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When he opens his eyes, treasure hunter Nate  is hanging outside down from a line of cargo   boxes that are also hanging from an open  plane. He makes his way up as he fights off   various mercenaries and manages to climb into  the plane again, but as soon as he gets inside,   a red car pushes him back out. As he falls  to his death, a hand grabs his just in time,   which matches a small adventure Nate had when he  was a boy. Fifteen years earlier, young Nate and   his older brother Sam sneaked into a museum in  Boston, and Nate would've fallen off the window   if Sam hadn't caught him. The orphaned brothers  are looking for a map made after the Magellan   expedition to use to find an ancient treasure.  Unfortunately, as soon as Sam tries to pick the   lock, he triggers the alarm and they're caught  by the police. The boys are taken back to the   orphanage and Nate gets to stay, but because this  is Sam's third strike, he must be taken to prison.   They give the brothers a moment alone to say  goodbye, so Sam takes advantage of this to escape.   Before leaving though, he gives Nate his beloved  ring to always be with him, and promises to come   for him in the future. After Sam's gone, Nate  finds an empty piece of paper and his brother's   lighter, which he uses to reveal a hidden message  with words of love from Sam. Back in the present   day, Nate now works as a bartender in New York.  He also pickpockets rich clients by getting close   with random excuses, like helping a girl light  her cigarette in order to steal her bracelet.   Nate still carries his brother's lighter with him,  although it isn't working very well these days.   One night, while he's closing the bar, a man  called Sully approaches Nate and congratulates   him on his pickpocketing skills before offering  him to join him on an incoming important job.   Nate isn't about to start doing crime  with a stranger and kicks him out,   only to then discover Sully took the bracelet  from his pocket and left his card instead.   Wanting the bracelet back, Nate goes to the  address on the card, sneaking inside the apartment   by stealing the keys from the doorman. Sully's  already waiting for him, and to Nate's shock, he's   in possession of the original Magellan's map. Nate  comments on the legends that say the original trip   had been planned to find gold, and Sully confirms  it's true: the trip had been funded by the Moncada   family, and the current heirs, Armando and his  son Santiago, are still looking for that treasure.   To help him convince Nate to join him, Sully  mentions he was a friend of Sam's, and even shows   him a picture of his adult self. Apparently, Sam  disappeared after they found Magellan's journal,   and Sully hasn't even heard from him since. Nate  agrees that sounds like Sam because he hasn't been   in contact with him either, so Sully points out  that looking for the gold could help Nate find Sam   as well. Nate still turns him down, claiming the  brother he knew doesn't exist anymore. However,   when he returns to his apartment, he opens a box  he keeps with important memories, which includes   postcards from Sam - Nate lied to Sully when  he said his brother never contacted him again.   He also finds the ring, and after putting it back  on, he decides the does want to do this after all.   Sully and Nate meet to plan their first move.  There's an auction coming up, and one of the   antiques they're offering it's a cross that works  as a key for the chamber where they've hidden the   gold. The legend says there are two keys, and  Sully already has the other one, so they need   to steal this one to get started. After demanding  Sully to go fifty-fifty on the gold, Nate uses his   free time to study the building where the auction  will be held and comes up with a plan. The night   of the auction, Sully and Nate see a valuable  red car and find out Santiago is also there,   so there'll be tough competition for the cross  because he thinks the gold is his birthright.   He isn't alone though, he's employed mercenary  leader Jo, who used to be Sully's partner and   teases him when she sees him. As the auction  is about to start, Sully pretends to be one of   the buyers while Nate gets the plan ready. Jo  notices him moving suspiciously and sends her   men to keep an eye on him. By putting his gum  on the digital lock, Nate manages to get inside   the electrical room - the idea is to cut power so  that Sully can take steal the cross in the dark.   Because Nate's taking too long, Sully finds  himself with no other choice but to start   bidding against Santiago, even if he doesn't  actually have the money for it. Unfortunately,   Nate is found by Jo's men and a fight begins.  After exchanging a few blows, Nate runs out of   the room and decides to cause a distraction  by jumping on the hall's ceiling lamps.   Now everyone is panicking and the cross is  being taken away, so Sully turns his jacket   around and pretends to be one of the workers. As  Nate is found and chased by security, Sully puts   his hands on the cross and takes it away saying  he's in charge of taking it to the vault, but   Jo notices this and goes after him. She manages  to corner him and threaten him with her knife,   but at that moment, security finds them and tries  to arrest her for attacking an auction employee.   Sully gets to go away with the cross while Jo  fights the guards. When Sully makes it back to his   car, Nate is waiting for him, and they agree to go  to Spain together. On the plane, Nate gets to look   at the captain's journal that confirms the legend:  Magellan found tons of gold in the Philippines,   hid it in Barcelona, and then told the Moncada  family that he found nothing. Following the clues   in the journal, they'll be able to find the gold,  although so far the main clue is just a tree.   