The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
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During an eclipse night in the magical land of  Narnia, at the Telmarine castle, Lady Prunaprismia   gives birth to a baby son. General Glozelle  brings the news to the lady's husband Lord Miraz,   who immediately reminds Glozelle of his orders:  he must find Prince Caspian the tenth, who is the   rightful heir to the throne, and kill him. Doctor  Cornelius overhears this and rushes to wake up   Caspian to hide him in his armoire right before  Glozelle arrives with his men and they attack   an empty bed. Afterward Cornelius helps Caspian  get ready to escape and gives him an ivory horn,   which must only be blown in an hour of dire need.  Caspian leaves the palace after knocking down   a few guards, but soon more men begin following  him. Knowing the guards are scared of the woods,   Caspian enters the Shuddering Woods to hide  there only to end up falling off his horse   when he's accidentally hit by a tree. Then Caspian  is found by Trumpkin, Nikabrik, and Trufflehunter,   who immediately notice the guards coming after  him. Trumpkin goes out to meet them and tells   Nikabrik to take care of Caspian, which makes the  boy assume the worst. Caspian decides to blow the   horn, only for Nikabrik to knock him out for it.  Meanwhile in London, sisters Susan and Lucy are   entering the Strand Underground station, where  their brother Peter has gotten into another   pointless fight that soon their brother Edmund  joins as backup. The fight ends when two guards   arrive and everyone scatters to avoid trouble. The  siblings sit together and Peter complains about   being treated as kids when a year ago they've been  in Narnia serving as kings, but Susan reminds him   they must accept their life here now. Suddenly  Lucy cries out because something pinched her, and   the boys suspect it's each other, but Lucy quickly  realizes something magical is going on. Susan says   they should hold hands and when the train passes  by, the walls around them dissolve until the group   finds itself in a cavern near a beautiful beach.  The siblings rush to play in the water, and Peter   points out they must be back in Narnia, but Edmund  doesn't recall Narnia having ruins in it. The   group goes to investigate the ruins of a castle  nearby and they're devastated to realize this is   Cair Paravel, the place where they once reigned.  Meanwhile Glozelle and his men return to the   castle with a captured Trumpkin, which is perfect  for Miraz's plan. Soon a council session begins   because the lords, including Sopespian, want to  discuss the fact they don't trust Miraz, since   it's very suspicious that Caspian disappeared  the same night Miraz had a baby. Miraz responds   by saying Caspian was abducted by Narnians, and  as proof, Glozelle brings a gagged Trumpkin. Then   Miraz explains that Narnians aren't as extinct as  they thought and that they’ve breeding steadily   while waiting for the right moment to conquer  Telmar. He also swears he'll find Caspian and   finish what their ancestors began. Back at Cair  Paravel, Edmund finds signs of barrage, meaning   the castle was invaded a long time ago. While  time on Earth had only been a year, here a whole   century has passed. The siblings keep looking  around and discover the royal treasure room is   still intact, so they use Edmund's torch to find  their old royal clothing and weapons. However,   Susan's horn is missing. Lucy also gets sad  because she realizes all the friends they had here   are now dead. Once they're properly armed, the  siblings go looking for answers. At that moment,   they discover a boat rowed by two Telmarine  soldiers, who grab Trumpkin with the intent   of drowning him. They're suddenly interrupted by  an arrow that lands on the boat shot by Susan,   who demands the dwarf be freed. The soldiers throw  the dwarf into the water anyway, and while Peter   and Edmund rush to save him, Susan shoots one of  the soldiers, which scares the other into running   away. Trumpkin isn't happy to be saved by humans,  but he quickly changes his mind when he realizes   these four are the Kings and Queens of old. Part  of him is still afraid this may be a trap though,   so Edmund accepts to have a quick spar to prove  their identities. Since he hasn't done this in   a while, Edmund has some trouble at first, but  soon his body remembers and successfully disarms   Trumpkin. The dwarf now believes them and thinks  Caspian blowing the horn brought them here. In the   Shuddering Woods, Caspian finally wakes up and  hears Nikabrik and Trufflehunter discuss what   to do with him. Still thinking the worst, Caspian  tries to fight Nikabrik, only for Trufflehunter to   cut in and ask who he is. Caspian tells them his  story and tries to leave to escape from his uncle,   only for Trufflehunter to stop him because the  horn's a sign Caspian is supposed to save them.   