I Am Legend

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I Am Legend
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In the near future, scientists manage to reprogram  the measles virus to help cure diseases instead   of causing them, and they even manage to cure  cancer. However they lose control of this virus   and it ends up infecting most of the population,  transforming them into dangerous mutants called   Darkseekers, who feed on people and are weak to  sunlight. Three years after the initial outbreak,   New York City is a complete wasteland, to the  point where the zoo animals now freely walk around   the streets. The only survivor is Robert, a former  army virologist that spends his days with his dog   Sam. Whenever they go hunting, Sam helps Robert  find the animals, and he chases them through the   streets in whatever car he fells like taking that  day. Robert is always armed and a great shooter,   but he also has a good heart and when he sees  families of lions hunting too, he lets them   have the meat. He also keeps an alarm on his  watch to make sure he isn't out when the sun   sets. As soon as the alarm goes off, Robert rushes  back to the same house he's lived in since before   the outbreak, which has been fortified to the  max. Robert can shut all the doors and windows,   and he always makes sure to bleach the front steps  so that the Darkseekers can't find his smell.   Inside this house, Robert keeps a good supply of  food and tapes of old newscasts that allow him to   stay sane by pretending he's going through an old  routine. He also listens to music, talks to Sam,   and does the usual chores like bathing his dog  and cooking for both of them. No matter how much   he tries to distract himself though, his dark  memories always crawl back: when night falls,   he hides in the tub with Sam and some firearms,  and the sound of the Darkseekers outside makes him   think of his family. When the outbreak happened,  the government decided to seal off the island,   since it was ground zero. Panic took over the  streets as people tried to escape in hoards.   Robert rushed to pick up his wife Zoe, their  daughter Marley, and Sam, who was still a puppy   back then. He wanted them to leave the island to  stay with a relative, and Zoe got angry when she   realized Robert wasn't coming with them because  he wanted to stay to analyze the virus and find   a cure. This triggered an argument between them  that almost made Robert crash the car. Robert   hasn't given up on the idea of a cure even in the  present. Every morning after exercising with Sam,   he goes to the lab in his basement to keep track  of his experiments. Sam isn't allowed down there   because she could get infected, but Robert is  fine because he's immune. In the lab, there's a   bunch of caged rats carrying the virus, and Robert  has been trying the different serums he's made on   them. All of them failed until one morning, Robert  discovers one of the rats is actually getting   better. Now he can move on to the next step of the  trial, but he'll need a human for that. Afterward,   Robert and Sam visit the video store, where Robert  has put up a bunch of mannequins as part of trying   to keep the illusion of a normal routine. He  talks to them as if they were old friends and   always brings back the movies he takes before  choosing another one, he also pretends one of   the mannequins is trying to flirt with him. Robert  promises Sam that one day he'll flirt back. Next,   the pair visits the parks where Robert is growing  vegetables to take some with them. They also keep   a map of all the houses they've already visited  and choose a new one to do each day. This allows   them to find new supplies of food, although the  things they find the most of are medicine and   cleaning products left behind by the fight  against the outbreak. Sometimes Robert also   finds really depressing signs of the people that  used to live there, like the bodies themselves,   or even nurseries that never got to be used. After  picking up gas for the car, Robert proceeds with   the last part of his routine, which consists of  going to the South Street Seaport to broadcast a   recording that invites any survivors to meet him  there. While he waits he keeps himself entertained   in different ways, like playing golf on top of the  air force's planes. One afternoon, Sam notices a   deer running around, so she and Robert begin  chasing it through the streets. The deer panics   when it comes across a blocked road and enters  an old, dark building. Sam follows it inside,   which makes Robert nervous because such a dark  place could be the perfect nest for Darkseekers.   Since Sam won't come out when she's called, Robert  has to enter as well, and he tries to be as quiet   as possible not to give away his presence. There  are some terrifying noises that suddenly scare   Robert, but he refuses to leave without Sam, so  he takes a moment to gather courage and cover   his flashlight with his hand before going deeper  inside. He follows a trail of blood upstairs that   takes him to a body behind some furniture, for a  moment Robert fears the worst until he realizes   it's not Sam, it's the deer. As he continues  his search, Robert finds a bunch of Darkseekers   standing near a wall, thankfully he reacts fast  and steps back, keeping his flashlight away from   them. Robert turns around and finally finds Sam  hiding under a desk, refusing to come out because   there's something that scares her. At that moment,  a Darkseeker jumps on Robert from behind. Robert   immediately shoots him before running away with  Sam, telling the dog to take a different corridor   when the other Darkseekers begin chasing him.  