In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

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In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
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In the kingdom of Ehb, mage Gallian visits  Muriella to spend some time together. Muriella   loves kissing Gallian because she believes  there's love between them, but Gallian is   actually absorbing the magic that runs in her  mage bloodline. As they keep on kissing, nature   outside is ruined by the dark forces of Gallian's  ritual. Muriella's father Merick is in the area   and senses this energy, so he goes to investigate  and discovers Gallian is using magic to control an   army of beasts known as krugs. Meanwhile an orphan  known as Farmer works hard on the land. He lives   happily with his son Zeph and his wife Solana, who  Farmer hasn't told "I love you" to yet. They're   often visited by Farmer's best friend Norick, who  informs Farmer that the king's army is recruiting   men and pays well. Farmer turns the offer down  because he prefers a boring life if it means   staying with family. At the royal castle, King  Konreid receives news of the krugs killing people   all over the place, including a royal guard.  Konreid's nephew Fallow fights the concept of such   peaceful beasts attacking ridiculous, but Konreid  believes dark sorcery is involved. The next day,   Solana and Zeph go to visit Solana's parents  and her brother Bastian at the village while   Farmer stays at home to work. He suddenly  feels a weird presence in the area, and a   quick investigation reveals a bunch of krugs are  invading. Farmer reveals to have secret fighting   techniques that he uses to quickly defeat all the  beasts before the runs to check on Norick, who is   also under attack while his barn burns. Together  the two friends fight and defeat all the enemies,   but unfortunately there's no saving the barn.  Afterward Farmer asks Norick for a horse because   he fears more krugs may be going to the village.  Back in the royal castle, Muriella is taking sword   lessons with Commander Tarish. He respects  Muriella's skill with the sword, but he can't   accept her into his army because she's a woman.  Their training is interrupted by Fallow, who tells   Tarish to prepare his soldiers because the krugs  are ransacking the land. It's clear that Tarish   dislikes Fallow for being a good-for-nothing,  but he has no choice but to obey. In the village,   Solana is hanging out with her dad and son in  the tower, when she suddenly sees the krugs   coming. She immediately asks her father to take  Zeph to a safe place while she rings the bell to   raise the alarm. The villagers panic and run as  the krugs begin destroying everything in their   path. At that moment, Farmer and Norick  arrive at the village and join the fight,   killing as many krugs as they can. Farmer is  desperate to find Solana and hears from her family   that she's still at the bell tower, so Norick and  Bastian help him find her while Zeph stays with   his grandparents. Meanwhile the krugs reach the  tower and kidnap Solana. In his fortress, Gallian   is using his magic to control the krugs. He sends  backup in the form of dark knights that serve as   his avatar and allow him to see what's going on.  When Farmer approaches the tower, he finds it on   fire and assumes Solana's already dead. Gallian  sends a dark knight after Farmer and to his shock,   Farmer fights the dark knight without issues  and even manages to kill him. However Gallian   doesn't give up and gains control of a second  knight that he sends to Solana's house to kill   her parents. When Farmer arrives, he immediately  starts another fight against more incoming krugs   while the knight finds Zeph hiding in the closet.  Zeph quickly runs away and the knight follows him   so that Gallian can have the pleasure of killing  him. While Bastian gets home and is devastated   to find his dead parents, Farmer finds Zeph and  cries for his loss. After Gallian makes his army   retreat with a bunch of prisoners, Farmer  and Bastian bury Zeph and his grandparents.   Norick points out they didn't find Solana's body,  so she could still be alive. At the royal castle,   Fallow meets with Gallian to remind him they had  a deal to take over the throne together. Fallow   doesn't think Gallian's working fast enough, but  Gallian's too worried about Farmer and his ability   to strike dark knights. Some hours later, King  Konreid and his group arrive looking for people   who want to join the royal army. Farmer turns  them down, saying the king has plenty of soldiers   and walls to protect him. Norick and Bastian agree  with him and accept to join his search for Solana,   but they're suddenly intercepted by Merick, who  thinks Norick and Farmer look familiar. Merick   tries to explain to Farmer that the king needs  him more than they know, but Farmer dismisses   him. After a few hours of riding, Farmer, Norick,  and Bastian reach a broken bridge above a cliff.   