The Cloverfield Paradox

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The Cloverfield Paradox
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In 2028, the government announces that the world's  energy resources will be fully exhausted within   five years. To solve this problem, it's been  decided to test the Shepard Particle Accelerator   in the orbiting Cloverfield Station. If all goes  well, this would provide Earth with infinite   energy. British engineer Ava doesn't want to leave  her husband Michael alone because they recently   lost their children to a fire and they should be  working on fixing their relationship. But Michael   convinces her to join the Shepard mission even  if it takes years because they'll all die if she   doesn't find a solution. Ava joins a crew formed  by American commander Jason, German physicist   Ernst, Brazilian doctor Monk, Irish engineer  Gordon, Russian engineer Sasha, and Chinese   engineer Ling. The team works wonderfully together  but unfortunately they fail at activating Shepard,   and they keep trying for the next two years. Ava  keeps in touch with Michael through videocalls,   and he updates her on the awful state of the  world. When Ava needs some extra comfort, she   also plays old videos of her children. The mood in  the station is tense because they only have power   for three more tries and the chances are low. The  news they get from Earth isn't encouraging either:   the world is coming apart under oil wars and  conspiracy theorists believe Shepard is dangerous   because it could rip open portals into parallel  universes that will bring monsters to Earth. This   mood often ends up triggering petty arguments  among the crew that end up in actual physical   fights that the commander has to stop. The team  gets their emotions under control when it's time   for the 47th test. After lots of calculations and  care, they finally manage to get a beam going,   but it immediately overloads and explodes.  The entire station shakes and throws the   crew from ceiling to floor, the power goes  out, and a fire begins around the Shepard.   Ernst puts it by opening the ventilation vents  into space, but there's still the matter of fixing   the power, which is harder than it looks because  for some reason the system is all scrambled.   Moments later, they have power again thanks to  the backup, because their main power is fried. The   O2 tanks are leaking, the reserves are severely  diminished, and Ava keeps trying to contact Earth   for help to no avail. When the engineers check  the comms they make a shocking discovery: Earth   is nowhere to be found. The first theory they can  think of it's that Shepard has thrown them across   the galaxy, prompting Ava to check her own private  communicator and sadly confirm she can't contact   her husband either. This dire situation triggers  another argument among the crew as they look for   someone to blame for the malfunction. Jason takes  a moment to cry in private, and once he's calmed   down, he breaks up all the arguments and reminds  his crew their priority is to survive. Each person   is assigned a repair to work on, but when Ava and  Sasha go to check on the gyroscope that aids in   the station's navigation, they find it missing.  That's not the only weird thing happening:   Sasha keeps touching his face because he feels  something bothering him under the skin, and there   are some weird groaning noises coming from one  of the walls. Yet another argument begins because   half of the crew doesn't want to break a wall and  release something dangerous, but they don't have   any other choice. As soon as they take the panel  off, they are shocked to find a woman named Mina   painful stuck among the wires. Nobody knows who  she is, but she mentions Ava's name. The crew   immediately cuts all the wires and takes Mina out  to take her to the infirmary, where they put her   to sleep so that Monk can take care of her without  more pain. Meanwhile on Earth, Michael wakes up in   the middle of the night when he feels the whole  house shaking. Looking through the window shows   him lots of explosions outside, and when Michael  checks his phone, he sees messages from everyone   freaking out over a possible European invasion  having reached the USA. Then Michael checks the   internet for news, and while the government swears  it wasn't a nuclear weapon, they still won't tell   what caused the explosions. Michael calls the  hospital he works at to see if he's needed, and he   gets flabbergasted when he hears the actual facts  about what's happening. Back in the station, the   crew is arguing again. The gyro is missing, the  system is still scrambled, and a mysterious woman   appeared inside the wall, so they feel completely  lost. Jason tells everyone to go back to work on   the repairs since they're still the priority,  but Ernst asks Ling to meet him in the X-deck   in ten minutes to see if they can take control  of the situation because he's done with Jason's   orders. This is overheard by Sasha. While trying  to fix Shepard, Ernst snaps and yells at Ling,   who quickly puts him in his place and reminds him  they're a team. Meanwhile in the rec room, the   foosball is moving on its own. In the greenhouse,  Gordon discovers the worms are gone. Sasha keeps   obsessing with his skin and looking at his face  in the mirror, thinking he can see something   crawling inside him. Suddenly, his left eye moves  on its own, and Sasha begins creepily talking to   himself. Then he goes to the 3D printer and makes  a gun that he takes to threaten Ernst and Ling,   