The Cabin in the Woods

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The Cabin in the Woods
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In a mysterious underground laboratory, Gary and  Steve are discussing their home lives when they're   suddenly interrupted by Wendy, who informs them  Stockholm has failed, meaning it's only them and   Japan left. However the men don't look worried  because Japan has always been number one and   this American lab has always been a close second,  so they should be able to finish the job without   issues. Meanwhile five college students are  getting ready for their vacation. There's Dana,   who is trying to forget her affair with a teacher,  Curt and his girlfriend Jules, Holden, and Marty,   who is already smoking by the time he joins the  group. They load a VR with all their things,   including Curt's bike, and leave to spend a few  days in a cabin in the woods. On the roof of their   home, a suspicious man lets his bosses know the  group is on its way. Once they're far enough on   the road, Jules notices they don't have signal,  and Marty explains that's the entire point: to   get off the grid and relax. At the same time, Gary  and Steve begin getting the computers ready in the   lab's control room. They also meet Daniel, the  new room security officer, who thinks he's ready   for anything that may happen. Sometime later, the  group stops at a gas station, although it looks   abandoned and they can't tell if the pumps work  at all. Holden enters the building to investigate   and finds a collection of very creepy things, only  to suddenly be startled by Mordecai. The man knows   about the cabin they're talking about, explaining  he's seen lots of owners come and go. He gives   them directions on how to reach the place,  pointing out that the gas they have is enough   to get them there, but getting back it's their  concern. He also insults Jules, and Curt wants   to punch him for it, but Holden quickly holds him  back and the group decides to leave before things   get ugly. After a few more miles of driving, the  group takes a tunnel under a mountain, which is   the only way to reach these woods since there's a  wide ravine surrounding it. As the VR passes by,   a bird flies too close but gets hit by an  invisible wall, revealing this area is surrounded   by a force field. Minutes later, the group makes  it to the cabin and begins unpacking their things.   Holden finds an extremely creepy painting in his  room and puts it down, only to discover there's   a one-way mirror into Dana's room. When Holden  realizes he can see Dana changing, he immediately   yells at her to stop and calls everyone to show  them the mirror. After a few jokes are cracked,   Holden offers Dana to change rooms, which Dana's  very grateful for. Then she notices she can see   Holden changing as well, so she puts the painting  back in its place. She finds it rather creepy too   and decides to cover it with a blanket. Back  to the lab, it turns out they're recording   what's going on inside the cabin. They discuss  an incoming "scenario adjustment" and somehow   get access to the students' blood tests, which  indicate the chemicals they've planted in Jules'   hair dye are working great and have increased her  libido. Their conversation is suddenly interrupted   by a call from Mordecai, who lets them know the  students are on their way and begins preaching   about their cleansing for the greater good. He  takes this so seriously that Gary and Steve can   only laugh. While the friend group spends their  day at the lake, Gary and Steve begin taking   bets on what the students will be choosing at the  cabin. Daniel thinks this is all rather harsh, but   Wendy points out they need to lose some steam to  make this very difficult job easier. When Daniel   wonders if the higher-ups know about this, Steve  explains their bosses don't care as long as the   job is finished. Daniel also thinks it's unfair  to bet on an outcome that is controlled by them,   but Steve and Gary say the system isn't like  that: the students will be guided to the cellar,   but the final choice is theirs to make. They  chose to ignore Mordecai's warning, and only if   they choose again they can be punished. When night  falls, the friend group plays truth or dare. Jules   is dared to kiss a wolf head that hangs on the  wall, and she does while behaving like a tart,   which is unusual for her. Then Dana chooses  dare, and at that moment, a door on the floor   opens behind them, courtesy of the lab people. The  students blame it on the wind and decide Dana's   dare is to go into that cellar. When she does so,  she discovers it's full of creepy objects, like an   old piano and ugly dolls. Suddenly the picture of  a girl startles Dana and she screams, causing the   others to come down as well. Marty turns on a lamp  and they discover even more creepy stuff, which   makes Marty think they shouldn't stay down here,  especially when he hears a voice whispering to   him. The others ignore him and start poking around  at things like a music box with a ballerina and a   strange ball, but their search is interrupted by  Dana, who has found a diary. She reads passages   explaining that the first family that owned this  house was tortured by the father, and the daughter   found a book with some prayers that would bring  the holy spirits to them. There are a few lines   in Latin on the page, and Marty asks Dana not to  read them, but Dana does it anyway. This causes   the corpses of the family to come back from death,  and people at the lab celebrate that the employees   from Maintenance won the bet. It turns out their  bet was based on what monster would attack the   students depending on what item they played  with. Daniel still can't believe gods and magic   are real, and Steve is disappointed they won't  get to see a merman since it never gets chosen.   