Jupiter Ascending

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Jupiter Ascending
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In a university in Saint Petersburg, math teacher  Aleksa falls in love with astrophysics teacher   Maximilian when she finds him almost freezing to  death while he looks at the stars. The couple soon   marries and Aleksa gets pregnant with a baby  girl that Maximilian wants to name Jupiter   even if Aleksa hates it. One night, a group of  thieves breaks into their apartment and robs   them. Maximilian tries to at least make them leave  his beloved telescope, but the thieves answer by   shooting him before running away with their loot.  Alone and depressed, Aleksa decides to move with   her relatives in Chicago and takes a ship to  the USA. In the middle of the trip, the baby is   born and Aleka names her Jupiter in memory of her  husband. As she grows up, Jupiter's aunt tells her   she is destined to achieve greatness and find true  love. But years later, an adult Jupiter thinks her   life sucks. As the daughter of immigrants, the  only job she can find is being a cleaning lady   for rich people, and on top of that she has to  live with a big family in a small house, never   having real privacy. Meanwhile on an abandoned  planet far away, the three siblings from the   powerful House of Abrasax meet after a long time.  This planet is empty because the family harvests   people from different civilizations to make a  potion that keeps them young. Recently their   mother died and left each of them some planets:  the eldest sibling Balem was the one to receive   Earth, and Titus, the youngest, wants to buy it.  Kalique points out Earth is incredibly expensive,   and Balem leaves without a word. The next day,  a hunter known as Caine appears in the streets   of Chicago and is spotted by bounty hunters Razo,  Ibis, Falque. The trio watches Caine use a special   gadget to get through a door, indicating none of  them are from Earth. They're sure Caine is hunting   the same victim as them and decide to follow  him. The place Caine has broken into is a clinic,   and he's checking out the profile of a patient  named Katharine because he can use his advanced   sense of smell to look for clues. When he  comes out, he finds the trio waiting for him,   so Caine activates his floating boots to  run away. The trio opens fire to stop him,   but after exchanging a few shots, Caine manages  to escape, and Razo tells her partners they should   warn their boss Balem. In the meantime, Kalique  talks to her servants because she wants to be part   of the hunt on Earth too but she doesn't want her  brothers to know about it. Balem is also talking   to his people and when he hears they've found a  special geneprint in Katharine, he sends orders   to get her killed. This Katharine person turns out  a friend of Jupiter's. Tonight she's helping her   find a dress, and while Jupiter is in the closet,  she hears Katharine scream. When she takes a look,   she discovers a group of grey aliens about  to do something to Katharine's floating body,   so Jupiter takes a picture with her phone. At that  moment, her phone rings and gets the attention of   the aliens, who immediately knock both humans  out. A moment later, the women wake up without   remembering what happened In the evening, Jupiter  has dinner with her family, and her cousin Vassily   gives everyone their next cleaning jobs. Jupiter  asks if she can borrow some money because she's   dreaming about having a telescope like her dad's,  but Vassily tells her she needs to save on her   own. Later in private, cousin Vladie convinces  Jupiter to sell her eggs for money, and he gets   a percentage for the sale. The next day, Jupiter  goes to the clinic using Katharine's name. While   she's fooling around on her phone, she finds the  picture she took of the aliens. Before she can do   anything about it, the doctor calls her to the  surgery room. While the nurses get her ready,   Jupiter begins feeling something's wrong and wants  to get out, but her body suddenly starts floating.   