They send the horses back and then cross the  gap by sliding down a rope with their belts.   Farmer reaches the other end safely, but Norick  and Bastian fall into the water. Thankfully they   don't get hurt in the process. Meanwhile the king  and his men return to the castle and find only one   guard sleeping at the entrance. To make matters  worse, Fallow is using the throne to get frisky   with a woman. Konreid scolds him for his behavior,  then he makes Tarish take Fallow away. This causes   Fallow to slap Tarish for touching him, but Tarish  can't respond because Fallow is still royalty.   Afterward, Fallow goes to Gallian to demand an  acceleration of the plan. Gallian needs more power   for that, so he visits Muriella, who tells him  her father considers Gallian an enemy of the king.   Gallian dismisses that comment as Merick just  being too judgemental, but since Muriella won't   drop the subject, Gallian gets furious and yells  at her. This scares Muriella and causes her to   kick him out. The next morning, Fallow apologizes  to Konreid and promises to do better, so Konreid   allows him to share his breakfast. Afterward,  Konreid discusses with Tarish the strange behavior   the krugs are showing and how they should attack.  Muriella takes the chance to speak to Konreid to   ask what's going on because nobody tells her  anything. Konreid is about to explain the krug   problem but he suddenly starts feeling dizzy and  he passes out. Merick senses his king is in danger   and begins making his way back to the castle while  Fallow goes to see Gallian because he feels sick   as well. Gallian reveals that he poisoned the  king's breakfast and that he has the antidote,   which he gives to Fallow only after making him beg  and reminding him who is really in charge. Moments   later, Merick arrives and uses his magic to start  working on the poison in the king's system. Tarish   informs him Fallow has fled the castle and took  two full legions with him, which may indicate he   did the poisoning but also Gallian's help. When  Tarish wonders how Gallian got so much power,   Merick gets suspicious and visits Muriella,  who confirms she had been getting close to   Gallian. Merick explains to her that she had  been used and her bad decisions are bringing   chaos to the kingdom, which causes Muriella  to have a breakdown. Outside the royal estate,   Fallow tells the soldiers to follow him, and when  one man wonders why Tarish isn't with them, Fallow   kills him. Then he threatens to kill anyone who  doesn't follow him because it would technically   be treason. Meanwhile, Farmer, Bastian, and  Norick get lost in the forest. They feel a   weird presence surrounding them and suddenly, a  bunch of plants grab them by their feet and hang   them upside down. This is a trap from nymphs,  who don't want warriors in their forest. Farmer   uses his weapons to free himself and swears they  mean no harm, so the nymphs let them go on the   condition they get out of the woods immediately.  The guys admit they're lost and the nymphs accept   to guide them to the edge of the forest while  explaining they don't get involved in humans'   problems. The trio makes it out of the woods at  night and finds the krugs that are transporting   the carts with the prisoners to their lair. One of  the beasts tries to attack them, but they quickly   kill it and Norick takes its helmet, getting an  idea. He and Bastian dress up as krugs and pretend   to bring Farmer as a prisoner, giving him the  chance to look for Solana. Unfortunately Bastian   and Norick are recognized as humans and captured  anyway. Farmer finds Solana in one of the cages,   but a dark knight knocks him out from behind  before he can rescue her. Back at the castle,   Konreid wakes up and Merick informs him of  Fallow's doings. Konreid orders Tarish to get   the army ready to attack and he'll come along  instead of resting. On a road not far away,   Solana wakes up and discovers Norick and Bastian  are with her. She breaks down when they tell her   about her parents and Zeph, but Norick promises  Farmer will come for her. In the meantime,   Farmer wakes up to find himself tied to a tree.  