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In the beginning, the mighty beings known as  Celestials created the sun and other forms of   life, and the universe was at pace. But one  day, an unnatural species of predator called   Deviants emerges from deep space and begin to  destroy everything in their path. The leader of   the Celestials Arishem bring an immortal group of  superhumans known as the Eternals from the planet   Olympia and sends them on their ship called  the Domo to Earth. In Mesopotamia in 5000 BC,   a group of humans are fishing when suddenly they  are attacked by Deviants coming out of the sea.   At that moment the Eternals arrive to defend them  with their powers: Ikaris uses his eye beams and   flies to fight the beasts, while Makkari uses her  super speed to move the humans out of the way.   Kingo shoots energy blasts to attack from afar,  while Thena and Gilgamesh summon energy weapons to   fight hand-to-hand. Sprite provides support with  her illusions, and Phastos also supports through   his advanced inventions. A fierce battle ensues,  and thanks to the Eternal's excellent teamwork,   soon the Deviants are defeated, and team leader  Ajak heals any injuries they got in battle. The   humans are scared of them and try to attack,  but Druig immediately uses his mind-controlling   powers to calm them down. Then Sersi transforms  a primitive knife into actual nice metal as proof   they're here to help humanity. Years pass and in  the present day, the Eternals live pretending to   be normal among humans. In London, Sersi goes to  class where she is supposed to be giving a lesson,   and she finds her boyfriend Dane filling in  for her. Suddenly the lecture is interrupted   by a large earthquake, so Sersi makes her students  go for cover under the tables and uses her power   to stop some debris from crushing a student. In  the nearby river, a dog witnesses a Deviant come   out of the river. In the evening, Sersi later  celebrates Dane’s birthday with a few friends.   Sprite uses an illusion to look older and hide  the fact she ages mentally but not physically,   however the illusion is broken if someone touches  and she quickly gives up. Dane asks Sersi to   move in with him, but she turns him down, and he  begins wondering if she's hiding something because   Sprite is always making odd comments. After the  party, the trio walks home, but suddenly they are   attacked by a huge Deviant named Kro. Sersi  uses her powers to capture it in the ground,   but Kro soon breaks up and runs to the streets.  Sprite casts an illusion that multiplies her   and Sersi to confuse the monster, but Kro shocks  them by being able to tell who the real ones are,   which Deviants could never do. When Kro is about  to kill Sprite, Ikaris shows up and saves her to   then proceed to fight the Deviant directly.  Their battle causes a bus to get flipped,   and Sersi rushes to transform into rose petals to  avoid a crash. Kro shocks everyone again when it   reveals it can heal its own wounds, but it's still  clear that Ikaris has the upper hand and escapes   through the river. Afterward Sersi tells Dane the  truth about her identity, and he asks her why they   never helped during humanity's greatest tragedies.  Sersi explains that they were instructed to never   interfere in the orders of mankind so as to  not hinder their development as a society.   After destroying the Deviants, they were told to  wait on Earth until it was time to go home. She   also tells Dane that she and Ikaris were together  for centuries, but it didn’t work out. She later   goes back to her apartment to discuss the issue  with Sprite and Ikaris, and after reaching the   conclusion the Earthquake and the Deviant are  connected, they agree that they need to get the   team back together. This brings back memories  of 575 BC in Babylon. Humanity is developing   under the guidance of the Eternals, who fight the  Deviants whenever they try to attack. Every time   they show up they're violent and ruthless, but  the Eternals fight together in perfect sync to   kill them quickly without much trouble. After  one particular intense battle, Ajak uses her   special power stone to form a link to speak with  Arishem. She expresses respect for his grand plan,   but she doesn't like what it may mean for humans.  