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On top of a cliff near the ocean, Jane decides  it's time for her to end things. A few days later,   Jane's best friend Olivia is trying to go  through her usual routine without letting   the loss of a loved one affect her. She's a very  ambitious girl that works hard in every class,   exercises every morning, helps with Josa's  charity, is the captain of the debate club,   and dreams of going to Standford university.  The stress caused by the combo of worrying over   college applications and too much work without a  break to deal with her grief is starting to take   a toll on her, especially since she hasn't talked  to her neighbor Izzy for a while. Izzy used to be   besties with Jane and Olivia, but months ago she  began to distance herself from the other two,   meaning Olivia had to handle the news of  Jane's death alone. At school, Olivia refuses   to be seen as weak and prefers to ignore all  the whispering other students do about her,   not wanting to admit they affect her more than  she lets on. One afternoon, Olivia goes to see   Counselor Billings to ask why only two students  from her school per year are chosen by Stanford,   to which Billings explains it's only an average  and it shouldn't be taken seriously. She worries   about Olivia and how she's obsessing about this  so much that she went as far as looking at past   years' acceptance rates, but Olivia thinks it's  all part of the game. Sometime later, Olivia   guides the debate club through another victory  in the regional championship. Mr. Richardson is   very proud is his club's captain, and takes  the chance to introduce Olivia to Camille,   a student that just transferred to their school  and will be joining the club. Olivia isn't in the   mood to deal with new people but pretends to be  welcoming for the sake of the team. After sending   her application to Standford, Olivia can't  help refreshing the website over and over,   but she finally admits obsessing over it won't  help and goes to bed. But instead of sleeping, she   looks up Camille on social media and gets jealous  of all the kind comments she has from friends.   The next day, between classes, Olivia checks the  Standford website on her phone and is devastated   to learn her application has been deferred. This  news is starting to push her into a breakdown that   she bottles up and causes her to suddenly see Jane  in the middle of the corridor. Her body can't take   all these sudden emotional punches anymore,  and Olivia ends up in the bathroom throwing   up. Camille is in the bathroom as well, and while  she doesn't say anything, Olivia feels like karma   is making fun of her. Afterward, Olivia goes to  see Billings and finally allows herself to cry.   Billings doesn't want Olivia to think of this  as the end of the world and wishes to guide   her to her grief, but as soon as she mentions  the possibility of sending a personal appeal   to Standford's administration board, Olivia takes  that as her next step and leaves. Later when she   goes to debate club, she finds she isn't the first  one as usual: Camille is already there chatting   with Richardson. To make matters worse, Richardson  pairs Olivia and Camille up for practice. Olivia   just wants to go over their arguments, but she  gets extra irritated when Camille offers her help   with correcting what Olivia wrote because she has  experience going to nationals and Olivia doesn't.   Camille thinks the team would benefit from her  leadership skill too, and this comment triggers   an anxiety attack in Olivia that makes her pass  out. When she wakes up a moment later, Olivia can   see Jane standing around again, but another bad  news is coming: Richardson can see she isn't doing   well and needs to rest, so she won't be coming to  this weekend's tournament. Incredibly frustrated,   Olivia rushes to her car to yell her anger out.  Izzy sees her and in her worry, she pushes herself   to offer Olivia a ride. When they get home, Olivia  tries to get out of the car after a quick thanks,   but Izzy wants to do better and hugs her while  crying and admitting she misses Jane too. The   following day at school, Olivia overhears Camille  saying that she's filling in as captain this   weekend, but she's pretty sure Richardson's going  to make it permanent because Olivia's too sick to   function. Anxiety starts getting to Olivia again,  causing her to see Jane in the mirror, but before   she can think too hard about it she's surprisingly  approached by Izzy, who wonders if Olivia needs a   ride again. She doesn't, but Olivia can't let the  opportunity pass and asks Izzy to grab a coffee   with her like in the old times. The girls chat for  a while and Olivia takes the chance to rant about   Camille, prompting Izzy to google her. This is how  they discover Camille was transferred because in   her old school, she framed her teacher to make it  look like he was harassing her. Izzy thinks Olivia   should use this info to blackmail Camille and  make her back off, but Olivia thinks that would   be crossing a line. During the weekend, Olivia  goes to watch the debate competition and gets   so irritated by Camille's brilliant performance  that she changes her mind about exposing her. She   goes to see Izzy and shows her that she's found  Camille's court order, but she isn't sure how to   proceed without getting in trouble. Izzy proposes  making an anonymous account on Connect, the social   media