The Midwich Cuckoos

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The Midwich Cuckoos
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It's another normal day in the small town of  Midwich. Young couple Sam and Zoe are moving   here to start a new life, and they celebrate by  getting frisky on the floor of their new home.   Psychiatrist Susannah ends another therapy session  before informing her daughter Cassie that she's   leaving for London on a date. Jodie comes from the  city to see her pregnant sister Deborah. Stewart   invites coworker Amrita to stay at his house so  they can have some fun while his family is away   for the weekend. Suddenly, the power begins  failing all over town, starting with small   flickers that eventually make all devices go off.  All the animals are also starting to get disturbed   and uncomfortable in their homes. At the police  station, officer Paul receives a report about the   town's power lines, but they can't find the source  of the problems. Moments later, the power goes   out completely. The horses at the local stable  are so uncomfortable that they finally push the   doors open and run through town as if they were  scared of something. In the school, a boy wakes   up and creeps out his teacher Jane by standing  frozen in the middle of the hallway with a blank   stare on his face. At that moment, a bright light  falls from the sky and hits the school garden, and   everyone in town begins passing out right where  they are standing. In London, Susannah finishes   her date and tries to take the train, but the  service isn't working because of the power loss   and she has to take a cab. Meanwhile Stewart's  daughter Charlotte wakes up in her granny's house   when she hears her mother Sarah watching the news.  Apparently Midwich has been sealed off because of   the power loss, yet there haven't been any posts  on social media from the citizens. When Susannah   makes it to town, she finds the road blocked by  the police, and they won't let her pass even when   she mentions she lives there. Susannah decides to  walk through the woods to enter the town through   an abandoned road, and she comes across a group  of people wearing hazmat suits. They're doing some   testing by tying a man to a rope and letting him  walk further into town, but as soon as he comes   close to a sleeping citizen, the man passes out  as well. Some of these people see Susannah and   try to stop her, so Susannah begins running away,  only to pass out as well. At the police station,   Paul meets Bryony, a special agent sent from  Home Office to analyze the situation in Midwich,   but they can't make sense of it, especially when  the drones they sent come back with nothing but   static. At that moment they're informed of a body  that woke up, so Paul and Bryony go to Midwich,   where in a tent outside the border they meet  Susannah. It seems people who weren't there when   it all happened wake up quickly. Susannah explains  she felt lightness and dizziness before it all   went quiet. While Susannah is taken to a shelter,  Paul and Bryony approach the town limit and Paul   plays a message Deborah had left on his voicemail  before it all went down: while Deborah explained   she was afraid of the power issues, the static cut  her message off. The next morning, a helicopter   is sent to investigate. The chopper takes off  normally, but as soon as it flies closer downtown,   the pilots lose consciousness and the helicopter  crashes on the ground. Phased evacuation is   finally approved and as the people that lived  outside the area with the weird unconsciousness   are guided out of town, Susannah bumps into Sarah,  who just arrived. Neither of them wants to leave   without their families, and Susannah begins making  a scene, causing soldiers and Paul to come to stop   her. Suddenly, everyone's phone begins receiving  messages and calls. It seems people are starting   to wake up, and Sarah calls Stewart, who panics  when he realizes his wife is back while Amrita's   still around. The police begin making preparations  for a full investigation and Bryony realizes Paul   hasn't gotten a message from his wife yet, so she  volunteers to check on her. When Bryony makes it   to the house she discovers the sisters are still  unconscious because they were knocked out while   the gas stove had been on. Bryony manages to wake  Jodie up with no issues, but when she checks on   Deborah is too late: both mother and baby are  dead. As families reunite all over town, lots   of women begin feeling something in their bellies.  