Mechanic: Resurrection

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Mechanic: Resurrection
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After faking his death during his last adventures,  former hitman Arthur is living a peaceful life in   Rio de Janeiro under a fake identity. One  afternoon while he's enjoying his time at   a nice restaurant, Arthur is approached by Renee,  who has proof of who he really is. She represents   a powerful man that wants to hire Arthur to  kill three enemies and make it look like an   accident. If he turns the offer down, her boss  will let criminals know Arthur's alive. Arthur   pretends he needs to make a call and takes out his  phone, but actually he uses it to take a picture   of Renee. She immediately takes out her gun and  Arthur responds by pushing the table against her,   turning down the offer. All the henchmen Renee  brought attack Arthur, and he fights them all   using his self-defense skills and any object  he can find in the restaurant, including the   grill itself. Then Arthur jumps on the roof of a  passing sky tram to get away, but Renee and her   men board the same tram and try to shoot Arthur  from inside. Renee also tries to climb up to him,   so Arthur decides to jump on the back of a hand  glider to escape successfully. In the evening,   Arthur makes it back to the boat he lives in and  finds some suspicious men checking it out. Using a   remote control he activates the bombs he installed  in case of emergencies and makes the boat explode,   killing those guys. Afterward he goes to an  old container where he's hidden all his tools   and burns his old passport to replace  it with a new identity. Sometime later,   Arthur moves to Thailand, where his old friend Mei  gives him back his old hut. Under the hut floor,   Arthur has hidden more weapons and tools, so he  immediately begins working on researching Renee.   He discovers she works for Crain, a dangerous  criminal he's very familiar with. The next day,   a woman named Gina comes to Mei's place to ask  for some first aid supplies. Mei notices there   are some bruises on her, but Gina turns down  any extra help. When night falls Mei hears   screaming coming from one of the boats and  notices Gina is being violently mistreated   by a man called Frank. Mei asks Arthur  for help and while he doesn't want to go,   he knows he owes it to Mei. When he makes it to  the boat, Arthur tries to ask for Gina nicely,   but Frank attacks him. Arthur immediately defends  himself and when Frank falls, he accidentally hits   his head and dies. When Gina sees the body,  she passes out, and Mei approaches the boat   too to bring her to the shore. Meanwhile Arthur  looks around and finds a gun, Gina's passport,   and a phone with his own picture. Then Arthur sets  the boat on fire. When Arthur returns to the hut,   he wakes Gina up and demands to know if she works  for Crain while pointing a gun at her. Gina tries   to disarm him, but Arthur easily overpowers  her and makes her talk. Crain did send Gina,   but she doesn't actually work for him, Crain is  blackmailing her into doing this. She was supposed   to play an innocent victim to get Arthur's  attention, and Frank got a little too much into   his role. The plan was to get close to Arthur and  then call Crain, but Arthur forbids her from doing   so, he'll decide when these guys get to come. The  next day, Arthur discovers Gina used to be part   of a humanitarian group that offered assistance in  Cambodia. Arthur asks Gina what Crain has on her,   and Gina explains she ran a shelter for victims of  human trafficking. A few weeks ago, a staff member   disappeared, and two days later her body was left  at her door. Crain sent a henchman that would kill   the kids if Gina didn't accept to do this mission  for him. Later, Arthur notices a boat nearby with   men looking at the shore. They probably were  sent by Crain, so Arthur walks around hand in   hand with Gina to make them think her mission  is going well. Mei notices this and puts them   together through some old Thai traditions at the  party she's throwing, and Arthur and Gina end up   having lots of fun together. In the evening,  Gina apologizes to Arthur for getting him into   this mess. Arthurs explains he understands  because he was an orphan too. He was sold to   a gangster that trained child soldiers, and Crain  was there too. While Arthur escaped, Crain didn't,   and Arthur thinks they blamed Crain for it and  now he wants revenge. Then Gina and Arthur kiss   and spend the night together. Afterward, Arthur  promises Gina he's been arranging everything for   her to escape without endangering the kids.  