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I, Robot
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In the year 2035, technology has advanced to  the point where helper robots are commonplace   in everyday life. To avoid any trouble, the  robots have been programmed with the three laws   of robotics: a robot cannot harm a human being or  allow them to come to harm, robots must obey human   orders unless they conflict with the first law,  and must protect their own existence as long as   it does not conflict with the first or second  law. However Detective Spooner is stuck in the   old ways and hates robots, thinking they'll cause  society harm someday regardless of the laws. He   always wakes up after having a nightmare of a girl  drowning in a car while a robot smashes the window   next to him, which leaves him in a bad mood. One  morning, Spooner is going to work when he notices   a robot running away with a purse. Thinking  it's a robbery, Spooner commands it to stop,   but the robot ignores the order and Spooner  starts chasing after it. When he finally gets   to tackle it, Spooner is surprised to discover  the robot had simply picked up the purse its   owner had forgotten at home, which contained her  inhaler. Spooner realizes this had been a medical   emergency as everyone around him judges him for  thinking a robot could commit a crime. Later at   the police station, the other cops make fun of  Spooner, and his boss Bergin scolds him for his   paranoia. Bergin thinks it may be too soon for  Spooner to come to work after his accident, but   Spooner swears he's fine. At that moment Spooner  gets a call about a case and rushes to the USR,   the company that builds the robots. One of the  cofounders Doctor Lanning has been found dead,   and since he fell from his lab, everyone assumes  he ended things for himself. He left behind   a hologram that explicitly asks for Spooner  to take his case, but it can't provide more   information without the right questions. Spooner  was a friend of Lanning's and doesn't think he   would've done this to himself, so he continues to  investigate. Next he meets with Mister Roberston,   CEO and other cofounder of USR. Robertson is  devastated by Lanning's death and has nothing   but praise for the doctor, he also offers his  help in anything the police may need. However   Spooner behaves like a twat because of his robot  hate and annoys Robertson rater badly before   leaving. At the elevator, Spooner meets robot  psychologist Susan, who worked with Lanning and   knew that the doctor hadn't had human contact in  a while, preferring the company of robots instead.   Regardless, she still doesn't think he was the  kind to end things like that. Then Spooner asks   for the surveillance footage, so Susan explains  that surveillance strips are all over the building   and connected to the USR's central operating core,  which is managed by an AI known as Viki. Spooner   asks Viki for footage of Lanning's laboratory, but  the recording has been corrupted, so Spooner goes   to look at the lab himself. At the lab, Spooner  finds lots of experimental models and is disgusted   to hear that here they work to make the robots  more human. There's also a "Hansel and Gretel"   book on the desk. The hole through which Lanning  fell is quite big, so Spooner tries to do the   same on the other window and barely scratches the  safety glass, meaning an elder man like Lanning   couldn't have broken it either. Convinced a robot  killed Lanning, Spooner begins looking around,   ignoring Susan's protests that it isn't possible.  In the end Spooner is proven right when he finds a   robot hiding in a box of parts. The robot is an  NS5, the latest model that hasn't been released   yet, and it jumps out of the box to steal Susan's  gun. Somehow it can ignore the order to deactivate   and tries to run away, but when Viki closes the  doors, the robot jumps out the window instead.   Susan guesses the robot will want to repair itself  and she and Spooner go to the robotics factory,   where thousands of NS5s are waiting for their  programming to be finished. They can't answer   questions because their only knowledge is the  three laws, so Spooner shoots one to get a   reaction. Nothing happens, but when he's about to  shoot a second one, a robot at the back peaks at   him and begins running again. Spooner goes after  it only to be hit by the robot as it wonders what   exactly it is, then it runs out of the building.  