Two months after the incident, everyone in town is   trying their best to live a normal life. Paul  goes to see Jodie and guesses she's pregnant,   explaining they need to talk about it. Sam and  Zoe are very happy because Zoe's pregnant too,   but when they go to the hospital for the first  checkup, they're shocked to be sent to a building   in the back filled with many other women and their  husbands. An agent from the government informs   them that every woman of childbearing age that  was in town during the incident got pregnant that   day. Because the Midwich incident is considered  a red-level threat, Paul wants everyone to sign   the Official Secrets act, but the order isn't well  received, especially when they also notice there's   a camera recording everything. Zoe tries to call  her lawyer and finds signals aren't working here,   there are also soldiers arriving to block the  exit. Things are getting too tense so Susannah   cuts in to mediate the situation, pointing  out that all these pregnancies can't be a   coincidence. Zoe tries to explain she's the real  deal, but the other women share their experiences,   explaining some of them hadn't been with a man  in a long time or don't like men at all. At that   moment, all the town's teenage girls arrive and  reveal they're also pregnant, finally convincing   everyone to sign the papers so the government  can investigate properly. Afterward, the pregnant   women are put through some basic tests. While  Susannah's waiting outside, she's called by Paul,   who takes her to the office to introduce her to  Bernard, a higher-up from Home Office. All the   agents are impressed by Susannah's handling of the  situation and ask her to be the counseling guide   for the pregnant women. When the tests are done,  Paul takes Jodie to live in his house instead of   letting her go back to the city. The next day  Zoe gets a call from the hospital explaining   that none of the fetuses have the father's DNA  in them, only the mother's. She's starting to   consider terminating the pregnancy but Sam begs  her not to, reminding her the doctors told them   in the past they only have a 1% chance of having  a baby. Stewart gets a text from Amrita saying   she's pregnant too. Cassie decides to terminate  her pregnancy. She goes to the hospital and meets   Nora, who says a friend of hers tried to post  about this on social media and the police took   it down. The girls are joined by Rachel, and the  three of them get ready to sign the termination   forms. However the lights begin flickering and the  three women drop their pens to then walk out of   the hospital as if in trance. Bryony is watching  all this on the security cameras and informs Paul   that the same thing happened with all the women  that tried to terminate the pregnancy. Five months   later, the pregnant women continue to live as  usual with the help of Susannah's counseling,   although their bellies are bigger than they should  be. Bryony receives a mysterious file from Bernard   with confidential information about the town of  Nordosk in Russia. Zoe tries to leave town on   the train, but a mysterious force stops her from  moving. She goes to see Susannah and confesses   she felt like it was the baby who stopped her  from leaving. Suddenly, lights begin flickering   all over town, and every single pregnant woman  discovers their waters have broken at the same   time. Everyone is taken to the hospital, and after  a few hours of arduous labor, the babies are born.   They look perfectly normal, although Zoe still  watches her child with suspicion. Later at night,   the babies open their eyes and reveal them to be  glowing. For the next two years, families are told   to keep living normal lives, but the government  forbids them from having contact with the outside   world. Zoe's daughter Hannah and Rachel's son  Joe look at each other through the window and   establish a connection with Amrita's daughter  Sunny, who has been living with her mother in   the city with the money Stewart sent to them. A  few hours later, Amrita and Sunny show up in town   to see Stewart, and Amrita explains Sunny insisted  on coming. Since the children are growing up very   quickly, a special school is prepared for them,  and Sam will be their teacher. During the school   tour, the lights begin flickering and the children  run to the window to see Charlotte is bringing   Sunny. The kids immediately go to make a circle  around Sunny and offer a school jacket to welcome   her into the group. Suddenly Jane's dog begins  barking at the kids and tries to go after them,   but the kids turn around and stare creepily at  the dog to make him stop. Zoe breaks the circle   to take Hannah away, and she gets glared at too.  