It turns out the whole staff is actually aliens,  and when they check her DNA they confirm she's the   one with the special geneprint - the confusion  came from the mixed names. The aliens intend to   kill her, but at that moment Caine shows up  and shoots them all before rescuing Jupiter,   who passes out. Meanwhile in a spaceship, Titus  receives news that his hunter found the girl,   so he sends transport to pick her up. Balem  also hears about the incident at the clinic   and desperately orders his people to double the  security deployment. Twelve hours later, Jupiter   wakes up in a strange room and immediately grabs  Caine's gun to demand answers. Caine explains   there are all kinds of life on many planets  across the universe, for example he's a half-human   half-wolf that was bred for the military, but  it didn't work out. The little grey guys are   known as Keepers and want to kill her because  of her particular genes. To prove his story,   Caine shows Jupiter the gadget that opens portals  on walls and his floating boots. At that moment,   Titus' spaceship sends a beam for them, so Caine  picks up Jupiter to fly towards it. Unfortunately   Balem's ships also arrive and make Titus' ship  blow up. The explosion causes the pair to fall,   but Caine acts quickly and catches Jupiter before  he begins flying away. A chase begins through   Chicago as the enemy ships shoot at Caine, hitting  various buildings and cars in the way. Caine takes   them to a bridge, under which he hid a shuttle  he stole from the enemy. Now they're safe inside   this shuttle, Caine can fire back and even hide  underwater when necessary. He's a good pilot,   but the shuttle still receives lots of damage  and Caine has to jump out with Jupiter before   it explodes. At least they land safely thanks to  the boots. The next morning, Caine steals a car   and drags Jupiter with him as she demands  more answers. Caine explains that they're   tangled in a war within the Abrasax family, one  of the most powerful dynasties in the universe.   In fact they're so powerful that they're already  rebuilding all the places their fight destructed,   and the Keepers will erase everyone's memories  like they did to Juniper the other day. Caine only   knows Titus wants Jupiter to be taken to his ship,  and that Balem wants her dead. Speaking of Balem,   he uses a hologram to inspect the Keepers' memory  of the clinic incident and tells Jupiter that   sometimes he "misses her". Then he reminds his  guards that'll kill anyone who makes another   mistake. A few hours later, Jupiter and Caine  arrive at the house of Stinger, a friend of   Caine's. Stinger used to be a marshal for the  Aegis, a team that functions as space cops. As   soon as Stinger sees Caine he begins attacking him  because he doesn't want to be dragged back into   his old life. The fight is suddenly interrupted  when a bunch of bees begins surrounding Jupiter,   moving along the movement of her hands. When  Stinger notices this, he immediately kneels   and calls Jupiter "your majesty" because bees are  capable of recognizing royalty. Then everyone is   invited inside and Stinger cures Caine's wounds  with an instant spray while revealing Caine   used to have wings and he lost them when he was  court-martialed. Jupiter gets a call from Vladie   and while she takes it, Caine explains to Stinger  that he didn't know she was royalty, Titus only   promised to pay him with new wings. Moments later,  Stinger explains he's managed to contact the Aegis   and they'll come to pick them up tomorrow. While  Caine gets armed with Stinger's collection of   weapons, Stinger tells Jupiter that Caine got  court-martialed because he bit an elite person,   and since Caine had been under his command at the  time, Stinger got fired too. He also tells Jupiter   that humans aren't native to Earth, it was the  Abrasax industries that killed all the dinosaurs   and filled the planet with people to be harvested  later. Before Juniper can ask what harvesting   is about, Caine informs them the trio of bounty  hunters and many Keepers are outside. Caine stays   behind fighting with both guns and his fists while  Stinger runs with Jupiter, but he has to open fire   as well when they're surrounded. Falque finds them  and pushes Singer back with a shockwave, but when   he tries to get Jupiter, the bees come to her  defense. Jupiter runs to hide in the cornfield,   but Falque catches up to her and knocks her out  with another shockwave. The Keepers approach   Jupiter to kill her, but at that moment Razo  and Ibis show up and betray Falque, killing him   and the Keepers before taking Jupiter into their  ship. Caine finishes off his opponents and rushes   out of the house just in time to jump onto the  ship undetected. Some hours later, the hunters'   ship arrives at an alien city, and Caine jumps off  the ship before he can be seen. The hunters sell   Jupiter to Kalique's people, who pay better than  Balem. When Jupiter wakes up, she finds herself in   a fancy dress inside a strange room. Kalique comes  to see her and is shocked at how much Jupiter   looks like her dead mother. To prove her point,  Kalique takes Jupiter to see a statue that looks   exactly like her, revealing that Jupiter's the  reincarnation of Kalique's mother, who had been   ninety-thousand years old and got murdered. While  Caine sneaks into the mansion and follows his nose   to find Jupiter, he's found by the guards, and he  fights them through the corridors. Kalique