10,000 BC

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10,000 BC
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The movie is set in the year 10,000 BC and it revolves around a tribe called ‘The Yagahls’. They are fearless people living in the mountains, with little to no idea of the outside world. All they do is eat, sleep, procreate and repeat. However, with the sudden climate change, their condition deteriorates. The Yagahls find it very hard to hunt their only source of food: Mammoths. One day, two hunters return to the village with a small girl named Evolet. It turns out she had been holding onto her dead mother in her village which was attacked by invaders. Seeing her misery, the Yagahls’ respected elder and shaman, The Old Mother, decides to investigate. She touches the young girl, hoping to learn her past. But shockingly, The Old Mother is overwhelmed with terrifying visions of the “four legged demons' ' which apparently attacked Evolet’s village. She also prophecies that the same invaders will come after the Yagahls soon and that whoever kills the leader of the "demons" will win both Evolet and a holy White Spear, becoming the next village chief. However, the current village chief doesn't believe any of this and instead decides to take an alternative path to feed his people. So the same night, he leaves the village before giving his best friend, Tic Tic his white spear, asking him to protect his son, D’Leh. The next morning, word spreads about the chief's disappearance and he is painted as a coward who can't protect his own village. Because of this, his son: D’Leh is bullied by the other kids mercilessly. As time passes, the boy loses all his friends, and the only person who talks to him is Evolet. Since she is a loner too, they quickly bond and become inseparable. The movie then fast forwards many years into the future where an adult D'Leh and Evolet eventually fall in love with each other. The hunting season has almost arrived and the Old Mother tells everyone how Ka'Ren will win over Evolet as he has become a decorated warrior of the tribe. Later, a worried Evolet approaches D’Leh and asks him to run away together. However, the latter is adamant on staying put and protecting his people from the ‘demons’. All of a sudden, a young boy from the tribe named Baku announces the arrival of the Mammoths and so all the hunters get ready for battle. They chase after the giant beasts, until one of them eventually gets caught in the trap. However, as the hunters approach to kill it, the Mammoth suddenly gets up and flees. In the ensuing struggle, it drags some of the hunters along with it, including D’Leh. After a while, the mammoth finally frees itself from the net and charges at D’Leh. However, in a shocking turn of events, it accidentally impales itself with a spear stuck upright on the ground. The other tribe members arrive shortly after and praise D’Leh, believing that he killed the mammoth. As a result, the Old Mother hands him the white spear and also appoints him as the new chief. As the hunters drag the dead mammoth back to the village, cheers of celebration echo across the plains. But D'Leh feels sick with guilt. He can't accept the praise he's received for something he didn't do. Turning to his friend Tic Tic, he confesses the truth and seeks advice. Tic Tic, a wise elder of the tribe, tells D'Leh that accepting the white spear through a lie is not honorable and not the way of their tribe. So, D'Leh hands the spear over to him, determined to make things right. But when he confesses the same thing to Evolet, she becomes angry and leaves. The next morning, the old mother’s prophecy becomes true and the tribe is suddenly attacked by the ‘four legged demons’ revealing themselves to be just horse riders. The demons tear the village apart and wreak havoc among the tribe. They also capture various tribe members which they can use for slave work, while the leader of the demons: Warlord, notices Evolet and takes her for himself. Poor Baku can only witness his mother brutally being stabbed to death. When D'Leh finds out about this, he rushes to help fight off the attackers. But Tic Tic stops him, knowing that they are of no match against the evil attackers. So, D’Leh is forced to watch from the sidelines as his village is ravaged to pieces. He is even more heartbroken when he learns that the love of his life: Evolet, has been taken away. After the invasion, the survivors help the wounded while Tic Tic, Ka’Ren and D’Leh regroup and plan their next step. They are terrified of the four legged demons, but also want to rescue their friends before it's too late. Hence, after a lot of thinking, they decide to pursue the attackers. Even Baku joins them, as he is now hell bent on avenging his mother’s death. As the group sets out on their journey, they discover scattered fragments of Evolet’s necklace, reassuring them that they are on the right track. However, their path takes them through a treacherous forest filled with dangerous creatures. It turns out the demons are also in the same forest and as they are moving, a Terror Bird suddenly attacks them. One of the demons is instantly killed but before any more damage is done, the leader quickly rushes them out of the area. Meanwhile, D’Leh covertly follows them and arrives at their makeshift camp. He is now waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack them. However, when Evolet is harassed by a demon member named One-eye, D’leh comes out of hiding and knocks him out. He immediately frees her and runs into the forest, where they come across the rest of the group. Unfortunately, before they can get far, the demons spot them and capture Ka’Ren. The situation only gets worse when the terror birds arrive and start attacking them. In the ensuing tussle, Tic Tic is badly wounded so D’Leh decides to lure the birds away from the vicinity. He bravely takes them deep into the forest and kills them one by one. However, when D’Leh returns to his group, he finds Baku and Evolet being taken away by the demons. D’Leh also finds Tic Tic in severe condition and so he builds a makeshift pallet to carry him along the way. At night, he treats Tic Tic’s wounds and reassures him that everything will be fine. However, when D’Leh goes to fetch food, he accidentally falls inside a ditch, knocking himself out. Later in the night, it rains heavily and the hole starts to fill with water. Suddenly, a thunderous roar jolts D'Leh out of his sleep. His eyes widen as he sees a massive saber-tooth tiger, glaring at him with hungry eyes. D'Leh's heart races with fear, but as he gazes at the majestic beast, he realizes that it is suffering and in need of help. So, with cautious steps, D'Leh approaches the agitated saber-tooth and frees it. Surprisingly, the animal doesn’t attack, instead, it sniffs him curiously before bounding out of the hole to freedom. D'Leh