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In a small town in Spain, teenage girl Sara lives  with her family, helping with her father's butcher   shop. Her mother is rather strict and doesn't let  her go outside until she's done all her studying,   even in the middle of summer. While this bothers  Sara, she can't deny she isn't always eager   to go out because nobody ever invites her to  anything and she's constantly bullied by other   teenagers for her big-sized body, especially  the popular girl clique formed by Maca, Rocío,   and Claudia. It's particularly hurtful coming  from Claudia because she used to be good friends   with Sara when they were kids. These girls are so  mean that one afternoon they stop by the shop to   pick up an order made by Claudia's mother and use  the chance to take a picture of Sara's family to   then post it with the hashtag "the three little  pigs" on Instagram. Now Sara has to stay inside   and deal with the pain inflicted by all the mean  comments while the popular girls have a great time   at the local pool, where the waitress doesn't  notice that the Stranger is watching everyone   carefully. The lifeguard does notice this Stranger  though and calls him a clown. Later that day,   Sara's mother insists she needs to go out after  studying, but her idea is for Sara to go hunting   with her dad. Sara ignores her and waits for the  whole town to take the traditional afternoon nap   to go to the pool, that way nobody will be there  and she can avoid being made fun of. Unfortunately   she isn't alone after all: the Stranger is there  taking a swim, although at least he doesn't   comment on her bikini. The ones that do comment  are the trio of popular girls, who are also around   and take the chance to make fun of Sara, calling  her a piggy while making pig noises. While the   Stranger leaves the pool to get his van, Sara  swims underwater to try to escape the mockery,   and since her eyes are closed she doesn't see  the body of the lifeguard tied to a chair at the   bottom of the pool. When she resurfaces to take  a breath, the trio puts a pool skimmer net on her   head and records it on their phones while still  making fun of Sara. Once their video is done,   they run away with all of Sara's things. Now Sara  has to walk down the road all wet and only in her   bikini, which gets her the attention of some boys  that stop their car just to bully her some more.   Forcing herself to keep moving before things get  worse, she crosses the forest area and notices the   Stranger's van, but she doesn't see a bleeding  Maca crawling on the floor behind it before the   Stranger grabs her and pushes her into the van.  It isn't until the vehicle takes off that Sara   sees Claudia in the back of the van asking for  help, and she freezes in fear when the Stranger   opens the door. He doesn't attack her though, he  just leaves a towel for her before driving away,   so Sara quickly grabs it to finally cover herself  up. When she runs back into town, she's seen by   officer Carlitos, who wonders if she's ok but  Sara ignores him. As soon as she makes it home,   Sara takes a shower to try to forget about  what happened and is found by her mother,   who notices her sunburnt skin and scolds her for  going out instead of studying even if she had been   the one that told her to go out more. Afterward,  Sara rushes to her room to find some comfort in   her favorite sweets, which she keeps hidden in  a box because she isn't supposed to have them,   and opens her laptop only to be reminded of  the Instagram picture with all the bullying   comments. This makes her decide she won't tell the  police what she saw because the bullies deserve   it. Sometime later, Sara's dad sends her to the  grocery store to get some things for him and she   tries to get some of her favorite sweets too,  but the cashier reminds her what her parents'   reaction would be and Sara decides to leave them.  As soon as she's gone, the Stranger buys those   sweets instead. On her way back, Sara notices some  commotion in town, and when her mother finds her,   she drags her with her to the pool, asking weird  questions about what she may've seen earlier.   Sara finally understands what's going on when they  make it to the pool and find the police there,   it turns out the waitress has disappeared and  the lifeguard has been found dead, the popular   girl trio can't be found either. Knowing Sara had  been there earlier, her mother forces her to talk   to the police to tell them what she may've seen,  prompting Sara to lie and say she had gone to the   river, not the pool, so she could be alone and  not be made fun of. She also calls her mom out   for never supporting her and doing nothing in  the face of the whole neighborhood treating her   badly. When Sara stomps out of the place, Carlitos  wants to follow her and ask more questions because   he remembers seeing her earlier and thinks she's  lying now, but his father and superior officer   Juan makes him stay and help with the crime  scene. Later in the evening, Sara's mom gives   her a different meal from the rest of the family,  claiming her daughter needs to start a diet if she   doesn't want to be called a piggy. Meanwhile the  Stranger is in a neighbor's house, stealing food   and killing the homeowner. After dinner, the mom  finds the towel Sara brought and doesn't recognize   it, so Sara pretends she bought it at the market.  Their conversation is suddenly interrupted when   Claudia's mother comes by to ask if Sara has  heard from Claudia, and Sara's mom shocks everyone   by kicking her out while pointing out Claudia  went from best friend to bully for Sara. Once   the woman's gone, Sara rushes to her room to have  a snack but sadly she hasn't got any left, only   to find one outside her window when she checks  out a weird noise. Nobody can be found outside,   thus Sara eats it anyway before making a plan to  recover her phone before her parents realize she's   lost it. By distracting her dad with a drink,  Sara steals his phone and takes it with her to the   forest in order to use it to make her own ring.  She isn't the only one there though: Carlitos and   Juan are around looking for a lost bull. Carlitos  still thinks they should interrogate Sara,   but Juan reminds him to concentrate on the task at  hand. Sara doesn't notice them and proceeds with   her plan, which works well: following her ringtone  allows her to find her things. The sound also gets   the Stranger's attention, making Sara freeze again  when she sees him, but the man doesn't hurt her.   