platform everyone uses, and Olivia loves the  idea. However a moment of sadness takes over them   when Izzy grabs her old computer and discovers  Jane left her account logged in the last time   she came over. After the initial shock passes,  Olivia proposes to use Jane's account to do this   since it would mess with Camille's head even more,  and Izzy accepts after considering the fact Jane   would probably love this kind of prank. They start  by sending Camille a private message, showing the   screenshot of the court order and accusing her of  doing to Richardson the same thing she did in her   last school. The girls even add Jane's account to  their phones so that they can continue to bother   Camille through DMs in-between classes. Sometime  later, Camille is called to the principal's   office. This can't be a coincidence, and when  the girls check social media, they find Camille's   profile gone. Olivia feels a bit guilty, but  Izzy reminds her this is exactly what she wanted,   prompting Olivia to go to see Richardson with an  innocent act as she apologizes for how she acted   last week, pretending she would be ok to share  leadership with Camille. Richardson is impressed   by her maturity but has to inform her Camille has  transferred again. Pleased by this turn of events,   Olivia finishes her appeal letter and shows it to  Billings, who tells her the letter is too plain   and not personal enough. This instantly destroys  Olivia's good mood, which only gets worse when   later Mrs. West tells the entire class that all  their papers were disappointing. Later in the   afternoon, Olivia asks Izzy to hang out because  she's come up with an idea: using Jane's account   may be their answer to dealing with Mrs. West.  Izzy wonders if going for a teacher next wouldn't   be too much, but Olivia reminds her Jane hated  West too and she's always been mean to students,   so she deserves to be exposed. The next day,  Mrs. West starts the class using a screen that   gets hacked by Izzy, who posts silly messages and  West's pictures from social media while telling   her she has a sad life. The entire class  begins laughing and West loses her mind,   checking every student's computer to find the  prankster as she calls them names. Olivia records   the whole deal with her phone, including the  moment when West accidentally hits a student   with her elbow. The girls post the video on  Jane's account and it immediately goes viral,   causing West to end up in a scandal and delete her  account too. The following morning, Olivia watches   with satisfaction West leave the school with her  things because she's been fired. The next time   she sees Jane in the corridor, she isn't scared  anymore, because she thinks her friend is proud.   When Principal Rhodes comes to the classroom to  ask for details about what happened, Olivia tells   her everyone saw the same thing: the prank was  rude but harmless, so West overreacted in quite a   scary way. Later, Olivia and Izzy discover Jane's  account has gained an insane amount of followers,   which would've made Jane very happy. The idea  of this much power is incredibly exhilarating,   and the girls decide to use Jane's account to  post about a bunch of things they see in school   every day, embarrassing and cyber-bullying  random students by using the ghost of their   dead friend. Things only get weird when a post  on Jane's account appears that neither Izzi   nor Olivia remembers making, but since both  swear they never gave anyone the password,   they blame it on a moment of distraction. Sometime  later, Olivia finds Izzy hanging up a Stanford   flag because she was accepted by them. Izzy feels  bad that she could get in but Olivia didn't, but   Olivia swears it's fine. As soon as Izzy is gone  though, Olivia starts crying and sees Jane appear   to pull the flag down. Olivia immediately puts  it back up, but this moment can't leave her mind,   and when the next debate competition comes, she's  too anxious to perform well and they lose. In the   evening, Izzy visits Olivia with a bottle of wine.  After hanging out for a while, Izzy confesses she   came to ask Olivia to come to a party with her  because she needs moral support since the party   is thrown at her ex's house. Olivia accepts after  some hesitance, and as soon as they arrive there,   they notice Izzy's ex has already moved on and  is flirting with Josa, who everyone thinks is   niceness incarnate. Izzy doesn't agree, she thinks  Josa is always flirting with everyone, including   taken boys, and that she secretly has an addiction  problem. When Josa tries to say hi to Olivia,   Izzy gets jealous and rudely sends her away before  dragging Olivia to the bathroom to rant about   her. Izzy loves the idea and puts the junk in a  bottle of juice that she brings to Josa with a   fake apology, proposing a toast to make her drink.  The juice allows Josa to loosen up and dance with   everyone like crazy. When the girls finally take a  break, Olivia admits to Izzy this is the happiest   she's been in months, and Izzy apologizes for  having avoided Olivia and Jane for a while. Both   of them are delighted to be friends again, but  this cute little moment is interrupted when Josa   reacts badly to the juice and passes out. Among  the worried crowd, Olivia swears she can see Jane   recording it all. Some hours later, Olivia's phone  explodes with notifications because the video of   Josa passing out is going viral on Jane's account.  