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In a beautiful American town in the suburbs, Jim  and Linda live with their daughters Bridgette   and Megan. They have a beautiful life together,  although lately things have become tense because   Jim is constantly out on business trips. One  afternoon, the phone rings and Linda doesn't   pick it up on time. The one leaving a message is  Jim, who is away on another trip. He says he meant   what he said in front of the girls the other night  and that he wants Linda to remember it, but before   he can add more, he has to hang up because he's  getting another call. Linda doesn't understand the   message and calls him back, but she also gets the  answering machine and asks Jim to call her back   before going back to her chores. This includes  putting some stickers on the glass windows to   avoid accidents. Sometime later, Linda gets a  visit from Sheriff Reilly, who brings bad news:   yesterday Jim died in a car accident with a truck.  Linda doesn't understand because she just got his   message on the machine, but Reilly assures her  it's true, leaving her in a devastated yet numb   state. Crying, Linda goes through the motions  around the house before going to the school to   pick up her daughters, not giving them the news  until they're safe at home. A few hours later,   Linda's mother Joanne comes to the house to help  her daughter with everything, and Linda calls her   best friend Annie for help too, but she's met with  the answering machine again. That night, Joanne   stays in the guest's room, but Linda falls asleep  on the couch clinging to a wedding picture. The   next morning, Linda wakes up in her bed, wearing  different clothes. She assumes her mother moved   her but when she goes to check on her, Joanne is  nowhere to be found. When she hears some noises,   Linda goes downstairs, and she's shocked to  find Jim casually having breakfast as usual.   Linda feels rather awkward because if it was all  a dream it felt incredibly real, but obviously   this is better. After dropping the girls at  school, Linda checks the answering machine,   but it doesn't have any messages. When she goes  out to the grocery store, she's so distracted   that she almost hits another car. Sheriff Reilly  comes to check on her and gives her a warning,   but he doesn't recognize her. At the store, Linda  meets with Annie and asks her if yesterday she   received a message from her, but Annie says she  didn't. Afterward Linda goes home to keep working   on her chores. She starts with the laundry and  is surprised to find some clothes that she was   sure she already washed. Then when she goes to  the garden to hang the clothes, she accidentally   trips on a toy and falls on top of a dead crow,  which covers her in blood. Feeling disgusted,   Linda rushes to wash her hands and throw the crow  in the trash. Later during dinner and bedtime,   Linda can't stop staring at Jim, not believing  he is real. The following morning, Linda   wakes up alone in bed wearing Jim's shirt. She  discovers many details that confuse her further:   there's a bottle of wine on her night table,  all the mirrors around the house are covered   with blankets, and there's a bottle of medicine  in the kitchen sink. To make matters worse,   when she goes downstairs, she discovers Joanne and  Annie are handling Jim's funeral. Linda freaks out   because she swears there's something wrong and  nobody understands when she says Jim is alive,   so she ignores her friends' worry and goes looking  for their daughters. The girls are in the garden,   and when Linda checks on them, she's disturbed  to discover Bridgette has her face covered with   scars, although Megan still thinks she's the  most beautiful princess. Bridgette wants to know   what it was like when Jim died, and when Linda  answers she doesn't know because she wasn't there,   Bridgette wonders how they can know he's  dead then. Later when the hearse arrives   at the graveyard, Linda demands to be allowed to  look at the body. The funeral workers don't want   to open the coffin because Jim got hurt badly in  the accident, and Linda begins arguing with them   because it's her right to see. The employees  get nervous and accidentally drop the coffin,   causing Jim's head to roll out and Linda to break  down. Once the coffin is brought to the grave,   the priest says some words, and Linda notices  a woman watching the ceremony from afar. Joanne   doesn't know who it is, so Linda goes to ask her,  but Claire says they already talked yesterday and   leaves in her car, not caring about the fact Linda  swears she never saw her before in her life. When   the family returns home, Linda takes a closer  look at the medicine bottle and discovers it was   prescribed by Dr. Roth. Linda looks for him in the  yellow pages and finds the corresponding page was   torn off, but when she's about to give up, she  looks away and discovers the missing page is in   the trash. Linda tries to call Roth's office, but  it's already closed for the day. In the evening,   the family receives a weird visit: Linda  doesn't recognize him but this is Dr. Roth,   who is here with Reilly to take Linda away under  the suspicion she hurt Bridgette on purpose.   