Upside Down

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Upside Down
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In this universe, there's a world made from two  twinned planets that come with "dual gravity",   allowing them to orbit each other extremely close  without issues. There are three natural rules that   keep everything in order: all matters are pulled  only by the gravity of their planet of origin,   an object's weight can be offset using matter  from the opposite world which receives the name   of "inverse matter", and matter in contact with  inverse matter starts burning after a few hours   of contact. These two planets are so close to  each other that they have become each other's sky   views, they also keep the two classes separated:  the upper world is rich and sophisticated, full   of technological advances for the upper class to  enjoy; while the lower world is dark and poor. The   upper world exploits the lower world's resources  for its own benefit, and they own the only company   that has a building connecting both planets,  called TransWorld. In this company, people from   different worlds are allowed to interact for the  sake of work, and it comes with its own facility   for the rich people to enjoy alternate gravity  for the sake of curiosity. Outside this building   people from different planets aren't allowed to  interact, and the law will punish them if they   do so. It's in an orphanage in the lower world  where young Adam lives after he lost his parents   to a TransWorld factory explosion that destroyed  half the city. His only living relative is his   great-aunt Becky, who Adam visits on the weekends,  getting to enjoy her flying pancakes. The secret   behind these pancakes is in a book that Adam will  inherit someday: it turns out Becky uses pollen   from pink bees, who pollinate flowers from both  worlds and live in the sage mountain. One day,   Becky sends Adam to that mountain to collect  pollen, and he gets to climb to the highest point,   allowing him to touch the upside-down rain from  the other world. When Adam throws a toy plane up,   it falls on the upper world and is caught by  a cute girl that instantly becomes his friend.   From that day on, the two of them keep on meeting  there, and once they become teenagers, Adam and   Eden start a romantic relationship. Adam always  uses some rope to bring Eden over to his world,   that way they can kiss, hug, and share food from  each other's home. One afternoon, while Adam is   taking Eden for a run through the woods, they are  found by a group of guards that open fire on them.   Adam rushes back to the mountaintop and tries  to send Eden back to her world using the rope as   carefully as possible but when one of the bullets  hits Adam's arm, the rope slips from his hands   and Eden falls on the ground, hitting her head.  After crying his grief out, Adam returns home,   where he has to watch how Becky is arrested  and her house is burned down. Ten years later,   Adam works in a mechanics shop with fellow orphan  Pablo under the mentorship of their boss Albert.   When he has free time in the shop, he works on  developing an anti-gravity formula for facelifts   by using pink bee pollen. Unfortunately so  far it only works for a few seconds because   the equipment he needs to advance can only  be found in the upper world. One afternoon,   Adam is watching television when she discovers  Eden is still alive and working for TransWorld,   so he decides to get a job there as well to  get a chance to meet her. By showing them his   experiments with anti-gravity matter, he quickly  gets the position, but Adam is also reminded he   shouldn't interact with people from the upper  world for anything that is not job-related,   and that if he steals any of the inverse matter  he'll be given for his research, he will get   in serious trouble. When Albert learns about  this turn of events, he is furious with Adam,   considering him a traitor for teaming up with  the company that has destroyed their city. After   reminding him that TransWorld took his entire  family, Adam reminds Albert that he isn't a fan   of TransWorld either, but it's his only chance to  have a decent life. Then the two reconcile with   a hug. Meanwhile Eden is going to a support group  to help her deal with her amnesia, which she's had   since she fell that day on the mountain. On his  first day of work, Adam is giving his first batch   of inverse matter and access to a refrigerator  to keep it safe. He also gets to befriend Bob, an   employee from the upper world that invites him to  meet him in the smoking room because nobody will   see them there. Bob is a collector of stamps and  asks Adam to get them some from the lower world,   Adam accepts if in return Bob finds a way for  him to get in contact with Eden. As days pass,   Adam works hard on his anti-gravity formula while  discretely stealing a bit of inverse matter every   day, which he hides inside a suitcase in the  maintenance room. He also starts growing special   flowers under his desk. Bob is incredibly happy  when Adam brings him the stamps, and not only he   gives him Eden's office number, he also brings  Adam some nice clothes he can wear for when he   finally gets that date. The experimentation with  the cream goes well when Adam tests it with a dog,   getting him approval to start testing with  humans too. After that successful afternoon,   Adam pretends to stay behind in the office to work  extra hours, and once everybody is gone, he uses   Bob's phone and name to arrange a meeting with  Eden, saying it is for work reasons. Later in the   evening, Adam gets Pablo and Albert to help him  make a special suit to hide the inverse matter in,   that way he can see Eden while pretending to be  from the upper world. Pablo wonders what exactly   Adam's plan is here because even if Eden takes  him back, the law will never let them be together,   but Adam dismisses his worries. The next  day, Adam changes in the maintenance room,   and his body changes gravity as soon as he puts on  the inverse matter on his clothes. He has to leave   in a hurry because a guard hears him around and  comes to investigate, but he manages to take the   elevator before he gets caught. Sadly seeing Eden  again isn't as exciting as he hoped because there   is a huge problem: she