There's a dark knight next to him that Gallian   uses to communicate, admitting he's curious about  Farmer because he can't read him like he does with   other normal humans. Gallian wants to know what  Farmer is, but since Farmer doesn't have answers,   Gallian pulls the rope to try to kill him. However  Farmer moves quickly and kicks the knight to kill   him with his own weapon, then he cuts the rope  to save himself. Nearby, Merick senses Gallian's   magic and rushes to find Farmer barely alive, so  he helps him by sharing some magic medicine. At   the castle, Muriella deals with her feelings of  guilt over having given her magic to Gallian. She   considers ending things, but her best friend comes  to stop her, pointing out that would only make   matters worse. Muriella decides she wants to make  up for her mistakes and make her father proud,   so she puts on armor and leaves the castle to join  the fight. Moments later, Fallow makes his army   join a krug camp, saying they're part of his army  too. This isn't liked by the soldiers. Meanwhile   Merick brings Farmer to the king's camp to  introduce him to Konreid, because he has big news:   Farmer is the king's lost son. He's sure of this  because Norick used to tend the queen's horses,   and after the massacre at Oxley Pass, Norick found  a little boy wandering around. There was only one   child at Oxley Pass back then, the prince. Farmer  refuses to believe this and leaves the tent. While   he searches for a horse to go back to look for his  wife, Merick approaches him to ask him to join the   army again. Farmer refuses, so Merick points  out there's no point in saving Solana if the   king doesn't win the war because then Merick  won't have a place to live. A moment later,   Tarish approaches Fallow to try to solve this  without a fight. He calls him a traitor and   announces any soldier under his command will be  considered one as well. Fallow laughs because he   believes himself to be the new king and nothing  can be done against him, but at that moment   Konreid shows up to prove he's still alive. The  soldiers that followed Fallow immediately return   to their king's side and get ready for battle,  Tarish is shocked to see Farmer joining them as   well. Suddenly Fallow's krug army arrives. The  king's archers deal with the first wave, then   the sword wielders come through to start a fierce  battle. Gallian uses his magic to send some krugs   underground, allowing them to grab the soldiers by  surprise from below. The humans are good fighters   and manage to keep up their defenses, but things  get more complicated when Gallian sends some dark   knights and catapults that shoot rocks and even  krugs themselves on fire. While the archers find   a safe spot to bring down the krugs in charge of  the catapults, the king also joins the fight, so   the dark knights try going after him. The soldiers  can't stop them no matter how much they attack,   but Farmer knows he's special and opens the path  to reach the knights and quickly kill them. This   distraction is used by Fallow to shoot Konreid in  the chest. The king doesn't give up and continues   fighting, but Merick orders the guards to take  him away. Fallow immediately rides away and Farmer   tries to catch him, but another dark knight gets  in his way and Farmer has to stay to fight him. By   holding onto the knight's horse, Farmer manages to  reach the knight and kill him too. The king's army   wins the battle, but Gallian thinks they're just  buying time. Nearby, Muriella uses her special   senses to understand what direction she needs to  take and discovers there's a dark knight following   her, so she rides away into the woods. Moments  later, Fallow and the few men he has left show up   in the forest with the intention of returning to  the castle because it's empty and up for taking.   They suddenly stop when they find a dark knight  hanging from a tree, and just a little further in,   Muriella is waiting. Fallow thinks he's found  the perfect victim to kidnap, but at that moment   the plants start moving: it turns out this is a  trap and the nymphs now capture all the soldiers.   Scared, Fallow grabs his sword and tries to  kill Muriella, who quickly defends herself.   A nymph on a vine jumps in to take Muriella away  and Fallow tries to escape, but he finds himself   blocked by the bodies of his own soldiers. The  vines capture Fallow and Muriella announces he's   coming with her. At Gallian's fortress, the krugs  arrive with all the prisoners and as soon as they   open the cages, Bastian and Norick start a fight.  