Once they arrive in Barcelona, they meet with  Chloe, another treasure hunter that has managed   to acquire the other cross. However, she doesn't  want to work with Sully, who she considers to be   a liar and a backstabber. After she leaves, Nate  discovers she took their cross with her and chases   her through the streets of Barcelona. Chloe  is faster though, and she makes it to her car,   ready to escape. Nate and Sully don't give up  and convince her to stay by pointing out she   may have the crosses but they have the journal, so  they're the only ones that know where to go next.   Now they're all working together, Nate takes  them to the place indicated by the clue. It's   not an actual tree, it refers to a church that has  "pine" as part of the name and a tree as its logo.   Meanwhile, Santiago confronts his dad. Armando  has appeared on the news saying he'll give away   his fortune, and he confesses the reason for  this is that their money is dipped in blood.   Unable to make him change his mind, Santiago  leaves and goes to see Jo to order her to keep   an eye on Sully because he's been seen around  town. Back to the team, they're taking a break   before jumping on the next part of the plan.  While Nate is in the kitchen, Chloe tells Sully   she's guessed Nate is Sam's brother and demands  that Sully tell him the truth of what happened,   but Sully just says he'll do it when the time is  right. The next day, Santiago once again tries   to change his father's mind about giving away the  fortune. Since Armando refuses, Santiago follows   him to his car and orders Jo to kill him. When  night falls, the team enters the church pretending   to be tourists, and Nate is shocked to find the  postcards they sell there match one of Sam's.   Following the symbols and words carved on the  floor and walls, the trio finds a secret button   that Nate presses to open a hidden painting behind  a Mary statue. When Nate turns it around and   reveals a picture of hell, the altar uncovers  the keyholes for the crosses. Nate and Chloe   use the keys and turn it clockwise first, which  releases a series of darts that almost kills them.   Thankfully they dodge just in time and try  clockwise next, which finally gives them access   to a hidden tunnel. The journal says one must  stay up in heaven and the other down in hell,   so Nate and Chloe enter the tunnel with one of the  crosses while Sully stays outside with the other.   In order for Sully to know where he needs to  go next, Nate puts a tracker on his phone;   now Sully can follow their movements, unaware  that Jo is following him too. Nate and Chloe   follow a mysterious tunnel that eventually takes  them to a nightclub, and Jo's men are there too.   By pretending to be a couple dancing, the duo  crosses the room and makes it to the bar, where   Nate tries to start a fire with Sam's lighter.  It fails again, so Chloe starts it for him and   now they have the distraction they need to work  on the puzzle carved on the wall behind the bar.   Joe's men find them anyway, causing Nate to get  in a fight with them until Chloe finally finds   another keyhole that she opens with the cross. A  new secret tunnel appears in front of them and the   duo gets to escape right before it closes again,  leaving Jo's men behind. Following this tunnel   takes the duo to a secret door under a fountain,  and when they use the key on it, the room begins   filling with water. Sully needs to use the  cross on the hole above the ground to save them,   but the keyhole is behind thick protective glass.  While he begins working on breaking the glass,   Jo shows up to steal the cross and a fight ensues.  At first, it seems Jo has the upper hand, but with   one quick movement, Sully turns the tables and  throws Jo against the glass, finally breaking it.   Then, Sully puts the cross on the keyhole and  opens the secret door so the duo can escape,   but only Nate comes out. When he notices Chloe  has passed out underwater, Nate goes back for her,   and once they're both out, Chloe is shocked to  see she's been helped instead of backstabbed.   This door takes them to a Roman antechamber, where  Chloe lights up a torch when Nate's lighter fails   again. This chamber is underground as well and  Sully can see them through a drainage grill on   the street. He also finds a symbol carved on a  rock that indicates both keys must go together   to open the next door, thus Sully throws the key  he has through the grill so it can reach the duo.   Nate puts the crosses together and manages to open  another mysterious door that takes them to a Roman   storehouse. There are three giant urns in it and  for a moment the team thinks they've found the   gold, but actually, the urns are full of salt.  As they inspect them, the urns suddenly break,   which allows them to find a map among the salt.  Nate takes note of a route that goes from Spain   to the East Indies, but before he can discuss the  possibilities, Chloe takes out her gun and demands   that he hands the map to her. Nate tries to make a  deal with her, but Chloe just tells him he doesn't   know the full story of what happened to Sam before  knocking him out and running away with the map.   Moments later, Sully wakes Nate up,  and Nate demands to know the truth.   Sully explains Sam didn't ghost him, he's just  gone. They had reached the captain's tomb together   and found the journal, but on their way out, they  were attacked by Jo and her men, and Sam got shot.   Nate realizes Sully got away and left Sam there  to die, and the only reason why he recruited   Nate is that Sam could've told him some of the  missing clues he was missing to reach the gold.   After calling Sully greedy and selfish,  Nate breaks their partnership and leaves.   Later, Sully finds Nate to try to make him come  back, and Nate accepts but only because he's been   looking at the postcards and decided he wants  to finish what his brother started. Meanwhile,   Jo goes to report to Santiago about what happened,  only to discover Chloe is working for him too.   Since she's been more successful, from now she'll  lead the operation, which makes Jo rather angry.   Santiago and his team get things ready at  his private airport, including his beloved   red car which Nate and Sully take advantage  of to sneak inside by hiding in the trunk.   