doesn't remember him. After  hearing from the secretary that Eden has amnesia,   Adam sticks to work-related conversation while  occasionally dropping hints about their childhood   together to see if it triggers something in her,  to no avail. Eventually the inverse matter in   Adam's clothes begins burning him, so he rushes  out of the room claiming to need to relieve   himself. In the bathroom, he wets the inverse  matter to cool it down a bit and before going   back, he decides to pee, but since he is from  the lower world, his urine floats up and hits the   ceiling, activating the alarm. Now Adam has to run  back to the lower world to avoid being discovered,   leaving Eden waiting for him for nothing. The  following day, the company's CEO announces which   employees will be fired next, which seems to be  a regular occurrence in TransWorld. The list of   employees includes poor Bob, who is told it is  time for him to retire after thirty-one years of   service. At the end of the day, Bob says goodbye  to Adam and gives him a box pretending it's extra   tools for his experiments, but he actually  includes his ID so that Adam can leave the   building through the upper world door. After Bob  is gone, Adam uses his phone again to contact   Eden and ask her out on a date. Using the inverse  matter suit and Bob's ID, Adam gets to visit the   upper world for the first time and is amazed by  the way technology can be found in every corner.   He meets with Eden at a restaurant and can't help  asking her how come she doesn't remember him,   but Eden gets so upset about her lack of past  memories that Adam changes the story to mean   randomly seeing each other in the elevator.  The two of them have a lovely meal together,   and when Adam's shoes start burning, he ends  the date, promising Eden to see her again soon   before running to the nearest river and jumping  into the water. Then he drops all his weights   and lets them sink, that way he returns to his  own world naturally by letting gravity take him   back into the opposite river. That night, Eden  dreams of blurry mountaintop meetings and Adam's   voice. Sometime later, Adam makes a presentation  at the company to show how the cream is finally   working on human faces as intended. Eden shows  up to ask if he's really Bob, and since their   bosses are there, Adam can't lie and tells her  his real name. Eden leaves in tears thinking he   must've been trying to scam her, so Adam drops the  presentation in the middle of it and goes looking   for her after changing into the new inverse matter  suit he's made. Eden's secretary tells him she's   left the building and Adam does the same using  Bob's ID again, but this time the system is up   to date and recognizes the card as terminated,  which means guards start chasing Adam too. Adam   runs through the city and realizes he only has one  way to lose the guard: he takes off his weights   and lets gravity take him up to hide underneath a  building balcony. That night, Eden dreams again,   and this time she remembers her entire first  meeting with Adam when they were kids. In the   morning, Adam goes to Bob's house, who doesn't  hesitate to hide him for a while and fixes his   suit to make it stop overheating anymore. As  thanks, Adam shows Bob his anti-gravity formula,   explaining he didn't tell TransWorld the final  ingredient so they can't steal it from him. The   people at TransWorld are realizing this too, and  the CEO orders his guards to find Adam before the   cops do. A few moments later, Adam visits the same  restaurant and is pleased to find Eden waiting for   him because she finally remembers it all. The  couple reunites with a kiss but unfortunately   their sweet moment is interrupted by the police  coming after Adam, forcing him to escape through   the window and lose his weights again to let  gravity take him back to his own planet. While   reporters on tv cover the story of a fugitive from  the lower world, Adam returns to the mountaintop,   which is the perfect step to take because Eden  does the same on her side. The couple reunites   once again when Adam jumps over with his inverse  matter suit and they get frisky while they float   around thanks to their combined gravities. Shortly  afterward, the guards find the couple and begin   chasing them through the woods, thus Adam decides  to take off the inverse matter weights and grab   Eden to take her with him as his planet's gravity  does its thing. They end up stuck inside the old   abandoned structure of a zeppelin and when Adam is  accidentally hit by a bullet, he urges Eden to let   go of him so she can save herself. Eden ends up  being arrested, and Adam miraculously survives by   landing on top of a tree. As Adam makes his way  back home, he's approached by two agents sent   by TransWorld that leave him an ultimatum: if he  gives them the complete anti-gravity formula and   promises not to contact Eden again, then they will  drop all the charges. While Adam starts to come   to terms with the fact he has lost and he'll be a  loser in the lower world forever, Bob continues to   experiment with the anti-gravity demo Adam left  behind and manages to take it one step further   by combining it with water. In the meantime,  Eden receives the special flowers Adam had been   growing, inspiring her to go to Bob for help.  The next day, Adam is working with Albert again   when he's suddenly visited by Bob, who has managed  to come to the lower planet by using the updated   anti-gravity formula on himself, since the body is  mostly made out of water. He's also sacrificed his   stamps to make some money and bought the patent  under Albert's shop's name before TransWorld did,   so their future is secure. Lastly, Bob tells Adam  he has a date waiting for him. After changing into   nicer clothes, Adam rushes to reunite with Eden,  who is in the lower world thanks to Bob and the   updated formula, meaning she now can stay here  permanently. She's also brought big news: she's   pregnant with twins. The couple is happy to start  a family together, and thanks to Albert's business   picking up through the formula and the birth  of the first kids that can live in both worlds,   society slowly begins changing until both worlds  become equal in class and technological advances.
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