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Repo Men
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In the year 2025, technology has advanced  to such outstanding levels that scientists   have perfected bio-mechanical organs known as  "artiforgs". They're sold at very high prices   on credit by a company known as The Union, and  they hire "repo men" to locate and forcibly   repossess the organ whenever a client defaults on  a payment, invariably resulting in their deaths.   Remy is one of these repo men, as shown by the  tattoo on his neck, and the best at his job.   Tonight, he's waiting inside a house for  his target to arrive and when he does,   Remy doesn't hesitate to interrupt the fun time  he's having with a woman to tell him he comes from   The Union before knocking him out with a special  taser gun. The woman hits Remy with her bag,   trying to stop him, but Remy just knocks her  unconscious too before getting down to business.   After putting on some plastic overalls to  protect his uniform and headphones to listen to   some music, he takes out his tools and proceeds  to cut the man open to retrieve his artiforg,   which he then washes and puts in a  special sealed bag. The next morning,   Remy starts his day at home with his wife Carol  and his son Peter. After dropping Peter at school,   he goes around the city, collecting artiforgs and  leaving clients to die. Afterward, he goes to The   Union headquarters, where he bumps against an  employee dressed as a giant lung and stops by   a table to have some coffee, making him visible to  all the potential clients waiting to be assisted.   He watches how his boss Frank Mercer helps one  on the salesman convince a family to sign the   papers with a flawless speech before going to the  repo men's break room. In there, he finds Raymond   Pearl complaining about getting small jobs and  reminding him that he's on probation for brutally   attacking a woman in the subway. Frank suddenly  interrupts them, telling Remy not to stay around   the main floor much because he'll spook the  clients. Then he takes him to another room to   scan all the artiforgs he's collected during the  day as they're joined by Jake Freivald, Remy's   best friend. He used to bully him at school,  but then they went to war and fought together.   When the war was over, they accepted a job at The  Union because it was perfect for their skill-set   and the recruiter told them they were protecting  the health care system, although they really   didn't care about what they were protecting, they  just had fun with the missions. After tasing each   other for the laugh and getting called children  by Frank, Jake invites Remy to have some drinks,   which he accepts, but first he's got to stop by  Carol's workplace and let her know. Carol scolds   him for not having asked to be transferred to  sales and they insult each other before he leaves.   In the car, Jake tells Remy he thinks Carol is  trying to control him, and that the two of them   will always be repo men, but Remy understands  his wife's wishes. When they stop by the traffic   lights, they use their special scanners on  a nearby civilian and find out he's got an   artiforg in him, so they tease him and remind him  what happens if he doesn't pay. When the man runs   away in fear, they just laugh. They make it to  the bar and share a couple of beers, discussing   the possibility of having to repo someone  they know while Remy watches the bar singer,   Beth, with intense attention. He returns to his  house a few hours later and starts playing some   music by T-bone before getting closer to his wife,  intending to have intimacy with her, but Carol   turns him down. So instead, Remy goes upstairs to  check on his son and talk about his day at school.   Some days later, Remy is hosting a barbecue party  in his garden when Jake asks him for a favor:   he has a client coming in and he wants to repo  him there. Remy doesn't like the idea at first,   but Jake convinces him by offering half of  the double commission he's getting out of it.   A taxi stops in front of the house and Jake  cuts its passenger open right there in the   middle of the street, and he ends up being seen  by Carol and Peter when they enter the house.   Carol is furious that his husband has allowed  this, so she tells him to choose between his   job and his family before leaving with their son.  Remy tells Jake he'll have to talk to Frank about   it. Later at night, Remy and Jake go out to  patrol and chat about the new M 5 Neural Net,   a new technology used to connect people with brain  damage to an eternal dream. Their conversation is   interrupted when Jake's scanner finds a "nest",  which is what they call a refuge for hundreds   of customers who have defaulted on payments  and are attempting to escape the country.   