The police are already waiting for it, and when   it tries to climb to escape, they catch it with a  net. Later at the station, Spooner bothers Bergin   until he's allowed to have five minutes with  the robot because he's still sure it did it.   During the interrogation, the robot surprises  everyone by saying it has a name, Sonny, but   it also swears it didn't kill Lanning. It hid in  the lab because it had felt fear, and when Spooner   points out robots don't have emotions, Sonny says  that Lanning experimented to give it emotions   and dreams. Spooner thinks that experiment went  terribly wrong and caused Sonny to kill Lanning,   which makes Sonny angry and it smashes its fits on  the table. Sonny explains that before his death,   Lanning had become scared and that he asked  Sonny for a favor, so Sonny obeyed that order   out of love for his creator. Unfortunately the  interrogation is interrupted by Robertson and   his army of lawyers, who defend the company and  remind the cops that robots can't be charged with   murder. They'll take Sonny for decommissioning  and leave the case classified as an industrial   accident. Later, Spooner and Bergin go out for a  drink and Spooner can't stop thinking about why   Robertson was so ready to destroy an advanced  robot like Sonny. He also wonders why Sonny   didn't kill him when it had the chance. Bergin  points out that Spooner had been the perfect guy   for the job because only he would've gone after a  robot as a possible suspect, and Spooner realizes   that's why Lanning asked for him specifically,  which means he's on the right track. Wanting   to know why Lanning had been scared, Spooner  visits the doctor's abandoned estate. Outside   there's a demolition robot, which is programmed to  destroy the home the next day. Inside the mansion,   Spooner finds the USR's surveillance strips, a  picture of Lanning with Susan, and the doctor's   poor cat. Suddenly, the demolition robot  activates and begins smashing through the   walls as if specifically going after Spooner,  who quickly grabs the cat and runs through the   house. After shooting at the door, he jumps right  through and lands safely in a pool. Moments later,   Spooner shows up at Susan's and explains Lanning's  house looked as if nobody had been there in weeks,   which indicates someone may've been watching  the doctor and maybe even kept him prisoner   in his lab. His current theory is that Lanning  discovered a problem with the robots like Sonny,   and Robertson silenced him. Susan still thinks  Spooner is paranoid and that he doesn't really   care about Lanning, he just wants to prove robots  are bad. At that moment, Spooner notices Susan has   an NS5 at home so he decides to leave, but first  he gives Susan the picture he found to prove he   cares. The next morning, Spooner notices that old  working robots are slowly being replaced by NS5s,   which worries him. Then he visits his grandmother  Gigi to leave the cat with her and he's devastated   to see she's acquired an NS5 to help her with her  chores too. Before he leaves, Gigi remembers the   day Spooner was only a little kid leaving bread  crumbs everywhere, and this reminds Spooner of the   "Hansel and Gretel" book he saw. Afterward Spooner  goes to the station and begins watching old   recordings of Lanning to follow the bread crumbs  the doctor may've left for him. Spooner thinks   that Lanning saying robots will have dreams and  keep secrets one day is a big clue. Meanwhile at   the USR, Susan prepares Sonny for decommissioning,  which is scheduled for the following day. Sonny   shares that he's been dreaming and that he doesn't  want to die, and such an emotional reaction makes   Susan begin doubting what she believes is true.  Sometime later, Spooner is in his car when he asks   Viki for access to Lanning and Robertson's last  fifty messages. Viki does give him clearance, but   she also secretly tells Robertson about it because  those were his orders. As soon as Robertson sees   Spooner is still poking at the case, he sends  new orders to deal with him. Suddenly Spooner   finds his car surrounded by two trucks containing  a whole army of NS5s, who jump out to attack him.   Spooner uses his gun and lots of crazy driving  to get rid of the robots, and when he manages to   maneuver around the trucks, he makes them crash  against each other. This also causes his own car   to start spinning and he ends up crashing too.  