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In the 22nd century, Earth has become a wasteland  full of garbage because of humanity's consumerism   and lack of care for the ecology. All the  remaining survivors got away in a starliner   called Axiom and left behind trash-compacting  robots to clean up the planet. Unfortunately, the   clean-up is a complete failure and seven hundred  years later, there's only one robot left called   Wall-e. Wall-e plays music while he works and he  keeps a roach as his only company. Whenever he   finds an interesting item, he takes it back with  him to the home he's made inside an old garbage   lifter. His collection includes an old movie, and  watching it makes him want to have a loved one to   hold hands with. Every night, or whenever there's  a sandstorm, Wall-e sleeps on his own shelves by   transforming into a cube. When he needs to charge,  he lets the sunlight recharge his battery. One   afternoon, after having some trouble with a fire  extinguisher, Wall-e uses his laser to cut a   fridge open and is shocked to see a plant. He  puts it inside a boot and takes it home, where   something new gets his attention: a little red  dot appears suddenly on the ground. Wall-e begins   following the moving light around, but soon the  dot multiplies, and Wall-e discovers the lights   come from an incoming rocket. He rushes to hide  inside a hole and watches the rocket land, then it   releases a modern model called Eve before leaving.  Eve immediately begins flying around, searching   for the object of her mission. Wall-e immediately  begins developing a crush on her and follows her   everywhere, although he still gets scared whenever  Eve shoots at something because she heard a noise.   The roach isn't as scared and actually approaches  Eve, who shoots at it before realizing the roach's   an innocent creature and befriending it. Eve can't  help giggling at the roach walking on her body,   and this makes Wall-e giggle too. As soon as Eve  hears him, she shoots, and Wall-e only manages   to save himself by becoming a cube. Eve comes to  check on him and when her scanner confirms he's a   mere cleaning robot, Eve ignores him and continues  her search. Wall-e doesn't give up and continues   to follow her around, trying to impress her with  gifts and tricks to no avail. Eve's focused on   her search, but she grows frustrated because she  can't find anything. When a magnet crane captures   her by accident, Eve finally snaps and sets the  whole machine on fire. Wall-e can see she's in   a bad mood and approaches her to comfort her,  finally gaining her friendship. At that moment,   a sandstorm appears nearby. Eve begins panicking,  but Wall-e quickly drags her to his home. He   proceeds to show her all the cool things he has,  and Eve actually knows how to use a few of them,   like making a flame appear on a lighter. When  Wall-e shows her his beloved movie, Eve makes   a recording of it, then she tries to copy Wall-e's  dance steps. This causes Eve to accidentally push   Wall-e against the wall and break him, but  Wall-e doesn't worry, he has plenty of spare   parts to fix himself. Wall-e wants to try to hold  Eve's hand, but sadly she takes it away. Next,   Wall-e tries to impress Eve by showing her  the plant. This immediately makes her grab   the plant and put it away inside her body before  going into capsule mode, it turns out that proof   of plant life was her objective. Wall-e gets  desperate and uses all methods he can think of   to try to wake her up, like leaving her under the  sun to charge and even taking her out on dates,   but nothing works. Eventually Wall-e gives up and  goes back to work, only pausing to look at the   lighter to remember her time with Eve. Suddenly,  a rumble gets Wall-e's attention: the rocket is   back, and it's taking Eve away. Wall-e runs to the  rocket and grabs onto its railing so he can come   along. The rocket reaches outer space and Wall-e  is amazed by everything he sees, he also uses the   closeness to the sun to fully recharge. Eventually  they find Axiom hiding in a galaxy far away,   and a series of cleaning robots receive the rocket  to clean everything from potential contamination.   A little guy called MO tries to clean Wall-e,  but when other robots take Eve away, Wall-e   begins following them, leaving a track of mud  behind. This means MO begins following him too.   They make it to a corridor where Wall-e discovers  the reality behind the current state of humanity:   they've all become fat and lazy, and they  move around on floating chairs, their eyes   never leaving the screen. The management of the  starliner, from teaching the babies to cooking,   is all done by robots. Wall-e's presence gets John  attention and causes him to fall off his chair,   prompting him to finally stop looking at a screen.  