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In a small American rural town, David lives with  his abusive father William but without his mother,   who left them when he was five. At school,  David likes to hang out with his crush Millie,   a girl who dreams of traveling around the  world. David knows about this dream and one day,   he gifts Millie a snow globe with the Eiffel Tower  in it. Millie loves it, but the sweet moment is   interrupted by Mark, who teases David for being  a dork and throws the snow globe in the middle   of a frozen lake. David is determined to retrieve  it, but when he walks on the ice, it's not thick   enough to withstand his weight and it breaks. The  frozen water takes the boy and it makes him panic   to the point where he suddenly disappears from  the lake, only to appear again inside a library.   Confused and scared, David decides to ignore what  just happened and go home. William immediately   begins yelling at David for being late, so David  hides in his room, locking the door. Furious,   William begins pushing the door and when he's  about to burst in, David disappears and shows   up at the library again. Finally accepting he  has superpowers, David returns home, grabs his   savings, and escapes in order to start a new life.  First though he stops by Millie's house to leave   the snow globe so she knows he's alive and well.  Next, David moves to the city, rents a dingy room   at a motel, and begins testing his powers. The  first few times he ends up crashing against a   tree, but eventually he gets the hang out of it  by looking at pictures of the places he wants to   go to. His first visit is to the Empire State  Building, where David has fond memories of his   mother Mary. When he feels ready, David visits a  bank to get an idea of what it looks like inside,   and in the evening he teleports inside the vault  to steal all the money. While David celebrates in   his little room, the bank discovers the robbery  and Roland shows up pretending to be NSA. He has   experience with cases like this and knows of  the existence of Jumpers, in fact he's sure   one of them did this. Eight years later, David is  living the best life. He has a luxurious penthouse   apartment in New York filled with expensive  objects and such good control of his powers   that he uses them just to reach the kitchen.  His walls are full of pictures of landmarks   that allow him to easily teleport anywhere in  the world to spend the day, like having a picnic   on top of the Sphinx. One evening, he shows up  in London and enters a pub, here he teleports   to the bar to pick up a girl. This carelessness  is noticed by Griffin, but David can't tell and   just leaves with the girl. Meanwhile a Jumper  teleports in the middle of a tropical jungle,   only to get caught in a net of wires that keep  tasing him and stop him from teleporting again.   This trap was set up by Roland and his men - they  call themselves the Paladins and hunt down Jumpers   because they think they're an abomination. Roland  kills the boy with no hesitation, then he gets a   call about their next lead. Moments later, David  returns to his apartment and finds Roland there,   who has brought all the notes David has left in  bank vaults through the years. David tries to kick   him out, but Roland responds by hitting him with a  special baton that shocks him with 1,000 volts of   electricity that don't let David teleport further  than a few feet inside the apartment. A fight   ensues and after lots of struggling, David manages  to teleport inside a hidden room in his wall,   cutting the baton cable. Roland follows the cable  and begins breaking down the wall, but David just   grabs a bunch of money and teleports away. Not  giving up, Roland looks at the pictures and sends   his men to all of David's usual jump sites. He  also looks at David's stuff and finds an old   picture of Millie. Seconds later, David appears  in his old room. William hears a noise from   downstairs and rushes to try to meet with his son,  saying he feels like he's crazy and that David is   welcome anytime. David only assures William that  he isn't crazy before disappearing again. The   next morning, David considers visiting William for  good, but he can't bring himself to talk to him.   