Chaos Walking

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Chaos Walking
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in the year 2257 a.d humans have settled on an earth-like planet aptly called new world a young man todd is walking his dog and seems to communicate with him via his thoughts which manifest around his head like a colorful smoke his dog manche barks and reacts to the manifestation as he is walking back toward the settlement where he lives todd is approached by a man on a horse that happens to be the preacher todd tries to contain his thoughts and their manifestation outside of him calling the phenomenon the noise he thinks it burns to control his noise and birds appear around his head but he loses control over it wondering why the preacher is there at all since no one really goes to church anymore he hears todd's noise prompting him to walk back and to confront him he tells him not to hide his noise because he knows his truth that he is an orphan behaving weakly like a woman todd has never seen a woman though since all the women from the new world are gone the preacher walks up in front of him floating verses from the bible leaving the boy and his dog behind the same day todd goes back to his homestead where he is greeted by his stepfathers working on a field later they have dinner together chatting about how his day went he tries to hide the fact that he spoke to the mayor of their settlement but his noise betrays him as it manifests mayor prentice complimenting him on the clever way he had used his noise earlier that day his stepfathers are not impressed by that to the contrary they believe that he is not a welcome person in their son's life in a flashback a very young todd is talking to the mayor he gives the boy a knife and tells him that he needs to learn to tame and control things to protect the only ones that are left todd quickly learns that by tame the mayor really means to kill it's revealed that the flashback is a noise manifestation the mayor explains how unlike todd he wasn't born in the noise but he needed to learn to control it by years of practice todd's noise is audible in his step parents bedroom one of them is really unhappy about the control the mayor has on their son a shuttle descends toward the planet from a vessel in orbit around it they have no contact with the surface and no idea what is happening there the crew is chatting about the settlers on the planet which were part of the first wave of colonizers as the shuttle enters the atmosphere strange things start occurring suddenly all the thoughts the men on the shuttle have start manifesting revealing fear and confusion this isn't something they are used to like the men on the planet and everything goes awry with the shuttle because of that its descent towards the planet becomes an uncontrolled fall the shuttle crashes back at todd's homestead he and his stepfather are working on a field he goes to get something from their barn when he spots someone fleeing from it he starts chasing after them thinking it's a thief the person leads todd to the place where the shuttle had crashed he realizes what it is and wonders whether the thief is a survivor from the crash he sees graves surrounding the area todd runs toward the settlement to tell the mayor but since he has trouble controlling his noise as he walks traffic to get to him all of his thoughts project what he has seen all the men from the settlement that hear his noise start following him toward the mayor's place curious about what todd's noise is about he tells the mayor what he has found and takes him and a few others to the crash site when they get there he tells them about the possible survivor and how they didn't have any noise the mayor realizing what that means tells his men to find her todd is very surprised by this revelation thinking it's a girl a space girl he's left wondering about her among the wreckage from the shuttle when he spots her coming up to him he's fascinated by her since that is the first time he's seeing a girl she on the other hand just seems confused by his noise he loses control of his noise again and proclaims to everyone that he has found her she runs in ashay's trough the woods ensues the mayor quickly traps the girl with the power of his own noise projecting a circular fence around her she doesn't realize the fence isn't real at that moment back at the settlement the captured girl and mayor prentice have a conversation in which she learns that the noise is something only men have he also tells her what had happened to all the women from their colony that the native species of the planet called the spackle had slaughtered them all a long time ago during a war with the humans in their conversation she reveals that there is a ship that will be coming for her the mayor wants to know where it will land but she deflects his question unlike the control the mayor has over the men from the settlement he has no control over her he leaves her alone with his buffoon son who instantly starts shuffling trough her bag and finds an unusual tool it turns out to be a weapon that he activates by mistake almost killing them both in the process she uses that as a distraction and escapes again crawling underneath the preacher's house before she flees the settlement the girl overhears a conversation between the mayor and the preacher who are planning an ambush on her ship when it lands the mayor wants to take over the ship the preacher believes she's an angel todd goes back home and finds the girl hiding in the barn again