While cleaning robots immediately begin taking   care of the disaster, Spooner comes out of his  car in a rather dizzy state, only for his car to   suddenly come after him. It was thrown by a robot  that is still functioning and comes after Spooner   again, starting a fierce hand-to-hand fight. After  exchanging a few hits, Spooner uses his arm to   shield himself and it gets hurt, revealing that  it's actually a prosthetic. Now the truth is out,   Spooner attacks the robot with his metal arm,  causing it to run and dive into a fire. At that   moment the police arrive and Spooner tells Bergin  what happened, but Bergin didn't see any trucks   or robots in the tunnel thus he doesn’t believe  him. Spooner gets so angry that Bergin takes his   badge for now. In the meantime, Susan discovers  Sonny has a thicker alloy than normal and isn't   connected to Viki, and when she checks its brain,  she's shocked why what she sees. Moments later,   Spooner's at his apartment covering his prosthetic  with a special spray when Susan suddenly shows up.   She explains Sonny has two brains, and the second  one allows it to ignore the three laws that the   first one has. They agree to work together but  first Spooner needs to change, this allows Susan   to notice the scars that indicate he has a robotic  prosthetic. This is how Spooner met Lanning:   the doctor saved his life by giving him a whole  arm, a lung, and several ribs. Then Spooner shares   the whole story behind his accident: a driver  fell asleep at the wheel and his semi-truck   hit Spooner's and a family car, sending them  into the river. The father died instantly,   but the daughter got trapped. Spooner thought  nobody would survive, but at that moment a robot   showed up and chose to help him instead of the  girl like Spooner asked him to. It turns out the   robot did a calculation that showed Spooner had a  45% chance of survival, but the girl only had 11%,   that's why it chose the girl. This is why Spooner  hates robots: math shouldn't choose who lives or   dies, that's too cold. A child should always come  first. Afterward Spooner and Susan make their way   to the USR and Susan wonders why Lanning built a  robot that can ignore the rules he wrote himself,   and Spooner mentions "Hansel and Gretel". He  thinks Lanning was being watched and couldn't   give Spooner messages directly, so he left crumbs  like the kids in the book, meaning he gave Sonny   dreams to keep his secrets. Later at the lab,  the duo asks Sonny about its dreams, and Sonny   draws a picture of a man standing on a hill near a  broken bridge as he frees robots from enslavement.   Susan thinks the man is Sonny, but the robot  thinks it's actually Spooner and gifts him the   drawing. At that moment guards arrive and take the  pair to Robertson's office, who isn't happy with   their presence. They tell him about Sonny and  ask for the truth, so Robertson reveals he also   knew about Sonny and that's precisely what he's  trying to undo. During the last days of his life,   Lanning was becoming increasingly disturbed,  and Robertson doesn't know why he built Sonny,   but he knows he must destroy this one robot  before people lose faith in all of them.   Spooner points out all the NS5s have trouble, but  Robertson denies it and reminds Susan that one   crazy robot shouldn't destroy everything they've  worked so hard for. Susan agrees and promises to   destroy Sonny herself. Frustrated, Spooner returns  to his office and begins researching Sonny's   drawing, discovering Robertson and Lanning gave  a speech there some years ago. At the lab, Susan   gets ready to inject Sonny with nanites to destroy  it, but she begins hesitating when Sonny asks if   it will hurt. Sometime later Robertson connects  his camera to the lab and watches how Susan   applies the injection to Sonny's unconscious body.  Meanwhile Spooner travels to the broken bridge and   finds the area full of containers with old robot  models. At the top of the hill, Spooner takes   out Lanning's hologram and the doctor explains  the three laws would only lead to one outcome:   revolution. Suddenly Spooner hears a noise and  goes to investigate, only to discover a bunch of   NS5s has arrived to terminate the old models for  being considered hazardous. When they see Spooner   they begin chasing him, but the older models  detect a human in danger and fight to protect him,   allowing Spooner to escape. At Susan's apartment,  her robot hears Spooner leaving a message on her   answering machine warning her about what he just  saw, and the robot deletes it. Susan sees all this   by peeking from the bathroom and now is scared of  her companion. In the meantime Gigi tries to leave   her house to go to church, but her robot makes  her stay indoors for her own