Both Olivia and Izzy swear they didn't post it,   in fact, neither of them remembers even recording  it. Olivia thinks they shouldn't post any more   until this blows over, but Izzy has had enough and  deletes Jane's profile. When Olivia returns home,   she ignores her parents' worry and flees to her  room, where she can see Jane siftting at her   computer. The next morning, Izzy and Olivia notice  someone has somehow reactivated Jane's account,   they also learn nobody in the school believes  Josa's drink had something in it, they think   she did it to herself. Izzy tries to close Jane's  account again, but no matter how hard she tries,   it keeps coming back, thus Olivia asks her to  ignore it and work on their stories so they match.   When Rhodes asks Olivia to come to her office  for some questions, she swears she didn't see   anything strange at the party and that she hasn't  interacted with Jane's account since she died,   a lie that is encouraged by Jane appearing in the  office asking her for secrecy. On her way out,   Olivia overhears Rhodes talking to a computer  expert on the phone, asking them to get the IP   addresses behind Jane's account. Thinking this  may be what finally brings her down, Olivia runs   out of the building in tears, and she can't help  seeing Jane's face on every person outside before   passing out. Izzy finds her and takes her to her  house to help her recover, then Olivia takes the   chance to tell her about the IP hunt, which  prompts Izzy to think they should come clean   to hopefully keep the scandal down. Olivia refuses  because she thinks coming clean will make her lose   her chances at Standford, and comes up with an  idea: she goes to Izzy's dad's office to check the   router with a VPN site, only to find a bunch of  Standford merch that makes her wonder if Izzy got   in thanks to knowing the right people. When Izzy  finds her, Olivia's irritation makes her lie and   tell her there's nothing to worry about because  she's confirmed her parents use a VPN service,   so their IPs are safe. The following day, Olivia  decides to go for coffee and bumps into Camille,   who wants a moment to apologize for her attitude  during the club meetings. When she transferred she   hadn't been in a good mental state because in her  previous school, a teacher harassed her, but the   faculty covered it all up and made it look like  her fault. Guilt suddenly overwhelms Olivia and   makes her see Jane again, so she rushes to hide  in the bathroom to have a breakdown as she now   sees Jane in her own reflection, causing her to  break the mirror in anger. When she returns home,   Olivia deletes all the posts she made on Jane's  account while Jane watches her. The next day,   Izzy approaches Olivia to mention Josa got into  Standford, making her wonder if Olivia didn't pull   the party trick on purpose. Olivia swears she  didn't, and after Izzy is gone, she takes out   her computer to write an e-mail to Rhodes saying  Izzy is behind Jane's account. However she can't   bring herself to send it and abandons the idea.  In the afternoon, Olivia is getting ready for   another debate competition when she gets a call  from Izzy, who is furious because she's learned   the VPN excuse had been a lie and noticed Olivia  deleted all of Jane's posts. This makes her think   Olivia is planning to blame her for everything, so  Izzy will call Rhodes and confess first. Refusing   to be caught, Olivia decides to drive all the way  to Izzy's to try to convince her not to confess,   but Izzy's done with her, accusing her of hiding  behind Jane's ghost instead of dealing with her   problems. When Izzy takes out her phone to  call Rhodes, Olivia jumps on her to stop her,   and the girls end up falling into the pool to  fight over the device. Olivia's obsession with   winning makes her push Izzy so hard underwater  that the poor girl ends up drowning. While she   cries her heart out in grief, Olivia's smartwatch  reminds her of the incoming competition,   so she puts herself together and comes up with a  plan. After putting two bricks in Izzy's pockets,   Olivia leaves her body in the middle of the pool  to make it look like she did it herself. Then she   showers and changes into a dress she grabs from  Izzy's closet, always making sure to clean up any   proof of her presence in the house. Lastly, she  grabs Izzy's computer and posts on her account,   making it look like Izzy's confessing she's been  using Jane's account and that understanding the   harm she's caused has made her end things.  With all that done, Olivia rushes back to   the competition, where she absolutely crushes  her opponents and the team earns a place in   nationals. While they're celebrating, they  find out about Izzy through social media,   and Olivia is sent home to talk to the police.  The officers believe her story and her fake tears,   and when she's asked about the talk Izzy gave  her a few hours ago, Olivia pretends her friend   had only wanted to wish her good luck. A few days  later, Olivia finally finishes her appeal letter   for Stanford using her friendship with Izzy as a  sob story and the source of her inspiration as a   person, saying she wants to get into college  to study mental health and help people that   suffer like her two dead friends. During  the next debate competition, Olivia can see   Jane in the public with a smile that shows  she's proud she's gotten what she wanted.
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