While a bunch of robots arrives to push John back   on his chair, Wall-e rushes to go after Eve,  and to reach her he asks Mary for some room to   move. Mary moves back and this causes her to stop  looking at the screen too, discovering the world   around her as if it was the first time. Wall-e  pretends to be Eve's handler and goes with her   to be checked by Otto, the ship's AI autopilot,  who does a quick scan and goes to wake the captain   up to bring him the news. Captain McCrea is  also a lazy bum that doesn't leave his chair,   Wall-e hides under the desk to watch him go  through the tedious routine of making sure the   system is fine. After giving the population the  daily announcements, McCrea finally wakes Eve up   and sees she's got a positive result. This never  happened, and when McCrea presses the plant button   on his panel, a video immediately starts playing.  The President of Earth appears on the screen and   explains a positive result means the robots have  found plant life on Earth, meaning they can go   back. The control panel expells a manual that  McCrea checks for instructions, and while he's   busy Wall-e tries to approach Eve, who is shocked  to see him and quickly makes him hide. McCrea   activates a robot arm to retrieve the plant, but  when Eve opens her body, she's shocked to see the   plant is gone. Otto says she's probably broken,  so McCrea calls it a false alarm and cancels the   trip to Earth before sending Eve to be repaired.  When Wall-e finally introduces himself to McCrea,   he shakes his hand and leaves some dirt on the  captain's fingers, thus McCrea sends him to be   cleaned. Once the robots are gone, McCrea puts  the dirt on the scanner to be analyzed and is   surprised by all the things he gets to learn about  Earth, so he keeps himself busy asking the AI lots   of questions. Eve and Wall-e arrive at the repair  department and Eve is forced into capsule mod with   special hardware. Wall-e almost gets the same  treatment, but he dodges the arms and ends up   getting a makeover from a faulty beauty assistant.  Then, Wall-e is put in a cage while Eve is given   the maintenance treatment. Wall-e mistakes this  for torture, so he breaks the cage with his laser   and breaks through the door to rescue Eve. The  working robot tries to shoot Wall-e to stop him,   but Wall-e dodges it and the shot ends up hitting  the control panel. This causes all the cages to   open, and the robots take the chance to escape.  Because they consider Wall-e their savior,   the malfunctioning robots take him with them,  and Eve follows them. When they reach a corridor,   a group of guard robots blocks their way and  take a picture of them to raise the alarm.   The picture appears on all the ship screens,  warning the population about rogue robots,   and the guards try to arrest them. Eve  immediately picks Wall-e up and flies away,   hiding in a window until the guards are gone.  Afterward, Eve brings Wall-e to the elevator,   where he tries to be friendly. However she's so  angry about these shenanigans that she shoots a   screen to shut him up. When the elevator reaches  the hangar, Eve tries to put Wall-e in a pod to   send him back to Earth, but he refuses to go if  Eve doesn't come too. Suddenly they hear a noise,   and Eve and Wall-e get into capsule mode to hide.  The visitor's a little robot controlled by Otto,   who brings the plant to send it back to Earth.  Wall-e rushes into the pod to try to rescue the   plant, but at that moment the little guy activates  the pod and Wall-e is launched into space. Eve   immediately enters an emergency exit and is  launched out too while Wall-e presses all the   buttons to make the pod stop, but he activates  the self-destruct sequence instead. Eve watches   how the pod explodes and thinks it's all over,  but Wall-e suddenly passes by her using a fire   extinguisher as if it was a jet pack. Both robots  fly around until they finally get to meet in the   middle, and Wall-e reveals he's managed to save  the plant. Eve is so happy that she hugs Wall-e   and pushes their foreheads together, sharing  a small spark of electricity that feels that   a kiss. Wall-e is shocked but also delighted by  this, and he uses his extinguisher to dance with   Eve through space as they make their way back to  the ship. This is seen by John and Mary, who are   finally enjoying the beautiful view of space, and  approaching the window allows them to meet each   other for real. Eve and Wall-e get back on the  ship, and Eve sneaks around to avoid the guards,   leaving Wall-e behind. She reaches the captain's  room safely and hands the plant to McCrea, who   gets excited because now they can return to Earth.  Eve interrupts him to show him the recordings she   took of the planet, and McCrea's disappointed to  see Earth isn't the beautiful place he saw in the   old pictures. However when Eve plays Wall-e's old  movie too, the sound of music brings back some   hope, and McCrea decides that if the little plant  didn't give up, he shouldn't either. The movie   reaches the part about the hand-holding and Eve  begins thinking about it too, especially when the   recording suddenly shows her all the things Wall-e  did for her while she was asleep. Meanwhile Wall-e   tries to go looking for Eve by entering a trash  chute, and MO follows him. The captain tries to   order the ship to return to Earth, but Otto stops  him and asks for the plant. McCrea refuses and   demands an explanation, thus Otto plays another  video. The President of Earth announces