Instead he goes to Millie's house, and Millie's  mother is so shocked to learn David is alive that   she hugs him. She informs David that Millie is  working at the local bar and David heads there,   only to feel like a coward again as soon as he  sees older Millie. David tries to leave without   being noticed and bumps into older Mark, who  immediately recognizes him and begins asking   questions. His outburst is overheard by Millie,  who reveals she saw David when he arrived and was   waiting for him to say something. This makes Mark  jealous and he tries to make a move on Millie,   causing David to punch him for it. This triggers  a fight that ends up outside, giving David the   chance to push Mark through a fence and teleport  him away while nobody is watching. They appear   inside the bank vault David robbed, and David  threatens Mark with worse before he jumps away,   leaving Mark in the vault as punishment. Afterward  David returns to the bar and finally has a chat   with Millie, who dropped her dreams of traveling  because she had to face the reality of having a   job. David tells her he works in banking  and invites her to come to Rome with him,   which Millie obviously accepts. All this  is overheard by Griffin, who somehow is   in the bar too. Meanwhile Roland arrives at the  police station pretending to be CIA and punches   the detective when he isn't believed. Then he  interrogates Mark, promising he does believe   the crazy story about teleportation. Relieved to  have found an ally, Mark tells Roland everything   about David and Millie. Roland immediately calls  his men to send them to Italy. A few hours later,   David and Millie arrive in Rome and check in at  a very luxurious hotel. Millie starts getting   suspicious of David's real job, but he swears he  isn't lying. The two of them end up getting frisky   for a while before they finally leave the hotel  and enjoy the beauty of Rome while Griffin watches   them from afar. Eventually David and Millie try  to enter the Colosseum, but it's already closed   for the day. While Millie is distracted, David  teleports inside to get a side door open and   pretends he found it like that. The couple wanders  around and enjoys the history behind these views,   with David pulling the same trick whenever they  find a locked door. When he tries to gain access   to the lower area, he bumps into Griffin relieving  himself on a pillar. David tries to ignore him,   but Griffin suddenly teleports in front of him  and reveals there are Jumpers all over the world.   Griffin scolds David for bringing a not-Jumper  into this and carelessly jumping around because he   gained the attention of the wrong people. At that  moment, the Paladins enter the Colosseum and start   chasing the boys. David is immediately shocked  with a baton and he can't move, but Griffin has   more experience with these guys' tricks. He  teleports away in seconds and quickly knocks   them out one by one. Then he tells David about  the Paladin organization before disappearing.   Suddenly an employee from the Colosseum shows up  screaming for help, so David jumps into the jump   scar left by Griffin's teleportation, allowing him  to find his secret hideout in the desert. Furious,   Griffin reminds him he left Millie alone and David  immediately jumps back to drag Millie out of the   building. Unfortunately the police are waiting  outside and arrest them both. Eight hours later,   the cops are still trying to interrogate  David, although they can't make a formal   arrest until the magistrate from the U.S. embassy  arrives. This magistrate turns out to be Mary,   who frees David from his handcuffs and tells him  to run before more Paladins come. David tries to   go after her to demand an explanation, but a  cop gets in his way, so David teleports him   to Egypt as punishment. Then David returns to  the station and tells Millie the cops let them   go just like that. Millie doesn't believe it can  be this easy, but David asks her to trust him and   takes her to the airport. Not understanding why  they're running if things are supposedly fine,   Millie demands an explanation. David shows her  all the money in his bag but doesn't give her any   answers, he only tells her they can't be together  anymore. Feeling betrayed, Millie flies back to   her hometown alone. Meanwhile Roland's team calls  him to inform him they were defeated, almost as if   someone knew they were coming. Then Roland visits  William, who pretends he hasn't seen his son in   eight years. William also admits that even if he  does see David, he won't tell the police, which   Roland doesn't appreciate. Moments later, David  shows up at Griffin's hideout and finds out that   Griffin hunts down Paladins to kill them. It turns  out Paladins have been doing this for centuries,   and they're responsible for things like the witch  trials and the Inquisition. Griffin points out   that if they can't get a Jumper, they'll attack  their loved ones, making David worried. Millie   is safe for now because she's on a long flight, so  David teleports to his old home and is devastated   to find William dead on the floor. Grief doesn't  allow David to think straight and he teleports   William to the hospital, but there's nothing the  doctors can do to save him. Furious, David goes   to the police station and threatens Mark until he  admits he was the one that told Roland everything   about their hometown, including David's feelings  for Millie. David realizes he must catch Roland   before Millie lands in the US, so he teleports  to Griffin's hideout to try to steal his Paladin   research. Griffin doesn't let him, explaining that  unlike the henchmen, Roland is too dangerous. This   makes David think they should team up to defeat  him, but Griffin turns him down, saying he prefers   to work alone. Then Griffin teleports to Tokyo  and David follows him to keep bothering him about   teaming up. Griffin prefers to steal a scar to  have some fun, and brings David along, showing him   how he can make the car jump along on the road.  