At the castle, Miraz confronts Cornelius with the  arrow they recovered from his fallen soldier and   asks about the horn. Cornelius explains the horn  could summon the Four Kings and Queens, and then   Miraz orders his arrest for teaching Caspian  about old myths. Sopespian notices all this   and tries to tell Glozelle he should reconsider  whom he trusts, but Miraz interrupts them to send   Glozelle and his men to Beruna so they can capture  Caspian before the Narnians do. In the meantime,   Trumpkin and the siblings row upriver while the  dwarf explains that Aslan abandoned Narnia when   the siblings left, that's why the Telmarines were  able to invade. Since then, the trees and many of   the talking beasts of Narnia don't talk anymore.  When they make it to shore, Lucy sees a bear and   tries to befriend it, but the bear is savage and  attacks her. Trumpkin immediately kills it and   reminds the kids that things in Narnian are darker  now. In the shuddering woods, Caspian, Nikabrik,   and Trufflehunter go looking for more Narnians.  When Trufflehunter smells the Telmarine search   party, the trio immediately runs away while the  Telmarines chase after them. They manage to hit   Trufflehunter, but suddenly, a mysterious  tiny creature begins attacking the soldiers,   killing them all in a matter of minutes with  precise and deadly skill. Then the creature comes   forward and reveals to be a mouse name Reepicheep,  who notices Caspian is also a Telmarine and   threatens to kill him. Trufflehunter immediately  comes in his defense, explaining Caspian had been   the one to blow the horn. At that moment a party  of centaurs arrive and join them because they've   also heard the horn. In a different part of  the forest, Peter insists on taking the party   along a pathway that Trumpkin's sure doesn't  exist anymore, it turns out the river eroded a   canyon where the crossing once was. Suddenly Lucy  notices something across the canyon and is shocked   to see Aslan, the pseudo-god of Narnia, but for  some reason the others don't see him too. Nobody   believes Lucy except Edmund, who has already  learned his lesson last time. In the evening,   Caspian finds himself surrounded by a bunch of  angry Narnians who don't know if trusting him or   not. The Telmarines are usually cruel to Narnians,  but Caspian did blow the horn. An argument that   involves lots of screaming and accusations  ensues, and Caspian finally gets them to calm   down by pointing out that he's the rightful king,  so he can swear to bring peace between Telmarines   and Narnians. Glenstorm the centaur explains  he's read the astronomical conjunction and this   is the right time for an alliance, and Caspian is  finally accepted by everyone as their new leader.   Back to the siblings, they travel to Beruna and  discover the area is occupied by Glozelle's men,   who are building a bridge and huge trebuchets  by cutting down lots of trees. This path is too   dangerous to keep going, so the group returns  to the spot where Lucy saw Aslan earlier. When   the others tease her for her vision, Lucy gets  annoyed by their lack of trust and accidentally   falls through a layer of loose ground, only  to discover this is a ledge they can take to   cross the river. Later at night, Susan wonders  why only Lucy can see Aslan and admits she had   gotten used to living in England again, so having  been dragged back to Narnia has been difficult,   especially because it can't be permanent. In the  morning, Lucy finds some magic leaves and flowers   and follows them to finally find Aslan, who tells  her "things never happen in the same way twice".   Then Lucy wakes up for real and tries looking  for Aslan again. However she's stopped by Peter,   who has been stalking a mysterious figure that  turns out to be an armed minotaur. Peter then   comes closer to investigate, only to be attacked  by Caspian, which triggers a fierce sword fight.   After they exchange a few blows, Lucy asks them  to stop as she notices this guy must be a friend   because he's surrounded by Narnians. Once the  siblings realize Caspian is the prince-in-exile,   everyone does the proper introductions, and the  Narnians are happy to have their Kings and Queens   back. Accepting to work together, their first  step is to move to find some fort where they can   be safe to plan and prepare for battle. Caspian  takes them to Aslan's How, and after an honorable   welcome from the centaurs, he shows them that this  stronghold was built atop the table where Aslan   had died for Edmund's sins. Next, Reepicheep  and his band of mice approach the bridge site   to steal weapons and armor, only leaving behind a  message saying "you were right to fear the woods,   X". That X stands for Caspian the Tenth. Miraz  discovers this and orders Glozelle to kill the   guards that failed