R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned

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R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned
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In the mines of Red Creek, miner Otis continues  digging after many hours because he's desperate   for gold. At that moment, a total lunar eclipse  takes over the sky and the mines start shaking.   The hole Otis made starts glowing, and when he  touches it, his hand catches on fire. Suddenly   a black cloud comes out of the hole and possesses  Otis as it burns a circle on his chest and makes   his eyes black. A month later in Wyoming, sheriff  Roy picks up his daughter Charlotte and her fiancé   Angus at the train station. Roy doesn't like  Angus and thinks his daughter deserves better,   but Charlotte begs him to get over it because  Angus makes her feel happy and safe. The reunion   is suddenly interrupted by a group of five bandits  led by Zeke, who try to kidnap as many civilians   as possible. Roy hides Charlotte inside the  station, then he hides behind a pile of luggage   to join the gunfight. Zeke appears behind him and  Roy quickly shoots him first, but when he rolls   under the train to get the others, a mysterious  figure shoots Roy from behind. Seconds later,   Roy appears in a strange office and throws up  inside a bucket. The woman that welcomes him   is called Hano and explains that Roy is dead  and has come to Heaven, but she also assures   him Charlotte is fine. This office belongs to the  RIPD, the Rest in Peace Department, and Hano has   been given the job to be one of their agents. The  RIPD is God's police force and they're in charge   of hunting down deados, which are the souls of  the dead that escape judgment and cause trouble   on Earth by possessing normal people. Then Hano  takes Roy to the armory and while Roy is impressed   by the weapon quality, he prefers to stick to his  favorite gun. However Hano points out that deados   can only be killed by RIPD's holy weapons. After  Roy chooses a gun, he notices a snake symbol on   the floor and Hano explains that's the ouroboros,  which signifies life, death, and rebirth. Whenever   a deados possesses a person, that symbol will  appear on their chest. Hano informs Roy that   his first mission is to check a weird presence  that appeared in Red Creek during the eclipse   and reminds him that going back to Earth will mean  sticking to the case, not getting revenge for his   own death. Roy accepts anyway, sealing the deal  by spitting on his hand and shaking Hano's. At   that moment, Roy's chest starts to burn as the  RIPD's logo is branded on his skin. Afterward,   Hano puts Roy inside a machine that sends him  back to Earth. Roy shows up inside a portable   toilet and throws up in a bucket again before  stepping back to dodge a bunch of bison that run   by. Then he tries to step out, only to be run over  by one last bison that was left behind. Suddenly,   a woman and two horses appear next to Roy. This  is Jeanne, a fellow RIPD that will be working   with Roy on the eclipse case. Roy prefers to work  alone, but Jeanne reminds him orders are orders.   Besides, Jeanne has been dead for 445 years, so  she can guide Roy through his first dead day on   Earth. This is still not enough to convince Roy  and he rides away. Meanwhile Zeke and his gang   are robbing a bank, but instead of taking the  money they're kidnapping more people. Robber   Slim keeps making mistakes, which annoys Zeke  to no end because the five bandits are brothers,   but Slim is adopted. When law enforcement arrives,  a gunfight ensues, and Slim doesn't have a weapon   to defend himself. Back to Roy, he returns home  to see his daughter, but when he's about to call   Charlotte's name through the window, Jeanne pulls  him away. Furious, Roy begins fighting Jeanne and   discovers he has much better reflexes than when  he was alive. The fight ends in a draw when both   agents draw their weapons at the same time, and  Jeanne uses her sword to show Roy his reflection.   It turns out Roy doesn't look the same anymore:  to other people, he and Charlotte look like two   black women. While Roy discovers he's been buried  next to his wife and that coyotes got his body   after he was shot, Jeanne explains it would be too  confusing for humans to see the dead coming back,   that's why the illusion protects their identities.  