also manages to climb out of the cave and returns to Tic Tic, finding out that he has regained strength. Tic Tic reveals that he heard an attack coming from the distance and so the two head over to investigate. After reaching a deserted town, they discover some much-needed food and devour it hungrily. But their feast is cut short by the unexpected appearance of a foreign tribe, who shockingly speak their language and launch a sudden attack on them. Just when all seems lost, the same saber-tooth that D'Leh freed earlier emerges from the shadows, baring its sharp teeth and roaring ferociously at the intruders. Everyone freezes in fear, but to D'Leh's amazement, the massive animal approaches him calmly, showing no hostility. As the tribe looks on in disbelief, D'Leh realizes that his act of kindness has earned him a powerful ally. Once the saber-tooth leaves, the foreign tribe finally lower their weapons and greet the two in peace. Later, the leader of the tribe: Nakudu, offers food to them and starts chatting. He reveals that D’leh’s father had passed through the town but was taken by the ‘four legged demons’. Following this, Nakudu leads them to a nearby cave, which is adorned with ancient paintings. The paintings tell the prophecy of a savior, a man who can communicate with the saber-tooth tiger and lead their people to freedom. Now, it has become clear that the man is none other than D’Leh. So, Nakudu immediately sends a messenger to the other tribes. He wants to prepare for an all out war against the demons, but D’Leh is not so sure if he can lead them. The next morning, the messenger returns with some bad news. He explains that almost all the other tribes have been invaded and ravaged by the demons. However, the ones remaining have agreed to fight for their freedom. It is then revealed that even Nakudu’s tribe was attacked a few days ago, resulting in the capture of his son and the death of his wife. So, without further ado, he, along with his men gather their weapons and leave town. They then unite with the other tribes who have come together to vanquish the evil demons once and for all. After a grueling journey, the army makes it to a river where they find numerous boats filled with slaves including Evolet, Ka’Ren and Baku. This gives them a purpose in their mission, especially D’Leh, who is now more motivated than ever. As the army cannot follow the boats through the river, D’Leh decides to guide them through the desert. Unfortunately, the plan turns out to be a fatal one as after several days of walking, they find out that they have lost their way. The condition becomes so severe that many of them start collapsing due to dehydration. However, the army still doesn’t give up and keeps pushing with all their might. Their hard work eventually pays off when they discover an advanced civilization, a place known as “The Mountain Of The Gods”. They also find out that the people who were kidnapped are used as slave labor to build pyramids and other monuments. The land is ruled by an enigmatic leader called ‘The Almighty’ who everyone fears as an untouchable and ruthless god. The same night, D'Leh and Nakudu stealthily make their way into the slave cages. The plan is to rally their fellow captives and form a rebellion against their oppressors. Nakudu is overjoyed to reunite with his long-lost son, but D'Leh's heart sinks when he discovers that Evolet is being held in a separate building. As they try to gather support for their cause, a slave from another tribe steps forward and angrily protests, warning that D'Leh's recklessness will get them all killed. However, Nakudu has a surprise up his sleeve that leaves everyone stunned: he claims that D’Leh has the ability to communicate with the fearsome saber-tooth tiger and that he is their only hope of freedom. Then, a blind slave steps forward and explains that ‘The Almighty’ can only be killed by a person who has the ‘ Mark Of The Hunter’ As the conversation continues, D’Leh and Nakudu hear the sound of approaching guards, so they quickly make their escape from the slave cage. However, their escape is not unnoticed, and the guards follow them into the desert. Tic Tic arrives to their rescue and valiantly defeats the enemies single handedly. Unfortunately, he succumbs to his injuries as well, devastating D’Leh. Later that night, the Warlord attempts to assault Evolet but he is soon discovered by one of Almighty’s priests. This leads to his arrest as he took a slave without permission. The priest then notices the scars of Evolet’s hands and discovers the mark of the hunter on her, shocking him. Meanwhile, D’Leh finally gets over Tic Tic’s death and accepts the white spear given to him. He then steps up and decides to form a rebellion with the remaining tribe members and makes his way towards the city. The next morning, the tribe members blend in with the slave workers and prepare to attack the guards. D’Leh also reunites with Ka’ren and the two get ready for their first stage of plan, which is to release the mammoths. And as soon as they do so, havoc ensues. This serves as the perfect distraction for the rebels, and they finally cause an uproar. Many guards are killed brutally, but some rebels also lose their lives, including Ka’Ren. Just then, The Almighty comes out of hiding and threatens to kill Evolet if they do not abandon their rebellion. Left with no choice, D’Leh feigns acceptance but then abruptly hurls his white spear towards the Almighty, killing him and breaking his illusion of brotherhood. Everyone is shocked to see him fall and thus, all the slaves join in on the fight. Nukadu also joins in on the action and kills One-Eye by impaling him with a deadly spear. Meanwhile, the Warlord tries escaping with Evolet on his horse, but she cheekily stabs him, causing them to fall to the ground. D’Leh runs towards her with relief but before he can reach her, the warlord shoots an arrow through her back, fatally wounding her. Devastated by what he just saw, D’Leh rushes to the warlord and finishes him off mercilessly. He then holds Evolet in his arms as she slowly passes away. However, in a dramatic turn of events, she again comes back to life. It turns out the Old Mother saw everything in her dreams, so she used all her powers to reanimate Evolet. In return however, she gives up her own life. Meanwhile, all the warriors and slaves gather around to celebrate their victory. The war is finally over. In the final scene, all the tribe members return to their villages and bid farewell to the Yagahls. Nakudu hands some seeds to D’Leh, revealing that his father had collected them before he disappeared. This proves that the ex-chief did not abandon his people after all. Days later, the Yagahls finally reach their village and plant the seeds. In no time, the place becomes filled with greenery and abundant food.
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