He won't make the kills Crain wants him to,   he'll only kill Crain himself. Arthur also gifts  Gina his father's watch, the only memory he has   of the man. The next morning, a group of policemen  arrives at the beach, but Gina recognizes one of   them as Crain's man. Arthur begins fighting them  off, but while he's busy, the men kidnap Gina,   so Arthur has no choice but to accept a meeting  with Crain. Moments later, Crain tells Arthur   that if he wants Gina back, he'll have to do three  kills for him and make them look like an accident.   The first one is Krill, the highest-profile arms  dealer in Africa who is currently in a Malaysian   prison. Crain also gives him a pill he must  swallow after the kill for them to find him.   While Arthur works, Gina is kept hidden in one of  Crain's many boats. Arthur travels to Malaysia and   begins researching the prison, which is on top of  cliffs and surrounded by shark-infested waters,   so it's impossible to sneak in. With a plan  in mind, Arthur buys some powerful explosives   that he disguises as chewing hum, some shark  repellent that he puts in a skin cream tin,   and hides the capsule inside a cigarette. Lastly,  he makes a fake ID and disguises himself as an   infamous wanted criminal. As soon as Arthur begins  walking the Malaysian streets, he gets recognized   and arrested. In prison, the reception guard  doesn't notice anything weird about his items   and allows them to keep them. The first few days,  Arthur takes it easy and talks to other prisoners   to learn more about his target. Krill has his men  following him at all times because lots of people   want to kill him. Even if he's locked up, Krill  manages all his business from here and is the real   boss of the place. Arthur watches a knife exchange  hands between two prisoners, and during lunchtime,   he bumps against them on purpose to discreetly  steal that knife. Later, one of Krill's former   men tries to kill Krill for revenge, but Arthurs  cuts in and kills him with the knife. Krill is   very impressed and invites Arthur to have dinner  with him, Arthur only accepts if Krill is willing   to leave his men outside. Surprisingly  Krill accepts his terms and in the evening,   Arthur is taken from his cell to meet Krill at his  private hut. Krill tries to offer Arthur a job,   but as soon as he turns around, Arthur jumps on  him and kills him by putting pressure on his neck.   Then he mixes the snake venom Krill used for his  rituals with his actual drink to make it look like   Krill ended things for himself. The guards outside  are getting suspicious, but Arthur puts the body   in a praying position so the guards think the  silence is for the sake of religion. Afterward,   Arthur puts the explosive gum on a prison wall  to make a hole. Then he swallows the pill,   covers himself with the shark repellent, and  jumps into the water before the cops can catch   him. Crain's men are waiting for him in a fishing  boat, and Arthur gets to escape safely. Crain   makes a videocall to prove Gina is fine and  gives Arthur his second target: Adrian Cook,   a human trafficker that lives in Australia.  Some days later, Arthur is investigating his   target. He learns that Cook's penthouse suite is  impenetrable, but he also has a cantilever pool   that overhangs above the streets. Arthur hires  a helicopter to study the building from afar,   then he pretends to be interested in one of the  apartments near Cook's. While the realtor shows   him around, Arthur calls her phone to distract  her, and he takes pictures of the apartment   keys so he can make a duplicate. Lastly he uses  dangerous chemicals to create a small but potent   explosive that can shatter glass and make it look  like it broke from pressure. A few days later,   Arthur disguises himself as a technician to  enter the building without being noticed,   then he uses the duplicate key to get inside  the apartment. Using advanced equipment,   Arthur leaves through the window and climbs up the  building until he reaches the pool, where he makes   a small hole to insert his special explosive.  Cook is currently swimming and can see Arthur,   but before he can call the guards, the glass  starts to crack. Arthur jumps away and slides down   the building to return to the apartment while the  swimming pool breaks and Cook falls to his death.   Crain sees Cook's death on the news and orders his  men to get things ready for the next videocall.   Gina notices they make her sit near a window that  happens to show the boat's hull number, so she   moves the camera to put the window on the frame.  When the call starts, Gina raises her hand to show   Arthur the watch as a way to make him look at the  number. As soon as the henchman notices he ends   the call, but Arthur manages to get the number and  uses it to find the location of the boat. Later,   Arthur makes a helicopter follow Crain's boat, and  he jumps into the water with a bag full of special   equipment. After hiding the bag under the boat,  Arthur sneaks aboard and begins killing every man   he comes across. Unfortunately he's seen and  Arthur finds himself in a hand-to-hand fight   against a bunch of thugs while Gina is taken out  of the room. She tries to defend herself but her   basic skills aren't enough and she's put in a  helicopter. Arthur jumps on one of the guards   and takes his grenade to knock out the thugs that  are after him, using the guy as a shield at the   same time. Sadly more men arrive and tase him to  capture him. Moments later, Gina and Arthur are   taken to another boat, where Crain confesses he  knew Arthur would try this because he can't help   himself, but he still has to do the third kill.  