Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
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In 1846, sailor Anthony returns to London  with Sweeney Todd, a man he rescued from the   seas of Australia. Todd hates London but he's  coming back anyway because he wants revenge.   Fifteen years ago, he was a mere barber called  Benjamin, and he lived happily with his wife   Lucy and their baby. Things got complicated when  Judge Turpin became interested in Lucy too, so he   ordered his henchman, Beadle Bamford, to get rid  of Todd. That's how Todd got was falsely convicted   and exiled to Australia. Now Todd returns to the  building where he used to have his barber shop and   discovers the first floor is now a meat pie shop  owned by Nellie, but it isn't doing very well.   Her pies don't taste good, and Nellie laments  not being able to buy good meat because it's   expensive. She also suspects that all the stray  cats that have been disappearing are being used   by the competition in their own pies. Afterward,  Nellie tells Todd that she doesn't rent the room   above her shop because people think it's  haunted. After the barber that worked there   left the country, Beadle came to invite Lucy  to Turpin's house, where a mascarade party was   being thrown. Turpin made Lucy drink more than  she could handle and then took advantage of her.   The resulting trauma made Lucy take arsenic  to end it all. Todd doesn't react well to   this news and Nellie immediately realizes he's  the barber, so she also informs him that Turpin   has adopted Todd's daughter as his own. Hearing  Todd express his wishes for revenge, Nellie takes   him to the shop above hers, where she's hidden  Todd's straight razors. They are decorated with   real silver, but she never sold them - she doesn't  say why, but it's clear she has a crush on Todd.   Meanwhile, Anthony is wandering around town, but  his attention is pulled from the city map when he   hears a beautiful voice singing. In a building  across the road, Todd's daughter Johanna is sad   about the fact she's never allowed to go outside  and feels like a caged bird, unaware that Turpin   spies on her through a hole in the wall. Anthony  sees her at the window and falls in love with her,   but while he's considering approaching her,  Johanna leaves her spot. There's a beggar woman   wandering around and Anthony takes the chance  to ask about Johanna, so the woman explains   who the girl is and how Turpin will punish  Anthony if he tries to trespass to see her.   Her words aren't enough to scare Anthony  though, and he's already thinking of ways   to steal Johanna when the house door suddenly  opens and Turpin appears to invite Anthony in.   At first, Turpin pretends to be interested in  chitchat, but soon he shows his true colors:   he knows Anthony has gandered at Johanna and  promises to kill him if he ever comes by again.   Afterward, Beadle throws Anthony on the streets  and hits him with his cane, repeating the threat   of death for next time. Back to Todd, he's being  taken by Nellie to the main street, where every   Thursday, Italian barber Adolfo Pirelli does  a little presentation to show off his skills.   First, his assistant Tobias comes out to sell a  hair growth elixir to the audience, showing his   long blond hair as proof. This audience includes  Beadle, and Todd wants to go after him, but Nellie   reminds him they need to be careful. Instead, the  duo concentrates on denouncing the elixir until   an angry Adolfo comes out to confront whoever  is insulting his amazing product. Todd doubles   down on his denouncing and challenges Adolfo to  a shave-off to prove who truly is the best barber   in the city. Adolfo accepts after he sees Todd's  old razors, and Beadle gladly joins as the judge   when Todd asks him to as part of his secret plan.  Beadle's rules are simple: the fastest, smoothest   shave is the winner. Adolfo makes a whole show out  of his shaving, all this fanfare only gets him to   slow down and lose against Todd's quick and smooth  shaving technique. Pretending to be honorable,   Adolfo accepts his loss but then violently takes  it out on Tobias, which makes Nellie feel bad   for the poor boy. Some people in the audience  are impressed by Todd's skill and ask if he   has a shop, so Nellie gives them her address,  already planning to open the barbershop again.   Todd takes the chance to thank Beadle for his fair  judgment and invites him to have a free shave at   his shop, an invitation that Beadle promises  to accept later in the week. In the meantime,   Anthony continues to walk by Johanna's house  without caring about the potential danger.   Johanna appreciates his perseverance and decides  to open the window to throw a key at him without   knowing Turpin is seeing all this through the  peephole. As days pass, Todd gets more anxious   because Beadle doesn't show up as promised,  so Nellie has to remind him to be patient.   Their chat is suddenly interrupted by Anthony,  who has come to ask for Todd's help. He's planning   to use the key to sneak inside Johanna's house  while Turpin is at work, but he needs a place to   hide her until he finds a safe way to escape from  London. Todd accepts to hide Johanna in the shop   for as long as necessary. A few moments later,  Adolfo and Tobias come to the shop to see Todd.   