At home, Zoe wonders how Hannah knew that girl,   and Hannah says they've always known her. Susannah  goes to see Amrita to confirm she got pregnant   during the incident. Amrita explains to Susannah  that she also tried to terminate the pregnancy but   in the end she walked away from the hospital. Paul  arrives to tell Amrita she can't leave town, but   Amrita refuses and tells Sunny they're leaving.  Sunny doesn't want to leave though, she wants to   stay with all the others, and she proceeds to name  every single special kid by name. Moments later,   they conduct an experiment where they use a series  of images to confirm all the children share a hive   mind, so what one of them sees is seen by the  entire group. Zoe sneaks into the office to talk   to Amrita and tell her about how the government  pays them to keep the town in isolation. The   women exchange numbers, and Zoe advises Amrita  to leave while she can. Later while Zoe is taking   her daughter home, Hannah makes her mom stop so  they can watch how Jane's dog is retrieved from   the creek. Apparently the poor pet is dead, and  Hannah smirks at the sight. When they arrive home,   Zoe is very spooked, and Hannah tells Sam that  he's the only one that loves her because Zoe   hates her. Susannah shares the test results with  Cassie, who later asks her daughter Evie about it.   Evie confirms she can hear her friend's thoughts  and that she didn't say anything because she   didn't want to scare her mom, but Cassie assures  her she'll always be loved. Then Evie finishes   a drawing of the dead dog. Later, Sam goes out to  get his car ready and chats with Rachel's husband   Curtis, who complains about how the government  has been handling things. He doesn't consider   Joe his son and he only uses him for the money,  the only boy Curtis cares about is David, the son   they already had before the incident. Inside  Zoe looks for Hannah, who suddenly announces   they didn't hurt the dog and forces her mother  to move, causing her hand to get burned by the   boiling water. Once Zoe's hurt, Hannah releases  her and repeats that the dog's death wasn't their   fault. Amrita's still sure she wants to leave,  but Susannah convinces her to give the project a   chance. She takes Amrita to have a chat with Sarah  while she looks over Sunny, who says she's always   known the other kids. When Susannah looks away for  a moment, Sunny disappears, and as soon as Amrita   gets up to go looking for her, Sunny reappears  next to Sarah. The kid asks Sarah for a hug,   and as the lights begin flickering, Sunny calls  Sarah "mummy". Hurt, Amrita takes Sunny away.   After all the children are put to bed, Zoe goes  to see Susannah to tell her what happened with   her hand and how Sunny's arrival made everything  worse, but Susannah is skeptical. In the meantime,   Amrita tells Sunny it's time to leave, causing  all the special kids to wake up. Amrita and Sunny   make it to the parking lot, where Amrita leaves a  message on Zoe's phone before trying to convince   Sunny to get in the car. Sunny refuses and her  eyes start glowing as the lights begin flickering   and the special kids approach their windows to  look in the distance. Moments later, Charlotte   wakes up to find Sunny outside the house. Susannah  is called to help and Sarah explains Sunny only   said Amrita dropped her there and left. Nobody can  contact Amrita on the phone and Susannah thinks of   bringing Sunny with her, but Sunny wants to stay  there, and Sarah accepts. At that moment, Susannah   gets a call from Paul, who's found Amrita's car  still in the parking lot. They go to investigate   and find all the doors open with only one of  Amrita's shoes inside. Meanwhile Zoe listens to   Amrita's voicemail and when she checks on Hannah,  the kid makes a gesture as if asking her to keep   the secret. A few days later, all the children  begin attending the special school, showing great   intelligence in every subject. Bryony and Paul  continue to investigate Amrita's disappearance,   but all the security cameras glitched while she  was around. Susannah gathers the mothers to tell   them about the hive mind, and Cassie thinks they  should all accept it as the evolutionary step.   