Then he and Gary check on the screens that show  the same job is being done all over the world,   every other country has failed except Japan. In  a Japanese school, young girls are dealing with   a creepy ghost. Afterward, the friend group goes  upstairs and Curt and Jules continue to behave   strangely. Curt keeps on drinking and making jerk  comments, while Jules dances in a provocative way   and jokingly flirts with Marty. Since the other  three aren't in the mood anymore, Curt and Jules   leave to have privacy in the forest. Marty asks  Dana if she doesn't notice that their friends are   acting weird, and he confesses he's feeling like  there are some puppeteers behind all this. Dana   tells him it's just the side effects of what  he's smoking, so Marty decides to go to his   bedroom and rest. Now they're alone, Dana joins  Holden on the couch and they end up kissing.   Meanwhile Curt is trying to convince Jules to get  frisky in the forest, but Jules doesn't want to   undress because it's chilly. People at the lab are  disappointed because they want to see some action,   so they release pheromones to change Jules' mind.  As the couple begins getting in the mood, the   technicians also turn on a special light to create  a romantic spot on the grass. Curt and Jules lie   down and start getting busy, causing Jules to  show her chest to the cameras. Daniel wonders   if this is going too far, but Steve explains they  have to keep the customer satisfied. Suddenly,   a zombie shows up and stabs Jules' hand. She  runs back and Curt jumps in to defend her, but   the zombie stabs him in the shoulder. Curt pushes  him away and removes the blade from his shoulder,   only to see a second zombie arrive. This one uses  a chain to knock Curt down and then capture Jules.   The first zombie grabs Curt to make him watch  how the whole zombie family kills Jules with   a rusty saw. At the lab, Steve and Gary say a  prayer, indicating Jules' death is an offering,   and Steve pulls down a lever to make Jules' blood  fall into a mysterious contraption. At the cabin,   Marty hears the voice again and decides to go  for a walk. First he stops to relieve himself,   and notices there are no stars in the sky. One of  the zombies suddenly appears and slowly begins to   approach him, but at that moment Curt shows  up, pushes the zombie away and brings Marty   into the house. Curt then tells everyone that  Jules is dead and that they need to leave.   Against Marty's warnings, Dana opens the door and  finds another zombie, who throws Jules' head at   her. Dana screams as Curt and Holden rush to lock  the door, keeping the zombie outside. Curt points   out it's important to stick together for safety  and that they need to barricade every window and   door. This may make the job hard for the lab, so  the technicians release a disorienting gas that   makes Curt change his mind, and he announces they  should split instead to cover more ground. Each   student runs to their respective room, and the  technicians lock their doors. Marty rushes to   close the window and accidentally knocks off a  lamp, which breaks and reveals a hidden camera.   Steve contacts the chem lab to get something that  will make him forget, but Gary stops him because   there's already a zombie on the way. As Marty  wonders if this is a reality show, he rests his   body against the window, and the zombie breaks the  glass to grab him and throw him outside. The two   of them exchange a few hits, but the zombie stabs  Marty and drags him into the forest. Then the   technicians pull the lever again, and it's shown  that Marty's blood is sent to a stone carving.   The ground under the cabin begins to shake, and  a zombie breaks through Dana's window. She begins   crying for help, and Holden breaks the mirror  between their rooms to bring her over to his.   There's another zombie trying to break in there  as well, and when Holden moves the bed to block   the attack, Dana discovers another cellar door.  She uses a lamp to check it's safe, and when   Curt comes by to join them, Holden tells him he  can't unlock the door so Curt should hide in the   basement. Holden and Dana enter the new cellar and  discover a series of terrifying tools that make   Dana realizes this is the room where the father  killed the family. Suddenly the cellar door opens   and a zombie appears using the chain to capture  Holden. Dana immediately grabs him too and brings   him back into the cellar before grabbing any tool  she can find around to stab the zombie until it   can't move anymore. Gary activates a switch that  causes the blade in Dana's hand to electrocute   her, causing her to drop it so she can't defend  herself anymore. Suddenly another door opens and   Curt shows up from an adjoining basement room,  telling Holden and Dana he's found a way out.   They follow a dark corridor until they reach a  door that takes them outside. The trio escapes   in the VR without noticing the bloody handprint  on the door. Meanwhile the Japanese schoolgirls   manage to exorcise the ghost, meaning the American  team is the only one standing. Wendy calls Steve   and Gary to tell them off for having been so smug  about the whole thing and reminds them to take   this seriously because they can't let the Ancients  rise. At that moment Gary notices the VR is about   to reach the tunnel, which shouldn't be open. Gary  rushes to check what's keeping the demolition team   from causing the cave-in and discovers there was a  glitch in the system. As the VR enters the tunnel,   Gary patches the wires and finally makes the  tunnel collapse. Curt reacts quickly and drives   backward to escape before they're crushed. The  only way out would be jumping across the ravine,   but they don't have any ropes. Curt decides to try  to jump over with his bike since he's done some   big jumps before. Unfortunately when Curt jumps,  he hits the invisible wall and is electrocuted   before falling into the abyss. Dana realizes  that Marty was right about someone controlling   things behind the scenes, and the technicians  use Curt's blood to fill another stone carving.   