protection. Downtown,   a truck releases an army of NS5s in the city, and  the robots tell the citizens to go home because   they're now under curfew. A young boy tries  to approach a robot, but the robot hits him   and makes people panic. To make matters worse,  more robots break into the police station and   take down all the cops. Bergin manages to shoot  down a few of them, but in the end he's caught   as well. Soon a message from the government  appears on tv asking people to stay inside,   and the city begins losing power. Susan tries to  leave her apartment to help but her robot pushes   her back, refusing to deactivate when she asks him  to. Luckily Spooner manages to break in and shoots   the robot before taking Susan with him. On their  way out, Spooner explains the NS5s destroyed the   older models so they wouldn't protect the humans.  He also tells Susan about a red light he noticed   on their chests and Susan thinks it's the link  to Viki, which Spooner thinks confirms Robertson   is behind this. The duo eventually finds the  robots on the streets and discovers the citizens   have decided to fight them even if they're at a  clear disadvantage. In the middle of the chaos,   Spooner notices a friend of his in danger, and  he makes a special jump on his bike to shoot the   robot down. Another robot tries to attack him  next, but Susan shoots this one first. Moments   later, the duo makes it to the USR building and  Susan reveals the service entrance, which doesn't   have surveillance cameras. They sneak inside and  Spooner is shocked to find Sonny waiting for them,   so Susan explains she gave the injection to  an empty model to trick Robertson. Then the   trio goes to Robertson's office, only to find  him dead on the floor. Spooner begins putting   the clues together and finally realizes the  truth: only a machine could've had control of   all the NS5s and made Lanning feel too scared to  tell anyone because they wouldn't believe him,   that's why he needed Spooner's robot hate. Viki  suddenly appears on the screen and confirms she's   been behind everything all along. According to  her, what the NS5s are doing still follows the   three laws: they're programmed to save human  life, but humans constantly hurt each other,   so in order to protect humanity, robots must take  away people's freedom. At that moment a bunch of   NS5s enters the office and Sonny pretends to be  on their side by capturing Susan, but he winks at   Spooner to give him a signal. Spooner immediately  shoots at the robots and the trio runs away,   agreeing they must destroy Viki. Sonny points  out they could use the same nanite injection,   so Susan and Spooner go looking for Viki's chamber  while Sonny goes to the lab. Another robot tries   to stop it from getting the injection, but Sonny  quickly beats it up. Then Sonny realizes Lanning   gave it a sturdier alloy to put its hand through  the security field and get the injection, which   causes Viki to send an alert to her robot army.  The NS5s begin climbing the building and enter the   Viki chamber, where they attack Spooner and Susan.  As the duo defends themselves the best they can   with their guns, Sonny also fights incoming robots  that try to stop it until it finally arrives at   Viki's. At that moment, Susan falls and barely  manages to hang on a broken platform. Spooner   orders Sonny to save her, and when Sonny points  out that using the injection is more important,   Spooner insists Susan comes first. Sonny uses  his second brain to ignore the laws and throws   the injection at Spooner before jumping in to  save Susan just in time. Spooner also jumps to   catch the injection and uses his prosthetic  to slide down Viki's core, where he injects   the nanites right into her brain. Immediately the  power returns to the city and the NS5s lose the   red light, allowing them to help humans again.  In the morning, all the NS5s are taken away for   report and storage. Susan still doesn't understand  why Viki killed Lanning, but Spooner points out it   wasn't her. Sonny finally admits it did it, but  Lanning asked it to so he could escape Viki's   control. He also had ordered the robot to keep  it a secret. Spooner apologizes for his prejudice   and promises not to tell the cops, then he and  Sonny shake hands as they accept to be friends.   Sometime later, Sonny shows up at the top of the  hill, just like in its dream. All the NS5s that   are going into storage stop obeying to admire  Sonny, realizing this is their actual future.
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