he realizes how scared she is so he decides to help her and keep her being there a secret todd even tries to hide it from his stepdads but they see right trough him even without his noise they decide to tell him how he can protect her so she doesn't fall into the mayor's hands then one of his stepfathers reveals that there is another settlement on the planet and that he needs to take her there for her safety before todd and the girl can leave to the other settlement called far branch mayor prentice arrives at the homestead looking for her she and todd managed to escape but the mayor's son kills one of todd's stepdads the mayor manipulates ben persuading him to help catch todd as a way of saving him the girl whose name is revealed to be viola todd and start manchester journey toward far branch unaware of what they might find there the two of them start connecting and learning things about each other along the way she tells him that she had never seen earth never felt rain on her skin viola was born on the colonizing ship her parents were also born there and died there as well todd tells her that he had lost his mother too when he was a baby they were both orphans todd quickly becomes infatuated with viola projecting his fantasies about her with his noise naturally she hates that on their way to far branch they see one of the native spackle todd fights it and wants to kill it thinking it is one of the spackle that killed his mother viola pleads with him not to kill it and they realize that the creature seems just as afraid of them as they are of it when todd and viola arrive at the settlement they are met with a lot of anger and hostility when the people find out that he is from prentistown they want to hang him fortunately the mayor of far branch doesn't allow that to happen todd quickly learns that everything he had always known about new world is a lie the most important thing he finds out there is that not all of the women are dead in fact he learns the gruesome truth of his own settlement that it was the men who killed all the women and not the native spackl the men hated that the women could hear all of their thoughts and they couldn't hear theirs that was how his mother died as well unlike his own apprentice down far branches populated by both men and women with small children of all genders and ages running around and a woman leading the settlement as its mayor she houses the two of them and protects them from both her own people and the men from prentistown viola is saddened to learn that there is no modern technology at far bench and that she doesn't have a way to contact her ship from there however the far branch mayor tells her that there is another place where she can find a transmitter to send her message during their stay at the far branch settlement the bond between todd and viola grows as she reads passages of his mother's journal to him when he hears how his mother explains the situation in prentistown before the women were slaughtered his hate for mayor prentice gross the speckle are not mentioned again meanwhile mayor prentice and his men are getting closer to far branch he and the preacher don't seem to be on the same page about what they should do with the girl when they find her the preacher simply wants to kill her in the name of his god but prentice needs her to give him the information that he is after so he could ambush the ship and take it over once they arrive at the settlement in corner todd and viola todd's stepfather ben helps them to create a diversion he projects a copy of viola with his noise and manages to fool the mayor just long enough so the two of them can escape again this time around though prentice and his men are much closer on their tail as they chase after them again the preacher is the first one to catch up to them even though he doesn't succeed in killing either viola or todd he gets a hold of manche and savagely kills him as a warning viola and todd find the wreckage of the ship that brought the first wave of colonizers to the new world she realizes that there is a transmitter in the ship but they find out that the antenna is broken they split up todd goes to fix the antenna as she waits for it to get online as that's going on prenus and the preacher close up on the wreck as well the preacher finds and attacks viola and while they fight his noise show that he has lost his mind over his own misguided religious belief together with misogyny and frustration viola manages to kill him in self-defense with one of her advance tools todd fights mayor apprentice and tries to kill him with the knife that he gave him instead after a grueling battle in which he receives a horrible wound he uses the power of his noise to finally conquer the mayor using the mayor's technique to control the noise he creates a circle of women around him they are the women of prentistown he had slaughtered including todd's mother he disorients mayor prentice and in the confusion viola pushes him of the side of the shipwreck the last thing that appears on the sky before todd passes out from his injury is viola's ship the men from prentistown see it as well and turn back without chasing after viola and todd todd wakes up inside the ship disoriented and confused viola is there waiting for him to regain consciousness his noise reveals how happy he is that she is there he finds out that she is actually part of the second wave of settlers and that she will stay on the planet with him is she going to kiss me he wonders make 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