Knowing this may end up badly, Nellie takes  Tobias to her shop and shares some food with him.   Tobias is incredibly hungry and devours the nasty  pies after taking off his blond wig, proving that   Adolfo is nothing but a fraud. Meanwhile, Adolfo  has a chat with Todd about his true intentions. He   drops the fake Italian accent and reveals his real  identity: his name is Davy, and when he was a kid,   he worked as Todd's assistant. He recognized  the unique silver razors as soon as he saw them,   and now he wants to blackmail Todd: if he  doesn't share half his profits with him,   Adolfo will tell Beadle who Todd really is.  Refusing to have his plans of revenge messed with,   Todd hits Adolfo with a kettle  until he kills him. Downstairs,   Tobias remembers Adolfo has an appointment  with the tailor and rushes into the barber   shop right after Todd has finished hiding the body  inside a trunk. When Todd tells him Adolfo left,   Tobias decides he should wait for his master  there to avoid getting hit later, so Todd has to   resort to offering the kid gin to convince him  to go back to Nellie. After the child is gone,   Todd checks the trunk because he's noticed Adolfo  isn't actually dead, using his razor to finish him   for good. After a day in the courthouse, Turpin  walks home with Beadle's company and takes the   chance to share some news: he's decided to marry  Johanna to protect her from the outside world.   The thing is, she isn't enthusiastic about  the idea, and Turpin doesn't know why.   Beadle points out that appearance is important  to women and Turpin isn't looking his best,   so he should start by getting a good shave and  some cologne, recommending Todd for the job.   At the shop, Nellie keeps Tobias distracted  with the gin while checking on Todd,   causing her to discover the body. At first, she  freaks out, thinking Todd has gone crazy, but   when Todd mentions the blackmailing she quickly  changes her mind and steals Adolfo's purse.   Todd wants to kill Tobias too, but Nellie refuses,  explaining she's decided to keep the kid as her   assistant. Before they can discuss what to do  with Adolfo's body, Todd sees Turpin approaching,   so Nellie leaves and Todd hides the blood stains  on his sleeve with a jacket. Turpin enters the   shop and demands a shave good enough to impress  his ward, which clearly irritates Todd yet he   manages to keep up his professional manners  for the sake of the plan. He invites Turpin   to sit at his chair and begins shaving to  trick Turpin into a false sense of security.   However, when he's about to strike, Anthony  bursts into the shop to tell Todd everything   is ready for eloping with Johanna tonight. His  presence obviously angers Turpin, who insults   Anthony and swears to take Johanna away so nobody  can steal her. Before leaving, he insults Todd as   well for keeping such companies and promises to  never come back to this shop. Seeing his revenge   plan failing before his eyes, a furious Todd yells  at Anthony and kicks him out, ignoring his please   for help. After Anthony leaves, Nellie comes up  and tries to comfort Todd, but there's no use:   now that his thirst for revenge can't be satiated  and that his daughter will never return to him,   darkness has completely taken over his heart. Todd  thinks everyone deserves to die, so he'll practice   on the innocent throats of his clients until  he gets to have a go at Turpin again. Nellie   is supportive, but there's still one problem: the  bodies. While sharing some gin, the duo discusses   their options, and Todd thinks they should wait  until dark to bury Adolfo somewhere. However,   Nellie remembers her competition's success with  the cats and gets an idea: she can use all the   bodies to make pies that she can sell for cheap  because she won't be paying for meat anymore.   Todd loves this idea and promises to kill every  client he gets for Nellie to use. In the meantime,   Turpin finds Johanna packing, which confirms  Anthony's story. Disappointed by her actions,   Turpin decides to send her away, threatening her  with violence if she doesn't cooperate. Outside,   Anthony watches as Johanna is put in a carriage  and decides to run after it, ignoring the comments   Turpin throws at him. Following the carriage  turns out to be a good idea because eventually,   it takes Anthony to Johanna's new home: an asylum.  Back in the shop, Todd creates a mechanism that   allows him to tilt the barber chair and open  a trapdoor through which the bodies slide down   and reach Nellie for making pies. This is the  beginning of a very successful business: Nellie's   new pies are incredibly popular in town, but the  cooking creates a nasty smoke that leaves through   the shop's chimney. The beggar woman notices this  and becomes certain something wicked is happening.   