Roy thinks being a black woman will actually make   his work much harder because of racism and  misogyny, so Jeanne points out that if God   chose that illusion is because he wants Roy to  learn something. They agree they'll say they're   bounty hunters as a cover, and lastly she informs  Roy that if he tries to talk to his loved ones,   whatever he says will come out as incoherent  gibberish. Their conversation is interrupted   by Roy's best friend Henry, who has brought  flowers for the graves. Roy pretends to be   mute while Jeanne and Henry chat, although  it's hard for him to hear how Henry has both   good and bad things to say about him. Then Henry  tells them about the current situation in town:   Angus has been kidnapped by the bandits, and while  three gang members were caught at the bank, two of   them are still on the loose. Roy wants to rescue  Angus so his daughter won't be alone, and ignores   Jeanne's scolding when she reminds him this isn't  his mission. On a road nearby, the three captured   bandits are being taken away in a cage by the  marshals, and Roy wants to get information on   Angus' location from them. Roy's also confused  because he shot Zeke back at the station, thus   he doesn't understand why Henry said there are two  bandits left. When the marshals stop the carriage   to relieve themselves, Jeanne notices the bandits  have the ouroboros symbol on their chests, meaning   this is part of the mission and she can help after  all. Jeanne approaches the marshals asking for   help because his sister got hurt, so two of the  marshals follow her to where Roy is pretending to   be unconscious. Both agents immediately attack and  knock out the marshals before going after the ones   on horses. The carriage drivers see the danger and  take off, but Roy holds onto it and jumps on its   roof. One of the marshals shoots him and thinks  he killed him, thus when they stop to check,   Roy scares one pretending to be a ghost and Jeanne  knocks out the other. Roy tries to open the cage   and fails, so Jeanne uses holy water on one of  the bandits to make the deado painfully pop out.   The bandit transforms into a huge black monster  that breaks the cage and tries to attack, but Roy   immediately shoots it with his special gun. The  second bandit surprises Roy and takes his gun,   but Jeanne quickly kills him before grabbing the  third one, who turns out to be Slim. While Jeanne   takes Slim to be interrogated, Roy finds a bunch  of posters on the ground and discovers Slim is   wanted for killing him. Furious, Roy punches Slim,  who obviously doesn't recognize him and swears   he's being framed because he never shot anyone.  Roy wants to kill him, but Jeanne reminds him that   they need him for clues. Then Jeanne spurts just a  drop of holy water on Slim to make him hurt before   stopping the popping with her crucifix. Slim  finally starts talking and explains there's a   powerful deado named Otis who has made the bandits  kidnap people all over the place and deliver them   to Red Creek. He has no idea what his secret plan  is, Slim just knows that the people are being   imprisoned. He also explains that somehow Otis  has an RIPD gun. Jeanne and Roy decide to travel   to Red Creek to investigate and they keep Slim  tied to the horses. Whenever he makes a bad joke,   Roy shoots him with his regular gun, which  for a deado is just a tickle. Meanwhile a   woman named Nell reports to Otis that Zeke has  added more people to the group of captives,   but the bandits are starting to have doubts about  Otis' origin and don't believe he is who he says   he is. Otis explains he escaped through a limbo  fragment because the Gateway grew weak during   the eclipse. The humans they've captured must keep  on digging because if he finishes his plan during   the incoming blood moon he'll make the Gateway  weak forever and he'll rule the Earth. Afterward,   Otis goes to check on the latest captives and  talks to Zeke, who still doesn't have faith in   him. Otis punishes him by grabbing the deado  inside him and shooting it with his RIPD gun,   now the other deados are scared enough to follow  him without question. Some hours later, Roy and   Jeanne arrive at Reed Creek, and they cover Slim's  face so he isn't recognized because of the poster.   The group is surprised to notice the town is  nearly empty and the few citizens that are around   look pretty sick. Mayor Julius is making them work  even if they're ill and they're so concentrated on   surviving that they don't even blink at the fact  two black women have arrived. Then the group tries   to check in at the hotel, and for some reason the  mayor is the receptionist. He points at the sign   that says they don't admit black people, but Roy  threatens him with his gun until Julius burns the   sign. This causes Jeanne to turn around because  fire triggers her PTSD. Afterward Julies calls   the maid Beverly and pretends he's super friendly  towards women and black people before asking her   to escort their new clients to their room. In the  bedroom, Roy and Jeanne ask Beverly what's going   on, and Beverly explains it started a month ago.  