Avatar: The Way of Water

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Avatar: The Way of Water
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Over ten years after the first human invasion on  Pandora, Chief of the Omaticaya Clan Jake lives   happily at peace with his wife Neytiri and their  kids. Neteyam, Lo'ak, and Tuk are their biological   children, but they've also adopted two. There's  Kiri, who was born from Grace's comatose avatar,   and Spider, a human boy. Spider had been born on  the human military base during the invasion and   cryostasis hadn't been an option for a baby, so he  couldn't be taken back to Earth with the others.   Because he was raised by Jake and his family,  Spider considers himself more Na'vi than human,   but Neytiri is still wary of him because he's the  son of the enemy. One evening, the family looks   up to the sky and is devastated to discover  that humans are returning to their planet,   destroying everything on their path as if they  hadn't learned their lesson. One year later,   in one of the many human spaceships that are  orbiting the planet, the army is transforming   their soldiers' minds into newly hatched avatar  bodies. One of them doesn't take his awakening   well until he's explained what's going on:  it's Colonel Quaritch, who died during the   first invasion. New Quaritch watches a tape left  by himself explaining they copied his memories   into the system so he could be cloned after death,  and now his mission is to get revenge on Jake for   defeating them last time. Meanwhile Jake and his  clan warriors have organized a guerilla operation   to keep the humans from going far with their  plans, mostly by attacking their supply lines.   Most of them use traditional weapons and ride  on mountain banshees, but as a former human,   Jake still likes to take guns for his personal  use and has adapted human communicators to be used   among his family. During another very successful  raid against the humans, Lo'ak gets too cocky and   disobeys Neteyam, jumping into battle to help his  dad in order to prove himself. Neteyam goes after   him, and this reckless action causes both kids to  end up under fire when a human ship fights back.   Lo'ak jumps out of way just in time, but Neteyam  gets hurt and Jake has to rescue him from a pile   of debris. When they return home, Jake scolds his  sons for their actions and grounds them. Neytiri   tries to remind her husband not to be so hard on  them because they're kids, but Jake he's afraid of   losing them, so he needs to be strict to keep them  safe. Sometime later, the siblings go visit Max,   one of the few human scientists that betrayed the  military and joined the Pandora defense team. He   and his buddies have a small lab where they keep  Grace's comatose body, and Kiri likes visiting   her, she also likes to watch her videologs of when  she was still in a human body. Kiri's siblings   tease her for not knowing who her dad is, but  Spider thinks maybe not knowing is for the best,   because he hates the fact he's a spawn of the  enemy. In the meantime, Quaritch and his team   of avatars land on the new human base in Pandora,  where they learn that thanks to their new advances   in technology, humans are settling down at triple  the speed compared to a decade ago. Once they get   properly armed, the team goes to explore the  forest, where they find machine parts left from   the last invasion, and Quaritch's shocked to see  the reminders of his previous body. At the same   time, all of Jake's kids except for Neteyam are  in the area having some fun, but they immediately   hide behind the plants when they see the enemy  arrive. Lo'ak lets his father know through the   communicator and receives orders to leave quietly,  but as soon as the siblings try to move, they're   ambushed by Quaritch and his team. Quaritch  immediately can tell these are Jake's kids   because their fingers mark them as half-breed,  but the biggest surprise is to see Spider,   who turns out to be Quaritch's son. Since Quaritch  and his team now have to wait to be picked up,   this gives Jake and Neytiri the chance to approach  them in the darkness after telling Neteyam not to   interfere. Neytiri makes an animal-like sound to  alert the children of her presence before she and   Jakes begin killing soldiers from the shadows, and  the kids know to immediately bite their captors   and run away. Quaritch recognizes Neytiri's  arrows and taunts her to get her location,   but Neteyam decides to join the fight just in time  to save his mother. At that moment, a human ship   arrives to pick up Quaritch's team, so Neytiri  concentrates on reuniting with her children,   not even thinking about finding Spider as  well. This allows Quaritch to take the boy   with him when he escapes. At the human base,  Spider is put on an interrogation machine,   but he withstands the pain and doesn't say a  word. Quaritch tries the gentle approach instead,   telling the kid he may have Quaritch's memories  but he's a different person that would love to   bond with his son, effectively convincing Spider  he may not be that bad after all. When the family   returns home, Jake tells Neytiri they should go  away. Neytiri refuses to leave her people behind,   but Jake explains Quaritch wants specifically  them, so it'll be safer for the clan without   their presence. After Jake chooses a successor,  the clan goes through the traditional ritual to   pass off the chief mantle, and the family gets  to leave for the Metkayina coast. Here, the local   clans have adapted to the aquatic habitat and  can stay longer underwater without breathing.   