She tries to enter the shop many times to find  out the truth, but whenever Nellie sees her,   she makes Tobias kick the beggar out. Nellie  is incredibly happy with this new life,   she has a successful business and a boy she  considers her son. The only thing missing is love,   and she wants Todd to be that love. She's already  planned lots of things for their future, but Todd   pays no attention to her ramblings because his  thoughts are still obsessed with only one thing:   finding a way to reach Turpin. Nellie points out  Todd can barely remember what Lucy looks like   anymore, so he should really move on. Sometime  later, Anthony arrives at the shop to tell Todd   about Johanna and the asylum. The place is a  fortress and Anthony can't find a way to get in,   but Todd considers this good news. The asylum  is the place where wigmakers get their hair,   since doctors cut it off the patients to sell.  The plan is to pass Anthony as a wigmaker's   apprentice, that way he'll gain access to the  rooms and be able to finally steal Johanna.   Todd also has a little job for Tobias, although  Nellie doesn't like involving the kid in this.   He's writing a letter that Tobias will take to  Turpin, saying he wants to apologize for their   last encounter and explaining someone will steal  Johanna later in the evening. If Turpin comes   by his shop, Todd will return Johanna to him.  When Tobias returns from delivering the letter,   he approaches Nellie for a little chat. He thinks  Todd is dangerous and swears to protect Nellie no   matter what. Trying to distract him from the  incoming danger, Nellie gifts Tobias a coin   for sweets, but Tobias freaks out when he notices  she has Adolfo's purse. The kid wants to go to the   police, causing Nellie to improvise in the only  way she can think of: she offers Tobias to finally   show him how to make the pies so he can help in  the shop. Nellie takes Tobias to the basement,   blaming the bad smell on the sewers grill before  showing him how to use the oven and the grinder.   Then she leaves the boy working with the excuse  she has things to do, but she locks the door to   keep Tobias trapped inside. Meanwhile, Anthony is  allowed inside the asylum with no issues thanks to   the wigmaker story. He expresses the need for  blond hair and chooses Johanna for her shade,   so when the doctor goes to get her, Anthony takes  out a gun to make him back up. He takes Johanna   and leaves with her, telling the other girls  they can do whatever they want with the doctor.   The girls appreciate this and don't hesitate to  attack the man in revenge for everything he's done   to them. Back in the shop, Todd and Nellie are  discussing what to do with Tobias when they're   interrupted by Beadle, who has come to check the  chimneys after receiving many complaints about   the smoke. Todd distracts him by offering a free  shave, unaware that the beggar woman is watching   all this from afar. Meanwhile, Tobias has a pie  fresh from the oven and finds a finger inside.   He also begins noticing the remains of the  other victims. His suspicions are confirmed   when Beadle's body slides through the trap door,  causing him to freak out and begin shaking the   door as he asks to be released. However, when  Nellie and Todd go to check on him a moment later,   they don't find him anywhere, thus they go  down the sewers to find him. At that moment,   Anthony arrives with Johanna, who has disguised  herself as a boy. Anthony promises to run away   together and make her happy, but first, he needs  to find Todd to finish the plan, meaning Johanna   must wait for them in the barbershop. The beggar  woman enters the shop as well looking for Beadle,   causing Johanna to hide inside the trunk.  Todd comes in next, and the beggar woman   tries to warn him about Nellie's evil ways,  although she also thinks Todd looks familiar.   But there's no time to listen to her story -  Turpin is approaching and Todd needs to get ready,   so he kills the beggar and throws her into the  trapdoor. Then, Turpin arrives at the shop,   and Todd promises Johanna is on her way to reunite  with him. Turpin wants to be ready for her and   accepts a shave, and now Todd finally gets his  chance for revenge: after revealing his real name,   he kills Turpin at last. Johanna sees all this  and when Todd notices her, he thinks she's a boy,   causing him to consider killing her as well.  However, he suddenly hears Nellie screaming,   so Todd tells Johanna to forget his face before  going downstairs to find out what's going on.   It turns out Turpin still has a bit of life  left in him and tries to grab Nellie's dress,   but he dies right after she's done screaming.  At that moment, Nellie notices the beggar woman   is there too and tries to hide her before Todd  sees her. Unfortunately, Todd chooses that moment   to enter the room. At first, he doesn't suspect  anything and asks Nellie to open the oven to go   through business as usual. But when the light from  the fire falls on the beggar's face, Todd realizes   she's actually Lucy, who went mad after Turpin's  abuse. Nellie points out she never lied, she only   told Todd that Lucy drank poison but never said  she died from it. She only did this because she   loves him, but this isn't enough to calm down  Todd's fury, so he pushes Nellie into the oven.   Afterward, Todd drops his razor and sits by Lucy's  side, lamenting his actions. That's when Tobias   comes out of the sewers, retrieves the razor,  and uses it to kill Todd in revenge for Nellie.   Then he escapes before the police come  over, leaving Todd next to his wife to die.
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