The Dark Tower

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The Dark Tower
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In a children's internment camp, the wristbands  of many youngsters begin to beep, telling them   to prepare for experiments that involve using  their minds to try to collapse a giant tower   at the center of the universe. Meanwhile in New  York, eleven-year-old Jake wakes up after having   nightmares, discovering that there has been  an earthquake in the city. Jake often draws   his dreams and among them are scenes of tortured  children, wastelands and some humanoid figures.   His parents send him to the shrink, complaining  that there has not been much progress in the   sessions. A classmate bothers Jake at school  by taking his sketchbook, and Jake lunges at   him without a second thought, separated by a  teacher. Jake talks to the student counselor,   who tells him that he can't tell the difference  between reality and dreams. The boy insists   that they are not dreams and that a man in black  tortures children to bring down a tower along with   beings in fake human skins. According to Jake, if  the tower collapses the world will be plunged into   darkness and fire, but the counselor thinks these  outbursts are due to the loss of his biological   father over a fire saving people as a fireman.  On the streets Jake notices a passerby whose   face looks droopy as if he is wearing a mask, but  before he can see any further a homeless man warns   him that people are looking for special children  like him for dark experiments. Jake manages to get   on a bus and rides away only to meet his friend  and neighbor Timmy. They go to Jake's apartment   and find his mother and stepfather arguing about  him and his attitude at school. They suggest to   Jake the idea of going to a psychiatric boarding  clinic for young people, something that upsets   the boy. At night Jake remembers the brave  sacrifice his father made as a firefighter,   and decides to put aside the nightmares issue. He  puts away his drawings and goes to sleep and then   enters the dream world, where he continues to have  visions of the man in black. At the same time,   two Gunslingers try to confront the man in black,  but one of them falls. The younger one, Roland,   is able to suppress the Man in Black's magic but  is still no match for him. Jake wakes up and tells   Timmy about the Gunslinger and how there’s  a residence in New York that has something   to do with him, but his friend doesn't believe  him and leaves him to confront a social worker   at the psychiatric clinic in his living room.  Jake notices something strange and realizes   that both the woman and her driver have markings  similar to the fake creatures in the dream world,   so he asks his mother to help him pack in  private. He unsuccessfully comments to her   about the bad people, but neither his mother nor  his stepfather believe him. Just before leaving,   he manages to see that on the internet someone  tells him the address of the possible home of the   Gunslinger’s house, so Jake agrees to cooperate  with the situation. He asks those present for a   few seconds to look for his toothbrush but takes  advantage of this to escape through the window.   The driver chases him across the rooftops of  the buildings, but Jake manages to make a fast   forward and go down to the subway, losing sight of  them. Jake talks to his mom on the phone and tells   her he has things to do, until he arrives at the  supposed house of the Gunslinger. Upon entering   Jake manages to see some sort of gate with a  control panel, he enters the same number he always   dreams of, "1919" and the computer tells him the  destination will now be Mid-World. A portal opens   next to Jake, and just before he steps through it,  the floor of the house crushes away from itself   and traps him. To free himself, Jake manages to  enter the portal and reaches a desert world with   no civilizations around, and with peculiarly  shaped hurricanes in the distance. The man in   black arrives at his facility and his workers tell  him that there has been unauthorized access at one   of the portals, being from the same boy they are  trying to capture. Jake spends all night walking   in the desert until he finds a small light in the  distance, and when he arrives he finds an unlit   campfire along with some water. As Jake drinks it,  the Gunslinger appears from behind and points a   gun at him, scaring the kid. Jake explains that  he has dreamed about him, and although he tries   to persuade him, the Gunslinger has no time for  his explanations and leaves. When Jake mentions   the Man in Black, Roland almost throws him off a  cliff, thinking it is a trap. Jake explains that   he knows his name is Roland and that he does not  know the whereabouts of the Man in Black. Roland   believes him and explains to Jake that the Man  in Black is a sorcerer and that his real name is   Walter. The Man in Black goes to the human world  and sees that the demon house has been destroyed   by a powerful psychic. When he seeks answers  from one of his henchmen, they tell him that   only a human kid with a powerful Shine could have  dealt with the house, something that leaves Walter   perplexed. Roland and Jake make their way to a  forest where they see the remains of an abandoned   amusement park. They encounter a group of Taheens  in the distance, who are Walter's henchmen,   so they hide and go for a safer place to stay.  Roland manages to prepare dinner and tells Jake   that he doesn't know what the facilities around  them are all about, with the boy explaining that   they are themed parks. They talk more about the  confrontations Roland and Walter have had in the   past, and how the last one they had involved  the loss of Roland’s father. Walter goes to   the workers of the so-called psychiatric clinic,  berating them for losing Jake. He then instructs   them to destroy each other and walks away, leaving  his workers struggling in the street because   of his magic. Jake draws a map where the dark  tower is located in the center of the universe,   surrounded by thousands of worlds. Roland explains  that the tower is the only thing protecting the   universe from infinite darkness and monsters, with  Walter wanting to destroy it so he can rule in the   new dark world. Jake proposes they work together  to stop Walter, but Roland is reluctant to have a   partner. In the middle of the night they see a  beam of light head towards the tower, with one   of the children being used in Walter's facility.  A voice calls Jake as he sleeps, causing him to   march into the forest where he finds his father.  