When the family arrives, chief Tonowari and his  wife Ronal are wary of them because of their human   blood and the possibility of the war following  them here, but Jake swears they weren't followed,   and since tradition demands shelter to be given to  anyone in need, the family gets to stay. Tonowari   asks his children to act as guides, and while  his son Aounung wants nothing to do with them,   his daughter Reya gladly shows them around. From  then on, Jake's family works hard to adapt to the   reef life, learning things like riding aquatic  creatures called ilu and tricks to teach their   bodies to be underwater for longer periods of  time. It takes them a few tries to get it right,   but to everyone's surprise, Kiri doesn't need  to learn any extra tricks: she naturally can   stay underwater all she wants and she instantly  develops a bond with all the creatures of the sea.   Meanwhile Quaritch's team begins taking Spider on  their exploring missions, assigning him as their   official interpreter. Spider also takes them to  a nest of ikrans, dangerous flying creatures that   can't be tamed by just anyone. Quaritch gives  it a try anyway, confronting the creature to   prove himself in combat and accidentally causing  them both to fall off the cliff. The team thinks   Quaritch's dead and they're ready to return  to base, but at the moment, Quaritch makes a   triumphant return by riding the tamed ikran. Back  on the reef, Kiri continues to bond with the sea,   prompting Aonung and his friends to make fun of  her for being a weirdo. Lo'ak comes to her defense   and Neteyam quickly follows him to try to keep  things diplomatic, but Lo'ak is too hot-headed   and starts a fight anyway, so Neteyam has no  choice but to help. When the adults finally come   to pull them apart, Jake scolds his sons for their  actions. He's frustrated by the constant teasing   as well, but they have to endure it because  they're guests here and they can't afford to   be kicked out. Neytiri tries to comfort Kiri,  who is upset over the fact she's different even   biologically, as proven by a section of her face  that she keeps hidden under her hair. Afterward,   Lo'ak follows his father's orders and apologizes  to Aonung and his friends for the fight. Aonung   accepts the apology and takes Lo'ak to a special  remote area to teach him how to fish underwater,   but while Lo'ak is concentrating on his pray,  Aonung and his friends leave because this had   been a prank all along. Now Lo'ak's stranded  and has to figure out how to come back,   but his thoughts are suddenly interrupted when  he's hit by a giant sea predator. Lo'ak quickly   goes underwater to swim away and hide under  the coral, but soon he begins running out   of air and has to come out. The predator comes  after him as soon as it sees him but suddenly,   a bigger whale-like creature called a tulkun  shows up to defeat the predator right as Lo'ak   passes out. Seconds later, Lo'ak wakes up on top  of the tulkun, who has saved him from drowning.   Lo'ak befriends the tulkun and as thanks for  the help, he removes a harpoon from its fin left   by human whalers. Then the tulkun guides Lo'ak  back to the village, although it leaves before   it can be seen. Lo'ak reunites with his family  and Tonowari tries to apologize for his son,   but Lo'ak lies and says it was all his idea. This  gets him scolded by Jake again, who calls him the   shame of the family. Afterward, Aonung wonders why  Lo'ak lied for him, and Lo'ak explains he knows   how much it hurts to disappoint your dad. The next  day, Lo'ak tells everyone about his adventure,   and the locals realize that Lo'ak met Payakan,  a tulkun that went rogue. Everyone thinks it's   a killer, and they won't listen to Lo'ak when he  says Payakan's actually nice. A few hours later,   Lo'ak goes looking for Payakan and asks why it  was made an outcast by its own family, but Payakan   refuses to explain. While they swim together as  friends, Reya takes Kiri to their clan's Tree of   Souls in order to connect her mind to it and meet  Grace's spirit. After a warm hug, Kiri asks why   she's different and who her father is, but before  Grace can answer, the connection is lost because   Kiri suddenly has a seizure. Her siblings take her  back to the village and Jake calls Max so his team   can take a look at her, but then one that brings  her back to consciousness is Ronal thanks to