After looking at the map and deciding their  trajectory, Santiago offers a speech about how his   family had been betrayed and how he will restore  their honor, but Jo interrupts him by killing him.   Chloe gets scared and tries to escape,  so while Jo and her men go after her,   Nate and Sully take the chance to  sneak around and recover the map.   The plan is to also steal some parachutes and jump  off the plane, but when they make it to the cargo   hold, Nate can't help confronting Jo to ask her if  she really killed Sam. Sully jumps away with the   parachute as Nate finds himself in a fight with  the men while the cargo is pushed off the plane,   taking us to the beginning of the story. Jo's  men find Chloe and engage her in a gunfight,   which would make her difficult for  her to escape by parachute as well.   Instead, she decides to get inside the car and  drive it off the plane, so when Nate climbs back   inside, it's Chloe that pushes him out again. But  she's also the one to grab his hand and guide him   to one of the falling cargo boxes, dropping on  top of it and opening its parachute, which allows   them to safely land in the middle of the sea. The  duo drifts around for a while until eventually,   the waves take them to the Philippines, where they  check in a hotel using Sully's credit card. Chloe   prints a map that follows the same dimensions  as the real one, and using Sam's postcards, Nate   realizes the map doesn't pinpoint the exact spot  to find the treasure. Sully was right, Sam did   try to leave Nate the last clue, so Nate and Chloe  spend the night trying to decipher his messages.   Chloe gets tired after a while and goes to bed,  but Nate refuses to give up, and this turns out to   go in his favor because he realizes he hasn't used  the oldest trick in Sam's book. Since the lighter   still won't work, Nate uses a candle to reveal a  secret message on a postcard telling him to use   the crosses as a compass. Nate does exactly that  and finally discovers the location of the gold,   writing the coordinates on a piece of paper  before going to bed too. The next morning, Jo   and her men arrive at the area while Chloe wakes  up first and finds the paper with the coordinates.   She decides to take the note with her and leave  Nate behind, but when Nate wakes up alone he isn't   worried because she left the wrong coordinates  on purpose, already guessing Chloe would betray   him. Nate takes a motorboat to the cave indicated  by the coordinates, unaware that Jo sees him from   afar while looking around the wrong place.  Inside this cave, Nate takes a swim to go   through an underwater tunnel and comes out inside  another cave where both of Magellan's ships have   been hidden all these years. As Nate finds the  gold inside, Sully shows up in the cave as well   thanks to the tracker he still has in his phone.  He tells Nate that Sam would be proud of him, but   before they can discuss things any further, Jo and  her men show up, so the duo hides inside a secret   compartment. With the help of two helicopters,  Jo's crew airlifts the entire ships through a   hole on top of the cave, so Nate and Sully come  out of their hiding spot to grab as much gold as   possible together with a dagger and a sword to  defend themselves. Then, they go upstairs and   fight the crew until they throw every man off the  ship. Now Sully can climb up the chains that are   holding the ship and reach the helicopter, where  he pushes off the men he finds and takes over   the control to fly away from Jo, who is on the  other ship. Jo orders her pilot to follow Sully,   causing her ship to hit the other. Her men jump  into Nate's ship and begin a fight, thus Nate   beats them up and gets to steal some guns from  them; he also finds some gunpowder lying around.   Sully guides the helicopter through a narrow  passage between cliffs to lose the chasers, but Jo   is waiting for him at the other end so he has to  pull a very risky maneuver not crash against them.   But this is only a temporary dodge, Jo and her  ship are still coming after them, inspiring Nate   to take extreme measures. Using the gunpowder he  found, Nate puts a ball inside the ship's cannon   and after a few failed tries, he manages to make  Sam's lighter work and fires the cannon at the   other helicopter. Jo jumps off the ship before  it crashes against a hill with the helicopter   on fire. Nate and Sully think they've won, but it  turns out Jo has jumped onto their ship and is now   releasing the anchor to keep them from escaping.  It's obvious that the ship won't hold for long,   and Jo and Nate exchange a few blows before  Nate begins climbing the chains to reach the   helicopter. Seeing Jo is coming after Nate, Sully  decides to finally change his ways and sacrifices   his bag of gold by throwing it at Jo, causing  her to fall into the ocean. Then, Sully helps   Nate into the helicopter right before the chains  finally break and the ship falls on top of Jo,   killing her. The ship gets to float for a few  seconds before it begins sinking, and Nate   figures they can dive for treasure later, but this  won't be possible: the Philippine naval units are   approaching, so the treasure will end up in hands  of their government. As the duo flies away, Sully   laughs when he sees Chloe trying to follow them  on a motorboat, but he also laments the lack of   treasure. However, Nate surprises him by showing  him the gold he's managed to hide in his pants.   Meanwhile, in a prison in the middle of nowhere,  Sam writes Nate another postcard telling him   to watch his back. Months later, Nate meets  with an agent working for a man named Roman,   who is interested in his ring and wants to  exchange it for a Nazi map. The agent tries to   betray Nate by taking both the ring and the map,  but Sully shows up and creates a distraction so   Nate can recover both items. As the duo leaves  together, they're caught by an unseen person.
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