Zoe doesn't attend this meeting and is starting  to get tired of Hannah sneaking into her bed   every night because she's been having nightmares  since Sunny arrived. In the evening, Susannah   notices Evie's having a nightmare and touches  her forehead, which causes her to see a vision   of a frozen landscape and a hand against a door.  The next day, Paul compares the hotel footage   from before and after the glitch, and notices the  van next to Amrita's car is different. He finds   the missing van in a warehouse that sells frozen  products, and a worker tells him the vehicle is   broken. Paul inspects it anyway, and when looks  inside, he discovers Amrita's body. At the same   time, Susannah's checking Evie's drawings when she  finds one of Amrita. Later Bryony and Paul report   to Bernard, pointing out that the van shouldn't  have stayed cold for so long if it was broken.   Bernard asks them to make a coverup to keep  peace in town. Meanwhile Paul's son Nathan and   Joe play on the swings at school while waiting  for their fathers. Curtis shows up with David,   who wants to play on the swings too, so Curtis  drags Joe off and gives David the spot. Joe and   Nathan don't like this and begin glaring at David  until the swing loses control, hitting Curtis with   the seat and making David fall. Susannah goes  to see Zoe, who doesn't want to talk because   she hasn't been sleeping well because of Hannah.  When Susannah sees the kid, she asks her if she's   having nightmares too, but Hannah denies it.  At that moment, Curtis arrives with a wounded   David and blames Joe for everything even while  Sam says it was an accident. When night falls,   Zoe plays Amrita's message to Sam, pointing out  it's weird for her to leave without Sunny. They're   suddenly interrupted by Hannah, who wants to sleep  with them again. Zoe refuses and drags Hannah to   her own bed, causing Hannah to retaliate by making  Zoe hit her head against the wall. Sam comes to   check on her and doesn't believe Zoe when she says  Hannah made her do it. The next morning, Susannah   tries to touch Evie's forehead, but her hand  freezes. Sam says hi to Curtis and learns he won't   let Joe go to school as punishment. This angers  Hannah and she scratches Curtis' car, causing him   to yell at her. Later Susannah goes to the school  during nap time and requests to see Nathan. She   pulls out a recorder and begins asking questions  about the swing incident. Natha's uncomfortable   by this and as the lights start flickering, all  the kids appear outside and begin pounding at the   windows. Nathan starts to scream and Sam comes to  check on him, discovering all the kids pointing   at Susannah to blame her. Afterward Susannah tells  Paul and Bryony about the nightmares the children   have been having since Sunny arrived. It seems  they're scared about something related to Amrita,   but Bryony doesn't take her seriously. Meanwhile  Zoe goes to the train station and this time she   manages to leave without freezing. She goes to  London and meets with an old friend, with whom   she shares the whole story. The guy kisses Zoe and  invites her to get frisky, but Zoe turns him down   when she realizes that they're being watched and  the children let her go because they want her out.   As she runs away, Bernard watches her from afar.  At home, Hannah asks Sam why he let Curtis yell   at her. Suddenly Sam loses all sense of self and  leaves the house to beat Curtis up. When Zoe comes   home, Sam tells her what happened and finally  believes Hannah's control over them. They agree   to work together to deal with this and reconcile  by getting frisky on the couch. In the meantime,   Susannah encourages Cassie to have a night out  while she watches over Evie. As soon as Cassie   is gone, Evie asks Susannah to go for a walk and  play hide-and-seek. While Nathan tells Paul that   Evie is afraid her grandmother wants to hurt  her, Susannah looks for Evie and finds her   on the train tracks, accusing her of wanting  the children to die. Susannah begins chasing   Evie down the tracks when suddenly a train shows  up. Fortunately Paul shows up as well and saves   them just in time. Cassie is with him and thinks  this together with the incident at school proves   Susannah isn't safe, so she and Evie won't  be living with them anymore. Sometime later,   Susannah's so depressed that another doctor  has to take over the counseling sessions. Zoe   begins writing a memoir of everything that has  happened since the incident, which she shares   with Sam but keeps secret from Hannah. When she  finishes it, she prints a copy and hides it under   a pile of books. She also prints a second copy  that she gives to Bryony. When Bryony returns to   the office, she finds Bernard announcing they  have the cover story to close Amrita's case:   he's faked some tests to prove she had been  intoxicated and walked into the wrong vehicle.   