the   use of a traditional medicinal ritual. Max and  his doctor friend explain to Jake that Kiri had   an epileptic attack and she shouldn't connect  to the tree ever again. Since Max used his own   ship to reach Jake, the signal was picked up by  the human base. They lost it when the ship went   further into the sea, and to find it again they'll  need someone that knows the area and can help them   visit hundreds of islands. Quaritch takes his  team to negotiate with a whaler ship, and when   the whalers refuse to help, Quaritch forces  them to collaborate by threatening them with   death. While a pod of tulkuns makes their annual  visit to Tonowari's village, Quaritch and his men   reach the first island and capture the locals to  demand information on Jake. Spider finally gets   to see how ruthless Quaritch is when interrogation  turns violent and the boy has to stop his father   from killing everyone just because they don't know  anything. Unfortunately Quaritch still orders his   men to burn all the houses. The news of Quaritch  arriving at the islands soon reaches Tonowari,   who warns Jake he's being chased after all.  Neytiri wants to go after Quaritch to end   things once and for all, but Jake asks her to be  patient and make a proper plan. In the meantime,   Lo'ak goes to visit Payakan while his friends  watch from the shadows to see if he's telling   the truth. Lo'ak wants to know why Payakan is an  outcast, so the creature opens its mouth and Lo'ak   swims inside to connect his mind to Payakan's.  This allows him to see the whole story: it turns   out Payakan's mother was attacked by whalers and  Payakan fought back to defend her, but its pod   still kicked Payakan out because they're supposed  to be a peaceful species and violence went against   their beliefs. When the kids return to the  village, Tonowari and Ronal furiously scold them   for disrespecting tulkun's culture. At the end of  the day, only Reya supports Lo'ak and expresses   how proud she is of him. Sometime later, Quaritch  realizes that violence won't make the villagers   speak, so he agrees to help the whalers hunt the  tulkuns, knowing that killing the creatures the   locals consider their brothers will draw Jake out  of hiding. Now Spider has to watch in disgust how   the whalers send up ships to kill the tulkuns  with specialized weapons that can track the   creatures' noises. To make matters worse, the only  reason they hunt tulkuns is to extract their brain   enzymes in order to use them in anti-aging  remedies, and the rest of the creature is   wasted. The whalers throw the bodies back into  the ocean and when the villagers find them,   they immediately blame Jake and his family for  it. They want to go out and fight back, but Jake   presents them the tracker he found on a tulkun fin  and explains is a trap, so for now, they need to   stay put and simply tell the tulkun to swim away  for safety. Lo'ak realizes that nobody will warn   Payakan because it's an outcast and he goes to  do it himself, ignoring the warnings from his   brother. Neteyam takes his sisters, Aonung, and  Reya with him to follow Lo'ak, and they find him   trying to remove a tracker from Payakan's fin.  The group jumps in to help, but it's too late:   the tracker has already sent their location to  the whaler ship and it's coming for them. The   siblings use their communicators to tell Jake of  the incoming danger, and Jake alerts the whole   village, who immediately grabs their weapons and  jumps on their ilus to join the fight. The kids   manage to remove the tracker and swim away with  it to get the attention off Payakan, but this is   exactly what Quaritch wanted and he sends his men  after them. A rather long chase begins underwater,   and since the kids need to stop to breathe, it  gives time for the humans to catch up to Lo'ak,   Tuk, and Reya, and they capture them with a net.  As soon as Spider sees his siblings being brought   abroad, he tries to fight to rescue them, but he's  quickly overpowered by the humans and sent back   inside while the kids are to tied the railing. At  that moment, Jake and the rest of the villagers   show up, but they quickly stop themselves  from attacking when they realize their kids   are hostages. Quaritch takes Lo'ak's communicator  and asks Jake to come alone if he doesn't want to   lose his kids, but as Jake begins to come closer,  suddenly Payakan shows up and jumps over the ship   to land on top of it, destroying it with its  fins and tail. It also keeps pushing away the   soldiers because the bullets do nothing to it.  Now the humans are distracted away from the kids,   Jake calls the others to attack the ship, and the  whalers turn around their boats to attack Payakan   with harpoons, causing it to return to the water.  