Roland runs to save him knowing that it is a trap,   and when Jake touches his father, a dark wall  appears and tries to unleash a monster. Roland   confronts it and stands up to it, but the wall  takes on the appearance of his own father. Still   Roland lunges at it and the wall disappears. The  gunslinger tells Jake that it is a sign of the   darkness that Walter is trying to pass into that  world, and that their fathers were never really   there with them. Believing themselves safe, they  encounter a new dark creature, which manages to   subdue Roland easily. Jake takes the beast to the  amusement park, trying to distract it while Roland   manages to escape and lashes out at the creature  and destroys it. Roland praises Jake's bravery,   but Jake only notices how Roland is injured.  Walter sneaks into Jake's house, and manages to   control his parents to tell him where the drawings  are, reproaching them for their poor treatment   of the boy. Roland and Jake arrive in a village,  where Roland's wounds are treated and they tells   them about Jake's visions. There they mention  how Jake's Shine is unique and very powerful,   even able to read other people's minds. The seer  Arra manages to make a connection with Jake,   seeing that Walter's lair is in the northern  wastelands, nearly six months' journey away.   Jake mentions how the portals can get them there  faster since Walter's minions are always looking   for children from other worlds with them. They  demand to use the village portal and although   some object, they say that the law is to never  oppose a gunslinger, so they decide to help them.   Arra reveals that Roland's soul is actually in  Walter's possession and that he can no longer   be classified as a gunslinger. Roland confesses  that even though everything is true, they must   still try to defend the tower at all costs. He  leaves the place and notices that his wounds are   getting worse and worse. Jake in turn tells the  people that Roland is a good person and should   still be treated as a Gunslinger. Although the  technology is old, the portal seems to work well,   so they both get ready to go. Just before that the  town begins to be attacked by Walter's henchmen,   who set fire to and destroy everything around.  Jake helps a girl escape from the henchmen,   while Roland defends the rest of the town  but has complications from his injuries.   Arra rescues him but they lose track of Jake, so  Roland takes a slight break in the middle of town,   to reflect on his feet. Arra doesn't understand  what's going on, but after a few moments Roland   shoots into the distance, managing to hit the guy  who was kidnapping Jake. Roland tells them not to   worry about them, as the longer Jake is there,  the more danger they will be in, so the pair   pass through the portal to Jake’s Earth. Roland  feels overwhelmed by everything around him, and   Jake tells him that they should get him medical  help immediately. However things are complicated   by Roland's inexperience in the human world, as  the doctors tell him that he actually suffers   from too many ailments to let him go. They still  leave, and Jake gives Roland painkillers and soda   to make it better, with Roland saying he hasn't  felt this good in years. Walter appears to Arra,   manipulating her to tell her where Roland and  Jake are, so he decides to go to Keystone Earth   to follow them. Jake has the idea to ask the  homeless man from earlier about the situation,   but the man tells him that he lost his Shine  years ago, so Jake must use his powers to read the   man's memories. They decide to go all the way to  Jake's house, but there they find his stepfather   unconscious on the floor and a black burnt stain  in the boy's room, thinking his mother perished   to the man in black. This is for Jake to use his  Shine so they can track him, so Roland tells him   he should close his mind and let the pain flow. On  the terrace Roland promises the boy that he will   personally take care of Walter himself as revenge  for the two of them. He tells him that he hasn't   recited Gunslinger's Creed in years, and teaches  it to him as they practice aiming with tin cans.   They go to an armory store and get their hands  on enough materials, but Walter separates them,   leaving Roland trapped in the store with him  while Jake flees from his henchmen. Walter   insults and annoys Roland by telling him that  no matter how hard he tries, everyone who walks   by him will perish. Jake is kidnapped, but  uses his Shine to communicate with Roland.   They blindfold the boy so he won't reveal the  location, but Roland still manages to find him,   eliminating those in his path. They open a new  portal to Walter and Roland's world, and Roland   sees how the man in black has the boy subdued.  Despite being surrounded by dozens of members, the   Gunslinger manages to break through against them  all. Walter and Jake go through the portal and   Jake is forced to settle into the mind-draining  machine, knowing that he alone has the power to   bring down the dark tower with no trouble. The  gunslinger uses all his weaponry to break through,   regardless of the minions being armed and coming  out all over the place. He uses all the weaponry   he managed to take from the store and manages  to shoot straight at everyone present. With the   help of gas canisters, he causes an explosion  that buys him some time. The computer indicates   that there are problems with Jake's power as he  is resisting and holding back, and Walter takes   it upon himself to discourage him from losing  his spirit, claiming that the gunslinger only   cares about Jake so he can confront his nemesis.  The boy is upset at the loss of his mom, and it's   enough to trigger the light beam to the tower.  Roland confronts one of Walter's closest henchmen,   and ends up on the streets watching the sky turn  red and the earthquakes begin. A car takes out   Walter's henchman and Roland is free to go with  Jake. Seeing that Jake now has more power than   ever to destroy the tower, Walter decides to buy  time by confronting Roland. The man in black uses   his powers to confront Roland, even driving a  piece of glass into one of his hands and leaving   the Gunslinger with only one hand available.  Still Roland puts up a fight against Walter,   with the villain managing to clip all of his  bullets out of the air. Jake attempts to contact   Roland mentally before Walter delivers the coup  de grace, reciting the Gunslinger's Creed. Roland   manages to launch two bullets that cross paths,  changing direction just in time for one to hit   Walter's heart. The Gunslinger manages to rescue  Jake and destroys the machine, saving not only the   tower but the entire universe. They both see the  city trying to cope with the recent catastrophes,   with newscasts mentioning how everything is  slowly returning to normal. They share some   hot dogs and the Gunslinger asks Jake if he  wants to go with him to his world, as there   is nothing left for him there. The boy is thrilled  and says yes, now being the Gunslinger's new ward.
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