Then Bryony tells Bernard about Zoe's memoir,  explaining Zoe wants a meeting or she'll publish   it. Meanwhile Susannah receives a message from  someone called "Earth Monitor" asking her to keep   searching for the truth. The message has a link  that shows her the word "Nordosk". In the evening,   Paul arrives home to find Nathan sulking because  he doesn't like Jodie's nose ring. The next day,   Paul hears Jodie scream in the bathroom and  discovers Nathan made her remove the ring,   making her bleed. When Paul confronts Nathan, the  boy says that's what Paul wanted. Starting to see   the truth behind these kids, Paul goes to see  Susannah and tells her the truth about Amrita.   In return, Susannah shares the recording of the  conversation she had with Nathan and the message   she got on her computer. Paul takes Susannah's  recording to the station to clean up the audio and   hears a bunch of children screaming in Russian,  including the word Nordosk. In the meantime,   Zoe meets with Bryony and Bernard and explains  she wants to leave with Sam. If they help her,   she promises to destroy all the copies of her  memoir. At school, Sam gets a message from Zoe   telling him she got the deal. Then Sam puts his  attention back on the children, who are looking at   a bush of poisonous berries. While Zoe makes her  way home, she suddenly stops to touch her stomach,   realizing she may pregnant. She immediately  buys a pregnancy test to confirm it and has   to hide it away when Hannah arrives home and gets  suspicious. Afterward Zoe talks to Sam in private,   telling him they should abandon Hannah  and leave town. From across the street,   Joe sees Zoe by the window hiding the memoir  draft. Hannah mentally receives this information   and enters the room to check on it. Paul sneaks  into Bryony's office to steal the Nordosk file,   where he finds a report about a school for special  children. None of them survived, and the report   doesn't say why. Meanwhile Sam takes Hannah to  the school picnic, and all the children turn to   glare at him. Sam immediately texts Zoe, telling  her the kids know they're leaving. Zoe wants to   leave anyway, and Sam ditches the picnic while  the kids watch him from the woods. Susannah visits   Cassie and tells her about the dark place she  was in when she became a mother too, but swears   she's better now. She tries to explain that these  kids are dangerous, and when Cassie denies it,   Susannah wonders how Cassie hurt her hand. Seeing  as Cassie continues to be blind, Susannah finally   confesses Amrita's dead, and any parent could  be next. At that moment, it begins to rain,   and everyone at the picnic returns home. Evie  discovers Susannah's with Cassie and gets furious,   saying this can't be stopped because it's too  late. Sam and Zoe begin getting ready to leave,   but Zoe finds her memoir copy missing. Sam  hears a noise outside and he finds Joe,   who uses his power to make him grab a herbicide  bottle to end things for himself. Inside, Hanna   finds Zoe and tries to make her eat the poisonous  berries. Susannah tries to reason with Evie,   who wants Sam to be stopped from leaving. When she  brings up Nordosk, the lights flicker even more.   Meanwhile Bryony finds Paul with the file and  confirms that the town of Nordosk went through the   same pregnancy issues many years ago, she had to  lie because those were Bernard's orders. At that   same time Evie confirms this story too, saying the  previous group of special children wasn't welcome,   so they were locked in a freezing classroom while  the adults escaped. Later the Russians bombed the   school. Cassie calls Paul for help and he rushes  to Zoe's house, but Nathan knocks him out to stop   him. Susannah swears they don't want another  Nordosk to happen and promises the kids will   be loved forever. Evie says she better keep that  promise and sends the message to the other kids,   who immediately cancel all the deaths they  were about to bring on Sam, Zoe, and Paul.   Two years later, the town is living in harmony.  