thinking he can make them confess to some secret  conspiracy. Sasha starts coughing while he speaks   and unexpectedly throws up before falling to the  floor as his body goes through a seizure. Ling   puts the gun away while the crew takes Sasha to  Monk, but before the doctor can do anything, Sasha   throws up the missing worms and dies. A terrified  Ava goes to her room to stop herself from having   a breakdown, but she returns when she hears Mina  has woken up. Jason is wary of this woman, but Ava   still approaches her and asks her what she's doing  here. Mina wonders the same about Ava and explains   she's been in this station for two years, she  knows all the others except for Ling. Ava tells   her Ling is the Shepard engineer, but Mina says  that's her own job and that Ava was supposed to   be on Earth. Mina swears Ava had been the team's  civilian coordinator and they were friends,   but Ava still doesn't know who she is. Upset over  the fact nobody knows her, Mina clings to Ava with   a hug and whispers in her ear not to trust Ernst  because he was the one to sabotage the ship. When   Jason learns about this, he checks the system  and finds e-mails confirming Ernst is a spy.   Jason immediately goes to find him and beat him  up before locking him up in a room as a prisoner,   although Ernst swears he doesn't know what  they're talking about. In the meantime on Earth,   city-wide destruction has been reported. Michael's  driving to the hospital while calling people at   the base to send a message to his wife, only  to hear they've lost contact with the station.   Suddenly Michael stops the car because he sees a  giant shadow walking away from a destroyed house,   where young Molly is yelling for help. Michael  takes her with him in the car but they can't go to   the hospital because Michael gets a message that  the building has been destroyed too. He promises   Molly she'll reunite with her parents later, then  he takes her to a shelter that belongs to a friend   that is out of town where they can wait safely. In  the station, Gordon is working on the repairs when   suddenly a weird hole appears on the wall and  swallows his arm. This strange hole is capable   of moving all over the wall and dragging Gordon  with him. Jason and Ava hear him cry for help and   come pull him out, but once he's free, Gordon  is shocked to discover he's lost his arm. Monk   takes a look at it but he can't find any clues,  especially since Gordon swears it doesn't even   hurt. Things get weirder when the door to Ernst's  room opens on its own and he comes out to find   something in the corridor that makes him call the  crew. Everyone joins Ernst and finds Gordon's arm   crawling on the floor. Gordon swears he isn't  controlling it, so the crew puts the arm under   a glass box while Ernst explains this proves  the conspiracy theorist right: the Cloverfield   Paradox is real and two realities in a multiverse  are fighting to occupy the same space, creating   chaos. The arm starts making writing gestures and  the crew brings it a pen that the arm uses to give   a message: they need to check inside Sasha. They  do as the arm says and to everyone's surprise,   they find the missing gyroscope inside Sasha's  stomach. They immediately put it back in the   system and manage to fix the scrambling, which  reveals the station had been upside down and   moved during the explosion. As soon as they fix  these issues, they manage to find Earth again and   while they can't send messages yet, they can  receive the planet's signals. The news clips   that appear on the screen are weird too: they  talk about a fourteen-month-old world war that   was caused by the destruction of the Cloverfield  station, which fell in the middle of the ocean.   Ernst quickly realizes what's going on: there  aren't two different realities fighting, the crew   and the station jumped into a different universe  where the original crew is dead except for Mina.   Ernst wants to fix Shepard and fire it again to  return home, but Monk and Gordon want to help the   people on this Earth. Ling disagrees and thinks  it's too late here, so they should go back and   prevent this war from happening on their Earth.  Ernst stops the argument by pointing out that   going back is their only option because the longer  they stay, the weirder effects they'll go through.   Later when Monk checks on Mina, she explains  her station also failed when Shepard overloaded,   and she can tell they are a crew from a parallel  dimension. Ernst and Ling think condensation   caused the Shepard to overload, so Ling goes to  fix the ventilation to help with that problem.   Ernst confirms it solves the issue but Ling can't  come back because the door has locked on its own   and now the room is being filled with water coming  out of the ventilation vents. Ernst, Ava, and   Jason rush to help her, but they can't override  the locking code, and they don't have enough   strength to pull it open manually. Eventually the  pressure of the water breaks open the outer door,   and Ling dies when she's hit by the vacuum of  space. After the crew has a moment to grieve,   Ernst wants to get back on the repairs because  losing Ling proves being here is dangerous. They   can't finish fixing Shepard without Ling though,  so Ava points out Mina is the Ling of this   universe thus she should have the same knowledge.  