A fierce battle begins between Na'vi and humans,   and the Na'vi quickly gain an advantage thanks  to their creatures being able to move faster in   the sky and hide underwater. Kiri uses her bond  with the sea life to send the plants after the   submarines, and when the main ship begins catching  fire after a boat crashes against it, Spider takes   advantage of his position inside to activate the  fans and spread the fire all over the vessel;   he also begins to destroy the control panel. The  ship eventually comes to a stop and begins filling   with water. Meanwhile Jake is going one-on-one  against Quaritch. At first they use their weapons,   but Jake runs out of bullets and sends his ikran  to attack Quaritch's, which causes both of them to   fall into the sea. The whalers go after Payakan,  shooting a harpoon with a steel rope at its end,   but Payakan does another jump and uses that  same rope to destroy the boat. At the main ship,   Neteyam finally manages to come aboard and free  his people. The girls jump into the water but   Lo'ak wants to rescue Spider, so Neteyam has  to stay to help his brother. At that moment,   one of the soldiers captures Kiri and brings  her to the ship to tie her up as well,   thus Tuk convinces Reya to return to rescue  her. As soon as they reach the ship though,   Quaritch shows up, pushes Reya back into the  water, and captures Tuk as well. The humans are   already leaving the sinking ship, meaning it's  easy for Lo'ak and Neteyam to sneak around and   attack them by surprise. As soon as Spider sees  them he joins the fight and reunites with his   brothers, but soon they have to run because more  soldiers show up, opening fire on them. Neteyam   makes his brothers jump into the water while  he holds the soldiers back with his own weapon,   this allows for Reya to show up in her ilu and  offer a ride. They wait for Neteyam to join them,   but when their brother finally jumps into the  water too, it's revealed that he got wounded   by a bullet. The group immediately takes him to a  small island so Jake and Neytiri can look at him,   but unfortunately, Neteyam dies in their arms. At  that moment, Quaritch contacts Jake to tell him   he has his daughters and once again asks him to  come alone. Jake sends Neytiri away on her banshee   as backup, then returns to the ship with Spider  as his guide. Lo'ak is supposed to stay behind,   but once again he disobeys orders and goes  back to the ship too. The soldiers are in   position waiting for Jake at the front, but  Spider shows Jake how to sneak inside unseen,   giving him the chance to throw a grenade and start  a fire. Chaos and confusion follow the explosion,   and this is used by Jake and Neytiri to jump in  and begin killing soldiers all over the place.   Neytiri is in berserker mode because of her grief,  and it makes Spider too scared to approach her   since he looks like the enemy. Jake manages to  reach Tuk and free her, but Kiri is missing - it   turns out Quaritch saw him coming and grabbed  Kiri to use as a hostage. This makes Jake drop   his weapons and Spider come out of hiding to beg  for Kiri's life, prompting Neytiri to jump in as   well to grab Spider as her own hostage. She wants  to trade a child for a child, and when Quaritch   at first says he doesn't care, Neytiri hurts  Spider to prove she means it, causing Quaritch to   release Kiri to save his son. Neytiri immediately  takes all her children to the water to escape,   but Jake decides to stay behind to fight Quaritch,  otherwise he will return with backup. While the   men get into a fierce hand-to-hand battle, the  sinking ship goes so deep that it begins turning   around and traps Jake, Quaritch, Neytiri, and  Tuk inside. Kiri and Spider manage to stay out,   and when Lo'ak shows up looking for his family,  the three of them split to cover more ground.   Kiri uses her bond with the sea creatures to use  as guides to find Neytiri and Tuk, and these very   same creatures are the ones to escort them out of  the ship. Meanwhile Jake finally puts Quaritch in   a dangerous hold and finishes him, leaving the  body to sink into the sea. After fighting so   long underwater he's out of air, but Lo'ak finds  him and guides him to a room with some sapce to   breathe as he reminds him of Reya's breathing  exercises. Spider is also searching and comes   across Quaritch, who isn't dead, just unconscious.  After lots of internal struggling, Spider decides   he can't leave him there and drags his father back  to the surface. Payakan also makes a return to   rescue Lo'ak and Jake, this act of heroism finally  makes Jake tell Lo'ak he's proud of him. While the   two of them reunite with Neytiri and the girls,  Spider leaves Quaritch on an island and watches   his ikran come to the rescue. When Quaritch wakes  up, he tries to make Spider escape with him,   but Spider ignores him and jumps back into the  water to reunite his family. Sometime later,   the family gives Neteyam a burial following  the traditions of Tonowari's clan. Once the   ritual has been properly finished and Neteyam is  one with nature, Jake and Neytiri connect their   minds to the Tree of Souls, this way they  get to visit Neteyam's soul one last time.
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