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Resident Evil
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By the beginning of the twenty-first century,  the Umbrella Corporation has become the largest   commercial entity in the USA. Most homes  use their products, and they have great   political and financial influence. What the world  doesn't know is that besides working on computer   technology and healthcare, the company also works  on military technology, genetic experimentation,   and viral weaponry. Underneath Racoon City,  Umbrella Corporation has a genetic research   facility called the Hive. One day, a thief tries  to steal a genetically engineered T-virus and   breaks the test tube, instantly contaminating  the entire place through the ventilation vents.   This drives the dogs used for testing mad. The  facility's managed by an artificial intelligence   called the Red Queen, and when her scans detect  the contamination, she immediately activates the   emergency protocol. The employees at first  think it's just a fire drill, but soon they   discover all doors are locked and they can't get  out. The Red Queen releases a deadly gas to get   rid of anyone she considers infected, and one of  the elevators full of people falls and crashes,   but the other manages to stop before an accident  happens. The employees manage to force the doors   open, but when a woman puts her head out, the Red  Queen sees her on the cameras and activates the   elevator again to kill her. In a mansion in the  city, Alice wakes up in a fancy bathroom with no   memory of who or where she is. The only thing she  has a flashback of is passing out in the middle of   her shower because of something on the wall. After  putting on some clothes she wanders around the   room to look for clues and finds a note about her  dreams, but when she writes under it she confirms   that's not her handwriting. She also finds a  drawer full of weapons under an electronic lock,   and a photograph of her wedding day with a man  she doesn't recognize. Suddenly Alice hears a   weird noise and goes outside to investigate, only  to be pushed back inside by Matt. At that moment,   an elite military force breaks into the house  through the windows and arrests Matt even if   he insists he's a cop because they can't find  his name on the system. The leader James calls   Alice "soldier" and asks for her report, but she  doesn't know what he's talking about. Then the   team opens a secret passage behind a wall that  reveals a train that will take them to the Hive.   Rain fixes some wires to make it work again, and  once everyone is aboard, they check a locked door   to find an unconscious Spence. Alice recognizes  him as the guy from the picture, and seeing him   makes her remember their wedding day. When she  checks her wedding ring, Alice discovers it says   "property of Umbrella Corporation". The team wakes  Spence up but he doesn't remember anything either.   Moments later, the train leaves the group at the  Hive. Alice demands answers, thus James explains   they all work for Umbrella Corporation and that  the mansion works as an emergency entrance to the   Hive. Spence and Alice are security operatives  placed there to protect that entrance, their   marriage is fake and just part of their cover  to keep the Hive secret. The house's security   system released a nerve gas, but they don't know  how long the side effects will last. This helps   Alice remember that she was in the shower when a  panel in the wall opened and knocked her out with   the gas. The team uses special tools to force  the emergency door open and breach the Hive,   knowing that the Red Queen is watching them. Since  the elevator is broken, the team takes the stairs   and discovers some lab tanks flooding the area,  so they'll need to find an alternate route to   the main system. James explains a few hours ago  Red Queen locked the doors and killed all the   employees but they don't know why, thus Umbrella  Corporation sent the team to shut Red Queen   down. Their conversation is suddenly interrupted  when they find a body floating in the lab tanks,   which seems to disturb Matt in particular, and  he swears he can hear weird noises coming from   the ventilation shafts. Spence notices Alice is  cold and lends her his jacket, when their hands   brush Alice sees memories of them getting frisky  together as if their thing was real. Alice wonders   if Spence remembers anything, but he answers he  doesn't. Once the team finds a new route they   move on, and as soon as they leave, the body in  the tank wakes up. Moments later, the team makes   it to a room that is called "dining room" on the  map, but they find mysterious machines instead,   prompting Matt to point out that the corporation  is probably keeping secrets down here. Alice peeks   inside one of those weird machines and finds some  kind of living organism, but James reminds her to   move on. While a few agents stay with Matt in this  room, the rest of the team makes it to the office   outside Red Queen Chamber. Chad uses a computer  to bypass the defense system and opens a corridor   to her chamber. James and a few agents take an  electrical charge explosive to the chamber to   shut down the Queen, but suddenly the doors get  locked again. The Queen releases a laser defense   system that begins killing all the agents in the  corridor, and while at first James manages to save   himself by jumping out of the way, the laser  multiplies itself and kills him when he falls.   Chad manages to shut down the defense system  again and insists they should finish the job.   Alice helps him get the explosive to the chamber,  where the Red Queen appears as a holographic   representation of the head programmer's daughter  to try to stop them. Chad ignores her and   activates the explosive, instantly shutting down  the Queen but also the main source of power. A   backup system turns on the emergency lights, but  without the Queen's defenses, all doors are now   open. While Chad begins working on rebooting the  Queen, Matt, Rain, and JD hear some noises in the   room. Rain goes to investigate and is surprised to  find a survivor, but this person suddenly jumps on   her and bites her hand. JD shoots at the legs and  arms and nothing happens, Rain has to shoot at the   head to finally put the survivor down. During  the struggle, they drop the handcuff keys and   Matt picks them up while pretending to check on  the blood on the ground, which is coagulated.   