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In 1719 in the Northern Great Plains, young  Comanche Naru goes herb gathering with her   dog Sarii. But when nobody is looking, she takes  the chance to leave the group behind to practice   her ax throwing against a tree. There, she notices  some pawprints on the ground and follows them to   find a whitetail deer that she decides to hunt.  The idea is to sneak around and surprise attack,   but the sound of a rumble in the sky scares  the animal away. Naru and Sarii follow it,   and Naru throws her ax at it, but she fails  and the ax ends up stuck on a tree instead.   While she recovers it, Sarii keeps going and  accidentally gets his tail caught in a bear trap.   Forgetting about the deer, Naru rushes to rescue  her dog and take care of his tail with some   healing herbs. She also inspects the trap because  she's never seen something like this before,   but she's interrupted by the sky rumbling again.  When she looks up, she sees a mysterious shape   falling, and she believes it to be the legendary  Thunderbird. Believing this is a sign to finally   initiate her rite of passage, Naru goes to see  her brother Taabe to ask him to take her with   his party next time he goes hunting, and while  he's skeptical, he accepts. Then, Naru goes back   to the tribe to drop off the herbs she's gathered.  While getting some medicine ready for the chief,   Naru's mother Aruka wonders why her daughter  must hunt when she's great at many other things,   so Naru explains it's because they all think she  can't. Meanwhile, it's revealed that the rumble   from the sky actually belongs to a spaceship  that drops an alien known as Predator on Earth.   He's strong and fast, and his technology comes  with camouflage that makes him invisible plus   heat vision goggles. Back to Naru, she returns  to the forest to pick up some orange flowers   her mother needs and keeps some for herself  in her bag. When she returns to the tribe,   she learns a mountain lion has taken one of their  men and a hunting party is leaving to find them.   Naru follows them, intending to join them, but  some of the men don't want her there because she   wasn't trained to hunt like them. Taabe comes in  her defense, explaining she's good at tracking and   medicine, so she's allowed to join them because  she may be useful. Predator is in the area too,   busy killing a snake. Following the tracks left  by the mountain lion, the hunting party eventually   finds their wounded friend, Puhi. The hunters  build a stretcher while Naru takes care of the   Puhi's injuries, including feeding him some of  the orange flowers, which will cool his blood.   Now the party is ready to take Puhi back, but  Taabe stays behind to find the mountain lion.   Naru wants to stay with him because she thinks  there's something else besides the lion; it   doesn't make sense for Puhi to be alive, meaning  something dangerous must've scared the lion away.   Taabe turns her down though, and makes her  leave. At first, Naru walks away with the   party as her brother told her to, but she stops  when she notices some weird things around her:   pawprints too big to be a bear's, a carefully  skinned snake, and blood on the top of a tree.   She wants to warn Taabe, so the party sends  Paake with her for safety while the others   go back to their tribe. The pair finds Taabe and  help him hunt for the lion by using Naru's plan,   because Taabe wants to give her the chance  she asked for. While Taabe lays down the bait,   Naru and Paake climb a tree to wait for the  lion, and the meeting comes sooner than expected.   The lion jumps high enough to push  Paake off the tree and kill him,   then it jumps on a branch to go after Naru.  She slowly steps back as she tries to defend   herself with a spear, but suddenly, she gets  distracted by the rumble in the sky again.   This gives the lion the chance to come after her,  throwing her off the tree and knocking her out.   When Naru wakes up later, she's back in the  tribe, and Aruka explains Taabe dragged her back.   Puhi has survived thanks to her medicine, too,  so Aruka thinks Naru should perhaps dedicate   her life to medicine instead of hunting. Their  conversation is interrupted when Taabe returns   with the lion's body, an achievement for which  he's honored by the chieftain. Naru is still sure   there's something more dangerous in the woods and  wants to go after it, but Taabe doesn't let her.   She's already tried hunting and failed, it was all  him who brought the lion back. The next morning,   Naru decides to disobey and go after the  mysterious presence with only Sarii as company.   Through the forest, she keeps finding  more proof of this unknown creature,   like green blood on trees and more of those huge  pawprints. Predator is indeed not far away from   there, this time hunting a wolf in order to get  its skull, which he cleans to use it as a mask.   Naru, on the other hand, isn't as lucky with  her hunts. Hitting moving targets isn't as   easy as hitting a tree, so by the time she  recovers her throwing ax, her prey is gone.   Fortunately, she comes up with an idea: she  ties some vines to make a rope that she then   ties to the ax, allowing her to throw it and  instantly get it back without losing time.   This finally lets her hunt a bunch of rabbits to  feed herself and the dog. After lots of walking,   Naru comes across a herd of skinned bison  with some bullets on the ground around them.   However, she doesn't know what bullets are  and thinks the strange creature did this.   When she leaves the area, she accidentally steps  into quicksand. Thankfully, she still has her ax   with her, so she throws it at a tree and  once it manages to get properly stuck,   she uses the rope to pull herself out.  Meanwhile, Predator comes across the bison too,   which warns him there are dangerous hunters in the  area. Back to Naru, after washing up in the river,   she comes across a grizzly bear that she intends  to hunt. Unfortunately, her bow breaks, giving   the bear the chance to come after her. Sarii jumps  in to distract the beast, giving Naru time to jump   in the river and hide under a beaver dam. The bear  comes after her again, trying to destroy the dam,   but suddenly it's pulled back by Predator. Thanks  to the bear bleeding on him, Naru finally gets to   see the alien and wastes no time in jumping back  into the river to swim away. Predator sees her but   lets her go because he doesn't find her dangerous.  