David never jumped with something this big, and   Griffin confesses he once knew a guy that tried to  teleport a whole building but died in the process.   After David asks for the millionth time, Griffin  accepts to team up as long as David doesn't   contact him ever again. Afterward, the two of them  teleport to the airport, but it's too late: Millie   already landed and left. David goes to the bar  to ask for her, and a waitress tells him Roland's   been around asking for Millie too. Next David  teleports to Millie's apartment and is relieved   to discover she's fine. Millie doesn't want to see  him, but David can hear the Paladins approaching   so he begins confessing everything, teleporting  to grab the snow globe on the shelves to prove   it to her. This terrifies Millie and she tries to  run away, thus David has no choice but to grab her   and take her to Griffin's hideout. This makes  Griffin furious because he knows the Paladins   have a machine that allows them to open wormholes  on the scar left by the jumps. In the meantime,   Roland and his men arrive at Millie's apartment  and do exactly as Griffin feared. While waiting   for the wormhole to open, the boys hide, and David  discovers that Griffin's research includes his own   mother because Mary is a Paladin too. At that  moment, Roland arrives and captures David with   his electrical wires. When he's about to kill  him, Griffin cuts in with a flamethrower and   begins fighting Roland. To counter Roland's use of  technology, Griffin teleports to the city to grab   a bus and bring it back, making it fall on Roland.  Unfortunately Roland is fine, so Griffin uses   the flamethrower again to push him back into the  wormhole, then he follows him to continue fighting   him at Millie's apartment. Meanwhile Millie cuts  the wires to save David and makes him promise   he'll leave her alone after taking her home.  David accepts but also confesses she's been his   only love since they were kids. The sweet moment  is interrupted by Griffin, who comes back with the   Paladins' machine, thinking they won't be followed  anymore. However Roland uses the jump scar Griffin   left to launch a hook that captures Millie and  brings her to the apartment right before the scar   closes. David wants to go to save Millie, but  Griffin begins preparing a bomb to take it to   the apartment and kill all the Paladins once and  for all, not caring if Millie also dies in the   process. Unwilling to lose Millie, David grabs  the bomb and drops it at the Colosseum. Griffin   immediately follows him and the two of them start  fighting over the detonator as they teleport all   over the world. Eventually they make it to the top  of the Empire State Building, so David throws the   detonator away and they have to jump after it. A  new series of jumps begin, and Griffin teleports   a truck to hit David when they make it to a  Chechen battlefield. Ignoring the war around them,   Griffin retrieves the detonator, but at that  moment David jumps on him and pushes him against   a pylon with enough current to keep Griffin  trapped for a while. Afterward David teleports   back to Millie's apartment and finds her tied  to the wall. As soon as he tries to rescue her,   Roland attacks him with the baton and captures  him too. Then Roland gets ready to kill him,   but Millie apologizes for misjudging everything,  and this gives David the support he needs to take   his powers to the next level. Suddenly, the  whole room disappears from the building and   is teleported to the middle of the Huron River.  David is feeling dizzy underwater, so Millie swims   to him to ground him, helping him teleport again  into the old library. After Millie wakes David up   with a slap, David notices Roland is still around.  He teleports Millie to a safe spot before jumping   on Roland to take him to an isolated cave in  the middle of the Grand Canyon. Before leaving,   David points out that he's a good person because  he could've left Roland with the sharks yet he   didn't. Many days later, David follows some clues  about his mother to a house in a snowy area. He   discovers Mary has a new life with a daughter  here, and Mary admits she left him because she   knew about his powers. Mary refuses to leave  her job as a Paladin and hugs him, explaining   that she does love David but the only thing she  can offer is a head start. David leaves as he   accepts his mother is the enemy and meets with  Millie, who leaves with him to a warmer place.
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