Arishem tells her not to get attached to them and   to follow through with the plan. Afterward Ajak  goes back to the lair where the Eternals are   living among society openly. Phastos is developing  a steam engine to provide for mankind, and Sprite   uses her powers to entertain children with stories  that come to life through her illusions. Druig   likes using his mind control to stop fights, but  Makkari scolds him because they aren't supposed   to interfere. Meanwhile Ikaris and Sersi spend  time together and fall in love, admitting it to   each other with the beauty of Earth as their  witness. Years later they get married in the   Gupta Empire. Back in the present, Sersi, Sprite,  and Ikaris travel to South Dakota to Ajak’s ranch,   only to find her dead outside her home. Sprite  cries and uses an illusion to remember her dearly,   coming to the conclusion that Kro killed Ajak by  absorbing her powers, that's why it could heal   itself. When Sersi approaches the body to mourn,  the stone in Ajak’s body that was bestowed to her   by the Celestials comes out and attaches itself to  Sersi. This causes her to briefly catch a glimpse   of Arishem saying "it is almost time" before she  loses sight of him. Sprite points out that Ajak   has chosen Sersi as her successor, but Ikaris  is worried it may be Mahd Wy’Ry. This brings   back another memory. In 1521 AD in Tenochtitlan,  the group was fighting the last Deviants left on   the planet. Meanwhile humans are at war, but Ajak  doesn't let Druig stop them. Suddenly Thena begins   feeling sick and says it's too late because soon  everyone is going to die. Her eyes change and she   begins attacking her friends, hurting a few  of them thanks to the element of surprise.   Ajak lets her hurt her in purpose to get close  and use her powers on her mind, clearing it   from this strange impulse reaction. Thena attacks  her anyway, so Gilgamesh comes forward and fights   her until he manages to knock her out. Later when  Thena wakes up without remembering what happened,   it's revealed she suffers from Mahd Wy’Ry, a  result of her ancient memories collapsing in   on themselves and driving her insane. There's no  cure for it, the only way to make her better would   be to erase her mind completely for her to start  over, which Ajak thinks it's the best solution   for the sake of safety. The others don't want to  lose the Thena they love, and Druig yells at Ajak,   questioning her leadership. He's tired of seeing  humankind destroy each other without interfering,   so suddenly uses his powers to stop the war  and he leaves to work on his own, announcing   the only way to stop him would be killing him.  Gilgamesh announces he can take care of Thena, so   Ajak allows everyone to go and live among humans.  The Deviants are already over, so now they can   find their own purpose while waiting for the call  from home. Back to the present, Sersi, Sprite,   and Ikaris travel to Mumbai to find Kingo, who is  now a famous Bollywood superstar. His valet Karun   knows his secret and has been working with him  for decades. The trio tells Kingo what's going on,   and at first he refuses to go, saying he likes  this life. However Karun convinces Kingo to go   and be the hero everyone admires, and Karun  even accepts to come along to record it all   in a documentary style. They take Kingo's private  jet to Australia, where Sprite expresses annoyance   at Kingo for abandoning her for the sake of fame,  but Kingo explains he became an actor thanks to   the inspiration gifted by Sprite's storytelling.  In Australia, the team follows a trail of Deviant   bodies to find Thena and Gilgamesh in their  private house in the countryside. Gilgamesh   has become skilled at cooking and taking care  of the house, and Thena spends her time making   some ominous drawings. When she sees them arrive,  she has another lapse and tries to attack them,   saying everyone on the planet will soon die,  but Gilgamesh stops her and Sprite clears her   mind with an illusion that reminds her who  she really is. Sersi takes the time to look   at Thena's drawings and feels bad because she  can't reconnect with Arishem, but Gilgamesh   gives her a pep talk and reminds her it's more  important to listen. Sersi sits down and relaxes,   which finally activates the stone and makes her  appear in front of Arishem. He tells her that the   Emergence is happening, and he explains the true  purpose of the Eternals: they were sent to bring   forth the birth of the Celestial Tiamut, as new  Celestials come about every few millennia and they   have done this process on other planets before  Earth. They come about through intelligent life,   which had been halted by the attack of the  Deviants, but with the Eternals having gotten rid   of them, Arishem says it is now time to wipe out  all life on Earth to make way for Tiamut. Sersi is   horrified by the revelation but Arishem defends it  by saying this is just the cycle of creation for   their life forms. He then explains that Olympia  never existed and that she and the other Eternals   are just creations from the World Forge as  artificial beings made for use by the Celestials.   Sersi cannot remember this because the Eternals  have their memories reset after each Emergence.   