After retrieving all their weapons from the  car trunk, they go inside and start tasing as   many people as possible. At first, they go down  easily, but eventually they start to fight back.   Jake has to deal with two customers by  directly punching them or using a stun baton,   and Remy finds himself in the middle of a  hand-to-hand fight as well. He stabs all his   opponents with a knife before going to look for  Jake, who is being overpowered by a guy bigger   than him. Remy knocks the guy out and ends up  arguing with Jake, who thinks he didn't need   help. The two of them return to Frank's office  a couple of hours later with all the spoils,   including two scanning jammers, which are used  to avoid being found by the repo men's scanners.   After putting those away, Frank tells them he's  impressed and offers them the opportunity to   become full-time raid captains, which Remy turns  down. When he's about to ask for a transfer to the   sales department, Jake cuts in and tells Frank  they're good like this. After work is over,   Jake reminds Remy that rules are important,  and so it's enforcing them. He drops Jake at   his place then goes to take care of what he wants  to be his last repo job: Jimmy T-bone, a musician   he's always admired. He finds T-bone in his house  working on some music and consuming a red powder,   and when he mentions he's a fan, T-bone asks him  to help him finish the song before the repoing.   Remy accepts and when they're done, he also  promises to take the track to the record company.   Afterward, Remy asks him to lay down on the floor  so he can take his heart. First he needs to stop   it by using his defib unit, but when he puts the  paddles on T-bone's chest, the device malfunctions   and Remy gets electrocuted, knocking him out for  the third time in his life. He wakes up some days   later in a hospital bed, with Jake and Frank in  the room with him. Carol had been there too, but   left before Remy could see her. After telling him  this was the fault of a faulty shock unit, they   deliver the most important news: Remy's heart has  been replaced with an artiforg. As Frank insults   him by dropping his salesman speech, Remy tells  them he doesn't want the artiforg and gets out   of bed, leaving the room as he finally manages to  disconnect the machine in the middle of a hallway   and bleeding all over the place. He's only able to  take a couple of steps after that, his body soon   gives in and he falls to the floor, realizing he  has no other choice but to accept the mechanical   transplant. When he's released from the hospital,  the first thing he does is to go home, but he   can't get inside because his wife has changed the  lock. Carol comes over when he rings the bell and   gives him a suitcase, saying he chose his job  over his family when he took that last case.   Remy goes to stay at Jake's, who receives him with  drinks and an offer to hang out with some girls,   but Remy would rather rest. He goes back to work a  few days later, and his coworkers receive him with   a little welcome party that includes a bawdy  dancer. Afterward, he takes up a case again,   thinking he's ready. He breaks into the client's  house and chokes him after he tries to defend   himself, this leaves him unusually tired and  with a high heart rate. When the time comes   to take out the artiforg, he finds himself with  a trembling hand, unable to do it. He joins his   fellow repo men at a bar a few hours later and  pretends he finished his job, but when he hears   Jake tell his story, he can't stop thinking about  the client having a family. Distressed, he leaves   the bar early. The next day, he waits for Carol  and Peter at the entrance of their house, because   this is the only way he gets to see his son. After  hugging him, he tries to talk to Carol, but her   only response is to give him an envelope with a  notice saying he's behind on his heart payments.   Later, when Jake hears about this, he scolds him  for lying but accepts the fact Remy needs a break,   so he tells him they can work together again in  the future after he feels better. Remy tries a   sales position but it goes badly because he's  developed sympathy for the clients and can't   lie to them, his brutal honesty doesn't make for  good sales. He tries getting some extra money   by betting on horses, but he isn't good at that  either. When the final notice arrives in the mail,   Jake takes Remy to a nest and even tases  a couple of people for him; however,   Remy still can't do the job. Angry, Jake leaves  after telling him not to come back until he's   out of his slump and has enough artiforgs to clear  his debt. Remy still can't bring himself to do it,   so when the tased man wakes up, he beats him up  and leaves him unconscious for the fourth time.   He wakes up sometime later to the sound of  the song he heard the other day at the bar.   