Fullmetal Alchemist

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Fullmetal Alchemist
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The movie is based in the fictional town of  Resembool, where people practice a rare form   of art known as ‘alchemy’. Using this art,  one can mold common metals like iron and   cobalt into precious ones like gold. There are  also people who use this art for transmutation,   that is, to resurrect dead humans.  However, it is not safe at all;   rumors say that if the procedure goes  south, there are grave consequences. In the first scene, we are introduced to  the Elric brothers; Edward and Alphonse,   who have been self-learning alchemy  from a young age. They mostly use books   from their library to carry out their  experiments. One day, they prepare a   toy and happily show it to their mother, who  congratulates them with a warm hug. However,   after they leave to play, she unexpectedly  passes away due to a cardiac arrest. The boys now have no one to look after them and  their days start turning into desperation. So,   not willing to give up on their mother, Edward  comes up with an idea. He mentions that using the   Alchemy book, they can practice transmutation  on their deceased mother and bring her back.   Alphonse, who has heard rumors about the scary  consequences, thinks that it is a bad idea,   but when Edward reassures him that there is  nothing to worry about, he agrees to help. In the next scene, the two brothers start  their preparations. They gather all the   ingredients as per the book and place  them at the center of the transmutation   circle. As soon as they begin chanting  the ritual, a dangerously large amount   of energy starts forming around the house, which  eventually turns into a vortex. At this point,   the brothers finally realize that  their experiment has gone awry,   but it is too late. The vortex ultimately rips  their house off and destroys everything in sight. The movie then fast forwards by 20 years; an all  grown up Edward is chasing after a priest with a   mysterious red stone. It is revealed that the  magical rock is capable of performing alchemy,   without the help of any ingredients.  Hence, when the priest is cornered,   he uses the stone to unleash stone  pillars, forcing Edward to retreat. Following this, he summons several terrifying  monsters from the underworld, and Edward also   conjures up his magic spear, revealing that  he has become a master alchemist. Right then,   a giant armored figure appears and starts  beating up the monsters one by one. He   uses his immense strength and throws them  around like ragdolls but in the process,   his helmet gets knocked off. Surprisingly, the  armor has no head, and his body is completely   hollow from inside. Meanwhile, Edward finishes off  the rest of the monsters and reveals that he, too,   has prosthetic limbs. He then mentions  that because of this trait in his body,   everyone calls him the ‘Full Metal Alchemist’. The terrified priest tries running away  from there, but Edward eventually catches   up to him. He then strikes the priest with  his prosthetic arm, causing the latter’s   redstone to get knocked off. Just when it  appears as if he has completed his mission,   the military, led by Colonel Mustang arrives and  apprehends both of them. Edward begs for the rock,   which he calls the philosopher’s stone, but  Colonel Mustang quickly showcases that it   is a fake. This devastates Edward as he has been  looking for the real one since years. Meanwhile,   the armor also arrives and reveals that he  is none other than Edward’s younger brother;   Alphonse. He tries to comfort Edward but due to  the distraction, the priest manages to get away. Later, everyone heads to the military base where  Colonel Mustang argues that there is no such thing   called a Philosopher's stone. The one that they  encountered earlier was simply an amplifier,   which has no transmutation abilities at all.  However, Edward is still hopeful that the real   stone is somewhere out there. He is desperately  looking for it so that he can regenerate his   brother and also his lost limbs. After the  meeting, as Edward is preparing to head home,   he meets his childhood best friend: Winry.  She mentions that she learnt about him through   the news and now wants to help him in his  mission of finding the Philosopher's stone. Elsewhere, the priest reaches a dark room  where a trio of magical gangsters are waiting   for him. Led by the ferocious leader:  Lust, the group has two other members:   Envy, a tall being who can transform  into anyone and Gluttony, a fat human   who has the ability to devour anything. It  turns out the priest was sent on an errand,   but since he couldn’t get the job done, Lust is  furious. Hence, as a punishment, she extends her   claws and impales him brutally. Once the priest  is dead, Gluttony swoops in and devours him. Meanwhile, Edward is trying to get some  sleep but he keeps on having visions about   the incident from 20 years ago. Right  after the failed transmutation process,   Edward is brought to the gate of