The parents make sure to treat the kids with love,   and this has stopped them from being cruel. The  children have quickly grown into teenagers, and   Bernard wants to take them to a military base for  more advanced testing. Susannah doesn't like this,   but Bernard reveals the children themselves asked  to see what's outside town. Sam and Zoe had a new   daughter named Ellie, but Curtis and Rachel got a  divorce. David has to stay a few days of the week   with Curtis, which he absolutely hates, and his  tantrum is seen by Hannah from across the street   with glowing eyes. Later David escapes from  his dad's home and tries to enter the school,   but finds the fence locked. Later Susannah and  Paul take Evie and Nathan to the military base,   although the adults aren't authorized to watch  the tests. While Evie and Nathan are tested,   the lights begin flickering in both the base and  the school, and Sam discovers the children aren't   in the classroom. Sam goes to look for them, but  falls unconscious when he approaches the cellar   stairs at the same time everyone is also knocked  out at the military base. The power issues cause   the school fence to open and David makes his way  inside, going down the cellar stairs to discover   all the kids are standing in a circle while their  eyes glow. Joe sees him and David gets so scared   that he runs away, dropping his toy on the way  out. At that moment, Sam wakes up and sees David   too. At the base Susannah and Paul are woken  up by a gunshot - it turns out the kids made   the men shoot a fellow soldier. Nobody comments  on it though and Evie and Nathan are allowed to   go home. In town, Rachel rushes out of the house  when she sees David show up, and she's horrified   to discover her son's eyes are white. Later at the  hospital, Susannah tries to ask David questions,   but the child only says the word "school". He also  keeps having nightmares because before when he   tried to escape the school, the kids surrounded  him in the forest and deleted his memory. When   Paul gets home, he tells Jodie about the base only  to be interrupted by Nathan. While holding a sharp   object, he tells his parents that he doesn't want  to leave them. Sam can't stop dreaming about David   running from the school and goes to check the  stairs, only to find the toy. He shows it to Zoe,   who asks him not to go to Paul in order to protect  Ellie. At the hospital, Rachel overhears Bernard   telling Joe that he let David jeopardize the  project. Horrified, Rachel grabs David and   leaves the hospital. Susannah's writing to  Earth Monitor explaining the latest trouble   when she gets a call from Rachel to warn her about  "them", but the communication is cut off when Joe   finds her missing in the room. All the kids get  the information and leave their houses to block   the road, so when Rachel shows up in her car, they  make her crash, killing her. The next day, Bernard   has a meeting with the parents to inform them  the kids don't feel safe anymore and they'll be   taken away. Nora and Jane are furious because it  means the five past years were for nothing. Cassie   asks Evie to see reason, but her daughter hurts  her by completely ignoring her. Later, Bernard   orders David to be kept in the hospital instead of  sending him back to Curtis. At the end of the day,   Sam finally gives in and shows Paul the toy. Paul  calls Susannah and together they go to check the   school cellars, where they find a burned circle on  the ground, proving David saw something. Suddenly   the electricity begins flickering and Paul goes  outside to check, finding two kids that take   the keys away from him and lock the cellar door,  leaving Susannah trapped inside. The children take   Paul back to town and ask him to stay with Nathan  for the night. Paul wants to save Susannah anyway,   and when Nathan tries to stop him, Paul discovers  the boy keeps a sharp object in his hand. Nathan   explains that if he's in pain, the others can't  know what he thinks. At that moment, Susannah   sees Bernard entering the cellar and notices his  eyes glow too. The next morning, Curtis pays a   dealer to get him a gun. At Zoe's home, Hannah  threatens with killing Ellie until Sam finally   admits he found the toy. Jane comes to work and  finds Susannah, releasing her. Susannah runs home,   only to find Cassie has overdosed and must be  taken to the hospital. Bryony and Paul ask to talk   to Susannah, who reveals she knows about Nordosk  and that one of the kids did survive the bombing,   that kid is now Bernard. Their conversation is  suddenly interrupted by Joe, who wants Susannah   to leave with him. Paul tries to defend her, but  Joe tosses him against the wall. Susannah agrees   to leave with him and Joe begins interrogating her  as he threatens with breaking the glass ceiling   on her. His plans are stopped by Curtis, who  immediately shoots Joe and the guard that comes   out. Joe's death is felt by all the children,  including Evie, who is visiting her mother.   