Holden and Dana get in the VR and drive back  to the cabin because Holden thinks they could   find a road behind it. His words are suddenly  interrupted by a blade coming at him from behind,   instantly killing him. Dana screams when she  sees there's a zombie in the VR, which is now   going off the road and falling into the lake. The  zombie tries to grab Dana, but she just swims away   while the technicians at the lab celebrate with a  drink. Daniel doesn't understand why they're happy   considering Dana is alive, but Steve explains the  sacrifice of the Untouched is optional as long as   it's done last and she gets to suffer first. While  Dana reaches the pier and is attacked by a zombie,   the lab employees throw a party. The demolition  team stays defensive and says the glitch was   caused by a power reroute from upstairs, which  Gary thinks doesn't make sense. Then the phone   connected to the people upstairs begins ringing,  and Steve picks up the call to learn that one of   the sacrifices is still alive, so the ritual  hasn't been completed. The zombie on the pier   is about to kill Dana when suddenly Marty shows  up to help her. The two of them hit the zombie to   make it fall into the lake, then they run away,  aware that the zombies are still following them.   Marty makes Dana enter one of the graves, where  the zombie that took Marty is on the floor in   pieces after Marty took care of it with a trowel.  The place doesn't look like a grave, it's more   like a metal box with an electrical panel. Marty  activates it and opens a door on the floor that   takes them into a box-like elevator. The duo  enters it and the elevator begins moving around   in all kinds of directions. When it stops for a  few seconds, a werewolf crashes against the wall,   trying to get at them. Then the elevator moves  again, and each time it stops, Marty and Dana meet   a new monster. Dana begins matching the monsters  with the objects they had seen in the cellar and   realizes the puppeteers made choose what would  kill them. There are hundreds of monsters down   here waiting for their turn to be released for the  show. While Dana has a breakdown, the technicians   panic as they discuss how to proceed. Wendy  discovers that the team missed one of Marty's   stashes, so he's been smoking without the  technicians' chemicals and became immune to the   stuff. When the elevator finally stops, the doors  open to reveal a guard that wants to take Dana.   However the zombie arm on the floor moves and  grabs the guy, giving Marty and Dana the chance to   push him against the wall and knock him out. Then  they take the zombie's knife and the guard's gun   before going down a corridor, where a female voice  begins explaining they're part of something bigger   and their job is to placate the Ancient Ones.  At that moment more guards show up, so Dana and   Marty run to hide inside a small control room.  Dana notices the panel and presses the button,   causing all the monsters to escape their cages.  Now chaos takes over the building as the monsters   kill anyone they find in their path, from guards  to scientists. The power goes out in the main   control room and something tries to break down the  door while Marty and Dana are suddenly startled by   a dragonbat. They run away, dodging or shooting at  the monsters that try to catch them, and enter a   hole in the wall that takes them into a hidden  tunnel. In the control room, Gary and Wendy   are trying to get the door to their emergency  tunnel open. Daniel is killed by the scarecrows,   but before dying he activates a grenade that  knocks Steve down. On the floor he's disappointed   to see that the merman is actually incredibly ugly  before the monster kills him. As giant tentacles   break through the ceiling and grab Wendy, Gary  finally manages to open the emergency door and he   runs down the hidden tunnel, where he accidentally  bumps against Dana and her knife. Before dying,   Gary asks Dana to kill Marty. Afterward Marty  gives Dana the gun and the duo goes down the   tunnel to find a chamber with five huge stone  carvings, of which four are filled with blood.   Dana realizes each carving represents a member  of the friend group and this is all a sacrifice   ritual. Marty wonders why they just don't kill  them fast and directly, and Dana points out they   probably want to see them punished. Suddenly  the female voice from before confirms they were   punished for being young and the Director shows  up, explaining that this ritual was created to   appease the Ancient Ones. They're giant evil gods  that sleep under the lab and they'll awaken to   destroy Earth if the ritual isn't completed. There  are only eight minutes before the sun comes up,   so Marty must die for others to survive. Marty  doesn't want the world to live at the expense   of his friends' deaths, but Dana understands the  greater good and points the gun at Marty as she   apologizes. At that moment a werewolf appears  behind Dana, and instead of warning her, Marty   apologizes too. The werewolf attacks Dana, causing  her to drop the gun. The Director and Marty try to   grab it at the same time and Marty wins by pushing  the Director away. Then he shoots at the werewolf,   causing it to run away. The Director comes after  Marty and starts a fight while a zombie with an   axe appears in the room. Dana sees it and warns  Marty, so when the zombie raises the axe, Marty   uses the Director as a shield and she gets killed  instead. Marty kicks them both off the edge of the   platform, and since the Director and the zombie  aren't part of the ritual, the ground shakes for   a few seconds, announcing the incoming awakening  of the Ancient Ones. While waiting for the end,   Marty and Dana apologize to each other while  sharing one last smoke. Suddenly a giant arm   burst through the ground, destroying the lab  and the cabin, and the rest of Earth is next.
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