After Crain leaves, Arthur beats up the guards   instead of letting them take him away properly.  Then he jumps into the water where he retrieves   his equipment, which includes an oxygen tank and  a small engine that allows him to escape safely.   A few days later, Arthur is in Bulgaria, where  he gets the details of the last kill: Max Adams,   an American arms dealer. Arthur begins doing  his research and realizes that Adams has max   security fortress where he keeps submarines with  intercontinental ballistic missiles. He also   realizes that these kills are Crain's attempt at  getting rid of all his competition in arm dealing,   which makes him have second thoughts. Sometime  later, Arthur shoots at one of Adams' guards from   afar, then he sneaks onto the roof of a hospital  to hide in the emergency helicopter. The pilot   flies to Adams' fortress to check on the fallen  soldier, and while everyone is distracted, Arthur   gets to enter the building. Inside, he installs a  jammer to ruin the security cameras, then begins   taking down any guard he sees. Soon the building  is put under alert and the henchmen escort Adams   to his panic room, Arthur delays them by making  the elevator malfunction. By the time Adams   makes it to his room, Arthur is already there  waiting for him. However Arthur doesn't shoot,   instead he offers Adams to work together to bring  down Crain. Arthur's plan begins with Adams faking   his own death. Sometime later, Adams is checking  his submarines and when he walks on a bridge,   a bomb explodes. Arthur is ready underwater and  shares an oxygen tank with Adams to get him away   to a beach. Crain sees the explosion on tv, where  the news announce Adams' was buried in the water   under a bunch of debris. At that moment Arthur  calls him to inform him of the third kill, but   Crain won't believe him until he sees the body.  Arthur promises the body can be found underwater,   so after hanging up, Crain sends his men to find  Adams' body and kill Arthur. Meanwhile Arthur   returns to the submarine pen and prepares a bunch  of traps in advance. When Crain's henchmen arrive,   one by one they fall into the traps and die, and  those who don't are killed by Arthur from the   shadows. Crain realizes Arthur is coming for him  next and puts Gina outside as bait. Arthur travels   underwater and reaches the boat to immediately  begin killing every guard on sight. Crain sees   him on the security footage and orders his men  to bring Gina back inside right before Arthur   destroys the cameras. Gina tries to fight the  guard that grabbed her and ends up with a wound   on her stomach, then the guard pushes her into  the jacuzzi for Crain to grab her next. While   Arthur continues to fight the guards, Crain  takes Gina inside and activates an explosive   hidden in the boat. Then he leaves to try to  escape in his rescue boat. Just a second later   Arthur finds Gina and learns about the bomb, so  Arthur puts Gina in an emergency release pod and   sends her away. Afterward Arthur goes after Crain,  killing the last few guards before a hand-to-hand   fight ensues. Crain puts his hands on the anchor  chain and uses it to capture Arthur by his leg,   but Arthur takes advantage of its length and uses  it to tie Crain to the boat. Crain laughs because   Arthur took too long and he'll die too, but Arthur  doesn't look too worried and he runs inside right   before the bomb explodes. Gina watches the boat  blow into pieces and catch on fire, and cries for   Arthur's death. At least the explosion gave  away their position and she's rescued by the   coast guard. Adams also watches from the shore  and thinks there's something weird about the boat   pieces that are being brought from the sea, he  also notices a security camera nearby. Some weeks   later, Gina is back in Cambodia with the kids, and  she writes to Mei to thank her for her donation of   a water filter. One afternoon while she's busy  teaching, she's shocked to discover Arthur is   alive and has come to see her. Meanwhile Adams  researches Crain's boat and learns this model   has something called a diving bell, which contains  trapped air to allow divers to breathe underwater.   With a theory in mind, Adams check the security  footage and confirms Arthur escaped by hiding in   the diving bell. Impressed by this plan, Adams  deletes the footage to protect Arthur's future.
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