shows   Jupiter a special pool with water that makes  her look young even if she's actually fourteen   thousand and four. This is the potion the siblings  grow by harvesting people's lives, but Kalique   doesn't say it directly. She explains to Jupiter  that her mother owned Earth and since Jupiter's   her reincarnation, she can claim the planet for  herself and join the rich life. Their conversation   is interrupted by Caine, who tries to take Jupiter  away, but Jupiter trusts Kalique and accepts to   wait for the Aegis to arrive. In the meantime,  Balem kills the general that failed to get Jupiter   again and sends a new soldier known as Greeghan  after her. A few moments later, Aegis Captain   Tsing arrives together with Stinger and promises  to escort Jupiter to the commonwealth ministry on   Orous. After Jupiter changes into more comfortable  clothes, Caine checks on her and they have a sweet   bonding moment. Jupiter tries to flirt with Caine  but he turns her down because she's royalty and   he's just a dog. Eventually the ship makes it  to Orous, the original humans' birthplace. An   android guides Jupiter through many offices and  lots of bureaucratic paperwork that becomes too   tedious and almost impossible to finish. To get  it done more quickly, the android ends up bribing   an employee and Jupiter finally gets a seal on  her wrist that brands her as royalty. Afterward,   Jupiter wonders why Caine is still sticking  around now all it's done, and he explains Stinger   believes they may be accepted into the force again  if they help her. Unfortunately when Stinger shows   up, he's surrounded by bounty hunters and he  betrays Caine because he made a deal with Titus.   Moments later, Jupiter is taken to a different  spaceship and meets with Titus, who promises   he'll take her back to Earth if she accepts to  have dinner with him. Meanwhile Titus' guards   lock Caine in a cell. Over dinner, Jupiter asks  about Caine, and Titus tells her he sent him back   to his homeland. He also explains Kalique lied  to her and finally tells Jupiter that the youth   potion is made out of human lives. As he shows her  his stash of potion bottles, Titus explains his   mother changed her mind about the harvesting  and intended to end the business, that's why   she was murdered. Titus pretends he never made  potions, he only rescued these bottles because   he intends to finish his mother's goals. Jupiter  believes him, but when Titus asks her to marry him   in order to work together against his siblings,  she hesitates. Meanwhile Stinger gets in contact   with Titus' guards to finish their deal. After  they hang up, it's revealed Stinger was captured   by Tsing and that she made him call to trace the  ship's location. Caine is taken to see Titus and   calls him out for lying to him, Titus explains  lies are simply necessary to survive. He plans   to marry Jupiter and then kill her so he can get  Earth for himself. At that moment, Caine is shot   into space as punishment for his betrayal, and  on his way out, he manages to kick something on   the wall. Then Caine uses his boots to break the  handcuffs and grabs some of the wall debris, which   turns out to be protective gear. Unfortunately he  can't make it back to the ship because it escapes   through a portal. The gear doesn't have much  oxygen left and Caine remembers Jupiter while   thinking he's about to die, but thankfully the  Aegis shows up just in time to rescue him. He   informs the crew they need to save Jupiter and  asks for Stinger's help, so Stinger gets the   chance to explain he only betrayed them because  Titus promised a cure for his sick daughter,   otherwise he's on Aegis' side. Back on Earth,  Jupiter's family is worried about her and yells   at Vladie for having lost her to a suspicious  clinic. At that moment, Greeghan breaks through   the ceiling and captures them all. Sometime later,  Jupiter confesses she's unsure about the wedding   and asks to see Caine. Titus tells her Caine left  because he attacked people again, then points out   the wedding is just a contract to protect the  innocent. He also shows her that he had prepared   a rite of pardon for Caine and didn't use it just  because Caine betrayed him. Convinced of Tritus'   good intentions, Jupiter accepts to marry him.  