to protect their weapons;  he also announces that Caspian has obviously   turned renegade, so they need a new king. At  Aslan's How, a faun sentry sees a Telmarine   scout at the edge of the woods. The war council  gathers and Lucy says she wants to wait for Aslan,   but Peter is sure the enemy knows about them now  so they must attack the castle while the enemy   troops are at the bridge. Caspian thinks it's  a bad idea because nobody has ever captured the   castle, but Peter doesn't want to stay because  it's not really a safe fort, and Edmund points   out the enemy can just wait for them to die  of hunger here. In the evening, the Narnians   proceed with their plan. An eagle drops Edmund on  a castle tower, and after knocking out the guard,   he uses his torch to guide the other eagles who  carry his siblings and Caspian. Reepicheep and   his mouse army enter through the sewers, and the  rest of the army waits in the forest until the   kids can open the gate. The kids enter the castle  through a window, and Caspian discovers Cornelius   was captured, so he rushes out to rescue him while  promising to get to the gate in time. While the   mice beat up guards and even a cat, Caspian  finds and rescues Cornelius, who explains it   was Miraz who killed his father. Furious, Caspian  rushes to confront Miraz with his sword, causing   Prunaprismia to answer with her crossbow. Then  Susan and Peter arrive to remind Caspian about the   gate, but the prince is obsessed with wanting the  truth. Miraz admits he killed Caspian the Ninth,   and Prunaprismia doesn't recognize her husband  anymore. Confused, Prunaprismia shoots her bow and   hurts Caspian, giving Miraz the chance to escape  and call the guards. Meanwhile Edmund accidentally   drops his torch and it's caught by a guard, so  he begins fighting the man for it. As Caspian,   Susan, and Peter reach the gate to finally open  it, Edmund finally gets the torch back and sends   the signal to make their troops attack. A fierce  battle begins between Narnians and Telmarines,   with lots of fighters falling on both sides. When  Miraz orders his men to close the gate, a minotaur   rushes to keep it up and Peter orders the Narnians  to fall back. A griffin rescues Edmund and most of   the Narnians escape on horses, but at that moment  an archer kills the minotaur and the gate closes,   leaving half of the Narnians inside. Peter and  the others can only watch helplessly how their   friends are killed before they run away and return  to the How with defeat on their shoulders. Peter   and Caspian begin arguing over their plans and  if Telmarines have a rightful place in Narnia   at all. The two of them almost start a duel, which  is interrupted by the arrival of Trumpkin's body.   Lucy rushes to heal him up, but a mother centaur  has a breakdown when she hears her children died   in battle. Later, Miraz crowns himself king and  accepts troop pledges from his feudal lords.   Those troops are immediately sent to the bridge,  which is finally finished. Meanwhile Nikabrik asks   Caspian to meet the power that once kept Aslan  at bay, and introduces him to a werewolf and a   hag. These creatures swear they have a reserve of  hate none can match and they can guarantee Miraz's   death. Then the hag proceeds to draw a magic  circle, and with the help of a crystal scepter,   she summons an icy block that contains Jadis,  the legendary White Witch. She needs a drop of   human blood to escape and promises to help them  if they help her first, so the werewolf grabs a   hesitant Caspian while the hag gets blood from his  hand. Suddenly Peter, Lucy, Edmund, and Trumpkin   arrive and begin to fight the creatures to stop  them from bringing their old enemy back. A fierce   battle ensues, and Nikabrik gets very close to  killing Lucy, but Trumpkin kills him first. Edmund   uses his skills to draw the werewolf away and  proceeds to kill it with a single hit. Meanwhile   Peter pushes Caspian out of the magic circle and  confronts Jadis, who begins using her charms to   convince him to join her. Suddenly the ice block  shatters in million pieces, and Peter notices   Edmund used his sword to destroy it. Moments  later, Miraz's troops arrive at the How. Peter   finally recognizes how wrong he was about doing  this alone and tells Lucy and Susan to go deep   into the Shuddering Woods to look for Aslan, since  he's their only hope. Before the girls leave for   the forest, Caspian tries to give Susan her horn,  but she tells him to keep it because she may need   to call her again. Since Lucy doesn't understand  romance yet, she doesn't get the conversation.   