This shouldn't be possible because blood only does  that when you're dead, meaning that survivor was   a zombie. At that moment, Alice, Spence, and Chad  come back, and as soon as everyone turns around,   the body of the survivor disappears. The team  doesn't have time to plan what to do next because   now that the doors are open, all the employees  that became zombies are leaving the offices and   coming after them. The agents immediately begin  shooting at the zombies to keep them at bay,   but a stray bullet hits one of the many weird  machines and makes it explode. The impact makes   Alice remember a meeting she had with Lisa,  during which Alice promised her that she would   get her access to the virus. The impact also hits  Matt and makes him drop the keys into a hole in   the floor. He has to crawl under a table and kick  zombies away from him while he picks them back up,   luckily he manages to grab them right before Alice  takes him away. They need to find the agents,   because they got separated during the explosion.  Speaking of the agents, they're starting to run   out of ammo, so JD uses a special code to open a  door to try to escape. Unfortunately the corridor   behind the door is crowded with zombies and  they grab JD into the hoard to kill him,   Rain cries out for him as Chad and Spence drag her  away before closing the door again. Meanwhile a   monster known as "licker" escapes from another one  of the machines. Alice begins looking for a safe   exit and loses Matt on the way. Eventually she  finds the labs and notices a bunch of cages with   holes in their doors. Soon she discovers the dogs  have become zombies too and they're now here to   attack her. Alice rushes to hide in an office only  to be attacked by a human zombie instead, luckily   her instincts kick in and she easily beats him  up. A new memory flashes in her brain, reminding   her of the training she has because she's an agent  too. The zombie she defeated was a security guard,   so Alice takes his gun and uses it to go after the  dogs. She shoots them all until she's out of ammo,   and since there's one dog left, she jumps and  knocks it out with a mega kick. Meanwhile Matt   makes his way to the offices and searches for  the desk that belongs to Lisa. A zombie startles   him when he begins hitting the windows, but Matt  ignores him and starts looking through the files.   At that moment, a new visitor shows up: it's  Lisa, who Matt quickly approaches for a reunion,   only to discover she's a zombie as well. Lisa  tries to attack Matt, but suddenly Alice shows   up and knocks her up with a heavy desk decoration.  Seeing her face triggers the flashback again, and   Alice remembers offering the virus and the access  codes in exchange for a price. Matt explains that   Lisa was his sister and that he isn't actually a  cop, he got a fake ID to infiltrate the Hive. The   siblings knew that Umbrella Corporation was doing  illegal research of the viral and genetic kind and   they wanted to expose them to the press. Lisa was  supposed to steal a sample of the virus with the   help of a contact that would sell her the access  codes, but she never made it. Matt thinks she was   set up, and Alice wonders if she was the one that  betrayed Lisa, but she doesn't tell Matt she was   the contact. Afterward, Alice and Matt run to the  Queen's chamber where the agents are currently   hiding, closing the door behind them right before  the zombies catch up. This office is a dead end   because there are zombies behind every door, and  Spence proposes they could wait here until backup   arrives. Unfortunately this isn't possible: the  blast doors they passed through on their way in   from the mansion close after an hour, so if  they don't make it out before then they never   will because containing the contamination is the  top priority. Alice decides they should turn the   Red Queen on again since she's the only one that  knows how to get out of here. Chad hesitantly does   as she asks and the Red Queen immediately gets in  contact with them. She explains the t-virus was   created with military applications in mind, and  that it can reanimate dead bodies with a small   electrical charge to the brain. These zombies  only want to feed, and destroying their heads   is the only way to kill them. The t-virus can be  transmitted through blood transmission, meaning   just a scratch or a bite is enough to become a  zombie too. The Red Queen considers Rain to be   infected and doesn't want to let her leave, making  Rain furious, but Alice threatens with shutting   down the Queen again if she doesn't help. The  Queen reveals a hidden door into the maintenance   tunnels. After a few minutes of wandering around,  Spence feels like they're going in circles,   but Rain reminds him this is the only route they  have. Suddenly a bunch of zombies begins flooding   the tunnels, and Alice fights them hand-to-hand  while the rest of the group begins climbing on the   pipes to get away. Rain freezes when she sees JD  in the hoard, but he turns out to be a zombie too   and bites her, so Rain has to shoot him to kill  him for good. Once everyone is up on the pipes,   Alice tries to check Rain's wounds, but she swears  she's fine. The group begins carefully walking on   the pipes to find an exit while the zombies try  to reach them from below. Rain, Matt, and Spence   enter a tunnel safely, but when Alice and Chad are  about to cross, the pipe breaks. Alice jumps and   Matt and Space grab her just in time, pulling  her back while she kicks the zombies away from   her. Unfortunately Chad falls in the middle of  the hoard, and while Alice shoots a few zombies   to allow him to climb onto a different pipe,  trying to save him would be too dangerous. Chad   tells them to go without him, and after the group  leaves, he considers ending things for himself.   