truth, where  all knowledge of the universe lies within. Then,   the gate suddenly opens and he is sucked  inside by some creepy tentacles. Edward is   sent flying through the universe, and at one  point, he sees his mother in the distance. He   desperately tries to reach out for her, but the  next second, he is again brought outside the gate. However now, Edward has vast knowledge of alchemy  and how to use it without the books. Right then,   a transparent deity appears and introduces  himself as God. He says that if anyone wants   to bring their loved ones from the dead,  they will have to make a deal. Saying this,   he takes one of Edward’s limbs away as the  latter had tried to bring his mother back. Later, Edward wakes up in his house, which is  revealed to be still intact. However, his limb   is missing, and even his brother; Alphonse, is  nowhere to be found. This makes him realize that   even Alphone sacrificed himself for the alchemy.  Edward then goes near the place where they had   conducted the experiment and notices a monstrosity  of a human, which resembles nothing close to their   mother. Enraged, he knocks over an armor set and  starts transmuting to bring his brother back. The plan works and he is again brought outside  the gate of truth, where the deity is waiting   for him. However, since he has requested for his  brother’s life, he has to again sacrifice one of   his limbs. Following this, he wakes up in his  bed with two of his limbs missing. His brother:   Alphonse, has also been brought back to  life, but only in the form of an armor. Back in the present, Colonel Mustang takes  the brothers, and Winry to an experienced   alchemist named Tucker, hoping that he has  some information on the philosopher’s stone.   Once they arrive at his mansion, Tucker shows  them his inventions. He has created some hybrid   organisms by fusing different animals with one  another. He then reveals that some years ago,   he was a prominent state alchemist working  for the government, but unfortunately,   all his experiments were deemed useless and  so he was kicked out. Now, he is trying his   best to come up with different inventions, so  that he can be reinstated back to his position. In the next scene, Tucker and Edward have a  private meeting where the latter reveals his   entire story and why he is after the  precious stone. Tucker mentions that   while he doesn’t know its exact location,  he will definitely help in retrieving it. Following this, Edward and Winry board a train to  another city. They are attempting to meet Doctor   Marco, another scientist who apparently knows  about the philosopher’s stone. Unfortunately,   their first meeting is very hostile as Marco  mistakes them for bad guys and points a gun   at them. In response, Edward tries to calm  him down but ends up knocking him out. When   Marco regains consciousness, he refuses  to talk about the philosopher’s stone,   saying it’s for their own good. Just then, he  notices something wrong and shoots at the window.   It turns out the deadly woman: Lust, was spying  on them all along. She slowly approaches the trio,   and despite getting shot multiple times  in the chest, doesn’t stop. At last,   she pins everyone to the wall using her  extended claws, and then fatally stabs Marco. Once she leaves, Marco, using his last breaths,  tells Edward that the truth about the stone’s   origins can be found in ‘Laboratory 5’. This  is apparently a secret building that is being   used by the Military. Edward tries to know  more about it, but sadly, Marco passes away. After the incident, Edward rushes back to  Tucker’s mansion, only to find that he has   created a unique creature that looks like a blend  of a human and a dog. Tucker then reveals that he   actually sacrificed his daughter and pet dog  for the sake of his experiment. Furthermore,   the previous creature was made from his wife’s  body parts. Hearing this, Edward gets enraged   and starts beating Tucker up. He almost kills the  mad scientist but fortunately, Alphonse arrives in   the nick of time and stops him. After Tucker is  apprehended, Edward starts going through several   books in hopes of finding about Laboratory 5.  However, even after weeks of research, he doesn’t   get a single clue. But one evening, as he is still  in the library, the military general arrives there   and reveals that Laboratory 5 is actually the  nickname given to the military cannery that   is no longer operational. Hearing this, Edward  immediately summons his team and rushes there. Meanwhile, one of the senior captains of  the military does additional research on   Laboratory 5 and finds out that it is actually  a large transmutation circle. Apparently,   something is being created there. He tries to  inform his superiors about it but unfortunately,   Lust stops him from doing so. Somehow, the  captain rushes out of the house and enters   a payphone to call his general, but Envy takes  up the form of Colonel Mustang and kills him.   