Jason continues to be wary of her, but they don't   have a choice. Back on Earth, Michael's sure the  paradox Ava had told him about it's behind all   this. He's calling a friend in the force to see  if he can locate Molly's parents when suddenly,   the shelter begins shaking and a monster  roar can be heard outside. In the station,   Mina's finally allowed to leave the infirmary, and  she accepts to help if she's given all of Ernst's   research to help her Earth. Ernst protests, but  Jason reminds him they'll leave this dimension   and the Ernst from this world is dead, meaning he  accepts the deal. Mina will require lots of power   to fix the final section of the Shepard, and the  guys begin working on that while Ava takes Mina to   her new room. Ava also takes the chance to ask why  this universe's Ava stayed on Earth, so Mina plays   a recording to show her that here her children  are alive and she stayed with them. The guys   are trying to figure out where to get the power  they need to activate the Shepard again and think   they could shut down the oxygen temporarily. They  would get two hours of oxygen to fire the Shepard,   and when they return to their universe, the now  working Shepard should provide power to turn on   the oxygen again. Ava interrupts them to ask Jason  for permission to take a pod to Earth to see her   kids. Jason explains this goes against protocol,  not to mention Ava may end up seeing herself,   but Ava explains she needs to warn her family  about the fire that killed them in her world.   Jason reluctantly allows her to go. The crew  begins working on their plan and Gordon goes to   shut down the oxygen tanks. The idea works and  the Shepard begins activating, but Gordon also   starts noticing weird magnetic problems around  him that take his tools away. The metallic sand   he had used to fix the wall also reacts and grabs  Gordon, trapping him on the wall before the weird   magnetic field causes the oxygen tanks to explode,  causing a huge part of the Shepard to blow up.   Mina informs the crew that the maintenance  deck gets more unstable with every rotation,   thus they need to decouple it to survive. While  Ava, Jason, and Monk suit up for the mission,   Ernst reminds Mina that he isn't the same guy that  betrayed her, but she stays cold. The trio goes   outside and approaches the maintenance ring, but  they find it jammed, which means they'll have to   jettison it. Monk and Ava begin making their way  back to see if there's a way to do this remotely,   but Jason knows it can only be done with the  door closed so he stays behind to keep it locked   manually. After saying goodbye to Ava, Jason  jettisons the ring, losing his life to save his   crew. Meanwhile on Earth, Michael's watching old  videos of Ava when he gets a message confirming   Molly's parents have been contacted. This inspires  Michale to record a video saying goodbye to Ava   in case he's dead when she comes back. In  the station, Ernst confirms they only have   forty-three minutes of oxygen left. Jason left Ava  in charge so she gives everyone their next chores,   deciding to fire Shepard twice: first to overload  it and make it send them back, the second time   to make it power the station. She also announces  Monk and Ernst can go back, but she'll be leaving   with Mina to Earth on a pod. While Monk and Ernst  work, Mina takes the chance to steal the gun and   takes her to the pod to knock out Ava. Then she  activates the pod to make Ava leave alone while   Mina goes after the others. Fortunately Ava wakes  up quickly and sees this plan, so she must choose   between staying in the pod or saving her friends.  Mina finds Monk first and shoots him to get the   key for the Shepard because she wants to keep it  to save her planet. Ava decides to cancel the pod   and come looking for Mina, but by the time she  arrives, Monk's already dead. Mina goes after   Ernst next, although her shot isn't in a vital  spot because she needs him to control the Shepard,   although she admits she wants revenge for  her crew. Ava arrives and tries to stop her,   prompting Mina to point out that Ava can't have  both Shepard and her kids, she also swears she   doesn't mind killing three people to save eight  billion. While the women argue, Ernst picks a   tool from the floor and hits Mina, giving Ava the  chance to run away. Ernst and Mina fight for the   gun, which is accidentally fired and knocks Ernst  out. Mina goes after Ava, trying to manipulate   her into coming out by playing the recordings  of her children. When Mina comes close enough,   Ava jumps on her and starts a fight using objects  from around the room, allowing her to struggle for   the gun and shoot out the window. This causes Mina  to be ejected into space while Ava holds herself   onto the furniture until she can crawl out of the  room and close the door to be safe. Afterward,   Ava takes Ernst to the infirmary and takes care of  his wounds. Since it's only the two of them left,   she can't go back to Earth, so she sends a message  to herself to warn her about the fire and remind   her that being with the family is the most  important thing. Next Ernst and Ava overload the   Shepard, and the beam once again transports them  between dimensions. The duo can see Earth again   and immediately contact the base, confirming  Shepard is working and getting permission to   come back. Once the Shepard is activated for a  second time to start the production of energy,   Ernst and Ava get on a pod to go home. Michael  gets a message from the base confirming his   wife is fine and soon they'll reunite, but Michael  freaks out and asks the higher-ups to tell Ava not   to come. As the pod comes closer to Earth, a giant  monster bursts from the clouds with a loud roar.
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