He follows it and finds Beth looking very sick,  so he decides to take her to a motel and watch   over her while her body goes through detox. When  he uses his scanner on her, he discovers she has   many artifogs and they must all be reclaimed.  When Beth finally wakes up, she punches Remy for   having helped her. When she mentions it's over  for both of them, he says maybe it isn't. Remy   breaks into The Union's building and attempts to  clear his and Beth's accounts, but he only manages   to do one of her many organs before he's found by  Jake, who is angry with him but lets him go when   he sees him return his taser gun. He breaks into  his old house next to say goodbye to Peter before   returning to the motel and telling Beth they need  to leave. They drive to the abandoned outskirts of   the city and after burning down the car, they hide  in an old, empty building. Meanwhile at The Union,   Frank tries to give Jake Remy's case, but he  refuses to take it, and so do the other repo men.   Days start to pass, and Remy and Beth build a  small home in the old building by salvaging trash.   One night, after she tells him all the details  behind her artiforgs, they kiss and make love.   Afterward, Beth gifts Remy a typewriter she found  in the trash. Remy begins to use it to write his   memoir. Many days later, Beth hears something  outside with her artifog ears, but Remy can't,   so she connects some headphones to her head to  show him. The source of the noise soon appears   entering the building: it's Raymond, who has  accepted Remy's case. The couple makes a plan to   avoid getting caught: they take their things to  another room that has a huge hole in the middle   of the floor and cover it with a bedsheet. Beth  hides behind the door and Remy pretends to be   writing when Raymond enters the room, expressing  disappointment over Remy being so easy to catch.   After taking out his weapon, he walks  farther inside and falls into the hole.   However, the floor is now unstable, so  when Beth comes closer to look at him,   she falls as well, damaging her prosthetic knee.  Raymond sees an opportunity and grabs his gun   to tase her, so Remy improvises and kills  him by dropping the typewriter on his head.   After stealing Raymond's car, Remy drives Beth  back to the city to get some supplies, but Beth   shows him she knows how to fix her own knee using  some tools she's found around. When they make it   to The Union's parking lot, Remy sees the guy that  wears the lung costume taking a break and steals   it from him to sneak inside without undetected.  He goes to see Frank at his office and punches him   a couple of times before threatening him with  the taser he took from Raymond, he also gives   him a piece of skin with Raymond's tattoo saying  he'll do that to anyone that tries to catch him.   Remy asks to be taken out of the system and Frank  explains the system has changed after Remy's first   attempt, now accounts can only be cleaned by  taking the organ to the Union's central office.   Frank tries to make him an offer, but Remy knocks  him out and steals the scanning jammers before   returning to Beth and telling her they're leaving  the country. When Frank wakes up, he orders Jake   to repo Remy. Later at the airport, Remy and Beth  manage to bypass the security checks thanks to   the jammers, but they're still taken away when  another passenger notices Beth's leg bleeding.   Remy throws the jammers in the trash on their  way out. While a guard gets ready to bandage   Beth's knee, two repo men arrive at the office  and scan Remy again, getting an alert this time.   The couple reacts quickly and gets into a fight  with all the guards, defending themselves with   their fists or even using objects they find lying  around, like the scissors Beth picks to stab two   of the officers. After everyone is taken care of,  they leave the office and come across Jake, who   can't do anything because he's on the other side  of a security panel, so Remy picks up Beth and   takes her out of the building. Back in the car,  the couple drives to an old building in the city   slums where they meet with Asbury, a black-market  organs dealer Beth used to date. After he shares   some red powder with Beth and argues with Remy  about the morality of their jobs, he informs   them he can't help Beth because he doesn't deal  with joints anymore, so they need to pay a visit   to Alva. When they go to get the procedure done,  they discover there are actually two Alvas: one is   a young woman that only does anesthesia, the other  is a little kid that does the operation itself.   Remy is worried about her age and skills,  but little Alva proves to know her job.   