The plan is to frame the Colonel and put him  behind bars for a long time. Unfortunately,   the plan works as a few bystanders  witness the incident and immediately   report it to the authorities. Elsewhere, the mad  scientist: Tucker also escapes from captivity. In the next scene, Edward and his friends are  apprehended by the military on grounds of being   associated with the murderer Mustang. They  are then locked inside a room, but Edward,   using his quick thinking, quickly  frees his group and helps them escape. Following this, they steal a vehicle  and arrive at Laboratory 5 premises,   where Colonel Mustang is in a standoff with  another lieutenant. To everyone’s surprise,   he snaps his fingers and lights the lieutenant  on fire. Just as it seems that Colonel Mustang   has gone insane, the burning lieutenant suddenly  transforms herself. It turns out it was Envy in   disguise. Soon, the rest of the bad guys arrive,  and Lust stabs Colonel Mustang in the abdomen,   injuring him severely. Then, she flees the  scene, with Edward following her closely. Soon after, Edward arrives at an abandoned room  where a large transmutation circle is drawn.   Before he can even make sense of the situation,  the mad scientist: Tucker shows up. He brings out   a philosopher’s stone from his pocket and reveals  that these things are actually mass produced   inside this facility. In fact, it is the military  that is carrying out the operation. Tucker then   reveals that in order to bring back someone  from the dead, a sacrifice is compulsory. So,   the high ranking military members were bringing  back their loved ones at the expense of prisoners.   Hearing this, Edward is taken aback and disgusted,  but before he could inquire more, Lust arrives in   the room and kills Tucker for revealing too  much information. Here, we get to know that   Lust is a homunculus, a rare but powerful breed  that is artificially created using alchemy. Just then, the general, who is the mastermind  behind all this, also arrives. He explains that   he did all this to create an army of supernatural  beings, and that Lust is one of his best warriors.   He then turns on the power inside the room,  revealing thousands of lifeless creatures inside   their pods. After this, the general injects the  philosopher’s stone into a large tank cylinder,   and when the solution enters the creatures’  body, they start coming to life one by one. The general is excited to see his ‘babies’ finally  take their first steps and goes to greet them. But   to his dismay, they immediately corner him  and start tearing him up. At the same time,   the colonel, Alphonse, Winry and other generals  also arrive at the room and team up with Edward to   take down the monsters. At first, they are easily  outnumbered and it appears as if they are going to   be killed, but then, Colonel Mustang figures out  that in order to finish off the creatures, they   have to strike their heads. Using this technique,  the group eventually starts making some kills. However, the creatures just keep on coming, so  Edward and his team are forced outside. There,   the battle continues as Lust and her  goons also show up. Colonel Mustang,   who is still reeling from the earlier injury,  somehow manages to conjure up all his strength   and unleash a deadly flame, which burns  Envy and eventually kills him. After this,   the colonel turns his attention to Lust,  but all his attacks are futile. She keeps   regenerating her body even after being  critically impaled in the chest. As Edward   and the colonel look in astonishment, Lust  reveals that she has a philosopher’s stone   embedded within her chest. This is why she  has incredible strength and healing abilities. Unfortunately for her, she reveals the exact  thing she shouldn’t have. Edward, Alphonse   and the colonel gang up on her and unleash  several attacks, and when she is distracted,   the colonel rips out the stone from her  chest, killing her instantly. Meanwhile,   Gluttony watches all this go down from a  distance. Realizing that his comrades have   been killed, he sneaks out of the place  quietly, unwilling to risk his own life. After the battle is finally won, Colonel Mustang  hands over the philosopher’s stone to Edward,   saying he can use it to bring his brother back.  The latter obliges and starts his alchemy,   and the next second, he is brought next to  the gate of truth. His brother: Alphonse   is also there in his true human form. Now, all  Edward has to do is hand over the stone to the   deity in exchange for his brother. However,  at the last moment, he backs out. Edward no   longer wants to use the evil stone for personal  benefit, as he has seen how it can destroy lives. In the final scene, Edward returns back to reality  and apologizes to his brother for not bringing his   body back. To his surprise, Alphonse immediately  forgives him, saying he doesn’t want to use   alchemy either. He reasons that the forbidden  technique put them in this state in the first   place, and it’s best to refrain from the stone  forever. The movie ends as the two brothers,   Winry and the colonel stare at the sun,  delighted that they have reduced earth.
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