After returning to the woods, Naru comes across   a search party Taabe sent to find her while he  looks around the other side of the river. They   don't believe Naru's story because such a monster  wouldn't let her go so easily, and when Naru tries   to leave, Wasape jumps on her to stop her. Naru  fights fiercely but Wasape still wins, tying her   up to drag with the group toward camp. However,  they stop when they hear some weird noises and red   lights appear on Wasape's chest. Staying invisible  among the trees, Predator shoots and kills Wasape,   and when he comes nearer to recover his darts,  the other hunters manage to hit him with an arrow.   This causes the camouflage cloak to malfunction  and reveal Predator to the naked eye.   The men jump in to fight him, but Predator is  no match for them and kills them easily. While   he's distracted fighting, Naru approaches Wasape's  body to recover her things and cut off the rope,   allowing her to run away. When she makes it to an  open field, Naru comes across a hunter that had   scouted ahead. He wants to fight back, but soon  the red lights appear on his body too. Knowing   what they mean now, Naru begins running away as  Predator jumps on and kills her fellow tribesman.   She's so concentrated on keeping her eyes on  the enemy that she doesn't see a bear trap on   the ground and gets her leg caught in it. Predator  comes after her, considering his options, but he   suddenly runs away when he sees a group of French  traders coming to see who fell into their trap.   The traders knock Naru out and when she wakes up  later, she finds herself in a cage at their camp.   Sarii has come looking for her, but  he's caught and tied up as well.   All the traders are wearing furs, and Naru  realizes they were the ones that killed the bison.   One of these men, called Raphael, knows how to  communicate with her and asks her for information   on Predator, who he thinks is a hunter looking for  the strongest opponent. Naru tells them nothing,   causing the traders to decide to reveal they've  also captured Taabe and now they're hurting him to   make him smell of blood. Then, Taabe and Naru are  tied to a tree as prey to attract Predator so the   traders can shoot him from their hiding spots.  However, the traders didn't take into account   Predator's camouflage, and he approaches them  without them knowing to start killing them one by   one. Taabe worries when he hears the screaming,  but Naru explains to him that Predator doesn't   want bait because he hunts differently, and he's  always let her go because he doesn't consider   her a threat. To make her feel better about her  hunting abilities, Taabe confesses he only managed   to kill the lion because he had followed Naru's  plan, so she did do something back then. Their   conversation is interrupted when Predators roars  in anger as his leg gets caught in a bear trap.   The French traders immediately go after him,  but Predator quickly recovers and after tossing   the trap away, he begins killing them with  a variety of advanced weapons plus a shield   that protects them from their bullets.  The tossed trap lands near the tree,   allowing Naru to use it to cut off the rope.  Now free, Taabe leaves to find some horses and   Naru goes to rescue Sarii while Predator takes  out most of the remaining men with a grenade.   At the French camp, the traders are picking up  their things to flee, and they intend to kill   Sarii. Naru jumps in to fight them and kill them  all, and once she frees her dog, she sends him   to find Taabe. Then she begins applying herbs to  her injuries, and that's how Raphael finds her.   He's missing a leg, so he asks for a deal: he'll  give her his flintlock pistol and teach her how   to use it in exchange for medicine. Naru accepts  and shares her orange flowers with him, she also   gets to keep the piece of alien technology  she finds on his leg. Meanwhile, Predator   is taking care of his own injuries before going  to the camp as well. Naru hears him coming and   quickly hides while Raphael pretends to be dead.  Thanks to the orange flowers cooling his blood,   the trick actually works for, and Predator can't  see it until he accidentally steps on Raphael,   making him scream. Predator quickly kills him as  Sarii shows up to attack, but before the dog can   be shot, Taabe shows up too, riding a horse. He  manages to hit Predator on the head once, and by   riding quickly in circles he can dodge the alien's  shots. After failing to use the pistol correctly,   Naru yells at Predator to distract him, allowing  Taabe to jump off the horse and land a hit on him.   Now Predator and Taabe fight hand to hand,  and since Taabe is such a good warrior,   Predator decides to put on his camouflage to gain  an advantage. He attacks Taabe from behind to kill   him, but Taabe doesn't give up and holds onto  Predator's leg to give Naru time to run away.   Back in the tribe, another search party returns  to give Aruka bad news: they couldn't find her   children. Aruka grieves for them at the same time  Naru reaches the river and washes while crying   over her brother's death. Sarii finds her and lets  her know about a French man still in the area,   so Naru uses the alien weapon he took  from Raphael to knock this man out.   When he wakes up later, the man finds himself  in a camp where Naru is preparing herself to   hunt Predator. She's painted her face and eaten  some of the orange flowers to cool her blood,   she's also allowed the French man to keep his  pistol, although it's empty. However, his screams   attract Predator, who sees the armed trader  as a threat and comes closer to kill him. He   completely ignores Naru because he can't see her,  so Naru takes the chance to shoot him from behind.   A pistol isn't enough to kill him, but it makes  him drop the mask, which Naru grabs before running   away towards the area where she's prepared a trap.  Predator follows a trail of blood that Naru left   behind on purpose, and when he comes closer,  Naru jumps on him to fight him hand to hand.   After exchanging a few blows and protecting  herself from his shield by hiding among rocks,   Naru orders Sarii to run by as a distraction and  manages to push Predator into the quicksand she   had fallen into before. This is obviously  not enough to kill him, but Naru is ready:   when Predator resurfaces and shoots, Naru  quickly moves away and lets the projectile   hit the mask she left there earlier. This makes  the projectile rebound and kills Predator instead.   The next morning, Naru returns to the  tribe with Predator's head and the pistol,   which is revealed to be Harrigan's weapon from  another Predator story. Naru warns her tribe   they need to leave before the white men come for  them, but first, everyone honors her hunt the same   way they had done for Taabe. Unknown to them,  more Predator ships are about to land on Earth.
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