Solana gets to run away with another prisoner,   but unfortunately Norick dies in battle. Bastian  joins the girls in the corridor trying to find a   way out, but the krugs find them and re-capture  them. In the king's camp, Konreid isn't well,   so Merick calls Farmer to make him face his  father's last wishes. Konreid uses a quote   about bravery and hard work that Farmer heard  before, and this proves he's his son because   Konreid only said that to the prince. The king  thinks that Farmer's skills in battle prove he   shall be a worthy leader, but also reveals he  knows a lot about other subjects like plants   and animals because he cares about his kingdom  and what's going on in it. Farmer is impressed   and holds Konreid's hand as he accepts his dream  of peace right before the king dies. Outside,   Tarish welcomes Muriella and sees her bring  Fallow with her. Tarish immediately frees Fallow   from the vines and challenges him to a duel for  the king's honor. Fallow accepts and begins the   fight by attacking Tarish from behind, but Tarish  quickly recovers and shows off his skills, easily   overpowering Fallow. At that moment, a soldier  brings the announcement of Konreid's death,   and Fallow laughs because that means he's the  new king and they can't hurt him. He tries to   order the soldiers around, but he's interrupted  by Merick, who introduces everyone to Farmer,   explaining he's Konreid's son and therefore  the new king. Merick accuses Fallow of killing   Kinreid, and while a soldier finally arrests  Fallow, everyone kneels to Farmer as their new   king. At his fortress, Gallian learns that Solana  is among the prisoners and wants to use her to   make Farmer come to him. He touches her creepily  and using his magic, Gallian discovers that Solana   is pregnant. Back at the royal camp, the army  says goodbye to Konreid with a proper funeral   before making battle plans. Muriella tries to  join the army again and this time Farmer accepts   her as a soldier. She also knows of other people  that want to help and takes Farmer to the woods,   surprising him with the presence of the  nymphs. They usually don't want to fight,   but they've changed their mind because the krugs  are now attacking their forest too. Moments later,   Farmer takes his army to Gallian's fortress, where  the mage summons a storm to make the battle harder   for the humans. As a fierce battle begins between  krugs and the royal guards plus the nymphs,   Merick takes Farmer around the mountain to  show him a secret entrance to Gallian's lair.   Then Merick teleports inside to confront Gallian  directly, since they used to be friends before   Gallian fell into the darkness. The last existing  mages in the kingdom start a fight by controlling   swords with their magic, and Gallian uses all the  power he's stolen from Muriella to stab Merick,   leaving him to die alone. Outside, a nymph helps  Farmer use a rope to jump over a cliff and gain   access to the secret entrance. Muriella senses  her father's death and teleports into the fortress   to say goodbye to him. Before dying, Merick gives  his daughter the last of his magic. In the caves,   Bastian manages to get the chains off the walls  and gathers some of the prisoners to fight the   krugs while the others take the chance to escape.  Farmer sneaks inside the fortress until he finds   Solana, but Gallian is waiting for him. Solana  tries to run away, but Gallian hits her with   magic to make her stay. Then Gallian grabs a sword  to fight Farmer, and as soon as he realizes Farmer   has better skills, he begins using magic to toss  tables at him and float away from Farmer's hits.   While Tarish and the nymphs have trouble against  the dark knights that join the krugs in battle,   Farmer manages to disarm Gallian and wound his  head. Gallian responds by capturing Farmer in a   magic hurricane of books and retrieves his sword  to kill him, only to be interrupted by Muriella,   who uses her magic to save Farmer and freeze  Gallian. Solana sees the opportunity and with   Farmer's sword, she stabs Gallian to  get revenge for her son. Now free,   Farmer comes forward and finishes Gallian once  and for all. The death of the mage causes all   the dark knights to disappear and krugs to  calm down and leave because they aren't under   his control anymore. The prisoners and the  army take a breath as they realize they won.   Farmer and Solana celebrate their victory with a  kiss, and Farmer finally tells her he loves her.
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