To top it all off, Arishem created the Deviants  to regulate the balance between predators and   prey so intelligent life may prosper, but he lost  control of the Deviants and they became predators   themselves. This is why he made it so that  Eternals could not evolve as they do. Afterward,   Sersi tells the team what she learned, and they  realize Thena's illness is actually their old   memories activating and telling them the truth.  They are shocked and upset to learn they're   artificial, but most of them resolve to find a  way to save the people of Earth. They figure they   must find Druig and see if he may use his power to  overtake the mind of Tiamut. The Eternals travel   to the Amazon next. Druig is staying in a village  where he has been leading a group of people that   live in absolute peace. He doesn't want to help  the others in their mission, feeling betrayed   over the fact his whole existence is a lie. In  the evening, Kingo expresses his sympathy for   Sprite because he knows that she's in love with  Ikaris but has not been able to act on it due to   her childlike appearance. Sprite appreciates the  sentiment until she notices Karun is recording   and she breaks the camera. Sersi calls Dane to  check on him and Ikaris watches with jealousy,   causing Sersi to ask him why he left her. When  Ikaris is about to explain himself, Kro suddenly   shows up and takes him away. More Deviants attack  the village, so the Eternals immediately jump into   action. Sersi fortifies a building to hide the  humans inside then throws a bunch of trees on   top of the Deviants. Druig controls the humans as  a unified army, but Sersi immediately makes him   stop and send the humans to safety. Kingo takes a  moment to charge his beam and kills a Deviant by   blowing up its head. Ikaris fights Kro, who pushes  him against the ground to absorb his powers.   However Gilgamesh comes to fight him next, and  while they're engaged in battle, Thena loses her   mind again and attacks Ikaris. Gilgamesh notices  and pushes away to come to Thena and comfort her,   managing to calm her down. Then Ikaris goes after  a flying Deviant and makes it land in the village,   where he kills a bunch of them with his  eye beams. One of them surprises him from   behind and Sersi comes to the rescue, surprising  everyone by transforming the Deviant into a tree,   which she never was able to do before. Gilgamesh  continues to fight Kro, but he's so distracted   by keeping an eye on Thena that Kro kills him and  absorbs his powers. Then Kro changes form, looking   more human-like and learning how to speak English.  Kro accuses the Eternals of being murderers,   but when Ikaris shows up to fight it, Kro runs  away. Then Thena rushes to Gilgamesh's side,   who dies in her arms after telling her to always  remember. Later, they burn Gilgamesh's body and   Thena throws his ashes into the river. Finally  understanding that controlling everyone would make   him no better than a Deviant, Druig agrees to join  the mission, but his power isn't strong enough   to control a Celestial, so they'll need to find  Phastos. Another memory shows 1945 in Hiroshima,   just after the drop of the atomic bomb. Phastos  stands in the aftermath of the bombing weeping to   Ajak and feeling remorse for helping humans  develop and advance in technology only to   continue killing each other. It is here where he  loses faith in humanity and decides to leave it   behind. Back to the present, the team arrives in  Chicago and is shocked to discover that Phastos   lives with a husband and a son in a house in  the suburbs. After hearing the story, Phastos   explains his husband gave his faith in humanity  back, but he isn't willing to abandon his family   for the sake of a dangerous mission. However  his husband tells him to go through with it   if it means that there will be a future for them  and their son. Next the Eternals travel to Iraq,   where they use their powers to free the Domo from  its underground hideout. Makkari has been living   there all this time, only using her speed to get  out for supplies. Phastos comes up with the idea   of linking everyone’s powers together through  the Uni-Mind, which will allow them to transfer   their powers so that Druig may mind-control  Tiamut. Kingo has doubts about this whole deal,   and he and Sprite say they'd rather follow Ikaris'  lead, who clearly has doubts as well. However   Ikaris tells his friend that he is not who Kingo  thinks he is. Then Ikaris revisits another memory.   Six days earlier, Ajak's visiting Ikaris to tell  him the time for the Emergence is finally coming,   revealing Ikaris has always known the truth.  