Then Caspian shares an idea with the boys to buy  some time for their sisters: Miraz's weakness is   that as a king, he must satisfy the traditions  and expectations of his people, meaning someone   should humiliate him in a duel. Edmund puts on his  old royal armor before walking right into Miraz's   camp to deliver Peter's written message asking  Miraz for a single combat. Miraz is hesitant, but   his lords manipulate him into accepting because  they're secretly conspiring against him. Meanwhile   Susan and Lucy reach the middle of the woods, only  to encounter a Telmarine patrol. Susan sends Lucy   away and begins fighting the men with her bow,  managing to kill three Telmarines before they come   closer to kill her. Fortunately Caspian shows up  just in time and rescues her, bringing her back to   the How. In the ruins outside the How, Peter and  Miraz engage in a fierce fight that lasts forever   because they're both very talented swordsmen.  Eventually Peter asks for a five-minute break,   and Miraz grants three. Susan arrives and  informs them Lucy has made it through while   Miraz argues with Sopespian for not intervening  in the fight to help him. It's illegal to do so,   but Sopespian refuses because of personal reasons,  not because of the rules. When Peter and Miraz   restart their fight, they exchange a few blows  and this time, Peter finally gets to defeat Miraz,   but instead of killing him, he gives his sword to  Caspian, since this is his right. Caspian decides   to spare Miraz but will hand the sovereignty back  to the Narnians. However Sopespian cuts in and   kills Miraz himself using the arrow of Susan's  they retrieved from the soldier. Then Sopespian   says the Narnians shot the arrow and cries out  treachery, causing the Telmarines to launch a full   attack on the How. The artillerymen make full  use of their trebuchets, so the Narnians make   a special plan to counter-attack: they mine the  ground under the horses' hooves to make them fall,   then Susan and her archers shoot a hail of  arrows at the falling men. Glozelle guides   his cavalry into a charge, but Caspian together  with Glenstorm and his own cavalry surprises the   enemy by charging them from behind. Sopespian  responds by sending his own infantry and the   artillerymen manage to send a bunch of boulders to  crash the gate of the How, which instantly seals   it. It seems the Narnians will be defeated soon.  At that moment in the forest, Lucy is being chased   by Telmarine guards, but she's saved by the sudden  arrival of Aslan. After scaring the guards away,   he awakes all the forest trees with a mighty  roar. Back to the battlefield, Caspian falls   into a sinkhole and Glozelle approaches him to  kill him, only to start hesitating. Before he   can make his choice, a tree root picks him up and  knocks him out as the trees take over the field,   turning the tide in favor of the Narnians. A  trebuchet manages to kill a tree with a rock, but   another tree extends a root and finally crushes  the trebuchets. Then the siblings and Caspian   lead the counterattack, forcing Sopespian and his  troops to take the bridge in order to escape. The   group goes after them, but Sopespian encounters  Lucy and Aslan first and makes his soldiers attack   them. Aslan simply responds with another mighty  roar and awakens the personification of the river,   who lifts the bridge and hits the troops with  its water, drowning Sopespian in the process.   Afterward, the remaining Telmarines surrender  to the Narnians. Aslan reunites with everyone   and accepts Caspian as the next king of Narnia. At  that moment, the band of mice brings Reepicheep,   who has died in battle. However, Lucy uses her  magic medicine and revives the little mouse,   who bows for Aslan before noticing he has lost his  tail. Aslan teases him for it before restoring his   tail too. Afterward, Aslan takes Caspian and the  siblings through Telmarines' capital, where the   citizens meet them with cheers and fireworks. When  they make it to the castle, Caspian announces that   Narnia will be a Narnian-Telmarine federation,  and any Telmarine that doesn't like that can   return to the land of their forefathers, which  happens to be an island on Earth that contained   a portal to Narnia. Glozelle immediately accepts  to come back and takes Prunaprismia and her son   with him. Aslan opens a portal for them, and  they disappear after crossing it. Peter uses   the moment to point out Caspian must now take  charge, meaning he and his siblings will take   the portal and return to their normal lives too.  Unfortunately this means Peter and Susan won't   return to Narnia ever again because they're  too old. After Peter gives Caspian his sword,   Susan takes a moment to say goodbye to Caspian,  lamenting that a romance between them would've   never worked because she's thirteen hundred years  older than him, but she does gift him a kiss. The   siblings step through the portal and magically  find themselves back on the underground platform,   where they take the next train as Edmund  complains he forgot his torch in Narnia.
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