They don't know what is that makes them sick, and   Julius says it has to do with the water supply,  but nobody believes him. The town has been empty   since last night when everyone left to follow  the rumors of gold found in the mines. After   Beverly leaves, Roy and Jeanne agree Julius must  know something and Jeanne points at the mines,   thinking they'll find answers there. Speaking  of the mines, all the kidnapped people working   there wear masks not to die from the illness that  taints the air. When a man loses consciousness,   his daughter considers giving him her mask, but  Angus reminds her that taking it off means death.   He proves this by taking off his own, which causes  his body to immediately begin shaking. Then Angus   puts his mask on again and tells the lady her  father just needs to rest. Back in the hotel,   Julius is feeling sick too. He's starting to cough  blood, so to hide it, he unlocks his desk drawer   to grab a pair of scissors and cuts a piece of the  curtain. Forgetting to lock his desk again, Julius   rushes out of the building to see Otis and ask  for a mask as a reward for all the help he's been   providing. After he begs a lot, Otis accepts to  give him a mask, but he also reminds him that only   his workers get masks, thus Otis' men push Julius  inside a carriage to tie him up. Meanwhile, Roy   and Jeanne tie Slim to a bathtub to keep him from  escaping. Slim tries to convince them they can   trust him because when he was alive he was just a  thief, not a murderer or anything truly evil. To   prove it, he steals Roy's gun when he comes closer  but also lets him take it back, pointing out he   could've shot them both and didn't. Roy wonders  if the real Slim could still be active inside   the body, but Jeanne explains that's impossible  and the deado is manipulating them. When Slim   mentions the kidnapped people were delivered to  the church, Roy and Jeanne go there, and the sight   of a church in ruins makes Jeanne have a flashback  to her previous life. The place is empty, but Roy   finds a piece of clothing that belonged to Angus,  confirming he must be around. Then they begin   hearing screaming and the duo runs outside to find  Julius inside the carriage. Julius tells them Otis   has captured the whole town and taken them to the  mine, he also mentioned something about "opening a   gateway". Jeanne finally realizes they're digging  a hole into Hell, and the poisonous gas that comes   from the hole is what makes people sick. When  the hole is big enough all the damned souls will   come out and possess every person in the world.  Their conversation is interrupted by Otis' men,   who start a fight. Roy and Jeanne try their  best to defend themselves, but they're seriously   outnumbered and soon overpowered. Meanwhile  Beverly is also feeling sick. When she brings   Julius his tea, she finds the hole in the curtain  and the drawer open, revealing a special order   for the printing press. Shocked, Beverly goes  to Roy's room and frees Slim, showing him that   he was indeed framed and Julius paid off the press  people to fake the posters. At that moment Beverly   begins coughing blood, and Slim thanks her for his  freedom by getting her a mask. He also shows her   the secret mask stash in the church to share with  everyone before leaving to help the RIPD. In the   mines, Roy and Jeanne are put inside a cell after  they take away their weapons. Nell recognizes   Jeanne from the old times, and Jeanne explains to  Roy that Nell used to be an RIPD agent too, but   she went rogue. This explains why Otis has an RIPD  gun. At that moment, a guard brings Angus to the   cell, but Angus tries to fight the man off. More  guards come and quickly overpower him, but Roy   is still impressed and admits he had been wrong  about Angus. Pretending to be a sweet woman, Roy   gets Angus to talk about his marriage and explains  fathers sometimes feel their daughters' boyfriends   are trying to replace them, or they're afraid to  be left alone. Angus assures him that was never   his intention and that he always respected Roy.  Touched by the words, Roy gifts Angus a picture   of Charlotte that he always carried with him. At  midnight, the gateway finally starts breaking,   and Otis orders Nell to bring all the prisoners  to start the ritual. The guards take everyone from   the cells except for Roy and Jeanne, and Nell  and Otis come to tease them for their failure.   