With a plan in mind, Robert runs to the window   and jumps right when the Darkseekers catch up  to him, this causes the sunlight to kill the   two monsters that fall with him on the ground and  keeps the others inside. After reuniting with Sam,   Robert prepares a special trap using a truck on  a bridge and some old canvas that the puts down   at the building's entrance. He tells Sam not to  follow him for this one to avoid infection, then   he takes some of his own blood and drops it on  top of the canvas. As soon as a Darkseeker comes   closer to feed on the blood, the trap activates,  making the truck fall and drag the Darkseekers out   inside the canvas. A second Darkseeker, considered  the Alpha of the group, peeks out of the building   to roar at Robert with clear fury, only to quickly  go back when the sunlight begins burning him.   Moments later, Robert has the female Darkseeker  he caught in his lab, strapping her to the table   in order to test the cure he's been developing. He  first uses UV light to confirm she's infected with   the virus, and he discovers she's got a butterfly  tattoo. Robert begins by injecting the serum he's   created from the rat that did well, and after a  few seconds of nothing, the Darkseeker suddenly   begins screaming and struggling against her  shackles. After a moment of panic, the Darkseeker   passes out, and all her vital signs go to zero  on the monitor. Robert immediately gives her   a new injection to keep her alive, but he also  can't help shaking the furniture with anger at   the failure. Then he puts the Darkseeker behind  a glass door before logging his progress for the   day, mentioning the fact Alpha Male exposed  himself to sunlight on purpose. This makes   him think that decreased brain function or the  scarcity of food is causing them to ignore their   basic survival instincts, and social devolution  appears complete. That reminds Robert of the day   of the outbreak again because people were behaving  like crazy on the streets. Lots of ships were   leaving the island, but only those with clearance  were allowed to pass, and people didn't like being   left behind in quarantine, especially those with  kids that begged others for help. The roads had   been blocked by the army, but the soldiers had  orders to escort Robert and his family to safety,   thus they continued on foot. When they reach the  harbor, the soldiers used a scanner to make sure   they weren't infected, Marley passed but Zoe  didn't. Mother and daughter panicked because   they didn't want to be separated, prompting Robert  to make a scene and pull rank to order a second   scan. Zoe passed the test this time, and because  they were an army family, they got to leave on a   helicopter. Robert insisted on staying and said  goodbye to Zoe and Marley, who decided to leave   Sam with him so she could protect him. As the  helicopter took off, Marley made a butterfly   with her hands as a goodbye. Back to the present,  Robert and Sam go through their usual routine,   but at the end of the day when they're about to  go home, some strange happens. There's a mannequin   near the bridge, and Robert is sure he didn't put  it there. Feeling like he's going crazy, Robert   shoots at the mannequin as if to prove it isn't  real, the mannequin just falls to the ground. Then   Robert thinks he can hear some whispering around  him and begins shooting at the air like crazy.   Since nothing happens, Robert decides to check  out the mannequin, but as soon as he comes closer,   a car falls and he's caught by a rope: it turns  out the Darkseekers copied his trap. Sam hits his   head and he passes out as blood begins to drip  on the ground. Moments later, Robert wakes up   when his watch's alarm goes off. Sam is still  there, and the sun is about to set, so Robert   uses a knife to cut off the rope. When he falls  to the ground, he hurts his leg, and now he has   to drag his body through the ground to leave. Sam  at first follows him, but she stops when she hears   some growling coming from a building. The Alpha  is there with a bunch of infected dogs and he   sets them loose to go after Robert, but the dogs  step back when they almost get hurt by the last   bit of sunlight. Robert forces himself to stand up  and rush to his car to retrieve a gun right before   the sun finishes setting, allowing the dogs to  attack. One of them jumps on Sam and bites her   while Robert fights the others, struggling against  a beast before managing to grab his gun properly   and shoot them all one by one. Sam is in pain,  so Robert ignores his own to pick her up and take   her to the lab, where he gives her a dose of his  serum. Then he holds her in his arms and sings a   song for her, but little by little, Sam's starting  to turn. Devastated, Robert has no choice but to   euthanize her, ignoring her barks of protest  until she's dead. After grieving her properly,   Robert gives Sam a burial in the garden before  trying to go back to his routine. He takes a lot   of medicine to try to forget the pain, and when he  goes to the video store, he finally chats with the   flirting mannequin, saying he promised his best  friend he would do so. Obviously the mannequin   doesn't talk back, and this causes something in  Robert to finally break. Furious and miserable,   Robert takes his car out at night to run over a  bunch of Darkseekers in revenge. He manages to   kill a few of them but the others attack him under  the Alpha's orders, they even climb a light post   to make it fall on top of Robert's car. Then they  flip the car over to get Robert stuck inside, but   when the Alpha enters the car through the window,  an UV light suddenly blinds them all and causes   the Darkseekers to flee. Robert isn't feeling well  because he hit his head when the car was flipped,   but he can tell there's another person taking him  away in their car. This person asks where to take   him, so Robert gives them his address and asks  them to make sure they aren't followed before he   passes out. That night, Robert dreams of his  family again. After the helicopter took off,   the government bombed the bridge to seal off the  island. One of the helicopters lost control when   people tried to jump on it, and it crashed against  the one with Robert's family, instantly killing   them. The next morning Robert wakes up to the  sound of an animated movie on his tv. The wound   on his leg has been stitched, but he's still wary  and he grabs a gun before going to the kitchen,   where for a moment he thinks he sees family again.  