scott   and reveals that the Avengers  are looking to recruit him.
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