A few hours later, Jupiter is put in a beautiful   dress and taken to the ceremony. Outside, Titus'  fleet surrounds the ship to defend it against the   incoming attack from Aegis. Caine and Stinger  are still excellent pilots and fight fiercely   against the enemy while Jupiter hesitates  at the altar. She barely finishes her vows,   and when a symbolic ring is about to be printed on  her finger, she tries to take her hand back as she   hears the noises of the battle. Titus forces  her hand back in place, but at that moment,   Caine breaks into the room and points his gun at  Titus as he tells Jupiter the truth. He wants to   kill Titus, but Jupiter just asks him to take her  away. The Aegis ship takes Jupiter away and she   takes the chance to give Caine the pardon she  stole from Titus. Caine wants to bond with her   more, but Jupiter doesn't want anything else to do  with this. Moments later they arrive on Earth and   Jupiter finds her home in ruins. Greeghan  is there too with a bunch of Balem's men,   they explain that Jupiter must come with them  to abdicate her title if she doesn't want her   family to die. Tsing and Caine think it's a trap,  but Jupiter accepts to go anyway. Jupiter's taken   away by Greeghan in his spacecraft while Tsing  and Caine try to follow them on the Aegis ship.   However as soon as Greeghan's craft crosses  the portal, they close it so that the cops   can't follow them. Tsing has to quickly turn the  ship around before they get caught in a dangerous   storm. This storm surrounds Balem's dominion and  Caine is hesitant to act, but Stinger comes and   gives him a heartfelt speech about how much he  needs Jupiter. Desperate to have his own pack,   Caine decides to go to the planet alone. His  shuttle is damaged by the storm and his landing   ends up being a violent crash, damaging the  gravity hull on its way down. At Balem's dominion,   Jupiter meets with him and accuses him of killing  his mother, causing Balem to slap her for it. Then   Balem makes Greeghan almost kill Aleksa, only  stopping him when Jupiter accepts to sign the   abdication to save her mother. However when she's  about to sign, she realizes Balem will harvest   Earth soon, and she refuses to exchange millions  of lives for her family. At that moment, Balem's   men inform him of the damage to the hull, and  Caine suddenly breaks into the palace and attacks   Greeghan. Seeing her family will be safe, Jupiter  destroys the abdication tablet, causing Balem to   try to kill her. Jupiter quickly gets him off her  with a kick. Furious, Balem orders his guards to   kill Jupiter, but Caine is faster and rescues her  by opening a portal right under her. He hides her   in a safe spot while he shields her, and Jupiter  kisses him before he goes back to fight Greeghan.   Jupiter then begins moving her family away while  people on the planet begin evacuating since the   broken hull makes it an unsafe atmosphere to  live in. The opening of the blockage allows   the Aegis to bring their ship closer. Balem  tries to attack Jupiter while she's distracted,   but Jupiter got a gun from Caine and shoots him  in the legs. The palace begins to crumble under   the effects of the broken hull and an explosion  breaks the floor under Jupiter, causing her and   Balem to fall. Caine wants to rescue her, but  Greeghan still insists to fight him and flies   him out of the building by grabbing him with his  tail. While Jupiter and Balem miraculously save   themselves by grabbing a broken railing, Caine  frees himself from Greeghan's hold and continues   to fight on his floating boots. He makes the  beast crash on the floor by hurting his wings,   then he finally kills him by putting a portal  around Greeghan's neck. Afterward Caine gets in   contact with Aegis and gives them his location  so they can rescue all the members of Jupiter's   family. Meanwhile Jupiter is trying to find a  way out, but the building keeps breaking under   her. She nearly falls plenty of times, but after  a few dangerous jumps, she manages to re-enter the   palace. Balem's waiting for her and begins hitting  her with a metal rod as he calls her "mother",   confirming he was the one who killed his mom and  claiming that she had begged him to do it because   she hated her life. Jupiter steals the rod and  retaliates with her own attacks, but she refuses   to kill Balem because of her principles. At that  moment, the building finishes crumbling and Balem   falls to his death. Jupiter falls too but gets  rescued by Caine, who puts protective gear on   her. There's no more time left, so Tsing opens  a portal to leave with her ship. Caine notices   this and immediately uses his boots to dodge all  the falling debris and cross the portal as well.   Minutes later, everyone is safely back in our  solar system. Sometime later, Jupiter is back on   her average routine, but she surprises his family  by approaching everything with a more positive   attitude. To apologize for the mess Vladie got  her in, they gift her the telescope she wanted.   Once she's done with work, Jupiter meets with  Caine for a date. Now Jupiter has her own pair   of floating boots, and Caine has his wings back.  After sharing a kiss, they go flying together.
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