In reality this is Anna and her son Ethan, they   were the ones to save him last night. Anna has  made breakfast, so Robert puts down the gun and   sits with them, hearing Anna's story. They come  from Maryland, and they stopped by the harbor when   they heard Robert's message. They're making their  way to Vermont because there's a safe zone full of   survivors in the mountains, where the cold should  keep the virus away. Robert refuses to believe it   and tells Anna that everyone's dead as he tosses  his plate to the ground with anger. Realizing how   close he is to losing it, Robert goes upstairs  to have a minute alone. Once he's calmed down,   he joins the others again and takes the chance  to quote the movie to prove to Ethan that he   means no harm. Robert confesses he loves that  film, and it's quite obvious he identifies with   the ogre because he also has no friends. Once  Robert thanks Anna for the rescue, they have a   little chat. Anna explains she had been on a  Red Cross evacuation ship out of San Paolo,   but those boats weren't made to be permanent. When  the Navy fell apart, Anna's group returned to the   shore to search for supplies, and someone stole  their boat. Five people in her team were immune,   but they were killed by the Darkseekers. She still  intends to go to Vermont, but Robert refuses to go   with her, explaining he wants to stay at ground  zero and work on a cure. Later, they go to check   the area where they found Robert last night  and he checks the trap, noticing it was made   from the tools they took from his own trap. Robert  doesn't want to believe the Darkseekers did this   because they aren't supposed to have higher brain  function, meaning they shouldn't be able to plan,   hate, or love. Anna thinks the Darkseekers could  possibly be evolving. Afterward they take Ethan to   have some fun in a fountain, and when Robert hears  Ethan complain about the cold water, he gets an   idea. The trio returns to the house, where Robert  puts the female Darkseeker on top of lots of ice,   thinking that changing her body temperature may  help the serum work better. Anna looks around the   lab and discovers a bunch of pictures that show  Robert has tested many versions of the serum on   humans before, but they never worked. Afterward  Anna finds Ethan fell asleep on the couch,   so Robert offers to take him to his daughter's old  bed. Anna finds the pictures of Robert's family   and he tells her a bit about them, explaining  his daughter was named after Bob Marley, who Anna   never heard of before. Robert can't believe this  and immediately plays his favorite CD for her,   confessing Bob Marley was his inspiration because  he kept on singing even after he was shot at his   own home. When night falls, Robert seals all the  windows, and again Anna tries to convince him to   come with them. Robert wonders how she can be  so sure there's a colony, and when Anna says   God told her, Robert finally snaps. He yells  at her as he points out that most of humanity   is dead and the rest became monsters, meaning  there's no God. Their conversation is suddenly   interrupted when they hear some noises outside:  it turns out the Darkseekers followed the smell   of the blood he dripped last night and they're now  here. Anna rushes to get Ethan while Robert turns   on the lights that he installed outside, but the  Darkseekers just jump on them and destroy them.   Next Robert activates a bunch of explosives  he buried just in case, killing the first   hoard. Afterward Robert goes upstairs to look for  Anna, only to suddenly be jumped on by the Alpha.   The two of them begin to fight and Robert uses a  screwdriver he finds on the floor to attack him,   but the Alpha barely feels any pain and throws  Robert back downstairs. Robert uses the chance   to steal a weapon he hid among the umbrellas,  and when the Alpha dodges the shots to hide   in another room, Robert shoots a gas canister to  cause an explosion. The Alpha runs upstairs again,   and Robert follows him with open fire until he  sees the Alpha jump out of the window. Afterward   he goes looking for Anna and Ethan, finding them  hidden under some furniture while a Darkseeker   destroys the ceiling of that room. There's a  gun on a table nearby, so Robert rushes in,   grabs the gun, and shoots at the monster right  as he turns to attack him. At that moment,   Robert hears a noise outside and discovers  the Alpha is back with even more Darkseekers,   thus the trio runs to hide in the lab. As the  Darkseekers climb the building to enter through   the hole their friend made, Robert and Anna are  shocked to discover the female test subject is   getting better. This means the cure is working,  but before they can consider their options,   the Darkseekers arrive at the lab and Robert has  to close the glass door between them. He tries to   tell them he can save them, but the Darkseekers  don't listen, they just keep on hitting the door.   When the Alpha arrives too, he cracks the glass  with his mighty strength, then he makes a drawing   that Robert recognizes as a butterfly, just like  the woman's tattoo. This reminds him of Marley,   and Robert finally understands the Darkseekers  do have feelings - they're here to rescue their   friend, not to kill. Robert puts down his weapon  and, ignoring Anna's protests, disconnects the   woman from the machines before taking her  out of the glass door. As the Darkseekers   growl at him with fury, Robert picks a syringe  and injects the woman with some medicine that   causes her to wake up. The Alpha immediately rubs  his forehead with hers, celebrating their reunion   before picking her up to leave. Robert tries to  apologize, but he's only met with another growl.   Now that Robert understands the city belongs to  the Darkseekers' society, he accepts to leave   with Anna and Ethan. The next morning they  start their trip to Vermont, but first Anna   makes a new recording, telling any survivors  that may listen where to find the safe colony.
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