Otis reveals they'll be thrown in the pit  last before the abyss closes, and Nell calls   Jeanne "Joan D'arc" before leaving. Roy finally  realizes Jeanne is the famous historical figure   and understands why she's so afraid of fire, he's  also proud that if he had to work with someone,   it was her. Otis makes the prisoners finish  digging and the gateway to Hell finally opens,   causing damned souls to start escaping and  possessing everyone they can reach to make   them deados. Angus dodges them for as long as he  can and helps people run away from the mines. Back   to Jeanne, she explains to Roy that to close the  gate first they must extinguish the hellfire. When   she was alive, she found a vial with the Tears of  Christ, meaning they can use that if they manage   to escape. At that moment, Slim shows up and  the guards let him take Roy's gun since Slim   is supposed to be one of them. However he's  actually pretending and uses the gun to kill   one of the guards. The other starts fighting  him and accidentally drops Jeanne's sword, so   she reaches through the bars to grab it and kill  the guard. Then Slim shows Roy the proof that he   was framed and asks Jeanne for a retrial for his  soul, because he doesn't think he deserves hell.   The agents accept to trust him and Slim frees  them, now they have to make a plan. Jeanne wants   Roy to throw the tears into the gateway because  she can't go anywhere near fire since her death,   but Roy refuses because the tears chose her. After  leaving the tears with Jeanne, Roy and Slim go   to the mines by pretending Slim is keeping Roy  prisoner. When they see Otis, Roy tries to shoot   him, but the damned souls protect him as a shield.  Then the duo begins shooting the deados, and Roy   asks Slim to help Angus and the other remaining  humans to evacuate while he fights. Jeanne also   joins the fight and kills a deado right before  it attacks Julius. Another enemy jumps on Roy and   makes him roll towards the gateway, holding him  against the edge. Jeanne sees the fire and begins   having flashbacks of her death, but her need to  protect people is stronger and she jumps over   the gateway to drop the tears into the hole and  kill the deado that is holding Roy. The gateway   immediately begins closing and sucking all the  damned souls back inside, including Nell. Roy   and Jeanne hold onto her sword not to be absorbed  too, while Slim and the humans grab onto the cell   bars. The agents think it's all over, but  at that moment Otis shows up and transforms   into his real form - it turns out he's Azeroth,  the right hand of the devil, that's why he's so   powerful. He immediately hits Roy and Jeanne with  his powers, causing Jeanne to drop the tears. The   duo attacks Azeroth with their holy weapons,  but not even those are enough to hurt him,   and Azeroth easily captures them. Jeanne uses her  crucifix to make him drop them, and while Azeroth   is distracted attacking her, Roy finds the tears  vial on the ground. Wasting no time, he puts the   tears in his weapon and shoots Azeroth, finally  killing him for good. The sun is out by the time   everyone returns to town and reunites with their  loved ones. Slim finds Julius hiding and makes   him confess the truth: Julius ran away when Otis  came to town, and when he came across the bandits,   he thought they were looking for him. Wanting  to protect himself, Julius shot Roy thinking   he was part of the gang, then Zeke took him away.  Roy's bullet never did anything to Zeke because he   had been a deado from the start. Roy decides this  town needs a new sheriff to keep an eye on things,   and Beverly chooses Slim for the job if she can  be the deputy. When Roy approves, Beverly takes   Julius to jail. Then Roy and Jeanne accept to  leave Slim here until the time for his retrial   comes since he proved himself to be trustworthy.  Afterward, Roy and Jeanne go to Charlotte and   Angus' wedding. Roy knows he can't talk to  Charlotte, but for some reason now he speaks   gibberish to Angus as well. Jeanne wishes them the  best and Roy hugs Charlotte, making her feel as if   she had known that woman her whole life. When they  leave town, Jeanne explains that since Roy now   approves of Angus, he's become a loved one too,  that's why his speech was gibberish. Then the duo   returns to the portable toilet to go back to the  RIPD office. Roy says the mission was fun but he's   ready for his soul to move on to the afterlife,  which makes Jeanne laugh. It turns out that agents   must serve for one hundred years before they get  the option to move on. Frustrated but also willing   to keep working with Jeanne, Roy steps into the  portable toilet, only to be hit by a bison again.
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