When she tries to leave, Cassie convinces her  to take her along. Curtis enters the hospital,   killing as many guards as needed, and grabs  David to escape together. On their way out,   they're stopped by Susannah, who points out that  the kids won't let him leave. Her point's proven   when a bunch of kids show up and try to make  Curtis shoot David, but Paul shows up and shoots   Curtis first. Afterward Susannah discovers  Cassie is gone and gets a call from Evie,   telling her Cassie will be leaving with them the  next day. Then Susannah gets a message from Earth   Monitor asking her to stop them. Paul returns home  and discovers Nathan is gone. Jodie explains the   boy didn't want to leave but he had to, and he  left a note saying "help me". All the parents   are called for a meeting, confirming all the kids  have left their homes and now they're hiding in   the school. Suddenly the army arrives, which not  even Bryony knew about, meaning the children are   controlling them. A soldier orders curfew for the  day and all the adults are sent home. Paul sneaks   out and goes to see Susannah to work on a plan to  stop the kids. Susannah wants to rescue Cassie,   and Paul asks her to rescue Nathan too because he  doesn't want to be one of them. Susannah goes to   the school to talk to the children and Bernard,  who don't believe her when she says she wants   to come along because she loves them. Suddenly  another mother shows up and they allow her to   give her daughter one last hug. However  the mother tries to take the girl away,   and the soldiers shoot her. Cassie finally  sees the truth, but Susannah pretends to be   fine with this to gain their trust. She's finally  accepted into the group and sent to the basement   with Cassie to protect her from an incoming  blackout, before they lock the door Susannah   gives Nathan the note he left and asks him to  warn Paul. Meanwhile Paul's working on making   a bomb. He gets a call from Nathan, who uses pain  again to hide from the kids the fact he's telling   his father to hide. In return Paul manages to  warn Sam and Zoe, who hide with their baby in   their neighbor's basement. At that moment, all  the kids form a circle outside the school that   causes power to go out and all the unprotected  people to fall unconscious. Then the soldiers   visit all the houses to remove any proof that the  kids were ever there, since this second blackout   was performed to erase everyone's memories. In the  morning, the kids visit their parents to confirm   they forgot everything. Nathan's sad to see Jodie  not recognize him, but he also sees Paul hiding   nearby and confirms he's fine. Hannah visits her  parents too and they pretend they don't recognize   her either, but Hannah gets suspicious when Ellie  accidentally says her sister's name. Paul takes   the chance to sneak into one of the army trucks  and knocks out a soldier to steal his clothes,   now he can pretend to be one of them. Moments  later, Zoe and Sam are getting ready to leave,   but they're approached by Hannah again, who wants  to punish them for lying. However when she sees   Ellie, she changes her mind and asks her parents  to keep the secret before leaving. At the school,   Susannah sees Nathan return and tells him to run  away with Cassie, so the pair escapes through the   woods. The soldiers prepare a bus for the children  and Paul leaves the bag with the bomb inside. The   children notice Nathan is missing and send the  soldiers after him, but when Nathan accidentally   steps into a bear trap, the pain makes the kids  lose track of him. Susannah tells them that Nathan   obviously is a danger to the hive and should be  cut off, also that she's the new hostage so they   don't need Cassie either. The kids see her point  and release Nathan from the connection. Moments   later, the bus leaves with the kids while Bernard  and the soldiers escort them with their trucks.   When they make it outside town, Bernard receives  a message telling him about the discovery of an   unconscious soldier, prompting him to stop the  trip to investigate. Paul has no choice but to   activate the bomb now, making the bus explode  with the kids and Susannah inside. From afar,   Cassie, Sam, and Zoe watch the explosion  and understand they're finally free.
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