Joanne begs her daughter to explain how Bridgette  got those scares, but Joanne doesn't remember and   begins freaking out at the accusation. A bunch of  nurses grab her by force and take her away in an   ambulance. Moments later at the hospital, Linda  is left tied to a bench and she gets to overhear   Roth telling Reilly that Linda came to see him  on Wednesday and she already knew her husband   would die. This makes Reilly think Jim's death may  not have been an accident after all. Afterward,   Roth puts Linda to sleep with an injection,  ignoring her pleas for mercy. The next morning,   Linda wakes up in her house again. Noises from  the bathroom indicate Jim's back, and Linda rushes   to cling to him under the shower, not caring  if she gets wet too. When the girls wake up,   Linda discovers the scars are gone and calls them  both her beautiful princesses. Sometime later,   she feels a weird smell coming from the trashcan  and discovers the dead crow is still there,   decomposing as if weeks had passed. This makes her  nervous so she rushes inside to find the page with   Roth's number, only to find it still intact inside  the book. Moments later, Linda goes to see Roth,   who doesn't recognize her. She tells him all  about the visions she's been having, and after   he checks for any possible mental illness, Roth  prescribes the same medicine Linda has seen on   her sink. Afterward she goes to see Jim at his  office to ask him why he doesn't spend more time   at home. She wants to go away with him and the  girls and to have a proper talk with her husband,   but Jim has a meeting to attend. At that moment,  Claire shows up and introduces herself to Linda   as if she didn't know her, then she takes Jim to  the meeting. Watching them together makes Linda   realize Jim is cheating on her. Later at home,  Linda decides to throw the medicine in the sink.   Suddenly a storm hits the area and Linda asks her  daughters to help her bring the laundry inside.   Bridgette runs without paying attention and ends  up crashing against the glass window, getting her   whole body hurt. Linda immediately takes Bridgette  to the hospital and is shortly joined by Jim,   who promises everything is going to be fine. In  the evening, Bridgette is allowed to go home,   she's healthy but her face is full of scars.  Linda covers all the mirrors of the house so   Bridgette can't see herself, and tells both of her  daughters they're beautiful princesses. Afterward,   Linda goes to check on Jim, who is in a bad mood.  He wonders why Linda didn't put the stickers on   the windows like she promised, and Linda explains  that she thought she did. Jim doesn't believe her   and says she invited Joanne to stay a few days  to help Linda, implying she's been acting crazy.   Linda begins crying and swears she's a good mom,  but she's ignored. Sometime later, Linda finds the   yellow page in her pocket and throws it in the  trash. This makes her realize she's been living   through all the things that she saw in those weird  dreams, which means she's been having visions of   the future and she can use this information to  impact the present. She grabs some pen and paper   and draws a timeline with all the things she  knows, coming to the conclusion Jim will die in   this timeline during her next business trip. This  prompts Linda to ask Jim not to go on that trip,   but Jim disagrees, pointing out that their  relationship needs some space. The next morning,   Linda wakes up on the couch, and Joanne is still  around the house. Linda finds the timeline she   made and adds more information, realizing Claire  is another contradicting point she needs to   clarify. After leaving the girls with Joanne,  Linda goes to see Claire and confirms that she   was having an affair with Jim. Then she goes to  see Annie to share how upset she's about the whole   deal, but she also wonders if it was a good thing  that the accident happened because Jim's affair   could've destroyed the family. A few hours later,  Linda goes to the bank to confirm the mortgage   and her daughters' education have been taken care  of; Jim also left her an annuity. To her surprise,   the banker says Jim was here before he left on  the trip, looking very nervous and wanting to be   sure his family would be fine without him. Next  Linda goes to watch the local lake for a moment   of peace, and a man that lives nearby tells her  this is the perfect place to move to when you   need to start over. Lastly, she goes to make the  arrangements for Jim's funeral. In the evening,   Linda goes to bed with wine and Jim's shirt.  