the   clean-up program was a failure and that toxicity  levels make life unsustainable on Earth. This   means the project to reconolize is canceled, and  directive A113 puts the ship on eternal autopilot   so humans can stay in space. Otto is loyal to  A113 and that's why it had taken the plant from   Eve when it checked on her the first time. McCrea  notices this video is around seven-hundred years   old, which means the information is outdated and  the plan proves life can be possible on Earth,   meaning they should return. Otto calls its little  robot to stop them, and when the small guy takes   the plant, Eve threatens it. The robot responds  by throwing the plant into the trash pipe,   but at that moment, Wall-e climbs out of it with  the plant on its head. Eve tries to reunite with   Wall-e, but the little robot captures her.  Wall-e hides the plant inside his body, but   Otto electrocutes him and pushes him into the pipe  before putting Eve in capsule mode and tossing her   too. Then Otto locks McCrea in his room to keep  him quiet. Seconds later Eve wakes up thanks to a   mouse robot pressing her button, finding herself  in the garbage disposal room. Here the machines   press the garbage into cubes to then throw them  into space, and both Eve and Wall-e end up inside   those cubes. Using her gun, Eve frees herself,  but she isn't strong enough to pull Wall-e out   as well and the cubes get ejected. Suddenly MO  shows up and gets stuck on the inner door. The   force of the ejection helps Eve get Wall-e away  from the garbage and she flies back to hold on   to MO. The garbage robots notice there's trouble  and immediately close the outer doors, helping   the trio come back inside. Wall-e isn't working  well, so Eve goes looking for chips to repair him.   Unfortunately none of these modern pieces are good  for an old model and Wall-e gives Eve the plant,   asking her to prioritize the mission. At first Eve  refuses and even tries to hold Wall-e's hand to   make him change his mind, but Wall-e pushes her  hand away and insists Earth is more important,   presenting the lighter as proof. Eve realizes  Earth will have the necessary parts to fix him,   thus she grabs everyone and flies back into the  main area of the ship. A guard sees them and   raises the alarm, but Eve pushes it away and keeps  going while the other rogue robots follow her.   Otto sees everything on the screens and activates  as more guards. McCrea also sees it all too and   begins messing with the control panel so he can do  a transmission. The captain appears all over the   ship to show Eve the instruction manual, pointing  at the area where the plant should be deposited.   Eve and Wall-e immediately begin moving only  to find themselves surrounded by guards robots.   However the rogue robots immediately begin  fighting the guards to clear the way for their   savior. Meanwhile McCrea puts a picture of the  plant on the screen and calls Otto, pretending to   have the plant to taunt the AI into coming after  him. As soon as Otto enters the room, McCrea jumps   on it to fight it, and in the struggle he kicks  the little robot through the window. After lots   of pulling, he manages to reach the control and  activates the traveling mode of the ship, now the   robots start to put the humans ready to sleep  through their trip back to Earth. The special   capsule for the plant opens in the middle of the  ship, but when Eve and Wall-e are about to reach   it, Otto pushes McCrea off and steers the ship to  make the plant fall. All the humans fall off their   chairs, and Mary and John have to work together to  save a bunch of babies. Two transporting couches   begin falling as well, but Eve stops them right  before people can get crushed. Otto shuts down   the special capsule, so Wall-e rushes to keep  it up, getting even more broken. McCrea makes   an effort and finally stands up again, allowing  him to jump on Otto and turn it off for good. Then   the captain puts the ship back into place, and Eve  goes to check on Wall-e while asking everyone to   look for the plant. MO, the rogue robots, and  the humans work together to retrieve the plant   and toss it into the capsule. This activates  the returning program again and releases Wall-e   from the pressure, but he isn't working. In just  ten seconds, the ship pulls off a hyper-jump and   returns to Earth. As soon as they land, Eve takes  Wall-e to his home and fixes him, shooting a hole   in the ceiling to make sunlight recharge. Wall-e  wakes up but Eve is devasted to see he doesn't   recognize her, not even when she shows him his  collection and the movie. It seems Wall-e has   lost his personality and he just begins working  like a regular robot. Eve approaches him to say   one last goodbye by holding his hand and giving  him a little electric kiss, this causes Wall-e to   suddenly hold Eve's hand back. Little by little,  Wall-e's personality comes back, and he and Eve   have a sweet moment together while McCrea shows  the humans how to grow the plant. From then on,   robots and humans work together to rebuild their  society with much more nature-friendly methods.
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