After Beth wakes up some hours later, they go  back to Asbury's place, only to find he's been   repoed. Jake appears then and tries to get Remy  to come back with him, but Remy turns him down,   saying he hasn't been the same since the accident.  Jake confesses it wasn't an actual accident,   he had rigged the defibrillator unit so Remy would  build up debt and wouldn't transfer to sales.   The two men start fighting hand-to-hand, and while  at first it looks like they're on the same level,   eventually Jake overpowers Remy and throws him  through a wall. He throws Remy around until he   is dropped on a metal bridge; Remy starts laughing  and takes out a knife that he uses to stab Jake   in the leg before Jake retaliates by knocking him  out. After various memories flash before his eyes,   Remy is woken up by Beth, who had tased Jake and  now tells him they need to run because a repo   raid has arrived. They run through the building as  hundreds of debtors start getting shot, and when   they get stuck at a dead end, they're rescued by  Rhodesia, the leader of an underground residence   that drags them into a hidden room. When she  sees Remy's tattoo, she threatens to shoot him,   but he earns his stay when he shows her the scar  on his chest. Nightmares don't let Remy sleep,   so he goes out to check the damage, seeing all the  fallen bodies in the building, including Alva's.   The next day, he tells Beth there's no way  out for anyone no matter where they hide,   so what he wants to do is to finish this by going  to headquarters and wiping the entire system. Some   hours later, they meet with Carol and Peter on  the train, and an argument with Carol soon starts.   Peter takes his dad's taser and knocks her out  before Remy hands him his manuscript and tells him   to look for him in Punta del Este when he is old  enough. Remy and Beth wait for Frank in his car   and tase him before stealing his vehicle, which  they use to return to The Union's headquarters.   Remy tases two of the security guards and shoots  the third one, then uses Frank's eye to open the   door and get inside after shooting the security  camera. He and Beth rush inside and while trying   to avoid getting caught, end up entering a lab  filled with scientists working on artiforgs.   Most of them pay no attention to the couple, but  there's one that does get up and leaves through   a door. Remy tries to talk to him, but the guards  arrive then and start shooting indiscriminately,   killing some scientists in the process. Remy  and Beth leave through the same door the other   guy used and find the hallway with the entrance to  the Union's database, but it's being protected by   guards and repo men. A frantic battle starts then.  Beth defends herself by using a fire ax she gets   from the wall and Remy shoots the security guards  with his gun, which he drops after he's done to   grab his knives instead in order to fight the repo  men hand-to-hand. He kills most of them easily,   but when he finds himself on the floor surrounded  by them, he asks Beth to pass him the hacksaw and   uses it to finish the remaining men. Afterward,  they use Beth's prosthetic eye to open the door to   the database room and close it just in time before  Frank and Jake arrive. They discover the server's   only interface is an organ scanner, so the only  thing they can do is start cutting themselves up   and scan their artiforgs from inside. After taking  some of the red powder, they start the procedure,   first doing Remy's heart and after sealing his  wound, they do each of Beth's prosthetics as well.   By the time Jake and Frank manage to get inside by  using an artiforg from one of the dead repo men,   Remy is scanning the last of Beth's  organs. Frank orders Jake to finish them,   but when Remy says Beth's worth every job he's  ever done, Jake decides to help. He kills Frank   with his knife then hands Remy a syringe so  she can bring Beth back to consciousness,   and when the system asks for the scanned artiforgs  to be put on the computer's tray, Jake puts two   grenades in it and blows up the whole database.  Now every client is free. Sometime later, Remy,   Beth, and Jake are in Punta del Este, enjoying  the beach while listening to T-bone's last song.   Jake's gotten his tattoo removed, and his memoir  has been published by Peter under the name "The   Repossession Mambo". When Jake starts teasing  Remy for his book, he suddenly disappears,   and the sea flickers with static before going  back to normal. It is revealed then that Remy is   in a coma and he never woke up from the hit Jake  gave him on the metal bridge at Asbury's place.   It was Jake that used the artifogs from  that raid to pay for Remy's heart and a   connection to the neural network; he said his  goodbye to him before taking care of Beth and   finding Remy's manuscript in his bag. Now  Remy will be happy in his dreams forever.
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