In fact when the missing girls' families show up  in the forest tracking the phones with a special   app, the Stranger takes her into an abandoned  building to protect her and touches her face   gently to keep her quiet. Once Sara understands,  the Stranger escapes through the forest,   and Sara uses strategic spots in the building to  hide from the families until they move deeper into   the forest when one of them finds a body. Carlitos  and Juan hear the screaming and come over to check   what's going on, only to discover the body  belongs to the missing waitress. The finding   of the body creates the perfect distraction for  Sara to escape and get home, where she throws her   clothes in the washer to get rid of any possible  clues. Unfortunately Sara's mom hears the washer   noises and comes to find her daughter trying to  sneak around, so Sara lies again and pretends   she's been trying to steal cookies, which is very  believable in her mother's opinion. Afterward,   Sara runs to her room and after choosing a  naughty video from the internet on her phone,   she listens to it while thinking very thoroughly  about the moment of closeness she had with the   Stranger. Her enjoyment is suddenly interrupted  by someone throwing a little stone at her window:   it's Pedro, a friend of the missing girls. Sara  agrees to meet him outside and learns he saw the   video of her in the pool because the girls sent  it to the group chat, so he wants to know why   Sara lied to the police. Nervous, Sara pretends  she lied because she didn't want her mother and   the cops to know about the prank video, but Pedro  still doesn't believe her and tries to make her   relax by sharing his special cigarette, he also  swears he deleted the video because he doesn't   agree with the way they treat her. This is Sara's  first time smoking and it makes her all giggly,   prompting Pedro to push for the truth, explaining  the girls' families are suspecting him since he   was the last person that had been with the trio  before it all happened. Sara still refuses to   talk but promises to tell the truth if Pedro gets  arrested. Meanwhile at home, Sara's mother finds   Claudia's initials and some bloodstains on the  towel. At that moment, Claudia's mother finds   Sara and Pedro hanging out together and wonders  if they're planning something. Pedro panics and   confesses he has a video proving Sara was at the  pool, causing Claudia's mother to attack Sara as   she demands to know where her daughter is. Sara's  mother hears the commotion and comes out to defend   her daughter, which ends up with both moms getting  into a fight. The whole neighborhood soon comes   out too to look at what's going on including  the cops, while the Stranger watches from   afar. Moments later in the police station, Sara  confesses she did lie but only mentions the prank,   she still doesn't say anything about the Stranger  or the girls in the van. The cops still don't   believe her and Carlitos pushes until he makes  Sara cry, making her mom stop the interrogation   and leave with Sara while saying there won't be  any more questions without a lawyer. On their way   out of the station, Pedro's father apologizes for  his son's behavior. Meanwhile the Stranger sneaks   inside Sara's room and is found by her father, so  the Stranger has no choice but to fight him until   he knocks him out. When they arrive home,  Sara and her mom begin arguing: the mother   wants to know the story behind the towel while  Sara cries and insists nobody understands her,   she also wishes her own family was dead. This  is heard by the Stranger, who interrupts the   argument by hitting the mom and intending to go  after Sara's brother next. Sara stops him before   he can kill anyone and agrees to leave with him  under her mother's worrying gaze. On the street,   Sara and the Stranger come across the boys that  bullied Sara the other day, so the Stranger scares   them off by almost running over them with his  van. Afterward, he drives towards the forest,   and on the road, he gifts Sara her favorite  sweet. Sara isn't sure if she should accept it,   she's also a bit weirded out by all the religious  merch inside the van. The Stranger tries to stop   her from looking at those, and in his distraction,  he doesn't notice the lost bull crossing the road,   making them crash. Since Sara passes out, the  Stranger carries her to his hideout and even takes   care of her wounds. When Sara wakes up a few hours  later, she finds herself inside an abattoir and to   her surprise, Claudia and Rocío are there too,  still alive but tied up. As Claudia calls Sara   out for not telling the police about this, Sara  tries to untie the girls, but she only manages to   remove the gag before she must run and hide when  the Stranger comes back. The fact the gags are   missing doesn't go unnoticed and the Stranger  hurts Claudia until she confesses Sara did it   and she's now hiding. The Stranger immediately  goes after her, so Sara runs through various   corridors until she accidentally trips and comes  across Maca's body. Sara screams at the sight,   allowing the Stranger to find her and bring her  back to the main room, making sure to be gentle   to Sara again as he calms her down and explains  he won't hurt her. Then, he grabs his knife and   puts it in Sara's hand, telling her they can kill  her bullies together. Sara actually hesitates for   a moment as she considers the offer, but in the  end she chooses to do the right thing and attacks   the Stranger instead. It's not hard for him to hit  Sara and push her away, but since he's distracted,   Claudia takes the chance to kick him as well.  Sara sees this opportunity and stabs the Stranger,   who immediately fights back, and during  the struggle, a weapon he left nearby is   shot by accident, causing Claudia to lose a  hand. Ignoring the screaming, Sara continues   to attack the Stranger until she kills him,  but as soon as she realizes what she's done,   she begins crying in denial - she can't believe  she took a life and that it was the life of the   only person that ever was nice to her. Once she  calms down, Sara grabs the stranger's weapon and   shoots at the girls, but it isn't until she's  left that it's revealed she didn't kill them,   she only released them by shooting their ropes. In  the middle of the road, Sara comes across Pedro on   his bike, who offers to take her back to town  without questioning the blood on her clothes.
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