When Joanne checks on her, Linda asks if letting   Jim die is the same as killing him, but Joanne  doesn't understand the question. The next morning,   Linda wakes up with Jim and tells him to spend  the day with the girls in the park. Meanwhile she   goes to see Father Kennedy to share her situation.  Kennedy tells her about many cases of unexplained   phenomena in history and how they were seen as  "dangers of the faithless" because they came from   people who lost their faith and were desperate. In  Kennedy's opinion, Linda needs to concentrate on   what's important in her life and fight for it, but  Linda doesn't know what she's fighting for. Next,   Linda goes to Mile 220, where Jim's accident  is supposed to happen. All the visions she's   been having rush to her mind and distract her  to the point she doesn't see a car coming,   but luckily she moves away just in time. In the  evening, when the girls are about to go to bed,   Linda demands Jim tell them he loves them. Jim  promises he loves his daughters and his wife   more than everything else in the world. Then  Linda goes outside to catch some fresh air,   and when Jim comes to check on her, an argument  ensues. Linda wants things to be like in the   old times, but Jim's sure he's giving the family  everything and can't understand what she wants.   All of a sudden, lightning strikes a power line  and kills the crow that Linda would find later   in the timeline. The couple runs back inside and  Linda apologizes to Jim for her behavior, then   the two of them get frisky. When they're done,  Linda confesses she's dreamed about Jim's death,   but Jim promises everything's going to be fine  and it was just a dream. The next morning, Linda   wakes up and panics when she doesn't see Jim. She  calls Annie to confirm in which timeline she's in,   then finds a note from Jim saying he's dropping  the girls at school before leaving for his trip.   Linda runs out of the house while calling Jim  to stop him, but Jim is too busy to pick up,   first with the girls and then with going to the  bank to arrange everything for his family. The   talk Jim had with Linda last night won't leave  his head, and when he gets in his car to go on   the trip, he decides to call Claire and end  their affair. Then he calls the house phone   and leaves the message on the answering machine  that Linda heard at the beginning of the story.   When he hangs up because another call is coming  in, it is Linda herself calling him from her car   because she's following him on the road to try to  stop him. Linda apologizes for everything and when   Jim is about to confess the affair, Linda says  she already knows and doesn't care, prompting   Jim to promise they will begin working on their  relationship more and start over properly. At   that moment, Jim sees Linda in the car mirror and  pulls over to wait for her. Linda gets ready for a   reunion but she freaks out when she notices they  are on Mile 220, the spot of the accident. She   urgently tells Jim to turn the car around, and as  soon as Jim moves, a car comes from the opposite   direction, thankfully Jim gets out of the way just  in time. Linda is happy to see her husband is fine   but it seems she forgot Reilly had mentioned a  truck caused the accident. Jim tries to start the   car again to get off the road but the engine isn't  working, and suddenly the infamous truck shows up,   crashing right against Jim's vehicle. Linda runs  to check on him, but before she can come closer,   both vehicles explode, and Linda has a  breakdown as she finally understands the   future can't be changed. Many months later,  the girls wake Linda up from her nap when the   moving trucks arrive to pick them up. Linda is  happy to see Bridgette's scars are mostly gone   and remembers Kennedy telling her to fight  for what matters the most. Currently, what   matters the most is Linda's belly, because she  is pregnant thanks to that last night with Jim.
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