After living with humans all this time,   Ajak thinks they shouldn’t go through with the  mission because humanity and Earth are beautiful,   so they deserve better. Ikaris tells Ajak he  has something to show her first and brings her   to Alaska. At a frozen lake, a bunch of Deviants  have reappeared, and Ikaris explains they were   frozen for centuries before the glacier begin  to melt because Earth's core got hotter thanks   to the incoming emergence. Then Ikaris announces  he's still loyal to Arishem and pushes Ajak to the   lake, where Kro quickly catches her and absorbs  her powers. Afterward Ikaris takes Ajak to the   farmhouse, where he leaves the body for Sersi to  find later. In his grief, he can't help shooting   beams that start a fire. Back to the present,  Ikaris tells Sersi that he still loves her, and   Sersi holds his hand in comfort without saying it  back. Moments later she feels the stone activating   inside her, meaning the emergence is about to  start. Phastos sends Makkari to locate the source   of the Emergence, and with her super speed she  goes all over Earth to find the right spot to be   an active volcano in the Indian Ocean. Suddenly  Ikaris puts on his armor and announces he wishes   Ajak didn't choose Sersi. He attacks the main  room and reveals he's known everything since   they left Babylon, and the team realizes it was  Ikaris who killed Ajak. When Mikkari comes back   with the intel, Ikaris tries to attack her, and  Kingo takes the hit for her. No seeing Ikaris   as his leader anymore, Kingo wants to attack him  back, but at that moment Sprite announces she's on   his side and creates an illusion that allows them  to escape. Afterward Kingo announces he's leaving   with Karun because he doesn't think saving Earth  is a good idea, since Celestials being born means   new planets being created as well. The team needs  a new plan to make up for the missing members,   and Druig points out Sersie was able to transform  a Deviant into a tree. However Sersi still has   doubts because she doesn't understand why she  was chosen by Ajak, so Thena explains a leader   protects their loved ones, and Ajak knew Sersi  loved humanity since day one. Ready to fight,   Sersi allows Phastos to take the special stone out  of her body and use it to power the Uni-mind. The   Eternals travel to the volcano and Ikaris orders  Sprite to protect the emergence while he breaks   into the ship. Thena begins fighting him to keep  him distracted, giving time to the others to   activate the Uni-mind, which deactivates  the volcano. Ikaris rushes to stop them,   first grabbing Druig and killing him with his  eye beams, then attacking the ship to make it   crash. Furious, Mikkari begins fighting Ikaris  fiercely while the volcano behind them erupts to   start the emergence. Sersi runs up the volcano  to see if she can do anything while Thena and   Gilgamesh join Mikkari to fight Ikaris, but he's  too powerful and they can't stop him even if they   work together. At that moment, Kro arrives and  joins the fight too, concentrating on Ikaris.   However the others don't want it to become more  powerful so they attack it first. Mikkari traps   it in a dirt tornado and Thena kicks him,  sending him into a cave. Ikaris uses the   distraction to try to go after Sersi, but Phastos  uses a special trap he invented to capture him   and keep him on the ground. Inside the cave, Kro  uses Gilgamesh's voice to mess with Thena's mind,   making her drop her guard. However when it is  about to absorb her powers, it accidentally   quotes Gilgamesh's "remember" and Thena wakes up  to immediately kill it. At the top of the volcano,   Sersi is shocked to find Ajak, only to suddenly  get stabbed. Ajak had been an illusion made by   Sprite, who has always been jealous of Sersi for  getting to live an adult life. She prepares her   powers to accelerate the emergence, but at that  moment Druig shows up and knocks her out. Suddenly   the ground starts to shake and the sea goes mad  as Tiamut emerges from the volcano. Sersi stands   on top of him and tries to use her powers to stop  him, but at that moment Ikaris frees himself from   Phastos' trap and goes after her. However seeing  the woman he overwhelms with memories and he can't   bring himself to kill her. Sersis uses the chance  to activate the Uni-mind and this allows her to   amplify her powers to transform Tiamut into  nothing but a giant rock statue. Realizing his   mistake, Ikaris apologizes in tears and flies to  space, where the sun burns him down to match the   legend of his name. Sprite is devastated to  see him gone, but Sersi still has some power   from the Uni-min left, thus she uses it to take  away Sprite’s immortality so that she may live a   normal human life. Once their mission is over. the  Eternals split up once again. Thena joins Makkari   and Druig on the Domo as they go look for other  Eternals, while Phastos returns to his family,   Sprite enlists in a boarding school, and Kingo  returns to his movies. Sersi rejoins Dane,   who accepts her for who she is. Suddenly, Arishem  appears in the sky and summons Sersi, Kingo, and   Phastos. He tells them that he knows they betrayed  them, so he'll take them away for judgment.
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