He changes his mind and uses his last bullet to  shoot a zombie, telling the monsters they'll have   to fight for their meal before crawling into a  hole. Moments later, the group reaches the lab   area with no issues, although they need to help  Rain to walk as she begins to throw up. Alice   freezes when memories flood her mind and remembers  something extremely important: the scientists had   made the virus but also a cure. She tells Matt  she knows all this because she was going to steal   the virus and she was Lisa's contact, but she  isn't sure that she was the one that betrayed   her too. Alice looks for the cure in a flooded  office, but unfortunately all the containers are   empty. Entering this area is triggering Spence's  memory as well. He had been spying on Alice when   she talked to Lisa and he learned she would betray  Umbrella. On the day of the plan, he distracted   Alice by convincing her to get frisky together.  Then Spence left the note to make it look   romantic, but while Alice slept, he sneaked into  the hive to steal both the virus and the cure. He   was the one that broke one of the test tubes. In  the present, Alice notices Spence is acting weird   and gets suspicious, especially when he finds a  gun on a table. Spence gets to it before Alice   can and aims it at the group as he asks Alice to  come with him. He thinks they can sell the virus   and the cure and gets a rich life out of it,  but Alice turns him down, explaining she only   wanted to steal the virus to stop Umbrella, not  to promote their business. Spence thinks Alice and   the siblings are very naive for thinking they can  stop such a mega-corporation, and when Rain asks,   Spence confesses the virus and the cure are hidden  in the train. Suddenly a zombie comes out of the   water and bites Spence, but he quickly kills her  with a few shots, then he leaves the lab and locks   the door to trap the group. At that moment the  Red Queen gets in contact with them and reveals   she's already taken care of it. Spence makes  his way back to the train and finds the box he   hid there earlier, but when he's about to inject  himself with the cure, he's found by the licker,   who immediately kills him. The Red Queen shows  the attack on the lab screen and explains the   licker had been one of the corporation's early  experiments, produced by injecting the T-virus   directly into living tissue. The result had  been very unstable, but now that the licker   has consumed fresh DNA, it'll mutate and become  stronger. The Red Queen can give them the code   to open the door, but she'll only do so if they  kill Rain first because she's been infected for   too long for the cure to work. Rain asks Alice  to do it because one death is better than three,   and her pleas become more urgent when the mutated  licker shows up outside the lab, hitting the door   repeatedly. Alice grabs an emergency ax from the  wall but instead of hitting Rain, she destroys the   screen the Red Queen was using to talk to them.  Suddenly the power goes out in the entire Hive and   the lab door opens to reveal Chad, who shut down  the Queen like they promised they would do if she   didn't help. At that moment the licker finally  breaks the glass, so the group runs through the   door until they make it back to the train. When  Alice approaches Spence's body, he wakes up as a   zombie and tries to attack her, but Alice easily  kills him with the ax before dropping her ring.   The group gets to escape on the train, and Chad  and Rain get an injection with the cure. Then Rain   gives Alice her watch, which indicates they only  have eight minutes left to leave this place before   she passes out. For a moment Alice thinks Rain  died and she grabs the gun in case she'll turn,   but Rain opens her eyes again and assures her  she's fine. Suddenly the train begins shaking:   it's the licker trying to make its way inside. By  pawing at the walls it manages to scratch Matt,   then it tears off the outer door of the control  room to kill Chad. Matt immediately closes the   inner door that separates them from the control  room, but the licker climbs to the back of the   train and pushes down the last door to enter.  Alice shoots it a few times but it isn't enough,   and the licker grabs her leg with its tongue as  Matt hits it with a bunch of pipes. This hit isn't   enough to hurt it either, but at least now Alice  can use a pipe to stab the licker's tongue and   trap it. At that moment, Rain finally turns into a  zombie too and attacks Matt. After some struggle,   Matt manages to push her away and shoots her in  the head, then he opens the floor door to release   the licker on the train tracks, causing it to  catch on fire. Alice grieves for Rain before   grabbing the box with the cure and leaving the  train with Matt, reaching the mansion right before   the doors get locked again. Now they are safe,  Alice allows herself to have a breakdown full   of guilt over failing her friends. Matt tries to  convince her it isn't her fault, but he suddenly   begins feeling lots of pain from his injury.  Alice gets ready to inject him with the cure but   all of a sudden, a group of Umbrella scientists  arrives. They notice Matt is mutating and take   him a way to be used in the Nemesis Program, Alice  tries to fight for him but she's knocked out and   sent to quarantine. Alice is taken to the Raccoon  City Hospital while a mysterious voice announces   they're reopening the Hive to investigate what  happened there. Sometime later, Alice wakes up on   an examination table connected to a weird machine.  After tearing off all the wires from her body, she   asks for help, yet nobody replies. The security  cameras are still on, but there's only a shadow   passing by. Alice uses a syringe with her blood  to force the electronic lock open and escapes the   room only to discover the rest of the hospital is  empty as well. When she makes it outside, Alice   discovers Raccoon City has become an apocalyptic  wasteland. Newspapers reveal zombies are on   the loose, so Alice retrieves a shotgun from a  police car, ready to survive her next adventure.
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